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El Mercurio (Chile - Spanish). Start-Up Chile Helps Kick-Start Anderson Entrepreneurs. Not only are there several UCLA Anderson pitch competitions on the way this spring, the first round of applications for Start-Up Chile are due. UCLA Anderson School of Management Blog.

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Logistics in Latin America: A Mosaic of Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

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Ricardo gave a simple example to illustrate this point: If I am an importer in Chile — which is the best of importing worlds in Latin America, with import processes similar to those in the U.S. 3PL Episode Highlights Global Trade Latin America Argentina Brazil Chile customs DHL global trade GT Nexus logistics supply chain

Emergence of New Global Logistics Hubs

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has released a research report indicating that over the next decade, 20 markets worldwide—including South Florida; Santiago, Chile; Bajio, Mexico; and Philadelphia—are set to emerge as global logistics hubs. Global commercial real estate firm CBRE Group Inc. The concept of emerging global logistics hubs was brought forward to in the book, Logistics Clusters, Delivering Value […].

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7 Guidelines to Achieving Growth Through Globalization

The Network Effect

Key e-commerce emerging markets include: Malaysia, UAE, Thailand, Chile, Peru, Columbia, and South Africa. Nicolas A. Tonelli/Flickr. Global headlines anticipating growth through globalization are plentiful.

Finding the Right Solution for New Tax and e-Invoicing Policies in Colombia


Colombia becomes the eight country to follow the e-invoicing trends of other countries, like Peru and Chile. Another country within Latin America mandates new tax and electronic invoicing policies.

Breaking News: Deal Reached in Hapag-Lloyd – CSAV Merger

Supply Chain Matters

Supply Chain Matters has published two commentaries dating back to December, regarding reports of merger talks between two high profile ocean container shipping lines, German based Hapag-Lloyd and Chile based CSAV. These talks had the potential to create the fourth largest global container shipping line by such a consolidation.

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Most desirable logistics location of Europe in 2018

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Chile. The Netherlands is the best region for a logistics base according to the ‘VerkehrsRundschau Markenstudie ImageRanking’.

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Don’t Fret: Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement will not play havoc with the economic development of developing countries

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TPP is a unprecedented trade deal in history because it involves 12 countries (United States, Japan, Australia, Peru, Malaysia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Chile, Singapore, Canada, Mexico, and Brunei Darussalam), which accounts for 40% of global trade. (The Felipe Caro and Christopher S. Tang, UCLA Anderson School.

Global—February 2014

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China and Taiwan depend on one another; Emirates targets multimodal transportation infrastructure investment; Chile port strike ends, concerns remain; Free online returns stoke Canadian consumption but place onus on U.S.

What’s Happening in Washington that’s Impacting Trade Today

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In March, the CPTPP nations held an official signing ceremony in Santiago, Chile. Global trade is a moving target in today’s political scene. How are these issues in Washington, D.C. impacting your world and supply chain? Many trade agreements with other nations are in review and things change on a daily basis.

Rethinking your optimum

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Chile. Rethink your optimum: Prepare your supply chain for the challenges of 2017 and beyond.

Checklist for working capital management

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Chile. 10 questions to assess working capital management. Working capital management revolves around inventory, debtors and creditors. Some companies generate cash so quickly that they can even achieve negative working capital.

Logistics Execs Split on Outcome of NAFTA Talks

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Chile (12); Colombia (26); Argentina (28); Ecuador (34); Bolivia (37); Paraguay (40) were little changed. It leaps past Chile to rank as the No.

Checklist for Global Trade Management

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Chile. 10 questions about Global Trade Management. Managing the activities comprising a supply chain is becoming more difficult with the growth of trade and increased regulation.

KPI Key Performance Indicators in Supply Chain & Logistics

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Supply Chain KPIs are Essential – The Right Ones! The information on this page WILL help you get it right. Many people get really confused about KPIs or Key Performance Indicators in Logistics and Supply Chain operations. Which ones to use?… … How many to use?

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White paper: Are the weakest link in your supply chain?

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Chile. Increasingly, your supply chain is seen as a value-creating process that differentiates your company from the competition. Clearly, this does not change the call for efficiency and productivity. And now, the pressure is on you -as senior executive- to deliver.

This Week in Logistics News (September 10-14, 2018)

Talking Logistics

Without further delay, here’s the supply chain and logistics news that caught my attention this week: Walmart to Acquire Cornershop in Mexico and Chile, Further Investing in Last-Mile Delivery and Strengthening Omnichannel Strategy.

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White paper: What if you are the weakest link in your supply chain?

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Chile. Increasingly, your supply chain is seen as a value-creating process that differentiates your company from the competition. Clearly, this does not change the call for efficiency and productivity. And now, the pressure is on you -as senior executive- to deliver.

Friday in 5: Whole Foods Introduces Buy-Online, Pick-Up In-Store Option

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in Chile. Welcome to Friday in 5 – news from around the world of supply chain, served up in one place to keep you up-to-date. In this week’s Friday in 5: Whole Foods introduces a buy-online, pick-up in store option; Intel sold $1 billion in AI chips last year; an expanding economy is leaving jobs unfilled; large mining firms deal with labor unrest; and Ride Aid and Albertsons call off their merger in the face of investor concern. Whole Foods Brings BOPIS to Stores.

La carte du commerce international 2016 / Global Trade Map 2016 in French

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Chile. Les accords commerciaux et leurs risques d’un point de vue UE.

Supply Chain and Logistics Conferences to Attend in 2018

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Logistics & Operations Conference , October 25, Santiago, Chile. Editor’s Note: This is one of the most popular posts we publish every year: our list of supply chain and logistics events to attend in the coming year. Most of the conferences on our list are in the U.S., although some are in Europe, South America, and Asia. Many of the leading ERP and supply chain software vendors have customer events in various countries around the world.;

Is Logistics Outsourcing Right for Your Company?

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Chile. More shippers today appear to be outsourcing some or all of their logistics. How does a company decide that outsourcing logistics is the right choice? This C.H.

Imported Produce Volume Outpaces Home-Grown

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So have Miami and Savannah, but an ever-larger portion of the reefer freight in those markets originated in Chile and neighboring countries. There is a shift underway right now in the refrigerated freight segment. Two main factors are involved. More restaurant spending, more contract freight.

What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)? Guest Post by Arun Gupta, PhD

Supply Chain View from the Field

In its current form the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a potential free trade agreement (FTA) between the US and 11 Asia-Pacific (APAC) countries (Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Japan, Vietnam, Brunei, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, and New Zealand). Arun Gupta recently went to a conference of the TPP in Washington, and was invited to share some insights on his visit and what he learned in a guest blog.

Talent development essential for supply chain leaders

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Chile. Recruiting raw talent is ‘extremely challenging’. Supply chain leaders have gained an ever-stronger position in the world of business over recent years.

8 Inventory Costing Methods That You Might Not Know About


However, large wine companies from South Africa and Chile have flooded the New York market. Introduction. Inventory costing or valuation is an accounting concept that has a direct impact on your gross profit and thus taxable income.

Checklist Regelkonforme Lieferketten/Global Trade Management

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Chile. 11 Fragen zum Global Trade Management / 11 questions about Global Trade Management. Der globale Handel wächst – und mit ihm die Regulierung. Das effiziente Management von Lieferketten wird dadurch immer weiter erschwert.

Panama Canal Expansion: Everything You Need to Know

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American ships use the canal the most, followed by China, Chile, Japan, Columbia and South Korea. History of the Panama Canal. During the 1800s, businessmen didn’t have an efficient or quick way to ship goods between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. The British proposed a canal through Nicaragua that was never built and the French attempted to build a canal through Panama but evacuated the project due to fatal diseases. Despite the unsuccessful attempts, Americans were undeterred.

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Mind Map for Order Management 2.0

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Chile. Global competition is forcing companies to optimally manage the orders they have scored. Supply chain execution software can coordinate the necessary alignment process between the various systems within the network.

Updated IT Subway Map: Major acquisitions in SC software

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Chile. The supply chain software industry is in a considerable state of flux. Three large, international take-overs are changing the face of the market.

Strategic moves among logistics providers

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Chile. Fourth release of 3PL Subway Map Europe. Manufacturers and retailers welcome the ongoing consolidation in the fragmented logistics industry. they want logistics service providers to offer full service on a global scale and are demanding more technological innovation.

Unlocking the Business and Social Value of Drones

The UCLA Anderson Global Supply Chain Blog

In Chile, researchers are developing drones with special cameras that can allow farmers to monitor the condition of their crops from their smartphones. Christopher Tang. Many enthusiasts love drone photography and Amazon is developing drone delivery service.

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Mindmap High-Tech Supply Chain 4.0

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Chile. A technology revolution is rapidly changing the way we work, providing threats and opportunities along the way. These developments impact Original Equipment Manufacturers, both at strategic level and at operational level within their supply chains.

Mindmap for Supply Chain Execution 24/7

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Chile. Customers are becoming more demanding all the time: they increasingly expect personalised offers, available globally and round the clock. Such huge pressure on sales is also dragging the supply chain department(s) towards an ever-higher service level.

Gartner’s survey analysis: Women in Supply Chain 2016

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Chile. Gartner’s first Women in Supply Chain Survey, conducted with AWESOME, an executive women’s leadership group, and supported by Supply Chain Media, compares the representation of women in supply chain leadership roles.