Develop a Stocking Policy

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And that leads me to the point of this article: your company needs a clearly defined stocking policy that guides decisions like these. If you’re serious about reducing inventory, you need a stocking policy that you can put down on paper and refer to throughout the year.

China, Tariffs, and Trade Policy. What’s Going On?


China, Tariffs, and Trade Policy. If changes in trade policy have been giving you and your team whiplash lately, you’re not alone. Find out more about our trade policy group or register for one of our customs seminars in a city near you. The post China, Tariffs, and Trade Policy.

Are you ready for the fallout? How proposed US trade policy changes will impact your end-to-end supply chain

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Alexa Cheater Love them or hate them, it’s hard to escape the proposed sweeping changes to America’s trade policy put forth by US President Donald Trump. But what impact will his trade policy changes have on your end-to-end supply chain?

How Will Walmart’s New OTIF Policy Affect the Supply Chain’s Transportation Component?


For the transportation component, … The post How Will Walmart’s New OTIF Policy Affect the Supply Chain’s Transportation Component?

2018 Prediction Deep Dive: Make America Great and Changing Global Trade Policies Will Provide a Challenging Landscape for U.S. and Global Manufacturers

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In this installment, we dive into 2018 Prediction Six: Make America Great and Changing Global Trade Policies Will Provide a Challenging Tactical and Strategic Landscape for U.S. Supply Chain Matters provides a deep-dive perspective on the ten outlined 2018 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains unveiled in mid-December.

America First: How a New Slew of Trade Policies Will Impact Supply Chain


The Trump Administration’s trade policies have already incited backlash and retaliatory measures by other nations, and forced several key industries to reassess their global supply chain strategies. policy china trade international trade USUS manufacturing activity dropped slightly in March. According to a report by the Institute for Supply Management, factory owners are increasingly concerned about how new trade restrictions levied by the Trump Administration will affect them.

Finding the Right Solution for New Tax and e-Invoicing Policies in Colombia


Another country within Latin America mandates new tax and electronic invoicing policies. The post Finding the Right Solution for New Tax and e-Invoicing Policies in Colombia appeared first on Appterra Collaborative Commerce.

Adapting the Supply Chain to Protectionist Policies

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If a U.S. border tax was enacted some retailers that are big importers could see their net profits plummet by almost 80%, while exporters of manufactured goods could see their net profits soar by 50% or more. read more. Global Supply Chain News

Detention Policies Need to Change in 2018

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I am so hoping that 2018 will be the year when detention policies and practices change. Chad Boblett is the owner and driver of Boblett Brothers Trucking of Lexington, KY.

Overt Signs of Trump’s Agenda for Confrontation on Global Sourcing and Trade Policy

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What is fast becoming a new norm for business risk is that of a direct public attack via a Twitter “tweet” from U.S. President Elect Donald Trump. Before formally taking office on January 20th, Mr. Trump has already attacked corporations such as United Technologies for presumably outsourcing U.S. jobs to Mexico. Other public confrontations have […].

How Will New Government Policies Impact the Transportation Industry?


Changes to regulations or policy that may impact the transportation industry take time to flush out from each newly elected official or congressional session to the next. However, the new administration’s actions to date have not yet brought the relief that so many have wished for but the transportation industry is looking forward to any new government policies that may impact the industry for the better.

Trump’s China Policy Threatens U.S. Exports and Supply Networks

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Bloomberg. The nightmare scenario would be a Chinese economic embargo of Taiwan that would reverberate around global supply chains. read more. Global Supply Chain News

What Effects Could Trump Policies Have on International Shipping

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It’s important to be prepared for the effect of Trump policies on international shipping and logistics. The post What Effects Could Trump Policies Have on International Shipping appeared first on Evans Distribution.

Energy Efficiency Should Lead Climate Change Policy


Current energy programs and policies provide significant energy savings at a lower cost than businesses pay for electricity. The post Energy Efficiency Should Lead Climate Change Policy appeared first on Appterra Collaborative Commerce.

Walmart’s OTIF Policy Will Continually Impact Forecast and Planning Strategies


Previously under the Must Arrive By Date (MABD) guidelines, suppliers of fast-turning products, as well as perishable … The post Walmart’s OTIF Policy Will Continually Impact Forecast and Planning Strategies appeared first on Chainalytics.

Companies Still Paying a High Price for Flawed Inventory Policies

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Optimizing inventory management policies can achieve dramatic reductions in operational costs, yet many companies leave substantial savings on the table because they fail to develop the most efficient management policy for their business.

Is Your Product Return Policy Helping or Hurting Your Business?


If Your Returns Policy Hasn’t Been Revamped in a While, It Probably Should Be ~ As e-commerce sales grow, it’s no surprise that the issue of customer returns is a hot topic.

Supply Chain News on PPG Executive on Policies to Help US Manufacturing to Succeed

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High US Corporate Tax Rates are an Issue, Bryan Iams Says, but Trade Ageements, Immigration Reform and More Also Need

A Software Management Policy is Essential to Improve Purchasing

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The post A Software Management Policy is Essential to Improve Purchasing appeared first on ModusLink Global Solutions.

Putting Infrastructure on Colombia’s Public Policy Map

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If Colombia is to realize its vast economic potential, the country must improve the efficiency of its freight transportation systems. But the national and regional government agencies responsible for infrastructure planning and construction lack the knowledge required to achieve the required improvements. The Center for Latin American Logistics Innovation (CLI) is part of an effort […].

Does Lean Leveling Reduce Shipment Variability?

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Featured Strategy innovative order policy lean in inventory management managing order volatility MIT Supply Chain Management master's program SCM thesis

Lean 60

New Developments and Potential Added Risks for Chinese Branded Subway Cars in the U.S.

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Chinese branded subway cars in the United States CSR Sifang America Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority subway car replacement supply chain implications of protectionist trade policies in the US Supply chain Matters blogIn October of 2014 we alerted Supply Chain Matters readers to a noteworthy milestone development, namely Chinese designed and branded railway cars appearing in a U.S. subway system.

NAFTA, Tariffs, and a Border Adjustment Tax: Alphabet Soup or a Real Concern?


Trade policy—it’s a topic that has moved front and center over the past months with the changing administration in the United States.

The ELD Mandate and Fresh Produce Logistics: What Shippers Need to Know


Carriers Customers Food and Beverage Freight Services Logistics Over the Road Produce Sourcing Supply Chain Technology Temperature Controlled Transportation Policy ELD Mandate produce logistics

Increased Policy Uncertainty & Maturing Global Value Chains Weakened 2016 Trade Growth

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Trade developments in 2016 reflected a number of factors including slow global growth and low commodity prices, as well as increased policy uncertainty and maturing global value chains, 2016 is the fifth consecutive year of slow trade growth and the year with the weakest performance in trade since the global financial crisis

6 Answers for Your Top TPP Agreement Questions


Global Transportation Transportation Policy government regulation Policy TPP trade agreement Trans-pacific PartnershipYou’ve probably heard about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement in the last two weeks in some form or another.

Contemplating the Roots of Our Industry this Election Day


Agreement on this point is strong, yet details like how to pay for infrastructure and trade policy seem to have no consensus whatsoever. Transportation Policy Election Infrastructure Legislation TransportationContemplating the Roots of Our Industry this Election Day.Transportfolio.

China’s Historic Silk Road is Resurrected from the Rubble


China has emphasized that it sees the initiative as an important pushback against US policies favoring protectionism and isolation (for example, the Trump Administration’s 30% tariff on solar panel imports , enacted last January). policy china trade international tradeChina is leading an initiative to revive one of the largest feats of trade infrastructure the world has ever known.

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Global Logistics and Trade Programs: An Update on GSP and C-TPAT


Global Transportation Transportation Policy Customs Global Logistics Global TradeUpdates and adjustments to global trade programs have been capturing headlines and creating uncertainty for several months.

Research: How the Panama Canal Expansion Will Impact U.S. Logistics


Global Transportation Logistics Supply Chain Transportation Market Transportation Policy Boston Consulting Group Panama Canal Expansion Ports Post-Panamax White PaperWhat will happen when the Panama Canal expansion is completed in 2016?

Is Walmart’s OTIF Mandate Good News After All?


| By Pieter Bauwens | Principal, Europe | Chainalytics | How the new policy presents an opportunity for more fact-based decisions when interacting with retailers.

U.S. West Coast Ports: Getting Back on Track


Freight Services Global Trade Resources Global Transportation Over the Road Transportation Policy Ocean Freight Port Congestion Transportation West Coast Ports West Coast Ports: Getting Back on Track. Two weeks ago, U.S.

The Customs Reauthorization Bill: What You Need to Know


Global Forwarding Global Transportation Supply Chain Transportation Policy Customs Customs Reauthorization Bill TransportationThe Customs Reauthorization Bill was signed by President Obama today, and you might have questions about its impact.