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Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of 2018

Material Handling and Logistics

Content Summary: Personal Mover Transports Employees around BMW Plant. To eliminate some of this traveling BMW’s R&D group developed a Personal Mover solution—a one-person means of transport for covering short distances within an operating site. The retail giant plans to take out 50 million metric tons (MMT) by 2030, which is equivalent to the emissions associated with the average annual electricity consumption of 40 million Chinese households.

Green Future of Freight [Infographic]


Global Freight Transport produces 10% of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Freight transport produces up to half the toxic diesel particulate matter (PM) emissions and 45% of the Nitrous Oxides. Emissions from cargo ships are 3% of greenhouse gases today, but without change will grow to 6% by 2020 and 15% by 2050. Emissions from cargo ships are 3% of GHG today. Moving long haul freight by rail can immediately reduce CO2 emissions from freight transport over 60%.