Japan and Ecuador Earthquakes: Supply Chain Lessons from Past Disasters

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The recent earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador are a sad reminder of how deadly natural disasters can be. As of this morning, 41 people are confirmed dead in Kumamoto prefecture, the epicenter of Japan’s earthquakes, and 272 people have died in Ecuador , with thousands more injured and displaced from their homes. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan and Ecuador, especially all of the victims and their families, as they deal with the aftermath of these tragic events.

Lessons of the 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Applied in 2016

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Automotive Supply Chain High Tech and Consumer Electronics Supply Chain Manufacturing Strategies Procurement and Sourcing Supply Chain Risk Management 2016 Japan earthquake impact on supply chains Honda supply chain Supply chain Matters blog Toyota supply chainThis week, our thoughts and prayers are with all those that have impacted by the recent significant earthquakes that have occurred in Italy, northwest of Rome.

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Report of Explosion at Auto Parts Supplier Factory in Japan

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This week, a prominent auto parts supplier experienced an explosion at one of its factories in central Japan, injuring four people. However, considering the Japan location and the major automotive OEM customer being […]. News of such an incident of supply chain disruption would not be considered unusual in these times of global-wide supply chain activities. Automotive Supply Chain Procurement and Sourcing Supply Chain Disruption Supply Chain Risk Management Aisin Seiki Co.

Added Industry Consolidation- Japan’s Largest Shipping Lines to Merge Container Operations

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Industry and business media report that Japan’s three largest maritime shipping companies are indicating they intend to merge their container shipping operations to create the what would probably be the sixth-largest global player. This arrangement would involve Nippon Yusen K.K. NYK Line), Mitsui O.S.K. and Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha Ltd. Each has agreed to form joint […].

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Japan and Ecuador Earthquakes Highlight Supply Chain Risks


Last week’s earthquake and strong pre and post aftershocks in Japan have resulted in numerous disruptions for manufacturers. . Toyota announced on Sunday it would suspend production in stages at its plants across Japan.

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Your supply chain is costing you money – Reason #7 Making decisions based on bad data (supply chain data accuracy)

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General News Sales and operations planning (S&OP) Supply chain collaboration Supply chain management Aircraft lease Aircraft on ground All Japan Women''s Pro-Wrestling Automobile Autopilot BlackBerry Curve Bloomberg L.P. by John Westerveld.

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Major Earthquake Occurences Remain Multi-Industry Supply Chain Concerns

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It has been two days since our Supply Chain Matters breaking news alert published on Friday on the occurrence of multiple severe earthquakes impacting southern Japan. While the major focus continues toward tending to the injured and missing, along with the assessment of the impacted region’s major infrastructure, the supply chain disruption implications are indeed […].

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Your supply chain is costing you money – Reason #5 Not having a supply chain risk management process

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We saw this type of issue over the past several years with the Japan earthquake / Tsunami in and with the Thailand floods. by John Westerveld Reason #5: Not having a supply chain risk management process.

Japan Display Secures Another Financial Bailout Infusion

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Just before the Christmas holiday there was an announcement regarding an additional investment in LCD supplier Japan Display. of Japan is investing an additional $636 million in this supplier, consisting of both convertible bonds and a subordinated loan. Yet another financial infusion from government of Japan interests […]. Its largest shareholder, the government-backed Innovation Network Corp.

Trade-Offs on the Road to Globalization

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The monstrous 8.6-magnitude earthquake off the northeast coast of Japan spawned a tsunami that surged 4 kilometers inland, obliterating towns and farms across a huge swathe of the Japanese countryside.

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Another Part Specification Scandal Involving a Japan Based Supplier

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There is another supplier quality conformance scandal involving a major Japan based supplier, Kobe Steel, and this time, the implications could involve multiple industry supply chains. Aerospace Supply Chain Automotive Supply Chain Industrial and diversified industry supply chain Procurement and Sourcing Product Quality Supplier Management Boeing Supply Chain Kobe Steel quality scandal Supply chain Matters blog Toyota supply chain

Another Part Specification Scandal Involving a Japan Based Supplier

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There is another supplier quality conformance scandal involving a major Japan based supplier, Kobe Steel, and this time, the implications could involve multiple industry supply chains. Aerospace Supply Chain Automotive Supply Chain Industrial and diversified industry supply chain Procurement and Sourcing Product Quality Supplier Management Boeing Supply Chain Kobe Steel quality scandal Supply chain Matters blog Toyota supply chain

Breaking New- Major Earthquake Strikes Northern Japan with Accompanying Tsunami Warnings

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earthquake has struck Northern Japan off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture. Supply Chain Disruption 2016 Northern Japan earthquake SupplyChain Matters blogBreaking news reports indicate that a magnitude 7.3 The US Geological Survey initially placed the earthquake at a magnitude of 7.3 but later downgraded it to 6.9. The quake reportedly occurred 37 kilometers (23 miles) east-southeast of Namie off the country’s east coast at […].

Tsunami Warning Issued After Quake Off Fukushima in Japan

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struck Tuesday off the coast of Fukushima prefecture in Japan, a tsunami warning for waves of up to 10 feet has been issued Tokyo - An earthquake with preliminary magnitude of 7.3

More Incidents of Quality Inspection Tampering Involving Yet Another Japan Manufacturer

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On Friday of last week, Mitsubishi Materials Corp. disclosed that three of its supplier subsidiaries, Mitsubishi Cable, Mitsubishi Shindoh Co. and Mitsubishi Aluminum Co. had each tampered actual quality specifications related to components shipped to respective customers. Procurement and Sourcing Product Lifecycle Management Product Quality supplier quality Supply chain Matters blog

Supply Chain Graphic of the Week on I, Robot

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Interesting Summary of the Global Industrial Robot Population, as Korea, Japan have High Robot Density and Low Unemployment

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Five Important Supply Chain Events of 2016

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“The earthquakes that impacted southern Taiwan and Japan in the first half of the year, and the bankruptcy declaration of Hanjin Shipping caused considerable disruptions to global supply chains,” said Shahzaib Khan, director of EventWatch at Resilinc.

General Motors Embroiled in Supplier Crisis

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That lesson was reaffirmed in the 2011 devastating earthquakes and tsunami that struck Japan when automotive and high tech manufacturers discovered later in the […]. In supply chain and procurement communities, there is somewhat of a known axiom that any lower-tiered component supplier, even smaller in scope, can cause a significant supply chain and production disruption.

Boeing Finalizes Strategic Supply Agreement with Key Japan Based Aerospace Providers

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Thirteen months ago, Supply Chain Matters called reader attention to the news that Boeing had reached a preliminary agreement to extend partnerships with a group of key Japan based suppliers to provide major structural components of the newly planned 777x aircraft.

Supply Chain by the Numbers for Week of April 13, 2017

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Tiny Columbus, IN is an Export Titan, Layoffs Continue at Walmart, Says Funds Needed for eCommerce, Boeing Could See Major Savings from 3D Printing, Parcel Carriers Hiking Rates Big Time in Japan

Supply Chain by the Numbers for Week of March 31, 2016

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New Transport Mode Culd be Blimps, More Warnings about the Impact of Robots on Jobs, Wage Increases in Japan Remain Near Zero Despite Desparate Hopes for Inflation, Parcel Drone Finally Takes Flight in US

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Supply Chain by the Numbers for Week of Dec. 8, 2016

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Amazon has Sights Set on Brick and Mortar Grocery Stores, UK Retailers and CPG Companies Tussle over Pricing, Population in Japan Headed to Scary Lows, Smithfield Foods Targets Manure to Reduce CO2

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Supply Chain Lessons From Japan

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Japan’s resiliency and its people’s willingness to do the hard work of recovery are certainly not in question. A look at the impact of the Kobe earthquake in 1995 on Japan’s GDP in that year and the year following are a testament to the nation’s ability to bounce back from disaster. Still, devastation of the magnitude seen in Japan this month may take longer to clean up. From Forbes: “Boeing (BA) faces new delays in the delivery of the Dreamliner.

RFID, AIDC, and IoT News on It Starts, as Measures in US, Japan Going to Track People with Automatic Identification

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Stuff of Science Fiction May be Closer than We Think

Nissan Motor Co. to revolutionize S&OP

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by Melissa Clow Headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, Nissan manufactures vehicles in 20 countries around the world. Nissan offers products and services in more than 160 countries and areas worldwide. As a leading global automotive manufacturer, Nissan Motor Co.

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Supply Chain Disruptions: A Survival Guide - SupplyChainOpz

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2011: Earthquake/Tsunami in Japan. Yes, there is one paper discussing about how the manufacturing companies in Japan survived disruptions (the hard way) called " Supply chain lessons from the catastrophic natural disaster in Japan " by Park et al 2013. NAVIGATE. Basics.

5th Production & Operations Management World Conference

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as well as Japan and other parts of the globe. I just came back from the 5 th Production & Operations Management World Conference , which was held in Havana, Cuba. The P&OM World Conference is co-organized every four years by three leading academic associations which represent the operations management discipline in three regions: EurOMA , JOMSA and POMS. What I really like about the conference is the global networking opportunity it offers.

Another Way to Think About Supply Chain Risk Management


Think the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan—at GM, the catastrophic event affected 5800 parts across its multi-tiered network, says MIT’s Dr. Yossi Sheffi in his book “The Power of Resilience.".

Boeing’s Strategic Carbon Fiber Supplier Hints of Global Supply Diversification Strategy

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In November of 2014, we called initial attention to the announcement that Boeing had initiated a multi-billion long-term supply agreement with Japan based Toray Industries for […]. In the backdrop our previous Supply Chain Matters commentary related to Boeing and its decision to shortly assemble new 737 commercial jets in China, we provide another related development.

Breaking News: Sharp Corp. Takeover Deal by Foxconn Approved but with Revised Terms

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Supply Chain Matters has been continuously updating our readers regarding the on-again, off-again acquisition of Japan based advanced electronic display provider Sharp Corp. by Foxconn Technology. Today, The Wall Street Journal and other news outlets report the approval of this takeover deal, but at a lower price than originally planned. This ongoing deal has special […].

Harvey’s Impact on the Global Supply Chain: The Role of Analytics


Japan will be prone to earthquakes and tsunami. Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast and Houston with driving rains that left many businesses struggling with flooding, with little advance warning.

Supply Chain Graphic of the Week on The Scary Population Decline in Japan

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Population will Fall Dramatically by 2060, Researcher Says, as Demographics a Concern Almost Across the Globe

The Saga of Supplier Takata Reaches a Sad Conclusion- What Has Been Learned?

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This week Japan based Takata Corp., the company that has made unprecedented product recall headlines has filed for bankruptcy protection. What have we learned as a community- if anything? Automotive Supply Chain Procurement and Sourcing Product Lifecycle Management Product Quality Service Lifecycle Management Service-centered Supply Chains Supplier Management independent blog commenting on supply chain developments Supply chain Matters blog Takata Corp. product recalls

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Black Swan Events: A Double-Edge Sword for Supply Chain Resiliency Proponents


In 2011, the unthinkable occurred in Japan. A massive earthquake triggered a tsunami which, in turn, triggered a nuclear power plant meltdown, all of which combined to create a humanitarian disaster of epic scale.

Supply Chain by the Numbers for Week of June 1, 2017

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Japan, Germany Need Robots to Deal Aging Populations, eFulfillment Wars have Come to Pizza Delivery,MIT Breakthrough in Pasta Delivery, UPS Joint Venture to Power China to US Air Shipments

3 Major Japanese Container Shipping Lines to Consolidate by July 2017


MOL), and Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK), three of Japan’s largest container ship lines, have agreed to establish a new joint venture company by approximately July 2017. Global Transportation Global Forwarding Japan Shipping

Live Updates: The Kumamoto Quakes Could Devastate Smartphone Manufacturing


Consumer electronics could be facing months of supply chain disruptions after the Kumamoto quakes rattled manufacturers in Southern Japan. tremor struck the industry-heavy region of Kumamoto, in southern Japan, early Saturday morning.

Major Automotive Supplier Component Safety Snafu is Another Supplier’s Strategic Gain

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of Japan were estimated to be in the millions. As far back as 2014, Supply Chain Matters provided commentaries relative to the defective air bag inflator crisis that was impacting multiple global automotive brands. Even then, the product recalls involving airbag inflators supplied by Takata Corp. In an October 2014 posting, Supply Chain Matters echoed […].

What Trump’s Announcement of Withdrawal from the TPP Means for US Supply Chain Executives


The ASEAN community has been working on another regional trade agreement, called the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), that includes the 10 ASEAN countries, and six of their major trading partners in Asia, namely Australia, New Zealand, India, China, Korea and Japan. withdrawal of the TPP, with equally lofty promises of trade opportunities and growth, my feeling is the Asian shift to a China has already started, and Japan and Australia will quickly fall in line.

Best Practices Before the Storm


In Japan, with almost 2000 quakes felt each year, most of the businesses were equipped with business continuity plans after the 2011 quake and tsunami. Large automakers have shifted their final assembly locations throughout Japan, US and nearby regions in Mexico to avoid complete stoppages.