Powered by State Resources, Chinese Companies are Advancing


With state resources in the form of power and money China is able to set and reach even very ambitious goals–by imitation, innovation or purchase. Will a Chinese company become your biggest competitor by 2025?

Experts Choice Of Top Online Logistics Resources


The Experts’ Choice of the Top Online Logistics Resources. World Civil Aviation Resource Net. The post Experts Choice Of Top Online Logistics Resources appeared first on Freightos. Intro Email Newsletters News Sites Social Media Influencers Blogs Unexpected Places.

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Enterprise resource planning or best of breed, what is best for IT?


Future of supply chain best of breed Enterprise resource planning (ERP) SAP ERP Supply chain planning

TSC’s Best Supply Chain Resources – 2014


As we’re kicking off 2015, now is a great time to gather our best supply chain resources from 2014. See more in our Resource Library… The post TSC’s Best Supply Chain Resources – 2014 appeared first on TAKE Supply Chain.

Top 5 Barriers to Supply Chain Network Design Adoption and How to Overcome Them

Speaker: Brian Dooley, Director SC Navigator, AIMMS, and Paul van Nierop, Supply Chain Planning Specialist, AIMMS

Happy Employees are Good Employees (Plus Other Insights on Multi-Resource Scheduling)

Talking Logistics

There are many resources behind every supply chain — including people, production equipment, transportation assets, and more — and they’re often linked and dependent on each other.

Resource-based Theory vs. Supply Chain Management

SCM Research

There is an ongoing debate in supply chain management research about whether or not resource-based theory suggests that supply chain management can be a source of sustained competitive advantage for a firm. In his insightful article, The competitive advantage of interconnected firms: An extension of the resource-based view (AMR, Vol. The competitive advantage of interconnected firms: An extension of the resource-based view.

Natural Resource Scarcity

SCM Research

In their recently published JBL paper, A natural resource scarcity typology: Theoretical foundations and strategic implications for supply chain management , Bell et al. 2012) rightly note: “Scarcity of critical natural resources such as oil, water, food, and precious metals has the potential to greatly impact commercial activity as the twenty-first century progresses” In deed, avoiding waste of resources has become a top priority for many supply chain practitioners.

50 Online Resources for Aspiring Supply Chain Scholars

Supply Chain Opz

To help you become successful, we have put together 50 online resources that you will definitely find helpful. Resources: Data.gov 2. Resource: Google Public Data 3. Resource: Pew Research Center 4. Resource: ArcGIS Open Data 5. Resource: Think with Google 6.

Understanding E-Commerce Fulfillment: Definition, Process, Resources!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Your resources are freed up to pursue business development. The post Understanding E-Commerce Fulfillment: Definition, Process, Resources! Subscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. Keys to Success in Warehouse Management/Order Fulfillment! Video).

Discover 4 Use Cases for Applying AI to Your Recruiting Processes

onboarding resources. The next. wave of. AI-led. recruiting Four ways machines are enabling their. human counterparts to hire smarter. 2A lly O | T h e n ex t. w av e o f A I- le d r e cr u it in g Introduction 3. From manual to automation 4. How did talent acquisition end up here?

The problem with renewable energy resources isn’t the technology, but the quantity of supply


Other “non” physical goods, such as electrical energy and renewable energy resources, are almost never discussed in a conversation about supply management, and why would it be? These renewable energy resources are also very dependent on location.

Welcome to the Adaptive Era of Enterprise Resource Planning


It was obvious to us that enterprise-class applications, like enterprise resource planning (ERP), needed to evolve considerably to remain relevant. The post Welcome to the Adaptive Era of Enterprise Resource Planning appeared first on QAD Blog.

Resource Dependence Theory and Supply Chain Management

SCM Research

In their seminal publication, The External Control of Organizations , Pfeffer and Salancik (1978) have postulated resource dependence theory. Basically, it argues “that organizations are constrained and affected by their environments and that they act to attempt to manage resource dependencies” by setting up different forms of interorganizational arrangements. Synthesizing and Extending Resource Dependence Theory: A Meta-Analysis.

What is Material Requirements Planning and Material Resource Planning Software


Recognizing that labor and machines also were key requirements for achieving a plan, MRP II (manufacturing resource planning), extended the idea of production requirements to include the number of labor and machine hours needed in the factory.

NC State’s Supply Chain Resource Cooperative

SCM Research

I was very impressed by NC State’s Supply Chain Resource Cooperative , an “industry–university partnership dedicated to the development of future supply chain professionals” Robert and two of his colleagues have published an article to describe how this cooperative works: NC State’s Supply Chain Resource Cooperative educates in the real world (published in Interfaces in 2011).

Operating a Global Health Supply Chain in Low-Resource Settings


In addressing the challenges of operating a global health supply chain in low-resource settings, there’s plenty to learn from established commercial supply chains

What is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)?

Insights Solutions Global

ERP is short for enterprise resource planning. The post What is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)? Simply put, the ERP system is how a company, usually a manufacturer, manages and integrates the important parts of its business activities. appeared first on Insight Solutions Global. Supply Chain Management

The True Cost of Enterprise Resource Planning

Supply Chain 24/7

Reshoring Resources Bring It All Back Home

Inbound Logistics

Manufacturers and their logistics service providers should understand the reshoring trend and the resources that are available to assist them with both the reshoring decision and process As U.S. firms continue to reshore, new supply chain opportunities are arising for both shippers and providers.

Time for Supply Chain Ecosystem Resource Planning

Supply Chain Digest

Guest First Thoughts Columnist Rich Sherman Says Omnichannel Fulfillment Strategies are Turning Up the Heat

A Brief History of the Founding of the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative (SCRC)


The following is a transcript of the speech I gave to individuals who attended our SCRC 20th Anniversary Event this past April 2019.

7 Ways to Create a Successful Onsite Resource Relationship

CH Robinson Transportfolio

7 Ways to Create a Successful Onsite Resource Relationship.Transportfolio. An onsite resource is often a great option whether you’re getting started or have been outsourcing your logistics for years. Logistics Supply Chain Onsite Resource Relationships

How Workforce Management Can Strengthen Warehouse Productivity Despite Limited Resources [Video]

Supply Chain Nation

Warehouse managers are tasked with improving productivity and customer service despite limited resources. This reduces the need to use outside staffing agencies, lowers unplanned overtime, and leverages existing resources by identifying cross-training opportunities. JDA’s native integrated Workforce Management and Warehouse Labor Management help managers improve productivity with limited resources.

Enterprise Resource Planning Suppliers’ Expanding Supply Chain Functionality

Supply Chain 24/7

Not only do Enterprise Resource Planning suppliers offer WMS solutions, they’re pushing the envelope for functions including e-commerce, advanced analytics, prebuilt IoT applications, and global visibility and collaboration hubs

Big Tech and Auto Battle for the World’s Cobalt Resources


As a finite but clearly valuable resource locked mostly in countries with difficult-to-track labor standards, cobalt’s supply chain has fallen under intense scrutiny in recent months, and companies are rushing to get their share. Companies are moving to secure as much of the resource as they can before the economic battle over it enters full swing. firm Freeport-McMoran and Eurasian Resources Group. In 2006, lithium-ion batteries consumed only 20% of the global cobalt supply.

Big Tech and Auto Battle for the World’s Cobalt Resources


As a finite but clearly valuable resource locked mostly in countries with difficult-to-track labor standards, cobalt’s supply chain has fallen under intense scrutiny in recent months, and companies are rushing to get their share. firm Freeport-McMoran and Eurasian Resources Group.

Top 5 Free Online Resources for Freight Brokers


It's the classic paradox of the internet: there's an enormous number of resources out there, but finding them can be a huge hassle. That's why we've put together 5 free resources for freight brokers like you can't afford to miss out on. These resources have everything you need to get your own business started, or to take your existing brokerage to the next level. The same site even has another excellent article with more business plan resources for freight brokers.

The Future of Enterprise Resource Planning

Supply Chain 24/7

VAI S2K Enterprise Software harnesses the power of technology and enables businesses to better anticipate consumer needs and enhance productivity, providing integrated applications optimized for the Supply Chain

3 things you need to know about multi-resource scheduling

DELMIA Quintiq

Whether you’re in the airlines industry, managing field crews in an industry like utilities or construction, or coordinating deliveries for a third-party logistics provider, planning and scheduling your resources optimally is critical to keeping your operations moving and your customers satisfied.

A Day in The Life of A Logistics Onsite Resource

CH Robinson Transportfolio

The outsource provider is also ready to place other resources onsite at your location—people who have alligator wrestling experience as well as advanced skills. In the world of logistics outsourcing, tactical onsite resources are your supply chain’s day-to-day alligator wrestlers.

Can I Build a Winning FMCG Route to Market Strategy on Limited Resources?

Enchange Supply Chain Consultancy

I am in the middle of writing a blog series on Route to Market (RtM) success in emerging markets, with a specific focus on Africa. I have been receiving some excellent feedback throughout (many thanks!). One topic has come up several times and I will now address it in this blog.

Do More Global Shipping with Less Work by Implementing Blockchain Resources & Technologies

Supply Chain 24/7

When you think about all the players involved in a single shipment’s journey, it is really no wonder how often there are issues and inconsistencies in the supply chain, however, shipping on the blockchain will eliminate much of the hassle with poor visibility and paperwork problems

How to Master Technology in Route to Market Strategy to Save Resources and Fuel Sales

Enchange Supply Chain Consultancy

When we discuss Technology in terms of Route to Market (RtM) Strategy we are looking at our overall approach to and use of Technology at every stage of our RtM Strategy and Execution.


PLS Logistics


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Enterprise Resource Planning Vendors Making Significant Inroads into Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain 24/7

With the big ERP vendors invading their turf, best-of-breed SCM providers are coming up with deeper, niche-oriented solutions to help shippers manage their supply chains, our analysts discuss just how far ERP can go in this sector that’s now considered the foundation of success for digital commerce

Who said supply chains are boring? is featured on the list of 100 Elite Resources for Logistics

Supply Chains Rock

External recognition is always welcome -- my blog is listed at no. The whole list is posted here: [link]. According to the organisers: "Since many of our site''s readers are just starting out in their higher education with the hopes of learning about logistics and landing a job in the industry, we made this list so they could find out more about the. awards