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This Week in Logistics News (January 20 – 26)

Logistics Viewpoints

They will meet the Philadelphia Eagles, who crushed the Minnesota Vikings 38-7 in the NFC title game, a week from Sunday in Minneapolis, MN. In yet another impressive comeback, the New England Patriots topped the Jacksonville Jaguars 24-20 in the AFC title game to move on to their 10th Super Bowl, and 8th in the Belichick – Brady era. Logistically, hosting the Super Bowl is no easy feat, given everything that goes into it. The […].

A Dose of Reality—and Opportunity—at Pharma Labeling Event


While attending the recent Pharma Packaging and Labeling event in Philadelphia, a few startling statistics that we’ve heard before resurfaced: Pharmaceuticals Serialization FDA DSCSA Pharma Labeling

E-Commerce and Supply Chain Management Skills Driving Retail Industry Talent Needs

Supply Chain Matters

The Philadelphia Inquirer recently reported on current retail industry recruiting trends which reflect much of what our consultancy has advocated for some time, namely those efforts to […]. In the spirit of passing along career tips to our millennial generation readers, we call attention to a recent report of recruiting trends in the fashion retail industry.

Emergence of New Global Logistics Hubs

Supply Chain Matters

has released a research report indicating that over the next decade, 20 markets worldwide—including South Florida; Santiago, Chile; Bajio, Mexico; and Philadelphia—are set to emerge as global logistics hubs. Global commercial real estate firm CBRE Group Inc. The concept of emerging global logistics hubs was brought forward to in the book, Logistics Clusters, Delivering Value […].

4 reasons not to miss the Quintiq World Tour


Robert Meyers , Planning Manager Americas, BP Lubricants, Quintiq World Tour Philadelphia 2014. Lora Cecere , Supply Chain Insights, Quintiq World Tour Philadelphia 2014. Future stops include London, Beijing, Paris, Sydney and Philadelphia, with the tour landing in Amsterdam in November. Another year, another stretch goal. Your boss is expecting you to squeeze every last dollar of efficiency out of your plans.

A Framework for Supply Chain Leaders to Understand Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain Shaman

Philadelphia streets are swarming with crowds from the Superbowl win. I dialed-in, took a sip of coffee, rocked back in my seat. I asked, “ How can I help you?” This is my standard modus operandi. When not traveling, I answer nine calls on average a day.)

Is Workforce Planning the Weakest Link in Your Supply Chain Transformation Journey?

Talking Logistics

While many companies have invested significant time and money over the years to improve their demand, supply, and manufacturing planning capabilities, they have underinvested in workforce planning and optimization, and they’re now starting to feel the consequences.

Which Team has the most die-hard fans? The Eagles or the Patriots? Our Sentiment Analysis Tool Tells It All.


As a local Philadelphia business, we are so excited about the Eagles making it to the Super Bowl this year, we decided to track the excitement level of people leading up to the event by using our Social Sentiment Analysis Tool. Which Team has the most die-hard fans? The Eagles or the Patriots? Our Sentiment Analysis Tool Tells It All. was first posted on January 31, 2018 at 10:36 am. ©2017

Tools 42

Innovations that drive business decisions forward


At Quintiq World Tour Philadelphia 2016, attendees were encouraged to think about the past, present and future of their businesses from a fresh perspective as they gained insights into the latest analytics and optimization technology. Did you attend Quintiq World Tour Philadelphia?

Why Do We Forget to Define Supply Chain Excellence?

Supply Chain Insights

This past month I attended our Supply Chain Insights Bootcamp training led by Lora Cecere in Philadelphia and facilitated the first course of a Cross-Company Academy training, End-to-End Supply Chain Orchestration.

Rates and Demand Are Still High for Refrigerated Freight

DAT Solutions

Grand Rapids to Philadelphia dropped 58¢ to $3.52/mile. As we were saying before, the going rate for reefer loads heading from Grand Rapids to Philadelphia was way down last week. Seasonal harvests are winding down, but capacity is still tight for reefer freight.

How Can You Seize Opportunity If You Cannot Manage Risk?

Supply Chain Shaman

This week, I sent personal invites to business leaders and Supply Chains to Admire Award Winners to attend the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit on September 4-7th in 2018 in Philadelphia, PA. Global growth is slowing to levels of GDP.

On the Floor this Week at the 2015 Digital Summit

ModusLink Corporation

We’re highlighting our four minute click-to-ship capability in Philadelphia Every year, the National Retail Federation (NRF) puts on the Digital Summit to foster productive discussion amongst the brightest and most innovative players in the digital retail world.

Good People Can Make A Difference In Outcomes

Supply Chain Shaman

The flight into San Francisco on American was six hours late arriving at 7:00 AM EST. (I had scheduled the last flight out of Philadelphia on a Sunday night to spend the afternoon with my grandchildren.) I closed the door of my hotel room, and grimaced at the over-flowing trash can.

Pharma labeling event reinforces growing trends


I had the pleasure of attending the 8th Annual Pharma Packaging and Labeling Conference last week in Philadelphia, and it really underscored the importance of enterprise labeling from both a regulatory and business point of view.

Be Careful What You Ask For

Supply Chain Shaman

This week, I sent personal invites to business leaders and Supply Chains to Admire Award Winners to attend the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit on September 4-7, 2018 in Philadelphia, PA. Companies asked for integrated supply chain planning. They got it. It does not work so well. Now what?

Supply Chain and Logistics Conferences to Attend in 2017

Talking Logistics

CLX Logistics: Annual Customer Conference, TBA (2016: September, Philadelphia). LogiChem US 2017 , TBA (2016: December 12-13, Philadelphia, PA).

Reefer Spot Market Shows Impact of ELDs

DAT Solutions

Some of these rate increases could be due to weather-related disruptions: Reefer rates on the lane from Green Bay to Philadelphia surged 78¢ to $4.73/mile. Philadelphia to Boston also soared 45¢ to an average of $4.69/mile.

Takeaways from the Oracle Transportation Management SIG


Last week at the OTM User Conference in Philadelphia, I witnessed an industry transform in front of my eyes by embracing a future in the cloud

Reduce Costs: Invest In Talent

Supply Chain Shaman

There will be no technology sales personnel or market teams at the 2018 Summit in Philadelphia. In manufacturing-based companies, 70-80% of costs are in the processes of source, make and deliver.

The Supply Chain Shaman’s Top Five of Top Ten


Personally, I can’t wait for her 6 – 10 list and I will be sure to ask her about it when we meet up in Philadelphia next week at CSCMP Global Annual Conference 2011. Ever wondered what questions analysts are asked most often? What your colleagues are burning to know?

Provoking the Industry to Move Past Incrementalism

Supply Chain Shaman

Also, the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit is on September 4 th -7 th in Philadelphia, PA. Definitions: Provocateur. A person who or thing which provokes; a challenger, instigator, inciter, irritator; (in later use) specifically = “provocateur.” ” Incrementalism.

My Take: The Role of Anaplan in Defining the Art of the Possible in Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Shaman

This weekend, I sent personal invites to business leaders and Supply Chains to Admire Award Winners to attend the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit on September 4th-7th in Philadelphia, PA. “…the art of the possible, the attainable — the art of the next best” ? Otto von Bismarck.

Profit-boosting strategies to transform your supply chain


Presented at the Quintiq World Tour in Philadelphia, Dr Brian Blodgett, Associate Vice President, Scheduling, and Nicole Lowe, Scheduling Coordinator, from American Public University System (APUS), highlight how APUS has improved course scheduling operations.

Embracing the Digital Supply Chain

Supply Chain Shaman

I love photography, and mused as I walked into the shop on that rainy day in Philadelphia. ” I hate buzzwords and try to sidestep hype, but as I held my mug tight in my hand on a cold Philadelphia day, I thought more about the photo shop experience. This week I am busy packing.

SCM Best Paper Award Winners 2012 (1/2)

SCM Research

I have attended the CSCMP’s Supply Chain Management Educators’ Conference (SCMEC) in Atlanta. The conference offers a unique opportunity to meet many researchers, whose faces are obscured behind references for the rest of the year.

SCM 110

What Remains the Same?

Supply Chain Shaman

We hope to see you at the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit on September 4-7, 2018 in Philadelphia, PA. It is Saturday. This was a tough travel week on the East Coast by any measure. I’m rearranging my schedule as stranded friends cancel personal plans.

Offering Prayers While Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun

Supply Chain Shaman

The city of Philadelphia is eerily quiet this morning. I live in city-center Philadelphia. Like the barrel of the gun that I see across the street protecting Pope Francis in City Center Philadelphia, I think it is time for all manufacturing companies to rethink safe and secure.

Leadership Personified: Ken Frazier, CEO of Merck


Ken was a single child raised by a single father in Philadelphia, making his way into Harvard Law eventually. I had the opportunity to hear Ken Frazier, CEO of Merck, speak at the SC50 meeting.

Reefer Rates Lose Traction in California Heat Wave

DAT Solutions

Grand Rapids to Philadelphia increased 29¢ to $4.18/mile. Chicago to Philadelphia dropped 54¢ to $3.30/mile. Spot rates are trending down for reefer freight, due to hot weather in Southern California.

Spring Has Sprung for Spot Market Freight

DAT Solutions

Atlanta to Philadelphia up 14¢ at $2.95/mile. Philadelphia to Boston down 17¢ to $3.81/mile. April is in the rearview, and so is a recent trend of falling spot market rates.

End of Quarter Adds 11% to Van Demand

DAT Solutions

Outbound rates edged up in Los Angeles, Dallas, Philadelphia and other major freight markets, however, as shippers rushed to move inventory before the quarter ended on Wednesday. TriHaul: Columbus - Philadelphia - Pittsburgh.