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How Continuous Improvement Became Part of Our DNA


NFI’s Supply Chain Engineering team has harnessed these elements to create a continuous improvement strategy that brings value to our employees and customers. At NFI, continuous improvement is more than a practice;… Continue reading How Continuous Improvement Became Part of Our DNA

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Lean Continuous Improvement – Key Drivers for Continuous Improvement


“ Lean” is considered to be a philosophy of continuous improvement. What is Lean Continuous Improvement? Lean Continuous Improvement is defined as a method for identifying opportunities for streamlining work, reducing waste, and increasing productivity. More efficient operations.


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6 Game Winning Strategies for Continuous Improvement

USC Consulting Group

Continuous improvement strategy. The winningest teams are always looking to continuously improve by mastering the fundamentals and putting in the time and dedication to perform when the clock is ticking down and the next score wins. Continuous improvement isn’t a destination; it’s a mentality.

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Continuous Improvement in Logistics: A Q&A with Jason Morin

Consumer Goods Logistics

Jason Morin is Senior Director of Continuous Improvement and Engineering within KANE’s operations group. His 25 years of supply chain engineering and continuous improvement (CI) experience includes stints at multiple third-party logistics companies and, most recently, at Dematic.

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Parts Town: An O2C Journey from Manual Processing to Digital Transformation

Speaker: Sarah Gibson, Platinum Operations Manager

You’ll learn about the implementation of Esker’s AI-driven solution along with some of the biggest benefits achieved, including their: Ability to scale with 35% growth while maintaining business continuity. Improved order processing speed and accuracy via machine learning.

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Driving Continuous Improvement in Transportation Management

Talking Logistics

In this concluding episode, led by Bill Madden, Director of Managed Services at LeanLogistics , we will discuss how to drive continuous improvement in transportation management. Watch as we discuss: How to identify and prioritize continuous improvement opportunities.

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Why Continuous Improvement Is as Important as Ever

USC Consulting Group

Continuous improvement has always been an important methodology for businesses looking to remain competitive; but now more than ever, it has become essential to face the challenges presented by the novel coronavirus. What is continuous improvement? There is always room to make something better. The Shewhart Cycle: PDCA.

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Scaling Logistics for Success: A White Claw Story

Speaker: Scott Campbell and Molly Feller

Learning objectives: Take a deep dive into the real-life experiences at Mark Anthony 🔍 Gain insights into the typical challenges that businesses experiencing sudden growth are facing 📊 How you can scale your logistics and business strategies for continuous improvement 📈 Best practices when leveraging a carrier network, and standardizing (..)