Reduce Costs: Invest In Talent

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In manufacturing-based companies, 70-80% of costs are in the processes of source, make and deliver. While the practices of finance are over 200 years old, in contrast, supply chain as a cross-functional practice (the combination of make, source and deliver) was recently defined in 1982.

If Only There Were More Choices

Supply Chain Shaman

In contrast, when we look at the evolution of technologies for 2030, we see a very different view. Shifts in Technology for Supply Chain 2030. The supply chain technology market is in transition.

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Tackling the Unknown: Trying to Figure Out New Forms of Analytics

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Cloud and open source analytics are fueling new markets giving rise of new software providers in analytics with names like Board, Cloudera, EveryAngle, Enterra Solutions, FusionOps, Halo, Qlik, Spotfire, Transvoyant, Trifecta, and Trufa. Economic Vision of Supply Chain 2030.

Is A Customer-Centric Strategy the Same as Demand-Driven? Outside-In?

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The network senses, translates, and orchestrates market changes (buy- and sell-side markets) bidirectionally with near real-time data to align sell, deliver, make and sourcing organizations outside-in. Economic Vision of Supply Chain 2030. Supply Chain 2030.

Five Trends That Excite Me!

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Could we use Open Source Hadoop to process transactions across all networks with powerful in-memory processing? Another source of disappointment is the lack of capabilities in the IBP modeling engines. Future of Analytics in the Building of Supply Chain 2030. Holiday travel.

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No Easter Bunny?

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High-velocity or streaming data requires different architectures built on non-relational, cloud-based architectures using open source tools like Apache Spark. source Moody’s). Gain insights and learn from our webinars. The overarching theme is to Imagine Supply Chain 2030.

The things we’ve seen, in 2019

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We shared a lot of their stories this year: including IMC Toys , Spark Racing Technology and the European Spallation Source (ESS) to mention just a few. There, we revealed the results of a survey that asked consumers what they expect to see in cities in 2030.