Fri.Nov 27, 2020

Efficient Dock Scheduling will Maximize Investments in Demand Sensing

C3 Solutions

Demand sensing relies on the automation of analytics, machine learning and real-time information to improve forecasting for a given facility, such as a retailer or warehouse.

Supply Chain Weekly Wrap-Up 11/20/2020 – 11/26/2020

All Things Supply Chain


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Touchless Black Friday

Enterra Insights

This Black Friday will be like no other. To understand why it will be so different, we need a little history lesson. According to , “The term ‘Black Friday’ was coined in the 1960s to mark the kickoff to the Christmas shopping season. Black’ refers to stores moving from the ‘red’ to the ‘black,’ back when accounting records were kept by hand, and red ink indicated a loss, and black a profit.

Impact of pandemic on retailers

IT Supply Chain

By Samuel Mueller (pictured). CEO at Scandit. The post Impact of pandemic on retailers appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

New Buyer's Guide for Supply Chain Network Design

Many companies are looking to redesign their supply chain network to lower costs, improve service levels and reduce risks in the new year. To do this, teams are finding that they need to perform network assessments more regularly and in-house. Scenario modeling is emerging as a key capability. To help you start 2021 strong, we updated our popular Buyer's Guide for Supply Chain Network Design Software with research insights and learnings.

The need to know


The need to know from Reuters’ global network of journalists. Boohoo hires retired judge Leveson to oversee supply chain revamp.

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Global expansion of eCommerce


2020 has recorded a surge in internet usage, leading to the tremendous expansion of the E-commerce market worldwide. Emarketer has predicted that global retail E-commerce will top the estimation of 4 trillion USD by the end of this year.

Paris 2021 – EN – PAS


Pascal Bensoussan Chief Product Officer. Pascal brings 23 years of experience leading product strategy and development at Enterprise SaaS companies, driving rapid growth by delivering innovative products that delight customers. He has built a deep expertise in bringing to market elegant, innovative, and highly-differentiated solutions addressing high scale, high stake enterprise challenges, typically involving complex technology, big data, machine learning, and a large ecosystem of partners.

France 100

Peak 2020: The 3 Ways We’ve Prepared to Support Our Customers

6 River Systems

Looking back to peak 2019, 6 River Systems (6RS) enabled our customers to pick millions of units a day while maintaining a 99.5% uptime across all sites.