Driving Continuous Improvement in Transportation Management

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In this concluding episode, led by Bill Madden, Director of Managed Services at LeanLogistics , we will discuss how to drive continuous improvement in transportation management. Watch as we discuss: How to identify and prioritize continuous improvement opportunities. The post Driving Continuous Improvement in Transportation Management appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez. Live Episode: Thursday, July 23, 2015 at 12:00 ET.

Supply Chain Design: Insights from CHEP’s Journey to Continuous Improvement

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One of my predictions from a couple of years ago was that more companies would treat Supply Chain Design as a continuous business process instead of a standalone project or a once-a-year exercise.

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How Can Supply Chain Leaders Use Big Data as a Tool to Continuously Improve?


Supply chain leaders must be ready to implement big data and leverage it to improve their companies without any delay or inhibition This may sound impossible and frightening, but they must only understand how big always goes back to these two, simple principles of measurement, review, and action.

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6 Recent Trends in Manufacturing Technology to Increase Agile Responsiveness, Continuous Improvement & Customization


and the push toward green, sustainable alternatives to traditional manufacturing will continue to dominate the market, asserts Stuart Hall of Global Manufacturing, Green initiatives are more than just a political ideal.

Lean Logistics and Material Flow: The Importance of Continuous Improvement


Non-value added items should be removed from these processes to ensure there are optimal opportunities for flow through these improvements. Without this direction, processes will continue to break down and waste will build if not monitored. By: David Sherman, CTL.

6 Benefits of Applying Useable Data in Logistics For Continuous Improvement


We continue our series on strategic shipping by going into detail of the 10 main areas that shippers can turn to in order to have a strategic logistics and transportation management mindset. Today we will go into detail on using the available data created in the processing of shipments within transportation management and other related logistics management for continuous improvement. . Data can help you improve your transportation processes when applied correctly.

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How TMS Analytics Can Lead to Actionable Insights & Continuous Improvement


“What can you do to improve your company?”. That is a loaded question, loaded with innuendo, desire, financial concerns, questions about the state of the road and weather and much more, but the ways you improve your company are becoming easier to see. Modern, cloud-based analytics systems within transportation management systems ( TMSs ) have redefined how you strive for continuous improvement. Analytics may also be used to drive improvement in your equipment.

The “5 Whys” Technique: Questions for Supply Chain Executives to Ask

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On my flight home yesterday, I recalled the 5 Whys technique and wondered if there were a set of Why questions supply chain and logistics should ask themselves to solve long-existing problems and drive continuous improvement.

Five Key Elements that Drive Manufacturing Flow


Continuous improvement – use the first two Elements as a baseline for defining areas for continuous improvement – and never get complacent. On their own, each of these Elements would likely improve production flow.

Smooth the rough spots with TOC, then Lean – and fine-tune with Six Sigma


Here we are at the final installment of our four-part, Sandpaper blog series about when to use the tools of Lean Manufacturing, the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and Six Sigma to address constraints, drive flow and promote continuous improvement. What Grade of Sandpaper Will You Use?

3 Ways to Put Big Data to Work in Your Factory


In this post, I’ll cover the three ways you can use Big Data to improve operational performance. #1 Big Data Continuous Improvement Lean Manufacturing Production Flow Real time data big data continuous improvement lean manufacturing maintenance predictive analytics production flow

5 Easy-to-Use Ways to Monitor Supply Chain Health

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Continuous checks on compliance. Gaurav leads a team of consultants and engineers to proactively help clients to enhance their supply chain performance through innovative solutions including process improvements and technology development. Robinson continuous improvement Gaurav Karker logistics metrics supply chainIs the current performance of your supply chain network optimal?

Continuous Improvement Training: The Current State of Mind


As a team member in our organization focused on the training and development of our operations team members, I have had the opportunity to lead several sessions focused on problem solving and continuous improvement training. We have to ask ourselves: “What are we improving upon?”

Continuous Improvement, Procurement and Logistics

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I spoke to Carl Fowler, the Vice President of North American Sales and Engineering at Menlo Logistics, on the topic of continuous improvement and procuring warehousing services.

Downturn in the Oil and Gas Industry: An Opportunity for Supply Chain Improvements

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Some companies respond to downturns by cutting costs and taking other short-term actions to simply weather the storm, while others view a downturn as a catalyst for change — that is, as an opportunity to make supply chain improvements that will pay dividends not only in the near term, but for years to come. The post Downturn in the Oil and Gas Industry: An Opportunity for Supply Chain Improvements appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

Managing for Daily Improvement: Bridging the Gap Across Teams and KPIs

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Lean Six Sigma (LSS) thrives on the notion that there is always room for improvement, and it looks to eliminate defects that can hinder the flow of a process from moving toward its performance end goal. The question to pose instead is “How can we improve?”

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective 3PLs

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White Paper: The Essential Guide to LTL Shipping Improvement: Action Plan and Metrics for Rapid Transformation. Process is the first step in continuous improvement. Habit 6 – Continuous Improvement. The best 3PLs never stop learning and improving. Highly effective 3PLs have developed the right habits, culture and processes to deliver excellent service to their clients.

5 Predictive & Immersive Logistics Tech Trends Driving Continual Improvement


Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn The post 5 Predictive & Immersive Logistics Tech Trends Driving Continual Improvement appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. The coming year is set to reshape how the logistics tech industry operates. Automation and robotics are leading the charge, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is adding to the mountain of data being collected and analyzed for insights and better operations.

Overcoming Complacency: How to Drive Even More Supply Chain Metric Success

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Posted figures and targets can be motivating, but if progress continually shows as an “all green,” there is little to inspire or motivate teams to give more discretionary effort or be more engaged in the bigger picture. Going “red,” defined as not meeting stated goals, should not be treated as an abject failure if continuous improvement is anywhere in your business plan. A sense of complacency can lurk behind benchmarks.

5 Keys to Implementing Improvement Initiatives

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Every industry seems to have its silver bullet for creating improvement. My particular improvement soapbox is Lean Management with some Six Sigma thrown in for good measure. With that being said I’d like to share my thoughts on what causes some improvement efforts to succeed and others to fail. Implementing Improvement Initiatives. Their improvements were a remix. This is a basic principle of improvement.

3PLs Focus on Continuous Improvement Programs to Improve Warehouse Performance

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I’ve recently completed a survey titled Warehouse Performance Improvement. DC Velocity’s summary will mostly focus on what shippers can do to improve performance. I had two key partners, DC Velocity and eft (eyefortransport).

Guest Blog: Real-world Advice for Getting Started on eKanban


Case Study: Continuous Improvement Immersion + the Right Tools Proves Profitable for Dynisco. Continuous Improvement eKanban Inventory Lean Manufacturing Uncategorized change management ekanban inventory kanban Lean lean manufacturing manufacturing replenishment

Getting Smart on Transportation: The Role of Market Intelligence in Procurement and Continuous Improvement

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Leveraging market intelligence is not only important during a procurement engagement, it’s also critical for identifying and executing continuous improvement opportunities. What type of continuous improvement opportunities can market intelligence enable? The post Getting Smart on Transportation: The Role of Market Intelligence in Procurement and Continuous Improvement appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

Building a Bridge to Continuous Improvement

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Tired of relying on e-mail blasts to place freight, L.B. Foster ups its game with a third-party solution that has transformed the enterprise

Don’t Confuse Excellence with Perfection

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Excellence almost always falls short of perfection, and it’s that gap that motivates us to improve, that inspires us to innovate, that humbles us and strengthens our character. Business Advice Life Stories Apple Apple Watch continuous improvement early field failure analysis EFFA iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus Lexus Little League For a long time, one of my favorite corporate taglines was Lexus’ “ The relentless pursuit of perfection. ”

The Problem with “No Problems”

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This illustrates a key management lesson that is especially applicable in warehouse optimization: if no problems are being reported, then no improvements of efficiency are being made. Warehouse optimization is all about continually improving efficiency; a turnback is anything that causes a deviation from the established system. Implementing Change: Learning from your experience by implementing sustainable improvements.

KaiZen (Continuous Improvement)

The Lean Supply Chain

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the Modern Marketer


Manufacturing.net noted that 77% of manufacturers polled view improvements in services as a key competitive factor. Information that will improve workflow, pre-empt issues, lend focus to continuous improvement efforts and more?

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Shippers

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First, the routine, day to day shipping is improved through good written and verbal communication. Secondly, a lot of improvements are discovered through conversations between shipper and logistics pro. Great shippers know that measuring performance is only the first step; driving improved performance is the ultimate goal. Processes also enable cross training and continuous improvement. Continuous improvement. Highly Effective Shippers.

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Why Demand-Driven Manufacturing is Focused on Metrics for Action


Driving Continuous Improvement. From a Demand-Driven Manufacturing operations perspective, you want to pay strict attention to strategic control points for improving Throughput. Alignment Between Metrics for Action and Continuous Improvement.

Using TOC, Lean and Six Sigma to Become More Demand-Driven


I have watched TOC solutions work exceedingly well in manufacturing, scheduling, replenishment, and project management for continuous improvements that truly revolutionize environments. However, to get to that next level of improvement, we need to start using our Lean Tools.

Modern Metrics


In the same way that marketing is leaning more on technology for decision-making data – and what to take action on to improve performance – more manufacturers are investing in technology to better serve their clients, elevate their competitive position and increase revenue.

Continuous Improvement: Is Your 3PL Writing the Check?

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Continuous improvement is an important desire for users of 3PL services. In fact, lack of proactivity continues to come up on 3PL user surveys as an industry shortfall. Collaborative Distribution Continuous improvement CPG logistics Top 3PLs, and in fact most 3PLs, do a solid job establishing metrics and measuring progress against these metrics over time. But that record is inconsistent across providers.

Kane Is Able Enhances Its Continuous Improvement Program with 34 Six Sigma Graduates

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May 16, 2014 - Third-party logistics provider Kane Is Able, Inc.

Continuous Improvement Training


Continuous Improvement Training: The Importance of Leader Standard Work. Fifty hours a week is not a lot of time for doing both leader’s standard work and continuous improvement work. Continuous Improvement Training: Lean Leadership Online Course.

Logistics News on Continuous Improvement Planning Drives Growth

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If You are Not Planning for Growth in 2015 then Do not Expect Any

How to Create a LEAN Culture in Your Supply Chain

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A LEAN business system is an organization of people who have developed the ability to relentlessly seek out waste and eliminate it while simultaneously improving the customer experience. Lean Guiding Principles Supply Chain Continuous Improvement

Logistics Process Mapping Basics

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Logistics process mapping is a great way for improving the logistics process and performance. The goal of logistics process mapping is to reduce costs, while improving service quality and customer satisfaction. Unlike, lean, six sigma, lean six sigma and other operational improvement methodologies, process mapping requires very little training so organizations can see results very quickly. Typical improvements are reduced cost, improved service quality and happier clients.

Supply Chain Assessments Are Critical to Continuous Improvement

Creating Supply Chain Excellence

They can also require identifying the right processes, practices, and enabling technologies that should be analyzed to identify areas where high value improvements are possible. The use of both internal and external perspectives provides the most accurate roadmap for future improvement. The post Supply Chain Assessments Are Critical to Continuous Improvement appeared first on Tompkins International.

Demand Driven Manufacturing in the Engineer-to-Order Space


Aligning Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement Practices. Synchronization of data improves processes, production flow and visibility. In most cases, aftermarket services continue throughout the life of the product.