Amid freight congestion, Matson launches fast-boat service to Oakland

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The China-California Express (CCX) will have a 12-day transit time from Shanghai direct to the Port of Oakland, with a Ningbo departure taking 14 days. The scheduled rotation is Ningbo-Shanghai-Oakland-Long Beach-Honolulu-Ningbo, the carrier said in a marketing sheet sent to customers. .

Port of Oakland becomes next overflow valve for shippers

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Chart of the Week: Inbound Ocean TEU Volume Index – Port of Oakland, Outbound Tender Volume INdex – San Francisco, Stockton SONAR : IOTI.USOAK, OTVI.SFO, OTVI.SCK. The largest reason for this surge is the fact that Oakland is the fastest point of entry into the U.S.


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California’s massive container-ship traffic jam is still really jammed

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Peak shipping season is coming soon — and the “parking lot” of container ships stuck at anchor off the coast of California is still there, with Oakland surpassing Los Angeles/Long Beach as the epicenter of congestion. Congestion woes in Oakland.

Yantian Port Congestion: How Can Shippers Navigate Another Major Supply Chain Disruption?

CH Robinson Logistics

A good example of how this plays out is in the case of congestion at the Port of Oakland. Over the last few months, as the delays at the LA port were mounting, carriers started diverting sailings to Oakland.

The Year the Ports Stole Christmas? Hopefully Not.

Logistics Viewpoints

Source: Ports of LA, Long Beach, Oakland, Seattle-Tacoma. LA and Long Beach account for the majority of west coast port volumes, approximately 75 percent of the volume (LA, Long Beach, Oakland, and Seattle-Tacoma) in September 2021 – the most recent month on record.

Real-world autonomy: Navigating a traffic jam and a crash scene

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Route of Embark’s autonomous truck demonstration (Source: Google Maps). Embark Trucks technology timeline (Source: Embark Trucks). SAN LEANDRO, Calif. —

Webinar Q&A: Answers to 8 Common Freight Market Questions

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Source: ACT Research April 2021 Freight Forecast report. Now, this congestion is spreading to Oakland, Vancouver, and Seattle ports. During last week’s Market Insights Live!

Embark knits BYD electric trucks with its autonomous tractors for cleaner air

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Idling diesel trucks account for a portion of the 32% of mobile source nitrogen oxide emissions that react in the atmosphere to form ozone and particulate matter. Autonomous software developer Embark Trucks is coordinating HP Inc.’s

FreightWaves Flashback: World ports reach 201 million TEUs

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Source: Drewry Container Market Quarterly. You may also like: 2002: Oakland targets intermodal. FreightWaves Classics articles look at various aspects of the transportation industry’s history.

US rail traffic climbed 28% in May despite supply chain constraints

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Source: SONAR) To learn more about FreightWaves SONAR, click here. Source: SONAR) To learn more about FreightWaves SONAR, click here.

ThroughPut Inc. Appoints the former Vice-Chairman of Bank of America and Distinguished Business Finance Expert, Luke Helms, to its Advisory Board


Where contemporary data systems fail to predict, we have always advocated for strong risk management, insurance fundamentals and a holistic view of operations across the end-to-end supply chain using all data sources. SOURCE ThroughPut Inc. PALO ALTO, California, Sept.

FreightWaves Classics: Federal Maritime Commission is regulatory watchdog for maritime trade

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With information gathered during the investigation, Congress grappled with the issue of whether collective liner pricing conferences might gain sufficient market power to unreasonably raise rates or reduce services and the need for a stable, reliable source of international ocean shipping.

Traditional Retail Performance Metrics Aren’t Measuring Up


This predicament reminds me of the situation faced by Oakland A’s GM Billy Beane and his quant-jock sidekick Bill James in 2002, when the New York Yankees were spending $140M a year on players to the A’s $40M. Sources: . Time to Adopt Next Genalytics.

This Week in Logistics News (August 17-21, 2015)

Talking Logistics

Oakland port terminals plan PierPass-style program (JOC). Where to Find Supply Chain Innovation (Source: Adelante SCM). I didn’t do it. I came back from vacation on Monday to find almost 1,000 emails in my inbox. I selected them all and held my finger just above the Delete key — “How liberating, how euphoric it would be,” I told myself, “a split second, that’s all it would take”…but I just couldn’t do it.

Tender rejections moving atypically prior to holiday

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The congestion at our nation’s ports has spread from Los Angeles and Long Beach to Oakland, California. Source: FRED. This week’s DHL Supply Chain Pricing Power Index: 70 (Carriers). Last week’s DHL Supply Chain Pricing Power Index: 75 (Carriers).

FreightWaves Classics: Fallen Flags – Southern Pacific Railroad

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Their first task involved opening service beyond Sacramento (where the transcontinental railroad had its western terminus), directly into Oakland/San Francisco.

FreightWaves Flashback: Castro and Nixon have 1 thing in common

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Then it will be Castro’s turn to decide whether he feels sufficiently strong domestically or is sufficiently desperate for new markets and sources of supply to change his attitude. You may also like: 2002: Oakland targets intermodal.

Cuba 75

Seeing Supply Chain Visibility through Different Lenses


Ensuring my order would be included in the earliest shipment that the distributor was planning to make from Seattle to the Oakland warehouse. New sources of revenue and increased staff productivity await logistics service providers.

Siemens BT: Every analytical transformation requires a “Jonah Hill”


In the movie, the new coach of the Oakland A’s baseball team uses analytics to build his organization from the ground up. The discussion may involve “here is where the risk lies – high, medium or low – and on high – do you want us to go to a second source? This is a great platform that enables a discussion on supply risk with the business, and allows the sourcing manager to look at geographic lanes, and do a deeper dive to drill down down to the root cause.

FreightWaves Classics: Crowley Maritime Corporation… from a single rowboat to a global leader

The Supply Chain Journal

Crowley Logistics offers “single-source, full-cycle supply chain management solutions linking Central America, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and the U.S.”. Treasure Island is an artificial island in San Francisco Bay between San Francisco and Oakland.

Are you shipping me?!? $32,000 container move from China to LA

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The amount of time it takes for a box to get from a vessel onto a train at the docks is 18 days in Seattle, two weeks in Oakland and more than a week at the Port of Savannah, according to the latest data from Sea-Intelligence. Source: SEKO Logistics). “We’re

China Exports Rebound Even as Western Markets Face Lockdown

Logistics Bureau

This decline follows a bleak performance in February, when container volumes into the Californian ports of Los Angeles, Oakland, and Long Beach from were down 35.2

China 63

Letter from the CEO: Coronavirus Market Update


Los Angeles / Long Beach and Oakland have severe congestion due to lack of space for empty containers that are awaiting backhaul vessels to China / Asia. Cast a wider net to source capacity for a “better safe than sorry” approach due to unknown surge volumes.

East and West Coast Ports to Battle for U.S. Region After Panama Canal Expansion

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Oakland and the Seattle-Tacoma ports on the West Coast. Source: Boston Consulting Group. You might think that shippers along the East Coast will be the biggest beneficiaries of fierce competition between the East and West Coast ports. In fact, the battleground on which ports compete for customers will likely expand and move several hundred miles west, toward Chicago and Memphis.

East and West Coast Ports to Battle for U.S. Region After Panama Canal Expansion

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Oakland and the Seattle-Tacoma ports on the West Coast. Source: Boston Consulting Group. East and West Coast Ports to Battle for U.S. Region After Panama Canal Expansion.Transportfolio. Editor’s note: This post originally ran in October 2015. Since the Panama Canal is scheduled to open this Sunday, June 26, we wanted to share it with you again.