How to Procure Full Truckloads in Tight Capacity


The use of full truckload shipping is rising in popularity, resulting from its lower cost as compared to less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping. These rates will have natural implications for smaller shippers seeking to lower overall transportation and freight spend, and paired with a “blurred lines between peak shipping and shopping seasons,” shippers will experience increasing trouble when trying to procure full truckload capacity. Staying attentive to the market.

Procurement and Suppliers on the Same Page: How to Craft an Effective Terms & Conditions Sales Document


Editor's Note: Today's blog is the second part of Chuck Intrieri's series on how procurement and suppliers can avoid issues with their contracts. In part two, Chuck focuses on how to draft your terms and conditions. Procurement and suppliers often assume that small print is highly complicated legal jargon that is both boring and largely irrelevant. Consider your use of websites, how often have you read the terms of use? How to Begin Your Terms.

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Procurement – How to Enable Spend Aggregation!

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Check out Procurement: The Spend Aggregation Obstacle Course! Aggregating your procurement spend for the purpose of delivering greater value is a sound objective. Theoretically you should be able to generate better service, better terms and conditions, and better cost.

How to Build a Digital Procurement Ecosystem in 8 Minutes!

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Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. Article originally published by, and permission to publish here provided by, Sam Jenks at If you’ve never been before and are a fan of art, architecture, and culture, I can highly recommend adding it to any future itineraries. Beyond the artwork, Fondation Louis Vuitton offers an experience to tour the multiple levels of decks that interweave themselves between the inside and the outside of the building’s structure.

Establishing Procurement as a Competitive Advantage


In my previous posts, I looked at how to successfully launch a digital transformation and progress to best-in-class Procurement. Most leaders seem to track their progress with metrics such as percent of spend managed and digitization levels, defining best-in-class as being the top quartile or similar high percentage. Best practices are great for the majority of processes, but for the most strategic doing things differently is the way to win.

Ivalua Paints a Great Procurement Picture at Ivalua NOW Chicago 2019


“We have this long-term strategy of building a very big company with a fantastic product that we can offer to the market. The event was themed on “The Art of Procurement” relating to how the further procurement leaders mature in their transformations, the more their approach shifts from science to art. Just building great Procurement solutions that customers clearly love (in 2018 once again maintaining the industry’s highest retention rate, over 98%).

10 Key Logistics & Procurement Supply Chain Practices to Know and Master to Reduce Spend.


Getting the raw materials needed to maintain production is one of the most important parts of the whole supply chain. If raw materials are unavailable, all subsequent processes are affected, which may result in increased costs to consumers and the respective companies as well. However, following these 10 practices can help you learn how to reduce spend in the procurement supply chain. Consider Cyber Security Concerns in the Procurement Supply Chain.

Procurement Terminology is a Mess!

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Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. Procurement language article originally published by, and permission to publish here provided by, Sam Jenks at From one Procurement organization to the next, terminology differs. But, what is Source-to-Pay?

WMS Software Procurement Lifecycle: How to Evaluate, Select, Implement, Modify, & Realize ROI

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The WMS software procurement lifecycle remains a challenge for many supply chain leaders. Forty trucks lined up down the road trying to get into a warehouse is a sign of a bad WMS installation. The Challenges of the WMS Software Procurement Lifecycle. Supply chain leaders will face challenges when beginning the WMS software procurement lifecycle. Employees within the company may be reluctant to change. Shareholders may wish to avoid unnecessary investments.

How to Create Collaborative Innovation with Suppliers!

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Blog originally published at, and permission to publish here provided by Sam Jenks at, [link]. Our organization’s products, customers, and profit, are ultimately a byproduct of the global supply chain networks that operate on a daily basis to add value through collaboration.

How to Compare Metal Fabricators!

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Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. Article written for Supply Chain Game Changer by, and permission to publish here provided by, Eada Hudes. Are you in a dilemma in deciding which company to choose for your next big project for steel equipment? There may be lots of options springing up as you open the Internet, and they are all pretty much impressive enough to confuse you. This may create confusion in your mind as to whether to choose them (or not!).

3 Limitations of e-Auctions and How to Overcome Them


Did you know that reverse auction software can help you save 18 to 40% on addressable spend? Buyers are always looking for ways to reduce sourcing fees and the e-auction system provides such a platform.

4 Tips on How to do Procurement Scandinavian Style


At 2018’s Sourcing Outlook we had the honor of having Bonava ’s CPO, Mia Lewis, host a roundtable on starting a completely new Procurement organization from scratch. During the active discussion many points were brought up that I believe can be helpful for any Procurement organization, old or new, that is looking for inspiration in 2019. Having all the Procurement knowledge in the world is of little benefit if no one turns to you for help. Dare to mix it up.

How to Make Your Business Punchout Ready!

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Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. Manage Procurement Spend Like It’s Your Own Business! Article written for Supply Chain Game Changer by, and permission to publish here provided by, Samantha Wallace at If you’re selling B2B, then you should consider implementing a punchout catalog to establish more efficiency throughout your supply chain. So how does it work? How can you get your business punchout ready?

Hey Procurement! It’s Time to SELL!

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Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. The Procurement, or Purchasing, function is considered by many to be a necessary but non-strategic part of any organization. But there is a profoundly significant Procurement value chain. This is not to say that they believe Procurement doesn’t play a role, but rather that they don’t view Procurement as playing a critical role beyond cutting costs and finding suppliers. Procurement is strategic!

Unleash the Power of AI to Unlock the Potential of Procurement Enterprise


As technologies like AI and RPA continue to establish a firm position in the mainstream, they are driving a fundamental change in businesses across sectors, globally. Now, as companies start to seek, and create competitive advantages, the procurement function is in the spotlight.

How to Sustain a Lean Culture in Manufacturing & Supply Chain


Today I will discuss how a company can sustain a lean culture once they have implemented lean practices in order to achieve continuous improvement. Your company has started the lean journey, but how do you sustain it? Let's first talk about first setting the stage, then give you practical practices and tactics to achieve a sustainable lean culture, and then provide core key performance indicators (KPIs) to track your progress. Lean is a challenge to implement.

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Methods for Managing Procurement Risks

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Methods for Managing Procurement Risks. There is always some level of risk when it comes to contract management in procurement. Learning how to best analyze and monitor these risks before they become a threat to your contract, or worse yet, your relationship with a good supplier, is imperative. . There are many risks in all stages of the supply chain, of which procurement is only a portion. What Is Contract Management in Procurement? .

WFH – How to be productive


When you work for a consultancy you get used to working remotely. And it’s not just consultants, all across the world there are people working remotely everywhere from large corporates to gig economy workers. Most consultants reckon that online meetings are also twice as efficient, giving time back to work. So it’s not all bad news for everyone on the home working front, but it is different and it does take some adapting to. So how do you get around it?

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Liquidity – How to achieve it


According to figures released by Trade Shift, cross border trade in China fell by 56% in the week commencing February 16th, 2020. Buyers need to be thinking about resilience and recovery. Right now, they also need to be thinking about the immediate challenge; cash. As procurement professionals we need to recognize the cash sensitivities in our supply chains and work closely with our suppliers, finance and operations. Finance and Procurement need each other.

How to Make Supply-Chain Data Trustworthy

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Procurement teams on a digital journey often overlook a critical question: Who is managing the data supply chain

How to Lower Your Ocean Freight Costs!

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Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. Ocean freight article and permission to publish here provided by Katherine Barrios at Freight forwarders and shippers/BCO s are on a constant quest to have a better understanding of their ocean freight costs and ultimately have larger margins. Both the suppliers and shippers will need to monitor market conditions and costs on an ongoing basis as they enter carrier rate negotiations. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

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Experts Discuss How to Streamline Global Supply Chain

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Companies of all sizes have been capturing the value from Global Supply Chain to increase the economies of scale and scope for years. Due to the rapid change in global business environment, managers find it difficult to gain the edge over competitors. In this article, we will show you tips from worldwide experts that you can use to streamline your global supply chain operations. Keep it Simple : It’s important to not over complicate things.

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How to Use Big Data Analytics to Drive Business Value in Procurement Forward (Part 1)


JAGGAER InsideSpend Thought leadership Series – In this blog series, we profile leaders in the procurement industry. We hope their insights and experiences inspire you to achieve greatness in procurement. A conversation with Walter Charles, Chief Procurement Officer at Biogen. . Procurement Trends in Manufacturing. How are they impacting the procurement organization and proficiency? I believe disrupters are going to dominate the world.

Recruiters Reveal How to Land Dream Supply Chain Jobs

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According to O*NET OnLine, a supply chain manager earns $103,530 per year in average. That''s why we decided to find out what the experts in the industry will say and the answers are listed in the order they were received in: 1) Bronwen Hann from Argentus Supply Chain Recruiting In my opinion, the single most actionable tip for landing a Supply Chain dream job is to put together an accomplishment-based resume. If you’re an inventory planner, how many SKUs did you manage?

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How to Reduce Fraud in Logistics


So many resources are wasted on trying to negate the issues, and although numerous risk analytics systems have been developed to try to improve the situation, nothing has proven foolproof. Blockchain technology may be the closest thing we have to a solution, and therefore, it has the potential to drastically change the industry as we know it. It could be financial abuse, theft, or illicit transactions such as bribery, just to name a few.

How to Keep Your Small Business Supplied Through COVID-19


Bleak, though it may seem, the fallout would be far worse if not for essential businesses that risked their safety to keep the midnight oil burning. To ensure that top-line growth is profitable, small business leaders will need to expand supplier relations and lower acquisition costs while protecting the health of their employees. Here’s how to stay safe and well-stocked through COVID-19: Mitigate Exposure to COVID-19.

How To Differentiate With A Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Program!

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Blog post originally published by Michael Massetti, Executive Partner at Gartner, and permission to publish here provided by Michael Massetti. SRP allows the supply team to determine the criteria for establishing the appropriate relationship levels needed to drive supplier engagement.

Sourcing and Procurement in Supply Chain Management

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Sourcing and Procurement in Supply Chain Management. The terms “ sourcing” and “procurement” in supply chain management are often used interchangeably, although they are not quite the same. Procurement is a process and one link in the chain of the supply chain. Procurement is one step in that process. It refers to the entire process of sourcing and contracting with suppliers to gather all of the services and goods you need to make that final product.

Current Trends in the Transportation Market and How to Respond

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Those words certainly could apply to the transportation market, especially this year. How might it change in the weeks and months ahead? Read more Current Trends in the Transportation Market and How to Respond.

Experts Suggest How to Slash Supply Chain Risk Properly

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To tackle risks timely, we invite experts to explain what strategy really works. Christopher Tang, Distinguished Professor, UCLA Anderson School and Editor-in-Chief of the INFORMS journal Manufacturing and Service Operations Management (M&SOM) As supply chains become more complex, companies find their supply chains more vulnerable to both foreseeable uncertainty risks and unforeseeable disruption risks. Use dynamic pricing to manage demand of similar products.

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Procurement Experiences, Trends and the Future!

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Blog post originally published at [link] Permission to publish provided by Theodore T. Check out What is Virtual Procurement and Why Should You Care? Where is procurement, outsourcing, sourcing, supply chain, and purchasing going? How important is a Procurement Department?

How to Overcome the 5 Common Hurdles that Limit Sustainable Procurement ROI


Executive commitment to sustainable procurement is at an all-time high, but several roadblocks continue to impact organizational ROI. Despite the growing awareness and commitment to sustainability in the supply chain, our 2019 Sustainable Procurement Barometer uncovered common challenges that limit company success and business value, including: Tracking supplier performance (cited as an issue for 39 percent of procurement organizations).

IKEA’s IWAY Lessons For Procurement!

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Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. How To Differentiate With A Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Program! IKEA article originally published by, and permission to publish here provided by, Sam Jenks at [link] . The post IKEA’s IWAY Lessons For Procurement!

How to Capture Full Divestiture Value with a 3PL

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Today, shippers face increased regulations, unstable market conditions and capacity concerns that make it near impossible for a newly divested company to achieve all of its goals without the expertise and support of a third-party logistics (3PL) provider. The potential opportunity to convert a significant portion of operating costs from fixed to variable. This begets the need to set the overall strategy for the divestment by way of an exercise, called “capability scoping.”

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