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Supply Chain Movement

Forecasting is about managing risks. Major organisational and cultural changes lie ahead for supply chain management. as the advance of e-commerce continues, companies with an omnichannel approach are increasingly implementing specific order management systems. furthermore, because the continuing growth in outsourcing is making global businesses ever-more susceptible to disruptions, supply chain risk management software is also on the rise.

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Is Your Supply Chain A Cost Centre or a Value Creator?

Supply Chain Game Changer

From planning to negotiating to buying, from moving goods to processing goods, and from managing data to managing inventory. Lean for instance is equally applicable in Supply Chain as it is in Manufacturing or anywhere else. The Supply Chain in the Financial sector is different from Manufacturing and Distribution for instance. Cash Cycle Management. Cost and Profit Management. Subscribe Here! Email Address.


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This Week in Logistics News (April 11-15, 2016)

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February 2016 Freight Transportation Services Index (TSI). If you’re not familiar with SOLAS, check out the two guest commentaries we have published on the topic in recent months: Don’t Get Caught Off-Guard: Preparing for July 2016 SOLAS Shipper Mandates and The Impact of SOLAS on Ocean Shipping and Data Management. Finally, if you’re keeping a pulse on freight activity in the U.S., the Freight Transportation Services Index (TSI) fell 0.7

What is SCM and Why is it Important?

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The acronym SCM stands for supply chain management. It refers to the systems, processes and software packages used by organizations to manage day-to-day operating activities such as, new product development , demand, supply and sales & operations planning , procurement , logistics , order management , manufacturing and asset maintenance. Today, SCM systems are critical to businesses of all sizes and in all industries for managing their day to day operations.

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The Supply Chain Detective™! In Search of Broken Supply Chain Clues!

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Most companies have a Procurement function, Distribution, Logistics, Planning, Inventory Management, Product Data Management, and Operations. In the area of Inventory Management they also did a lot of benchmarking and highlighted deficiencies in our processes. While they did a lot of analyses however they were primarily focused on internal cycle times and manufacturing efficiencies. Lack of a Supply Chain strategy beyond just managing operating expenses.

Imagining the Supply Chain of the Future!

Supply Chain Game Changer

The back bone of all of it is Digital Technology: The Internet of Things (IoT) End to End Digital Connectivity Cloud Computing Blockchain Big Data Artificial Intelligence Predictive Analytics Machine Learning Virtual Reality Augmented Reality Voice Activated Technology Wearable Devices Robotics 3D Printing and On Demand, Additive Manufacturing Cyber Security Autonomous Vehicles Drones Software as a Service (SaaS) and much more. The same applies to data. Subscribe Here!

How Blockchain in the Supply Chain will Empower Supply Chain Management


Think from manufacturing to consumer, and every single step in between. Blockchain’s tamper-proof nature eliminates any concerns over data validation, costs of managing data, time delays, and human errors. Decentralized data in blockchain also enables real-time visibility into the supply, applicable to optimized supply chain management. This helps managers make proactive decisions and share data with other blockchain users.

Can cold chain keep up with hot demand?


What we saw happen, again around a Black Swan event, is the lack of supply chain preparedness, resiliency and risk management,” says enVista Vice President Geoff Milsom. Shipping times from these manufacturers are very, very long because they're stretched so thin.

This Week in Logistics News (June 27 – July 1, 2016)

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DB Schenker Signs on With uShip Online Freight Platform (WSJ – sub. project44 Achieves Groundbreaking Level of Connectivity with 1000+ Freight APIs. Trucker Path Joins AscendTMS™ to Offer Free Transportation Management Software (TMS) to Carriers and Freight Brokers. Descartes: The Impact of SOLAS on Ocean Shipping and Data Management. which last year bought Coyote Logistics, a freight technology firm, for $1.8

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5 ways ERP improves inventory visibility in your supply chain


Inventory visibility is one of the critical aspects of any manufacturing business. To ensure inventory visibility, you should have access to view, manage, and update your inventory status from trusted software. Inventory visibility ensures warehouse maintenance so that you know the minimum requirement of each item in stock and manage it well. Inventory visibility is also about swift monitoring of orders by constantly managing the supply chain to meet promised deadlines.

Global Trends In Digital Supply Chain - 2019 Review


The landscape of supply chain management is under evolvement as it is the answer to recent development in this industry. Source ) Even though Warehouse Management System (WMS) has been playing a crucial part in supply chain management, the emergence of autonomous mobile robots in optimizing picking process has become increasingly competitive. Artificial Intelligence plays a vital part in freight movement tracking.

4 KPIs to Measure the Success of Your New Sustainability Strategy


We've suggested four of the most valuable key performance indicators (KPIs) to determine whether or not your sustainable supply chain management strategy is meeting your intended outcomes. Less-than-truckload ( LTL ) freight classification is a shipment based on the density of the products shipped. Creating a sustainable supply chain management plan is important in today’s business world.

5 Quick Solutions for Simplifying Supply Chains


With the rapid rise in our ability to collect information, data saturation is everywhere. Sure, data is king when it comes to helping forecast future demand and inventory stock needs but the ability to collect data is not always supported by the ability to filter and manage that data correctly. Any data collected and held needs to be relevant to the business. Business Tips inventory management supplier relationship suppliers supply chain

How to Get a Job in the Supply Chain Sector

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Supply chain management is increasingly making an impact on the overall functioning of the business and influencing C-suite decisions. Supply chain management is increasingly becoming a clear path to the C-suite. Do you want to be managing people? Data Managers.

Mitigate Seasonality and Other Logistics Disruptions with TMS Supporting Predictive Analytics

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Where is the freight market heading and how can a shipper be prepared to address changes as they occur in real time? – Choose technology that supports operating with actionable data instead of making decisions based on questionable, public information. – Contradictory streams of conflicting industry media market perspectives is no way to plan for actual supply logistics. A manufacturing slowdown? But simply capturing the data is not the entire ball of wax either.

Global Trends In Digital Supply Chain - 2019 Review


The landscape of supply chain management is under evolvement as it is the answer to recent development in this industry. Source) The emergence of autonomous mobile robots in optimizing picking process has placed a question for many Logistics managers about the competition between AMR and Warehouse Management System (WMS). Artificial Intelligence plays a vital part in freight movement tracking. The sensors continually send signals and data back to the factory.

Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2016

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In short, the increased threat of terrorism underscores the importance of taking a smarter approach to supply chain risk management , which was one of my predictions for 2014. So, with darts in hand, here are my supply chain and logistics predictions for 2016: The Transportation Management System (TMS) market will become more barbell-shaped as Software-as-a-Self-Service solutions emerge. The Rebirth of Transportation Marketplaces (UberCARGO, Cargomatic, and Freight Friend).

BidMode to join the EC Sourcing Family

EC Sourcing Group

In terms of the impact to EC Sourcing Group’s leadership team, BidMode CTO, Ian Diakov, has joined EC Sourcing as an equity owner and been named its Chief Technology Officer where he brings with him a seasoned team of procurement software developers, solution engineers, and data scientists.

Improving inventory management


Factory closures, blank sailings, massive cuts to air freight, reduced warehouse capacity and more have hit business-as-usual and often turned carefully calibrated chains on their head. There is a lot of desire for enterprises to become extremely granular in their visibility data collection.

50 expert tips on supply chain management

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“In the past, most disruptions were limited to a single supply chain,” explains Dr. Asoo Vakharia, McClatchy Professor and Director of the Supply Chain Management Center at the Warrington College of Business. As many states have started the process of reopening their economies, supply chain managers are faced with rethinking their supply chain networks. ” — Understanding risk management in the supply chain , Deloitte; Twitter: @DeloitteUS 4.

This Week in Logistics News (January 22-26, 2018)

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Air freight capacity concerns prompt new forwarder strategies (Lloyd’s Loading List). E2open Strengthens Channel Data Management Capabilities with Acquisitions of Birch Worldwide and Entomo. Alstom to test automated freight train in the Netherlands (Reuters). Drones, driverless vehicles, and global trade all made the headlines in this week’s supply chain and logistics news… Teamsters Tell UPS: No Drones or Driverless Trucks (WSJ – sub. req’d).