Omnichannel Supply Chain Metrics: What Should Supply Chain Leaders Measure?


But, how do supply chain leaders and managers ensure their omnichannel supply chain is working. The answer lies using these omnichannel supply chain metrics to carefully track and improve operations continuously. This is a simple key performance indicator (KPI), another name for metrics, to track. If vendors fall behind on this metric, you may need to re-evaluate your partnerships or expand your list of approved vendors.

Implementing Omnichannel: How to Get Your Supply Chain Ready to Go Omnichannel


Omnichannel has been a buzzword in supply-chain circles for several years, but retailers that have invested in implementing omnichannel strategies have shown less than superior results, says Steve Dennis via Forbes. These problems show weaknesses and overlooked concerns when implementing omnichannel supply chain strategies. WHITE PAPER] The Top Supply Chain Trends that Will Impact Supply Chain Management in 2018.


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Is Seamless OmniChannel Possible? How to Avoid Supply Chain Technology Hiccups


Unfortunately, a lack of understanding in omnichannel supply chains has also led many companies to experience extreme issues in delivering on their promises. In addition, some may feel that growing into a seamless omnichannel sales strategy is impossible without supply chain technology hiccups, but that is not true. WHITE PAPER] The Top Supply Chain Trends that Will Impact Supply Chain Management in 2018.

What Omnichannel Supply Chain Analytics Should I Know?

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In the omnichannel world, supply chain leaders need to understand every process and activity. Unfortunately, omnichannel also means more data in every aspect of your operation. Omnichannel supply chain analytics provide the level of insight needed to succeed in the omnichannel-driven world. Where Do Supply Chain Leaders Go Wrong with Omnichannel Supply Chain Analytics?

Understanding Supply Chain Management


The importance of supply chain management What to watch while consumers are panic buying How to implement supply chain management Supply chain management and Walmart. Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a systematic and controlled procurement operation. Procurement usually comprises a diverse range of suppliers chosen according to a conceived ability to supply merchandise at the right price. Why Supply Chain Management is Important.

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Omnichannel is the Future of Retail

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Talking about businesses, both offline and online business models have taken a beating, with substantial disruptions across the supply chain and changes in demand and revenue patterns.”[1] It does mean that retailers need to master omnichannel operations if they want to survive and thrive in the years ahead. The rise of omnichannel operations. Omnichannel operations require a seamless blending of online and in-store shopping experiences.

What Exactly Is Omnichannel 2.0 and How Is It Different?

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Omnichannel is a term frequently used in today’s modern supply chain management. Omnichannel capability is associated with getting product to the customer in any possible fashion, that is convenient for the customer. The emergence of e-commerce mainly drives this, and in the process, is turning traditional supply chain models on their heads. Supply chain leaders need to understand omnichannel 2.0 Omnichannel 2.0

The Top 10 Supply Chain Blog Posts from 2017


Today, is day two of our annual year-end series highlighting the top blog posts in each of our 5 main categories: Manufacturing , Supply Chain , Logistics , Transportation Management , Freight. The Top 10 Supply Chain Blog Posts from 2017. This year, most were interesting in supply chain optimization - from distribution to inventory management - and Key Performance Indicators. Top 5 Trends to Know to Compete with Amazon’s Supply Chain.

Are you a supply chain superhero?

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At a recent conference, I was asked how to deal with corporate power dynamics when supply chain is not an equal-partner organisation. This made me think: “What superpowers would supply chain executives love to have?”. Supply chain’s role in corporate strategy is to deliver the “how” of the strategic vision. Revenue growth, market expansion, cost reduction and improved customer service targets are all a direct result of the physical supply chain network.

Omnichannel Retail Requires Close Collaboration with Logistics Providers

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The next time you feel the need to toast someone, raise your glass to all the supply chain professionals involved in omnichannel retail operations. To meet consumer needs, everyone in the supply chain needs to work harmoniously together or risk bad reviews and loss of business. Omnichannel logistics challenges. ”[3] Legacy staff members identify 9 top omnichannel logistics challenges businesses generally face.

Top 5 Trends to Know to Compete with Amazon’s Supply Chain


Aside from the new administration, Amazon’s supply chain continued push deeper into new and existing markets will define additional trends in the supply chain throughout the coming year. While supply chain entities struggle to stay competitive with the e-commerce giant, more organizations will look for ways to eliminate inefficiencies and boost operations. Top 5 Trends to Know to Compete with Amazon’s Supply Chain. Supply Chain

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Collaboration and Visibility in the Supply Chain

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One of the Supply Chain Management trends apparent at the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference in May was highlighted by several vendor/customer presentations focused on the value of Collaboration and Visibility projects. In a previous role, I was involved very early in what we deemed a ‘Supply Chain Performance Management’ software startup. Events Oracle Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Planning

Get Ready for Holiday Now … Make It Boring (From A Supply Chain Perspective)!

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For the upcoming Holiday our theme was that we were going to have a BORING Holiday season … from a Supply Chain perspective. But by BORING, from a Supply Chain perspective , I did mean that we were going to do all of the necessary planning. And we would make all of the required changes to ensure that the Supply Chain was fully prepared for the overwhelming demands and pressures that come along in the heat of the Holiday season. Subscribe Here!

Omni-Channel Supply Chains Are Changing Everything You Ever Learned in School…

Supply Chain View from the Field

A senior executive from a large global manufacturer came to speak in my MBA class this week, and discussed the major shifts in global business that was occurring due to the emergence of omni-channel capabilities in the supply chain. This view of the supply chain is focused primarily on how we get inventory to the customer. Capacity for order fulfillment is a massive question in the omnichannel environment.

Drivers of Modern-Day Warehouse Management System Adoption

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To understand where a modern WMS comes into play, supply chain leaders must first recognize the drivers of warehouse management system adoption. The Growth of E-Commerce and Omnichannel Are Top Driving Factors in Warehouse Management System Adoption . The growth of e-commerce and omnichannel stand out among the drivers of modern-day warehouse management system adoption. E-commerce and omnichannel sales have continuously broken records for demand and volume.

28 supply chain professionals share the biggest challenges of supply chain management

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Supply chain management is a multi-faceted process with many stakeholders and even more moving parts. New technology aims to make the supply chain more efficient, yet investing in the wrong technology further complicates productivity while hindering profitability. Effective supply chain management offers numerous benefits for companies, so overcoming challenges to keep things running smoothly is a top priority for supply chain professionals.

Supply Chain Visibility Technologies: What’s Driving Retailers to Implement More?

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Supply chain management has evolved, and the underlying technologies used by supply chain leaders have transformed the way supply chains operate. An entire array of supply chain visibility technologies, ranging from the Internet of Things (IoT) to big data analytics, empower supply chain leaders to make informed decisions. Challenges Solved by Supply Chain Visibility Technologies .

50 expert tips on supply chain management

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The COVID-19 pandemic caused unprecedented global supply chain disruptions, impacting the flow of parts and finished goods around the world. At the same time, supply chain disruptions resulted in shortages of vital parts and components, and retailers such as grocery stores faced challenges keeping items like toilet paper, hand soap and sanitizer and disinfecting wipes on their shelves. Build flexible supply networks to minimize the risk of disruption.

Visibility and Control Critical for Supply Chain Success in Post-COVID Retail Environment

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he CPG brands that emerged unscathed from COVID-induced commerce changes, 2018 conditions, and recent natural disasters can all cite commonalities that have enabled supply chain success—control and visibility. . But what do supply chain control and visibility look like?? .

Only 15% of global retailers’ supply chains are prescriptive or autonomous, study finds


The Retail Supply Chain Digital Readiness report published by Blue Yonder in tandem with the University of Warwick reveals that only 15% currently have prescriptive or autonomous supply chains (Level 3 and Level 4 on a scale of 1-4).

Study 57

Only 15% of global retailers’ supply chains are prescriptive or autonomous, study finds


The Retail Supply Chain Digital Readiness report published by Blue Yonder in tandem with the University of Warwick reveals that only 15% currently have prescriptive or autonomous supply chains (Level 3 and Level 4 on a scale of 1-4).

Study 57

Is A Customer-Centric Strategy the Same as Demand-Driven? Outside-In?

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The client leaned across the table and asked, “Is a customer-centric supply chain strategy the same as a demand-driven supply chain strategy?” Drawing from the Whiteboard: Building Customer-Centric Supply Chain Strategies. They are not the same, and the delivery of a demand-driven strategy does not mean the company will enable a customer-centric supply chain, or build/implement outside-in processes. Supply Chain 2030.

Tips for Retailers (And All Shippers) to Overcome the Amazon Effect


retailers conducted by NRF and Forrester Research surveyed the key metrics of 195 apparel, footwear, general merchandise, home furnishings and personal care retailers, and determined that the average cost to fulfill an order is $10 (shipping + fulfillment costs). Freight Logistics Omnichannel Small Package amazon effect

Retail 169

Will Consumer Goods Be Stronger from the Pandemic?

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Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. There are many Supply Chain lessons to be learned from the pandemic. Focus on omnichannel: the retailers are going into omnichannel service and sales channels and you need to support this. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

7 Pitfalls of Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon)!

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Amazon FBA sometimes falls short in this crucial metric. Your product can also get lost in the Amazon supply chain. appeared first on Supply Chain Game Changer™. Freight and Logistics Guest Blog Post Omnichannel Retail Supply Chain Supply Chain Management Amazon AmazonFBA ECommerce Retail supplychainSubscribe Here! Email Address. Article provided by Jake Rheude at [link]. Check out 5 E-Commerce Order Fulfillment Choices!

Despite COVID-19, the Concurrent Planning Market is Booming

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Some suppliers of supply chain planning (SCP) software are experiencing robust growth despite the global pandemic. For each company, there are more than one reason for the robust growth, but all make the point that the need for an agile supply chain has never been stronger.

The Business Case For a Modern Warehouse Management System


Maintaining scalability and efficiency in an omnichannel-driven world is difficult at best. The Problem: Warehouse Managers Are Stuck in an Age of Antiquated Systems With Mountains of Data That Could Be Lost Warehouse managers have grown accustomed to older systems containing enormous stores of consumer, supplier, and supply chain partner information. WHITE PAPER] The Top Supply Chain Trends that Will Impact Supply Chain Management in 2018.

System 197

Fix Your Retail Supply Chain to Make the Last Mile Count

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If your company is trading in the fast-paced arena of omnichannel retail , this is one buzzword you really need to pay attention to. Now before you write off my statements as something you already knew, here’s a fact you might not be so familiar with: For your last mile services to compete successfully, you need to ensure that your entire supply chain (or at least the parts you can reasonably control) is set up to support a winning last-mile strategy.

Tips for Maximizing Warehouse Space


Poor Warehouse Utilization Increases Expenses Poor warehouse utilization has been a key concern for supply-chain executives over the last decade. WHITE PAPER] The Top Supply Chain Trends that Will Impact Supply Chain Management in 2018. As explained by the Lean Supply Chain , visibility and effective management of inventory are essential to maximizing warehouse space. Supply Chain Warehouse

Break the Internal Process Requirements – Innovate for Success and Survival

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Just in time for this year’s RILA conference , an interesting survey has been released from Gravity Supply Chain. retail businesses have completed supply chain digitization. Despite this slow adoption rate of digitization, the report finds that 60% of respondents see digitization as critical to creating seamless omnichannel retail experiences. Cost is the main reason for many retail supply chains processes remaining manual.

WMS Selection: What Drives an Investment in a Warehouse Management System? 5 Considerations


The demand for seamlessness in omni-channel supply chains increases more as time progresses. In other words, the WMS should provide full functionality and access across your enterprise and peripheral activities, reports Commonwealth Supply Chain Advisers , giving you the ability to position your company among the industry’s leading omnichannel retailers. WHITE PAPER] The Top Supply Chain Trends that Will Impact Supply Chain Management in 2018.

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Profitable E-commerce is all about how and who leads your Fulfillment Operations

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Best Practices for the Omnichannel Distribution Center and Outbound Supply Chain. This presentation will provide a comprehensive look at best practices in, and the effect of, Omni-channel in the DC and outbound supply chain. This session will also cover how Omni-channel affects the costs and metrics in distribution. Our knowledgeable panel will discuss this and more: • Traditional vs. omnichannel orders: changes to your DC and supply chain.

What Digital Native, Traditional Brands Can Teach Each Other


At the same time, traditional brands such as Nike are doubling down on investments in omnichannel. Lesson Two: Focus on the End-Consumer When you’re used to selling in bulk orders to retailers, it’s easy to become fixated on wholesale metrics, like sell-in and OTIF. Lesson Three: Align Individual Metrics and Business Goals At startups with fewer resources, employees must think about how every action affects overall company health.

How to Maximize WMS to Increase E-Commerce ROI

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A key issue that comes to the forefront of any discussion on handling e-commerce demand will always involve warehouse management system (WMS) or other supply chain system upgrades. Supply chain leaders need to understand the challenges of implementation, how using a WMS maximizes profitability in the age of e-commerce, and a few tips to ensure its success. Design the warehouse with an omnichannel mindset. Reach out to Veridian supply chain system experts today.

How Integrated WMS and SCM Solves Peak Season Challenges

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Supply chain leaders around the globe are working to refine their processes and plan for a successful 2019 peak shopping season. Unfortunately, many leaders fail to take advantage of the low-hanging fruit; supply chain visibility and integrated systems. Integrated WMS and supply chain management improve critical processes and contribute to success. Common Supply Chain Challenges During Peak Season.

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