Supply chain pain points: Consumer electronics

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Alexa Cheater 4 problems facing consumer electronics and what to do about them. First up is consumer electronics. Consumer electronics supply chain pain points. These are just a few of the specific consumer electronics supply chain pain points.

Hi-Tech: The Future of Consumer Electronics Supply Chains


We all know the joke: "I just bought the brand new [insert electronic device here] and it’s already obsolete!" supply chain insights consumer electronics

Hi-Tech: The Future of Consumer Electronics Supply Chains (Furniture)


We all know the joke: "I just bought the brand new [insert electronic device here] and it’s already obsolete!" supply chain insights consumer electronicsProduct life cycles are shortening, consumers are the most educated they’ve ever been, and their expectations are continually increasing. My colleagues in supply chain are scrambling to evolve their supply chains to accommodate the challenges.

Shifting Electronics Priorities Call for Supply Chain Adjustments


New components are defining electronics demand. The electronics market has spent the past few decades as a valuable and essential field, producing and delivering the parts that have kept other industries growing. Despite the constant demand, however, life hasn't been easy for electronics manufacturers. Shifting Tides of Demand The next few years of electronics components demand will necessarily be different from those that have gone before.

Attribute Based Planning for the Consumer Electronics Industry


The sheer number of options available in consumer electronics products can be overwhelming as many in the United States likely experience every holiday and especially during the Thanksgiving holiday as they compared Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. White Paper: Winning the Inventory Battle in Consumer Electronics

Live Webinar: Reducing the Risk of Electronics Counterfeiting


Electronics counterfeiting continues to be a hot-button issue as manufacturers lose $160B+ annually in revenue. Even more concerning is the significant health and safety hazard facing consumers who unknowingly purchase counterfeit electronic components.

Supply Chain Planning for Electronics

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Supply chain planning is becoming more important than ever within the electronics industry. With proper planning, it becomes possible to enhance the profitability within the electronics sector from the ground up. How Can Supply Chain Planning Aid in the Electronics Sector? The proper type of electronic supply chain management and planning facilitates better communication from end to end of the supply chain.

[Video] Complex Barcodes For A Globalized Market in Electronics


Successful electronics companies look all over the world to source their production at the lowest possible cost. Electronics VideoBut they also work to maintain efficient supply chains so they can quickly expand sales efforts in new markets. Their labeling efforts need to keep up.

EDI Solutions Save You from Electronic Data Interchange Nightmares


Ideally, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) powers networks by connecting trading partners with distribution channels. The post EDI Solutions Save You from Electronic Data Interchange Nightmares appeared first on Appterra.

Cutting Supply Chain Costs through B2B Electronic Integration


B2B electronic integration has been around for over decades now. They are also able to see improvement in their electronic connectivity capabilities. The post Cutting Supply Chain Costs through B2B Electronic Integration appeared first on Appterra.

Electronic Data Interchange and its 4 Important Qualities


Electronic Data Interchange migrates data points to their assigned ERP slots and business accounting systems, resulting to continuous data flow across omni-channels. The Electronic Data Interchange system is easy to operate and manage.

Used Electronics: Recycling the Lessons Learned in Mature Markets

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As the number of consumer electronic devices continues to proliferate, look for more innovative approaches to end-of-life (EOL) strategies for these products.

SaaS TMS from an Electronics Manufacturer?

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The Wall Street Journal reports electronics makers like Jabil Circuit Inc., a key supplier of components to Apple, and Flextronics International are among a recent spate of electronics manufacturers entering the supply chain software business.

Electronic Data Interchange or EDI in Transportation: Breaking Down What it is and How It Works


Today begins our series about electronic data interchange or EDI in transportation. What is Electronic Data Interchange? First we must understand and get on the same page of what is Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI, as it is not only used in the transportation industry.

Noteworthy Technology Announcements: Cisco and Thin Film Electronics

Supply Chain Matters

Continuing with our Friday theme of information technology developments related to supply chain manufacturing and product management, Supply Chain Matters calls reader attention to what we believe are two recent noteworthy tech announcements with broader implications. Cisco IoT System Annoucement Earlier this month, Cisco announced its offering of an Internet of Things (IoT) technology platform […].

What’s Next After Electronic Logging Devices?

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Regulations have dominated transportation discussions in recent years, whether it’s Hours of Service (HOS) and the 34-hour restart rule , CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability ) program , and in the spotlight today, Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). I have also fielded a lot of questions about Electronic Logging Device vendors. Robinson ELDs electronic logging devices FMCSA obstructive sleep apnea OOIDA Transplace trucking

Report Indicating Samsung Electronics Will Supply Next Apple iPhone Processor Chip

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A published Bloomberg report citing sources with direct knowledge has disclosed that Samsung Electronics will produce the main processor chip related to Apple’s next iPhone model, replacing TSMC, the supplier of the iPhone 6 A8 processor chip. High Tech and Consumer Electronics Supply Chain Procurement and Sourcing Product Lifecycle Management Apple iPhone supply chain Apple supply chain Samsung Electronics Company Samsung supply chain Supply chain Matters blog

Data collection: electronic or manual?


Data Gatheri ng – Paper Based vs. Electronic Data Collection. Among them are Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI or “electronic”) and Paper and Pencil Interviewing (PAPI or “paper based”). Here is a list of pros and cons to help you make the best decision: Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI or “electronic”). Electronic tools eliminate the need for manual intervention and minimize human error.

Consumer Electronics Top 10 Questions: Supply Chain Leadership.

The 21st Century Supply Chain

New Q&A: Why Barcode Labeling Matters in Electronics


How can you leverage innovations in enterprise barcode labeling to help your electronics company succeed in a highly competitive global marketplace?

The Truth about Electronic Supply Chains (part 2/2)

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This video shows where the e-waste goes. part 1/2 ). Practice Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Sustainability Video

IoT Technology Draws Investor Interest- Thin Film Electronics Secures Additional Funding

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Evolving next-generation labeling utilizes printed electronics and near-field communications (NFC-enabled) smart labels to track products and their various states. Internet of Things Supply Chain Business Intelligence Supply Chain Business Process Supply Chain Technology blog commenting on global supply chain management Supply chain Matters blog Thin Film Electronics ASA

ThinFilm Electronics and Diageo- A Noteworthy and Cool Joint Prototyping of Smart Label Technology

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Thinfilm Electronics ASA and global alcohol beverages producer Diageo jointly announced the intent to unveil a prototype smart label that has the potential to completely change both the role of a bottle along with the consumer experience. Today marks yet another milestone announcement concerning the development and application of next generation smart item-level labeling technology that can be applicable for either supply chain business process or product branding and marketing needs.

The Impact of Electronic Logging Devices: Separating Hype from Reality

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He was referring to some of the hype and speculation surrounding the electronic logging devices (ELDs) mandate, which goes into effect in December 2017.

Driver Digest: How Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) Will Affect Drivers

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) has established that by December 10, 2017 trucks and drivers must comply and utilize electronic logging devices (ELDs).

International Consumer Electronics Show 2016

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For techies, January not only ushers in a new year it introduces them to the latest electronic gadgets during the annual … Continued. The post International Consumer Electronics Show 2016 appeared first on Enterra Solutions.

The Truth about Electronic Supply Chains (part 1/2)

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It is complicated to recycle electronic waste properly. For a long time, SCM students were told that a supply chain “must ultimately be measured by its responsiveness to customers” and that a supply chain starts with raw materials and ends with a final product. But this is only half the truth. Indeed, a supply chain ends with waste and, thus, a supply chain must ultimately be understood as a closed-loop system.

A Moral Revision of Electronic Supply Chains (Guest Post by Bas van Abel, Fairphone)

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Business practices in the supply chains of the electronics industry are in urgent need of moral revision. What do we know about the production of complex electronic devices and the people who make them? Instead of hiding behind the complexity of the supply chain, Fairphone wants to unveil the problems associated with the smartphone production like poor labor conditions, the use of conflict minerals and the rise in electronic waste.

A Lesson in Emerging Market Dynamics Within Consumer Electronics Supply Chains

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The Wall Street Journal recently observed that global microprocessor chip maker Intel, in response to being shut out as a key supplier for the Apple iPad and iPhone as well as Samsung models, is wooing smaller electronic tablet providers within China. Shenzhen Ramos Digital Technology and select other China based mid-sized consumer electronics providers. A new dynamic is occurring within the global E-tablet market, one that is being orchestrated by some key suppliers.

Flying High With Electronic Air Waybills

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As major airlines implement the eAWB single-process approach in March 2016, industry-wide involvement in the program is encouraged for all participants as paperless air cargo supply chain operations lower costs, increase data accuracy, and improve the customer experience

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs): Separating Hype from Reality

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Ben Cubitt, Senior Vice President, Consulting & Engineering at Transplace addresses the following questions and more in this timely and informative episode: What are Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs)?

Electronics manufacturing marred by counterfeiting


This includes electronics. ElectronicsIn a globalized market, an increasing number of consumer products come from the developing world. Many of the components that make up our computers and smart devices are made in factories overseas.

Governments, Industry Must Stop Electronics Counterfeiting


Counterfeit electronics can pose a threat to the end customer - and not just to their pocketbooks. Electronics Counterfeiting