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Top Transportation Management and Transportation Articles of 2015


We continue our series on the most read articles from the Cerasis blog for 2015 today by featuring any of the blogs in the transportation management or transportation categories. . Top 10 Most Read Transportation Management and Transportation Articles of 2015. In these most read 10 transportation management or transportation articles this year we saw, as with the other categories, a large portion focus on technology, such as transportation management systems.

Transportation is the Great Enabler of Supply Chain Excellence

Talking Logistics

I believe transportation is the least complex, yet most critical component of the supply chain. And if that isn’t enough to create a bias, maybe these well-known facts will: transportation costs represent the biggest slice of the supply chain cost pie (nearly 60 percent of every supply chain dollar is spent on transportation), and transportation costs can represent 3-12 percent of revenue or more depending on the product type and industry. that could ship via drone?

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Podcast: Rob O’Byrne on Digital Transformation, Sustainability, and Diversification in Sourcing


Supply chain and logistics consultant, educator, and podcast host Rob O’Byrne has over 40 years of supply chain experience. Since then I’ve been in education and consulting. I think education and consulting go hand in hand. It’s a change in focus that requires education.

8 Freight Shipping Trends Shippers Must Know for 2017


It is no longer bound by the traditional constraints of the economy, and Amazon is gearing up to begin expanding to be the best of the global freight shipping providers. As a result, your company needs to think about these freight shipping trends and how you can prepare to respond to them as soon as possible. 8 Freight Shipping Trends Shippers Must Know for 2017. Freight Shipping Providers Will Focus on ELD Implementation.

The Definitive Guide on Produce Season Transportation Impacts

Zipline Logistics

Produce season transportation can have an impact on your freight, even if you do not ship grains, fruits, or vegetables. Peak produce shipping season refers to the time period when the largest volume of fruits and vegetables are harvested and subsequently shipped to markets across the US, impacting truck capacity. Even if you don’t grow or ship produce, your transportation performance and spend can still be directly impacted.

3 Components to a Complete Lean Transportation Management System


When we hear “transportation management system” at LeanCor, we don’t just think of software. Lean thinking can help organizations develop and maintain a fast, stable, efficient transportation management system. When shippers apply lean thinking to people, process, and technology in transportation, the results are significant. Are these practices part of your organization’s transportation management system?

Lean 186

Looking For a Job? Here’s The Top 10 Transportation Jobs


Editor's Note: Today's blog comes from our friend Michael Stoddard who shares the top 10 transportation jobs in the industry. If you happen to find yourself searching for careers in logistics, transportation and supply chains, you'll be happy to know that there's no shortage of positions. Getting into transportation is a different topic entirely, one that demands a separate, more intricate look. Transportation Manager. Transportation Director. Transportation

How to Expand Your Global Shipping to Meet Growing Indian Markets

CH Robinson Logistics

Congested ports, complicated regulations, less than optimal modal capacity, undesirable taxation regimes, dilapidated roads, and overall operational inefficiencies are constant sources of anxiety within the business community. How is Global Shipping Growing in India? Foreign trade and investment requires more than talent and education. How to Take Advantage of Increased Shipping in India. Global Transportation Logistics Supply Chain India Trade

Addressing Labor Shortages in Warehouse and DC Operations


This is good news for worker, especially those on the low end of the education spectrum, and the growth of new jobs will require in most cases a high-school diploma. The shortage of workers is causing companies to look at non-traditional sources, including individual with a criminal record. It removes age restrictions on interstate transportation by licensed commercial drivers and strengthens safety-training standards across the industry.

DC 40

The FAST Act: America’s Infrastructure Promoting the Transportation Industry


While the parodies are quite “terrifying,” the problem remains, but one piece of legislation, passed in December 2015, the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act ), offers a solution, and actionable steps are being laid out to define a way to dramatically reshape the infrastructure-landscape in several key ways. Rather than pouring funding into the Highway Trust Fund blindly, the FAST Act is operating similar to education funding sources.

Food Logistics Tips for Making Sure Perishable Foods Are Safe During Transit


Certain foods and items, for instance, can’t merely get tossed on a transport truck and left to chance. Conservative estimates show the financial impact of transportation-related food safety failures exceeds $2 billion annually. Four Food Logistics Tips to Keep Perishables and Foods Safe During Transit It’s vital that food shippers make certain transportation methods are safe, secure and reliable.

Food 160

Software Support Specialist

Supply Chain Collaborator

UltraShipTMS and the LoadFusion transportation optimizer provide a single-source solution for optimization, transportation and settlement for in- and out-bound shipping across all modes of transport. Built and supported by a brilliant team of transportation industry veterans and software developers, UltraShipTMS is an emerging leader in the supply chain management industry. Required education: Bachelor’s. Software Support Specialist.

Why TMS and Cloud Computing Makes Sense

GTG Technology Group

By 2015, these systems were implemented in Transportation Management Software (TMS) solutions. By incorporating region-specific regulations and content-conscious directives, cargo is more likely to ship smoothly. With an open-source feel, cloud based solutions are constantly maturing. Cloud computing offloads processing closer to the information source. One important element of maintaining cloud security is education. Sources: [link].

The Messy Reality of Cross-Border E-commerce (Thoughts on UPS Acquiring i-parcel)

Talking Logistics

i-parcel also provides low-cost deferred international transportation facilitating higher shopper conversion for merchants on lower-value goods. The combined software and transportation solutions allow merchants in the U.S. Source: Pitney Bowes (click to enlarge). If you read through the posts, you’ll find many frustrated and confused Amazon customers like these: Source: (click to enlarge). Source: (click to enlarge).

There Are Not Enough Women Supply Chain Leaders!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Logistics Managers, Manufacturing Directors and other Supply Chain leaders often rose from the shop floor, from front-line warehousing and transportation positions. As a result, educational opportunities have increased. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Third Party Logistics Services


Not only do companies have to ship products to customers, they are customers to many other companies for raw materials and supplies. Management is freed from issues related to shipping and warehousing to focus on their core business. A second source of improvement is financial performance. The Unseen Supply Chain. As consumers continue to buy record amounts of products, there is a largely unseen and unappreciated aspect to business that remains in the background.

Customer Experience in Logistics: 4 Key Areas to Lay the Foundation


Today, however, transportation quality essentially amounts to table stakes, with serviced levels converging to accepted norms. Events like claims and reclassifications are hard pills to swallow, but they’re a fact of shipping. Educating shippers, so they’re prepared to navigate these complexities gives carriers an opportunity to help customers feel less vulnerable them. .

Experts Choice Of Top Online Logistics Resources


So I went straight to the source and asked consultants, trade reporters, Wall Street Journal reporters and others, what their go-to logistics and supply chain sources were. Transport Intelligence, the well-respected U.K. is one of the industry’s most respected logistics sources. Shipping Gazette Daily News. Since 1974 with industry-leading expertise in, well, American shipping. Transport Topics. American Journal of Transportation.

The Benefits of Evolved Vendor Managed Inventory Model Led by Web-Based VMI


Editor’s Note: Cerasis is a 3PL focused on transportation management. Inventory is then put on pallets and shipped as freight. Distributors will inbound to a manufacturer the inventory needed and transportation management, especially inbound freight management, efficiency is paramount to an effective vendor managed inventory model. Cutting the Right Costs with Technology by Sourcing Innovation.

Doing Business in Poland


Poland continues to have issues with rail and road infrastructure, but it does have about 291,000 km of paved roads to support truck transport. Shipping. Its prime location in Europe makes it an ideal location for shipping across Europe or Asia. Poland has almost 20,000 km of railways and 3,997 km of navigable inland waterways, so it is relatively simple and convenient to ship goods by air or water.

The Changing Face of Manufacturing: How US Manufacturers are Looking Homeward


This series’s aim is to educate on what we see coming down the pipeline in the world of manufacturing. While this is bad news for oil producers, it is good news for US manufacturers who will see a significant fall in the cost of manufacturing and transportation. Unless the source of natural gas dries up, which is not likely for many years to come, the price of gas is likely to remain low for the foreseeable future.

Sustainable Logistics: Quantifying Sustainability Measures of Your Logistics


Robinson and the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics. With the production of quality products creating less waste, the ‘scorecards’ for source reduction targets are met, provided to mass retailers and promoted, but no metrics are dealing with in-transit shipping damage. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn The post Sustainable Logistics: Quantifying Sustainability Measures of Your Logistics appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis.

24 supply chain experts & business leaders reveal the #1 challenge of supply chain management (and how to solve it)

6 River Systems

“They have multi-sourced key commodities or strategic components to reduce their reliance on any one supplier, and they had considered inventory strategy to buffer against supply chain disruption.” This both reduces the risk of error and improves speed to create a smoother shipping process. A successful demand plan can significantly cut costs due to out-of-stocks, overstocks, and expedited shipping.

Software Developer II


Who We Are Looking For: Education: Bachelors/Associates degree in computer related field or equivalent real-world experience. Git Source Control. 529 Educational Savings Plan. Who Are We: Established in August of 1997, Cerasis is a comprehensive, committed logistics company founded on helping customers manage shipping more efficiently and effectively. The post Software Developer II appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis.

Welcome Puff, The Magic Dragon, to Your Team

Supply Chain Shaman

Pirate ships would lower their flag when puff roared out his name oh. The promise of mathematical engines to improve business decision making is the basis of the supply chain planning, trade promotion management, revenue optimization, and supply chain execution markets for transportation/logistics. These included cloud-based computing, in-memory processing, parallel computation, and open-source analytics. Open Source analytics. open-source analytics.

Data 176

Top 25 Supply Chains of 2018

Material Handling and Logistics

So some of the companies that actually are in the forefront of supply chain management and technology implementations are excluded from contention: airlines, railroads, trucking companies, package delivery companies, shipping companies, construction firms, healthcare, metals producers, energy companies, banks, oil & gas, pipelines, utilities, and more. Source ID. Source ID. Source ID. Source ID. Source ID. Source ID. Source ID.

Experts Discuss How to Streamline Global Supply Chain

Supply Chain Opz

Whether you''re a manufacturing company in China, a sourcing agent in London or a world''s leading company in Silicon Valley, we''re all in a global supply chain networks. This is invariably down to not sufficiently involving and educating the right people. Start by involving and educating the board and work your way down the rest of the company. Work with your broker to see if you can get priority on unloading the ship and inland transport.

Global 216

Why investors are looking at supply chain technologies in 2020


No one’s saying we’re going to replace them any time soon, so the CFO can continue to get his financial and inventory data, but we can better manage execution decisions in transportation or a planning decision around inventory positioning using AI/ML and real-time data.”.

How Ecommerce Brands Are Helping Fight COVID-19 (Coronavirus) + Resources for Those in Need


We aim to educate the impacted communities with offers from ecommerce brands and other companies that are available to them during this trying time. . to cover part of credit card processing, packing, and shipping costs). They have already donated 10,000 protective face masks and will be able to ship another 300,000 surgical masks by the end of the week. With COVID-19 (Coronavirus) evolving at such a rapid pace, the ShipBob team wants to help those in need.

This Week in Logistics News (May 25-29, 2015)

Talking Logistics

Last November, JDA Software and IBM announced a “new integrated offering [that] will provide retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers with intelligent sourcing, fulfillment and order management capabilities.” Speaking of Amazon, the company is raising the bar again on delivery in response to Walmart testing a free, three-day shipping service. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, “U.S.-NAFTA

Mexico 152

Scheduling 'Order Release Process' Intelligently - Infosys Blogs

Infosys Supply Chain Management

Education. Sourcing & Procurement. Sourcing & Procurement. ProcureEdge – Sourcing & Procurement. They are order sourcing, order scheduling, order release and finally order shipping & delivery. Order sourcing process finds the optimal node from which order can be sourced; whereas scheduling determines when the order can be shipped or delivered. Sourcing,Procurement,Contract & Spend Management (38). About Us.

How COVID-19 is Battering Australia’s Imports and Exports

Logistics Bureau

The effects include: Severe disruption to shipping, with many Chinese ports operating at drastically reduced capacity and around 200 sailings cancelled. Source Australian Bureau of Statistics. Education-related travel services : Australia has banned entry to foreigners who have been in mainland China within the previous 14 days. Unpredictable levels of domestic and international shipping capacity.

5 Reasons Why Plant Managers Need Accurate Supply Chain Forecasting


Supply chain forecasting is a great way to help manufacturers, operations managers and production planners make educated predictions about factors influencing warehouse operations. This includes production elements such as material sourcing, job allocation, transport logistics, production scheduling, inventory optimization and more. This can give operations managers the necessary functional intelligence for bottleneck elimination at source.

Jaro Caban: “Establishing S&OP is a challenging journey”

Supply Chain Movement

Today it operates in 67 countries with 143,000 employees and has 76 business units on six platforms that cover animal feed, food production, energy and transportation, financial services and pharmaceuticals. We started in 2012 and we are currently in the roll-out phase across the regions in terms of processes, organisational structures, measures, developing the roles and responsibilities of the players, educating and training and implementing technology.

S&OP 91

This Week in Logistics News (August 13-17, 2018)

Talking Logistics

Here are the ones that caught my attention: Maersk and IBM Introduce TradeLens Blockchain Shipping Solution. This is self-contradictory,” said Jansen at the [Global Liner Shipping Conference]. More than 154 million shipping events have been captured on the platform, including data such as arrival times of vessels and container “gate-in”, and documents such as customs releases, commercial invoices and bills of lading. I’m back from vacation. Well, back physically.