Top Warehouses in North America 2013

The Logistics of Logistics

“The line between disorder and order lies in logistics…” Sun Tzu. The top warehouses in North America were recently profiled in a great article by the fine folks at Modern Material Handling. When mapping a supply chain, I would always put a big red circle around the warehouse. Top Warehouses in North America. Exel (DHL Supply Chain). Ceva Logistics. Kenco Logistics Services. Neovia Logistics.

Will Trucking Challenges Transform JITS in North America?


As the trucking industry experiences rising industry change, just-in-time-sequence (JITS) supply chains are starting to feel the effects. JITS is the acronym for “just-in-time-sequence,” a common supply chain practice in the automotive industry that eliminates or significantly reduces the need to maintain parts inventory at the assembly plant. Trucking Challenges in North America. But why just in North America?


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North America’s Top Distribution Hubs

Supply Chain Link

Each distribution hub in North America is unique in more than their location, but also the logistics opportunities that lie in each area. Distribution Supply Chain 3pl Global Urban Hubs WarehousingAs speed and demand to market continue to play a role in distribution decisions, many shippers are evaluating which distribution locations would be ideal.

21st Annual Logistics CIO Forum: North America


leaders shape the digital future of logistics Entire Month Duration: No Region: North America

Supply Chain Talent Shortage Demystified


In this episode of 3 Minutes in the Loop, ToolsGroup’s General Manager for North America David Barton breaks down the reasons why there is a supply chain talent shortage, and the role of automation in the shift from tactical activities to more strategic and long-term priorities for planners.

On the road! 4 September supply chain conferences we love


Here’s the supply chain conferences we love and will be attending. Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference. Kinaxis is pleased to be a Premier Sponsor and participate in panel discussion of the 2014 EMEA Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference. Panel Details: “The Technological Advances that Will Catapult Supply Chains into the Next Decade”. Supply Chain Insights Global Summit. Automotive Logistics Global Conference.

Congratulations to 15 JDA Customers for Being Named to the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Third Party Logistics, North America


Gartner recently released the Magic Quadrant Report for Third Party Logistics (3PL), and 15 of the 18 companies use JDA to deliver their logistics services, meet their customer commitments, and grow their businesses. According to Gartner, a 3PL provider is defined as a commercial firm that delivers one or more logistics functions on behalf of its customers, as a service, for a fee. Supply Chain Gartner Magic Quadrant MQ

Scenario Modeling Is Now Crucial for Supply Chain Network Design


The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed many risks and uncertainties in supply chain networks. Current Technologies in Use for Supply Chain Network Design . A leading logistics service provider was among the many companies that saw its operations affected by the pandemic.

This Week in Logistics News (February 5-9, 2018)

Talking Logistics

While I think this through, here are the supply chain and logistics news that caught my attention this week: Amazon to Launch Delivery Service That Would Vie With FedEx, UPS (WSJ – sub. P&G Remaking Supply Chain Network (WSJ – sub. CX North America Expands Driver Mobile App with Digital Proof of Delivery Update. P&G Redesigning Supply Chain Network. Our guinea pig Cow died this morning.

Top Supply Chain and Logistics Automation Trends to Watch for in 2019


The concept of automating processes and activities is a major sticking point for supply chain and logistics. Supply chain and logistics automation allow companies to refocus their efforts on tasks requiring human hands, and redundant tasks can be automated through robotics , as well as technologies designed to assist human workers. Shippers need to understand the top supply chain and logistics automation trends to watch for in 2019.

Trends 193

Taking a Big Picture View of Supply Chain Networks

Logistics Viewpoints

I recently read a thought-provoking report with several predictions about the future of supply chain technology. Supply chain networks: A big-picture view. But carriers are only one component of a complete supply chain network.

Amazon Supply Chain Strategies!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. Amazon Supply Chain strategies article and permission to publish here provided by Jae Jun. Amazon Supply Chain Strategies. Automation is just one of the many Amazon Supply Chain strategies. Subscribe Here!

The Toilet Paper Supply Chain!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. Coronavirus Exposes Global Supply Chain Fragility! In light of the current situation we thought it was time to learn more about the Toilet Paper Supply Chain. Supply. Supply and Demand in Balance.

Critiquing the traditional supply chain — Transmission

The Supply Chain Journal

That model requires precise coordination throughout every link in the global supply chain. And that’s where AIT Worldwide Logistics comes in. Blanco welcomes Dionis Teshler, CTO and co-founder of GuardKnox, to discuss his opinions on the rethinking of supply chains.

Supply chain gender gap the topic of focus at MIT event


by Leah McGuire Leah McGuire, Kerry Currier and Francini Ortiz at the 2019 MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics Women in Supply Chain Summit, where the gender gap in supply chain was the topic of focus. I am in my 40s, and I have spent my career in supply chain, so it was no surprise when stats about the number of women in supply chain hit the screen. General News Supply Chain Events supply chain events women in supply chain

Reconfiguring the Automotive Post Pandemic Supply Chain

Logistics Trends and Insights

An optimistic estimate of 95% of automotive assembly plants in Europe and North America remain close. From a supply chain perspective, obtaining parts and other components will be tricky particularly from suppliers further down the supply chain.

Automotive supply chain troubles — Transmission

The Supply Chain Journal

When you switch to AIT Worldwide Logistics for automotive shipping you’re partnering with a team of logistics professionals in Asia, Europe and North America who develop customized supply chain solutions that are just as unique as your business.

Q2 check-ins for the auto supply chain — Transmission

The Supply Chain Journal

When you switch to AIT Worldwide Logistics for automotive shipping you’re partnering with a team of logistics professionals in Asia, Europe and North America who develop customized supply chain solutions that are just as unique as your business.

ToolsGroup Discusses Supply Chain Planning, Machine Learning, and the Covid Pandemic

Logistics Viewpoints

As part of ARC Advisory Group’s Supply Chain Forum last month, I had the opportunity to speak with Kathleen Geraghty, Vice President of North American Sales at ToolsGroup. During our conversation, we touched on a number of topics around the supply chain planning market.

Amazon to hire 75K workers for North American logistics, fulfillment

The Supply Chain Journal

NASDAQ:AMZN) said Thursday that it will hire 75,000 logistics and fulfillment workers in North America at an average starting wage of $17 an hour. Last-mile delivery Logistics/Supply Chains Modern Shipper Top Stories Warehouse Amazon Logistics

Academic Positions in Supply Chain Management

SCM Research

Are you considering an academic career in supply chain management? A premium resource, dedicated to academic positions in logistics, is the Academic Hiring Survey (pdf), provided by The Ohio State University. If you are looking for a position in North America, then the following webpages might be helpful: Decision Sciences Institute Placement Services and INFORMS Career Center (both pages contain some positions outside North America, too).

Supply Chains in VUCA Environments with Jim Tompkins

The Logistics of Logistics

Supply Chains in VUCA Environments with Jim Tompkins. Jim Tompkins and Joe Lynch talk about Supply Chains in VUCA Environments. Jim is the Founder and Chairman of Tompkins International, a company that helps clients achieve supply chain excellence and profitable growth.

Have you Heard About ‘’Chain of Responsibility’’ in the Supply Chain and Transportation?


and North America. The chain of responsibility law (COR) is one area of difference – so what is COR? In North America, associations such as the North American Fatigue Management Program (NAFMP) have incorporated COR in their education program. I’ll admit that I was first prompted to dig deeper into this topic after introducing our dock scheduling system to a group of Australian logistics professionals. CHAIN OF RESPONSIBILITY DEFINED.

Overcoming the 5 Supply Chain Barriers that Threaten the Growth of Renewable Energy

CH Robinson Logistics

But the world’s demand for clean energy is running up against some hard realities in the global supply chain and one of the most erratic transportation markets in history. Here are the five key project logistics challenges we’re seeing in renewable energy and how to overcome them.

Rethinking global supply chains could be long, hard process

The Supply Chain Journal

The administration of President Joe Biden wants the global supply chain of the future to look markedly different. Biden’s executive order comes after a global shortage of semiconductors continues to disrupt the automotive, aerospace, medical supplies and electronics industries.

Supply Chain Innovation: How to Build an Award-Winning Supply Chain


Source: Supply Chain Digest. What does it take to create an award-winning supply chain? Last month, Lennox Residential was runner-up in the 2015 Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) Supply Chain Innovation competition, arguably the top supply chain award in North America. Award-winning supply chains don’t come from incremental thinking. Transformative Supply Chain Planning.

Building a More Immune Supply Chain: Focusing on the Basics


This question was faced by many companies and private sector organizations who were faced with a sudden need for PPE and other supplies, and discovered that all supply had been shut down. The goal is to minimize logistics spending yet get a high quality part at a good price.

DP World acquires logistics provider syncreon in $1.2B deal

The Supply Chain Journal

DP World announced Thursday the acquisition of supply chain solutions provider syncreon at an enterprise value of $1.2 Auburn Hills, Michigan-based syncreon primarily designs and operates supply chains for the automotive and technology industries.

Survey Finds Significant Success in the 3PL Industry Across the Supply Chain Industry


For Cerasis, a 3PL is any company that provides technology or services to carry out any of the functions of the supply chain. Then there are other types of 3PLs, like service supply chain solutions from our friends at Flash Global who serve the high technology sector for after sales service. Then there are some large 3PLs who do the full boat of services in the supply chain from fulfillment, technology, to customer satisfaction and everything in between. .

3PL 246

Managing the Temperature-Controlled Supply Chain with Technology


New webinar discusses the current trends in the food supply chain space and the role that technology is playing in the modern-day cold chain. . The temperature-controlled supply chain or “cold chain” has always faced unique challenges.

This Week in Logistics News (July 3 – 9)

Logistics Viewpoints

And now on to this week’s logistics news. After being limited to only offering takeout and delivery for months under some of the strictest lockdown rules in North America, food product shortages are just the latest headache for small business owners to contend with.

Freightera Featured in North America Cargo Logistics Conference in Vancouver on Feb 5, 2020


Freightera CEO to Open the Cargo Tech Track at the 2020 Cargo Logistics Canada Expo in Vancouver. According to Cargo Logistics Canada, the conference is ” the platform for logistics industry professionals to learn, share, network, and move their supply chains into the future.”

Off to a Healthy Start, Logistics M&A Activity Could be on Hold

Logistics Trends and Insights

Logistics mergers and acquisitions (M&A) were off to a good start in Q1 of 2020, following increased activity to wrap up 2019. billion of industrial property in Central and Eastern Europe to Singapore-based logistics provider GLP. North America had investments of $43.4

$10M Series A to help Hwy Haul reimagine produce supply chain

The Supply Chain Journal

Produce supply chain logistics and technology company Hwy Haul has secured a $10 million Series A round of funding, co-led by Eileses Capital and BluePointe Ventures. COO Zahed Khan has spent 30 years in produce and logistics.

The Next Generation of TMS Helping More Carriers Become Comprehensive Logistics Service Providers

Logistics Viewpoints

As shippers and service providers move beyond the now outmoded concept of the “supply chain” (which never really matched the complex realities of surface transportation within North America), they are finding that traditional boundaries between asset and non-asset-based providers are quickly disappearing. Next generation technology solutions are enabling virtually every supply network participant to broaden […].