The Currency Of Supply Chain Is Data


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How currency changes are affecting logistics providers

The Network Effect

Therefore, world currency changes do affect logistics providers. Client Success Story: Global Supply Chain Strategy and LSP Selection. The post How currency changes are affecting logistics providers appeared first on The Network Effect. Flickr. Note: This post was written by Valerie Bonebrake, SVP Tompkins Int. .


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Currency in India: Current State of Disruption, Confusion, and Economic Slowdown

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Currency in India: Current State of Disruption, Confusion, and Economic Slowdown.Transportfolio. Two of India’s major currency denominations have been withdrawn since November 8. As of midnight that day, the India Rupee (INR) 500 and INR 1000—which constitute 86% of the currency in circulation in India —are no longer legal tender. The post Currency in India: Current State of Disruption, Confusion, and Economic Slowdown appeared first on Transportfolio.

Multi Currency ERP for Small Businesses – EMERGE App


Why You Need to Deal with Multiple Currencies. Perhaps it should be “Multi-Currency Makes The World Go Round” in today’s mobile web world. As a wholesaler and distributor, I’m willing to bet that you’re dealing with at least two currencies for your purchases and sales. You buy things in different currencies from suppliers in many countries. And you sell things in your local currency. Handling Multi-Currency in Your Operations.

What Do World Currency Changes Mean to Logistics Providers?

Tompkins Blog

Tompkins International - Your Supply Chain. The post What Do World Currency Changes Mean to Logistics Providers? The Right Way. In the past year, the US Dollar, the Euro, the Pound, the Canadian Dollar, and the Peso, to name a few, have had significant fluctuations across the board. appeared first on Tompkins International. Blog 3PL Economy Logistics Service Providers

The Effect of Currency Demonetization on Statistical Forecasting


How does currency demonetization affect statistical forecasting? Request a Demo of The Arkieva Supply Chain Software Suite. The post The Effect of Currency Demonetization on Statistical Forecasting appeared first on Supply Chain Link Blog - Arkieva. The Government of India recently enacted the policy to demonetize Rupees 500 and 1,000 banknotes. ( ₹500 and ₹1,000 ). All bank notes of these denominations ceased to be legal tender on November 9, 2016.

Is Your Supply Chain a Growth Engine?


by Alexa Cheater We recently had the chance to sit down with Gary Hanifan, Managing Director, Accenture Strategy, to discuss all things supply chain. And one of the biggest topics coming out of that discussion was how you can determine if your supply chain is a growth engine. Your supply chain is still linear. Stop two requires moving from a reactive supply chain to a proactive one. Hanifan says speed is the currency of the future.

Bitcoin: A New Supply Chain Operating System?

Talking Logistics

I’m fairly conservative when it comes to banking (for example, I’m still not comfortable “depositing” checks using my smartphone ), so using a new digital currency, or “fake money” as my wife calls it, to buy stuff isn’t something that appeals to me, especially since bitcoin’s developer remains a mystery. But I read an article in this weekend’s Wall Street Journal – The Revolutionary Power of Digital Currency by Michael J. The post Bitcoin: A New Supply Chain Operating System?

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Top 10 Reasons Why Santa Has The Best Supply Chain


Here is the ‘Top 10 Reasons Why Santa Has the Best Supply Chain. #1 5 One currency for every country. Comment to let us know why you think Santa has the best supply chain! From everyone at Kinaxis, and the Late Late Supply Chain Show, all the best to you and your families over the holidays. The post Top 10 Reasons Why Santa Has The Best Supply Chain appeared first on The 21st Century Supply Chain.

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[WHITE PAPER] An Introduction to Blockchain and Its Potential Benefits and Drawbacks in Supply Chain Management


Cerasis is excited to announce the release of an all new, exclusive, & educational resource “An Introduction to Blockchain and Its Potential Benefits and Drawbacks in Supply Chain Management” white paper! This is a must read for those who have been reading about Blockchain in Supply Chain Management but need to first understand it’s role in the industry! Bowman of Supply Chain Brain.

Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2016

Talking Logistics

For example, 3PLs and software vendors did pay more attention to serving the needs of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and companies in the Energy and Process Industries (see TMS for SMB: Breaking Down the Barriers , Oil & Gas Companies Focus on Eliminating Supply Chain Waste , and Collaboration and Optimization in the Oil & Gas Industry ). Making supply chain and logistics predictions is like throwing darts at a moving target.

Blockchain and Supply Chain Analytics: Impact of Small to Large Supply Chains


The value of blockchain and supply chain Analytics is Undisputed, and the capabilities of blockchain Technology are starting to become available two small and midsize businesses, as well as large corporations, such as Walmart. Blockchain Appears Beyond the Reach of Small Supply Chains Blockchain technology is often associated with large corporations, but it holds value when applied to small and midsize businesses as well. Blockchain Data Supply Chain Technology

Your supply chain is costing you money – Reason #5 Not having a supply chain risk management process


by John Westerveld Reason #5: Not having a supply chain risk management process. Over the years, working for and with numerous manufacturing companies, I’ve seen many supply chain practices that cost companies money. Reason #3 Not having end-to-end supply chain visibility. Reason #4 Your supply chain is costing you money – Reason #4 Making key decisions by modelling the supply chain in Excel.

7 Avoidable Data Errors in Your Supply Chain Data


One of these challenges that you might not think of immediately is big data in your supply chain —specifically the quality of your data. What might seem like a minor detail, such as differing measurement systems, can dramatically affect how effectively your supply chain functions and how well products move to market. Currency. For example, tracking revenue in each location’s currency helps you to assess those values within that market context.

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Supply Chain Planning in Emerging Markets: Four Points to Remember


Supply chain planning in emerging markets is different. He adds, “Often, last-mile distribution costs to rural areas are high and reliability is low, compounded by the lack of visibility of in-transit shipments.” ( Invest in Four Key Capabilities While Developing Your Demand-Driven Supply Chain Strategy for Emerging Markets , 18 September 2017) Let’s take Indonesia, for example. Growing domestic demand can also cause supply chain strategies to change.

Supply Chain: Learning How to Dance

Supply Chain Shaman

Is The Supply Chain Out of Rhythm? On a supply chain blog? As I struggle to build musicality, I think about the rhythms and cycles of the supply chain. In all cases, with my clients, I find the internal supply chain is out of step—lacking musicality with either the channel or the supplier base. Supply Chain Rhythms and Cycles. Most of the CFOs that I work with view the supply chain with a transactional mindset.

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Handfield’s Supply Chain Analytics Predictions for 2014

Supply Chain View from the Field

We just finished hosting over 150 executives at our Supply Chain Resource Cooperative, with a theme on Supply Chain Analytics. As 2013 comes to a close, here are some of my thoughts regarding the supply chain trends we are likely to see emerge in 2014. Here is what I expect to see next year: Global supply chain footprints will continue to expand. Increased Globalization Brings Increased Risks of Supply Disruption.

Supply Chain Resilience is a New Imperative

Enterra Insights

The topic of supply chain resilience sprouted in the media and professional journals as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has certainly tested those supply chain characteristics. Suketu Gandhi and Steve Mehltretter, partners at Kearney, explain, “For many companies, supply chain excellence has long meant developing the most cost-effective way to deliver a product on time to your customers.

Amplify Your Supply Chain While Capitalizing on your IT Infrastructure


Managing the supply chain of such a global enterprise is challenging. “We’d This is an example of a classic supply chain problem, which was affecting Ampacet from both the supplier and provider sides of their business. Our biggest headaches were very basic – we couldn’t easily switch between metric and imperial measures, and currency conversions were a nightmare. Success Stories Supply Planning

Lost in Translation-Incorporating Consumer Demand into your Supply Chain

The Network Effect

A few years ago, a news report came out of China stating that they were going to put an end to pegging the renminbi (China’s domestic currency) against the U.S. This was a long awaited announcement that completely shocked the global currency markets sparking massive trades out of the U.S. dollar into Asian currencies. currency traders went into a selling frenzy. Each of these nodes has its own unique demand and supply characteristics.

Recommendations for Managing Supply Chain Risks and Challenges


Globalisation means that our supply chains are more entwined and complex than ever. Disruptions in the supply chain. The COVID-19 outbreak is having a major impact on global supply chains, especially as governments respond to the growing concerns by closing their borders, imposing quarantines, mandating factory shutdowns and more. Identifying potential supply chain weaknesses.

Reducing the Risk of Supply Chain Disruptions


Join us for a Web Seminar on October 25 at 2 pm ET Mark Segner is Vice President, Global Sales Datamyne at Descartes Today's supply chains include more trading partners, touch more systems, and see goods changing hands more rapidly than ever before. Add to this mix shifting trade policy, natural disasters, currency fluctuations, and global economic tensions, and most companies are likely to face a supply chain disruption at some point.

Examining LogiPharma 2019 – Top 3 symptoms you caught the life sciences supply chain bug


LogiPharma 2019 featured a strong lineup of speakers and life sciences supply chain industry experts who delivered valuable and relevant content, spurring attendees to participate with passion while host (and former Premiership Rugby match official) David Kurk injected a good dose of energy and humor to keep things moving. Which brings me to my first observation of LogiPharma 2019: the people running life sciences supply chains care deeply about their patients.

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Supply Chain & Logistics Executives

Talking Logistics

If you’re a supply chain or logistics executive and you’re looking for ways to improve as a leader this year, here are my five recommendations: 1. Supply chain management is risky business — and the risks are growing every day. Simply put, many companies are still falling short on supply chain risk management , and they continue to pay the price. whenever you’re discussing supply chain strategy or decisions.

Using Data to Improve Supply Chain Operations

Material Handling and Logistics

Learn how to organize your data operations in alignment with supply chain strategy. Forward-thinking supply chain professionals are looking to advanced technologies to streamline processes, improve accuracy, accelerate delivery and reduce costs. Cloud-based supply chain management tools, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are expected to figure prominently in future supply chain operations.

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Yoda’s Advice for the Supply Chain Padawan


In this latest installment, I explore what the small, but mighty, Jedi Master Yoda can teach us about supply chain. While he might not have said them directly about supply chain management, these pearls of wisdom still apply. When it comes to your view of the supply chain, what you perceive as reality is directly related to how much end-to-end visibility you have. So often supply chain functions are siloed within an organization.

Tips for Global Expansion (Part 1)

ModusLink Corporation

There is so much more to global expansion than simply operating with a different currency. No two countries are alike, and no matter how similar certain countries might seem, there is no magic bullet for supply chain solutions that will work across the board. Global & Responsive Commerce currency e-commerce global expansion global market taxes

Ready or Not, Blockchain Is Coming to Supply Chains

Supply Chain Collaborator

Everyone’s talking about the potential and promise of blockchain and other bleeding edge tech tools for “supply chain digitization”. Supply chain digitization is a killer use case for blockchain and it is coming to supply chain management. <> In the next five years, your organization will likely embrace emerging supply chain digitization technology to synchronize your TMS data with the wide array of other supply chain tools. <>

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Toyota and USPS See Opportunities for Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Management

Talking Logistics

It was back in January 2015, after reading an article in the Wall Street Journal about bitcoin, that my eyes were opened to the potential for blockchain technology to transform supply chain management. As I wrote at the time in Bitcoin: A New Supply Chain Operating System? A supply chain blockchain application, therefore, could be used to record the balances and transfers of inventory across a distributed supply chain network.

Will Supply Chain Planning Productivity be a Hot Topic in 2017?


In fact, I can say from experience that supply chain planning automation that increases productivity can be a difficult sell, reminiscent of the scene from the movie Moneyball where Oakland Athletics manager Billy Beane (played by Brad Pitt) tells a room full of scouts that Jonah Hill’s character represents the new way forward. But this looks like the year attitudes are changing, particularly in forward-thinking supply chain organizations. Supply Chain Planning

Why I No Longer Believe in the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25

Supply Chain Shaman

This week, Gartner is hosting their annual supply chain conference. It is now the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25. The research tries to establish “ who did supply chain best ” by looking at a weighted formula of Year-over-Year Growth, Return on Assets (ROA), and Inventory Turns for the Fortune 500 companies. This data is then shared with Gartner’s industry analysts, and the analysts vote on which companies they think exemplify supply chain excellence.

Supply Chain Management Solution


The breadth of the scope of supply chain risks associated with the expansion of globalized operating models has widened significantly in recent years. Many of these risks can be traced back to increasing interconnectivity and complexity within global supply chain and transportation networks. For this, they have traditionally relied upon a proprietary supply chain management solution provided by an outside software-as-a-service vendor.

Biogen Idec designs the innovation supply chain

Supply Chain View from the Field

Joydeep Ganguly from Biogen Ide c spoke in my Supply Chain Relationships class last week, and shared his insights on how Biogen’s supply chain evolved. Supply chain has a big focus on the currency of today’s theories being implemented here. The Supply Chain Resource Cooperative at NCSU played a big role in helping to shape our supply chain. The supply chain is NOT nimble and people struggle.

Myopic and Hyperopic Supply Chain Planning


So what does this have to do with supply chain management other than many of the readers of this blog are probably wearing contacts and/or eye glasses or have had some form of Lasik surgery? Just as we humans require both far and near vision to be effective in our daily lives our supply chain’s need both near and far vision to ensure an efficient and effective response to planned and unplanned events.

What is Blockchain Technology Worth to Your Supply Chain?


The use of digital assets as an alternative to conventional currencies has garnered praise and recognition for its secure and speedy protocols. While the infrastructural flexibility of crypto currencies is yet to stand the test of time, block chains, the underlying technology for crypto currencies is truly a revolutionary step in the field of technology. What is Blockchain Technology Worth to Your Supply Chain?