The importance of reverse logistics in your supply chain network

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Iman Niroomand Reverse logistics is defined as the process of moving goods beyond their typical final destination for things like re-use, capturing value, or proper disposal. All these processes require the product travel in reverse through your supply chain network.

Why Reverse Logistics Systems and Transportation Management Should Be Considered Together


Needs for efficient reverse logistics systems continue to increase as e-commerce claims greater market share, and as so many traditionally functioning businesses grow and inevitably incur increasing volume of returns. Need For Reverse Logistics Breeds Opportunity.

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6 Benefits of Effective a Reverse Logistics System & The 9 Core RevLog Metrics to Track


While conventional logistics optimizes the flow of goods from producer to consumer, reverse logistics manages the processes for inverting that flow to deal with returned parts, materials and products from the consumer back to the producer. Reverse Logistics Information Systems.

How to Move Forward with Reverse Logistics

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And it is when that shipment does not arrive in its best condition that shippers experience the reverse logistics process. Reverse logistics is the invariable result of unintended consequences, which are typically referred to as “over, short and damaged” (OS&D).

What Your Inventory Reveals about Your Reverse Logistics

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Common goals for reverse logistics are to improve customer satisfaction, cut costs, maximize return on assets. Reversing the supply chain means taking in returns, recalls, damaged goods and overstocked merchandise and recapturing its value or disposing of it.

Moving Forward After a Reverse Logistics Pitfall

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While a company’s forward logistics operations may […]. The post Moving Forward After a Reverse Logistics Pitfall appeared first on ModusLink Global Solutions. Returns Management logistics returns reverse logistics RL supply chain warehouse

Light Bulbs To Rugs, IKEA’s Commitment To Reverse Logistics & The Circular Supply Chain


Reverse logistics presents unique challenges and opportunities. Ikea, a company known for innovation , is facing the enigma of reverse logistics head on. Reverse Logistics Supply Chain circular supply chain reverse logistics

“Smartphone Inferno”: Lessons in Reverse Logistics


Why should we focus on reverse logistics? Reverse logistics is defined as the process of moving goods from the point of consumption to the point of origin (manufacturer or retailer) to recapture value or ensure proper disposal. Samsung Electronics Co.,

[WHITE PAPER] The Ultimate Guide to Transportation Reverse Logistics


Here at Cerasis, we think it’s important that our clients and customers understand that transportation reverse logistics (or reverse logistics in general for that matter) is much more than just a flashy buzzword. What is Reverse Logistics?

9 Benefits of Effective Reverse Logistics Process & 5 Advantages of Partnering with a 3PL


While conventional logistics optimizes the flow of goods from producer to consumer, reverse logistics manages the processes for inverting that flow to deal with returned parts , materials and products from the consumer back to the producer. Thus, reverse logistics management has developed into a discipline that produces cost reductions, adds efficiencies and improves the consumer experience. 5 Benefits of Reverse Logistics Management for Asset Recovery.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Reverse Logistics: Managing the Business Circle of Life


Reverse logistics could be the business equivalent to the passage of time and life for nature. And at the end, check out a nice infographic speaking more to reverse logistics strategies and practices. Ultimately, the company would make more money through Reverse Logistics.

A glass half full – the positive side of beverage reverse logistics in Asia


So far, I focused on issues related to demand, supply, production , and product distribution logistics. In this blog, I am going to shine a light on one more aspect of the beverage industry: reverse logistics. Piecing together the reverse logistics puzzle.

Noting National Returns Day and the Importance of Reverse Logistics

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It marks the busiest day for customer returning their goods from holiday online purchases and further reflects that just as online sales have driven permanent shifts in consumer shopping habits, holiday returns are also an important logistics factor. Omni-Channel Commerce Supply Chain Impacts Retail Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics Reverse Logistics Supply chain Matters blog UPS business strategies UPS Inc

The Secrets to a Solid Reverse Logistics Strategy


Reverse logistics may come into play. While it used to be an afterthought, reverse logistics is starting to play a larger role in many supply chains. Reverse logistics is about making strategic decisions when your product reaches the end of its life.

Reverse logistics blues should not be “business as usual”


For all of you “in the know”, we are talking about reverse logistics – the “dark side” mix of art and science of the supply chain operations strategy. This will allow you to reuse your existing supply chain network and use existing logistics resources. Transport & Logistics

[Infographic] Focusing on Customer Returns in Reverse Logistics to Increase Customer Experience


The guys at Store Traffic have put together this infographic below which investigates the whole area of returns; it looks at some interesting stats; it explains the concept of " reverse logistics " and lots more. Infographics Reverse Logistics

Streamlining Reverse Logistics

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Manage reverse logistics to reduce costs and recover investment on damaged and expired products, and inventory returns

Product Recalls and Reverse Logistics: How to Cure the Headache

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Reverse LogisticsAs a concerned parent, I certainly pay more attention to product recalls now than, say, six years ago. But it also seems like product recalls are making the headlines a lot more often these days.

Making Reverse Logistics a Value Driver

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Products returned through reverse logistics – the process associated with managing a product or material after the point of sale being moved to maximize its value – are most commonly thought of and disregarded as defective or unwanted customer returns.

Reverse Logistics: 5 Steps for Better Backward Operations

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Reverse Logistics: 5 Steps for Better Backward Operations. What is reverse logistics? Reverse logistics is often seen as a clerical function. Reason code appears to be a very important factor to the success or failure of a reverse logistics program.

Putting Your Supply Chain in Reverse to Go Forward

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Being smart about your supply chain means optimizing every link – from forward to reverse logistics. Automotive Network Design Retail Reverse Logistics Supply Chain Technology

Return Merchandise Authorization: What is RMA and Common RMA Policy Attributes


When a product needs to be returned, it must go through a return process, referred to as Reverse Logistics , and obtaining the return merchandise authorization (RMA) is typically the first step of the process. Logistics Reverse Logistics return merchandise authorization

Four Reasons Retailers Should Pay Attention to Reverse Logistics

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A good reverse logistics program saves retailers money, makes customers happy, and serves as a competitive advantage

[WEBINAR] The Big Benefits of Using Technology to Effectively Manage Transportation Reverse Logistics


Cerasis, an expert technology solutions and transportation management service provider invites you to a 60 minute Webinar titled " The Big Benefits of Using Technology to Effectively Manage Transportation Reverse Logistics " to air live on September 30th, 2015 at 2 PM CST. Mastering Transportation Reverse Logistics Starts with Education, Then a Strategy of How RevLog Fits with Traditional, and Technology to Execute. What is Reverse Logistics?

Three Reasons to Give Advanced Track and Trace Capabilities a Fresh Look

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How Last Mile Delivery Affects the Supply Chain

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Returns and Reverse Logistics. The Network Effect appointment scheduling delivery last mile logistics optimization reverse logistics route planningBy David Meyers. Principal, Supply Chain Technology, Tompkins International. The orchestration of processes and information for the procurement of goods to the “last mile” delivery to the customer is a required competency in today’s direct to consumer marketplace.

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Reverse Supply Chains: Best Practices for Better Asset Recovery


Recovering your assets is a difficult task no matter what your occupation with reverse supply chains in the marketplace. Effective Reverse Supply Chains. Pulling data from KPI helps your reverse supply chain system run fast and effectively when embarking on the disposition process.

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How Holiday Returns Can Be Gifts to Your Supply Chain


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Sustainability in Logistics: Shippers Step up Initiatives to Combat 3 Obstacles


Near and far, logistics providers and shippers are renewing their focus on sustainability to build the manufacturing giants of tomorrow. As explained by Bob Trebilcock , sustainability in logistics initiatives are ranked as “very important” for up to 40.6

What Are Your Supply Chain Resolutions?

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Uncategorized Global & Responsive Commerce reverse logistics real time visibility2015 has been another excellent year for those of us here at ModusLink.

Promoting Innovation in Supply Chain Operations at the European 3PL Summit

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ModusLink News 3PL 3PLEU operations reverse logistics supply chain

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What Happens After the Holiday Fulfillment Fun is Over?


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Keeping your supply chain moving during the holiday shopping season

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A reverse logistics plans with the right provider and networks will make sure everything continues to run smoothly. Retail Supply Chain National Retail Federation Reverse Logistics Supply Chain management

Why Every Manufacturer Needs a Reverse Logistics Solution

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Reverse logistics solutions can improve the bottom line, and reduce potential regulatory liabilities

Countdown to Black Friday: Here Come the Returns. Now What?


The best way to efficiently handle returns is to have a reverse logistics plan in place—keeping in mind that visibility and communication are key throughout the process. To learn more about how to implement an effective reverse logistics plan, connect with an expert here.

Canada-Mexico Transportation Heats Up – What You Need to Know

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Guest Commentary Logistics Outsourcing Logistics Service Providers Reverse Logistics Transportation Canada-Mexico trade continues to heat up thanks in part to the growing number of company’s near-shoring operations to North America, particularly to Mexico, from Asia.

Reverse Logistics Management for Supply Chain Cost Reductions

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Without a dedicated management focus, reverse logistics can impact supply chain costs substantially. Many of the costs associated with reverse logistics are hidden, making this a bountiful hunting ground for supply chain cost reductions, for those who dare to go looking.

What Makes an Effective OS&D Strategy?


Ability to flexibly adapt logistics capabilities to unique exceptions. Carriers Reverse Logistics Supply Chain OS&DOne of the most popular downloads from the C.H. Robinson website in 2015 was the Do “Favored Shippers” Really Receive Better Pricing and Service?

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The Importance of Reverse Logistics to the Health and Beauty Market

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The 5 R's of Reverse Logistics

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Check out this infographic and learn how smart logistics can generate a better bottom line. When it comes to maintaining loyalty, helping customers ship products back to you can matter as much as getting the products to them in the first place.