Takeaways from the 2018 Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference


by Dr. Madhav Durbha Supply chain insights from leading industry experts. Supply chain skills in high demand, digital twins, disruptive technologies, and other takeaways from the 2018 Gartner supply chain conference.

The “Rights” and “Mores” of Supply Chain Execution

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Whether you’re talking about the Amazon Effect and the rapid growth of e-commerce, the changing global trade management landscape, or what’s happening on the technology front, it’s clear that the rules for success in supply chain management are changing. The Six “Rights” of Supply Chain Execution. Chief Supply Chain Officers must manage each of these functions to ensure end-to-end supply chain performance. Supply Chain “Mores”.

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[PODCAST] Why Supply Chain Executives are Paying More Attention to Transportation Management


Supply Chain Executives Who Lower Transportation Costs Improve EBIDTA A metaphor is an interesting thing. One especially accurate metaphorical phrase is “supply chain.” There is, sometimes, a misconception as to the length of that chain.

What’s at the Core of Supply Chain Execution Convergence?

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Supply chain execution convergence is a topic that has been gaining in popularity, causing shippers to wonder how they can implement it from a technology standpoint and what, if any, ripple effect it will have throughout the enterprise. What is supply chain execution convergence?

Gartner 2019 Supply Chain Executive Conference Recap


Gartner 2019 SCC: A New Era: Convergence of the Digital and Physical Supply Chain Savi attended the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference again this year in Phoenix. I’m excited that we’re seeing progress towards a more agile, responsive supply chain.

6 Signs You're Ready for a New Supply Chain Execution Solution


Roadmap for Material Handling and Logistics lists e-commerce and relentless competition as key drivers of change in supply chain execution. Operations require integrated RF and/or voice technologies to improve data capture accuracy and reduce product touches in the supply chain.

Free Shipping Just Got More Expensive – Retailers and Consumers to Spend More to Counter Carrier Cost Hikes

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Free shipping is top of the list for consumers when making purchase decisions and it’s been shown that they will modify their spending patterns to ensure they get it, feeling that spending more is worthwhile to save a few dollars in shipping charges.

Forget Christmas: why we’re planning for a non-stop peak

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What Makes a Mature Planning Organization? (Part 2)

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Yesterday, I finished a post on supply chain planning maturity. A client had asked me, “How do I know if we have a mature supply chain planning organization?” Excellence in supply chain planning is a cultural shift.

Supply Chain Visibility Series: Collaborate for Greater Transparency

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In the previous post in our Supply Chain Visibility series, we looked at how end-to-end visibility across the supply chain, encompassing suppliers, logistics partners and the end customer is the only way to ensure you have the complete picture. . With a complex, global supply chain, it is highly unlikely that you house all shipment data and the complete real-time picture of your logistics supply chain within your own organization. .

How to Become a Supply Chain Jedi

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In a recent article in Industrial Distribution I drew some parallels between the logistics realm and Star Wars – and explained how supply chain managers are the true Jedi of the supply chain galaxy. Increase Visibility across the Supply Chain.

The Nightmare Before Christmas E-Commerce Shipping

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Planning for Christmas e-commerce shipping used to be an annual process. The never-ending peak season planning can become nightmarish for supply chain leaders, who may need to seek better tools for managing the demand. . Driving Forces of the Nightmare Before Christmas E-Commerce Shipping. This problem is exacerbated among those using outdated, antiquated warehouse management systems (WMS) and other supply chain technology.

Why Supply Chain Businesses Risk Getting Left Behind With Outdated Technology

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After a near freeze on spending during the global financial crisis, businesses are increasingly looking to invest in their supply chain systems going into 2015, and with good reason. So how can supply chain businesses get the visibility they need, and fast?

Supply Chain Focuses on Omni-Channel in 2015

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Consumers are still driving demand in the year ahead—even when it comes to supply chain—and folks on the business side need to make sure their technology is up to snuff to meet or exceed customer expectations. “For

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Technology’s Role in Improving the Supply Chain

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In today’s supply chain landscape, technology is becoming the key driver of an organization’s success, innovation and competitive edge. In short, supply chain technologies such as TMS systems work to level the playing field. Trends in Supply Chain Execution (SCE).

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Plenty to be Thankful for in the Supply Chain Universe

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Let’s face it: the supply chain world often gives off a glass-half-empty vibe. They lament poor performance, failure to execute or gaps in their strategy and spend a lot of time obsessing over how to make things better.

Supply chain risks in the spotlight: Effects of Hanjin Shipping filing bankruptcy protection


by Dr. Madhav Durbha Supply chain risks in the spotlight: Effects of Hanjin Shipping filing bankruptcy protection. A few days ago, the world’s seventh largest container shipping company by volume, Hanjin Shipping, filed for bankruptcy protection.

A Baker’s Dozen of Killer Blog Posts

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Sometimes our deep roster of logistics experts delved into the nitty gritty of our innovative products and solutions, but most of the time we chose to step back and look at bigger issues in the supply chain universe. Weathering the Weather with Drop Shipping.

Enabling Cloud Technology for Drop Shipping Success

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Implementing a drop shipping model is one of the best ways to solve the dilemma of exposing the business to increased risk and eroding profit margins in an attempt to grow revenues. This can be a constant struggle, and drop shipping only adds another layer to this challenge.

Record Semiconductor Sales Welcome News as Supply Chain Gears Up for Increased Volumes

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Kewill ’s freight forwarder and LSP customers tell us that their customers require increasingly detailed visibility over their supply chains, with more sophisticated KPI tracking and alerts. .

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Cold Chain Technology Ensures Temperature-Controlled Environment


Supply chain executives need to ensure that environmental and geological conditions are met. Technology can eliminate data silos and lack of communication for cold chain and blockchain metrics, increasing transparency and improving customer satisfaction.

The Future of IoT in Manufacturing

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Gartner also believes that IoT will have an enormous impact on how the supply chain operates and with the information available to supply chain and manufacturing leaders. Download our eBook – Building a Business Case for Supply Chain Execution in the Cloud.

How to Save 20% on Freight Invoice Processing Costs This Year

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Companies overpay for shipping not because carriers are dishonest but because medium- to high-volume, global shipping operations generate too much data for manual processes to absorb. The larger the shipping volume, the higher the potential is for billing errors.

Local Sourcing, Global Supply Chain

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However following through on the decision to manufacture locally is impossible without a solid global supply chain to ensure the right components are shipped to the right location at the right time. The post Local Sourcing, Global Supply Chain appeared first on Kewill Corporate.

After your product ships (Part 1): Data retailers share and why it’s important


monitoring what happens to product after it leaves your warehouse is integral to maintaining an efficient supply chain and maximizing sales opportunities. And how do they inform better strategy and execution moving forward? consumer-goods retail data analytics supply-chain

The War Against Returns – Is the Retail Supply Chain Winning?

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After another record-breaking festive season, with double-digit ecommerce growth and mobile commerce growth into three digits for developed economies, and even higher where ecommerce is less established, it’s easy to forget about the impact of returns on the retail supply chain. Multiple buying channels and drop shipping (direct dispatch) practices have added greater complexity, and online purchasing is pushing returns rates higher.

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Optimize Your Freight Spend Without Negotiation

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Companies across all industries are dealing with rising transportation costs and a key question many CEOs, CFOs, and supply chain executives are asking is, “What can we do to better manage and control our freight spend in today’s market?” One area that can quickly yield benefits is in parcel shipping. The distance traveled is one of the key factors in the cost of parcel shipping, so the shipping location plays a huge role in how expensive a shipment is.

Global Trade Networks Create a Single Version of the Truth for Retailers

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Drop shipping is becoming more and more popular among retailers as the “Amazon effect” creates intense pressure from customers for quick delivery. However, the process involves a lot of moving pieces within the supply chain making visibility and collaboration more important than ever. So what are some of the benefits of drop ship as a method of fulfilment? . Is Drop Ship Too Good to be True? Drop ship revenue now over £150 million.

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What Are the Top Warehouse Management KPIs Every Supply Chain Exec Should Measure


These challenges can be overwhelming, but supply chain executives and managers can simplify the process by tracking these top warehouse management KPIs (key performance indicators). of the digital supply chain. Shipping KPIs. Supply Chain Warehouse

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What Supply Chain Risks Must Supply Chain Execs Keep Top of Mind?


Risk permeates supply chains. The best-laid plans to avoid as many risks as possible often fall on deaf ears in supply chain management, but supply chain executives who take the time to understand the greatest threats can successfully position their companies to overcome such risks. While there are thousands of possible supply chain risks in various supply chains, supply chain execs should keep these risks top of mind.

BluJay Solutions Set to Power Frictionless Supply Chain with Updates to its Global Trade Network Portfolio

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Holland, MI and Manchester, UK – July 24, 2019 – BluJay Solutions , a leading provider of supply chain software and services, announces the release of BluJay Global Trade Network (GTN) portfolio version 19.2. BluJay’s newest software updates deliver enhanced features to help companies eliminate friction in their supply chains and manage logistics, compliance, and commerce worldwide.

From the First Message to the Last Mile, BluJay’s Latest Software Releases Improve Complex Logistics and Global Trade Operations

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Manchester, UK and Holland, MI – April 30, 2020 – BluJay Solutions , a leading provider of supply chain software and services, has released version 20.1 We’ve never seen a time when supply chains have been under more stress yet been more critical – not just to a company’s health, but to a community’s and to a family’s health. At BluJay, we’ve always stressed the idea of Frictionless Supply Chains. Simplified shipping and last-mile service improvements.

Defining Your Own Logistics Competitive Weapon

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For a long time, C-level executives viewed supply chain management, especially the logistics function, as a cost center. As a result, cutting and controlling costs became the top priority for supply chain executives.

This Week in Logistics News (July 23-27, 2018)

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Just another typical week in the world of supply chain and logistics. Here’s the news that caught my attention: China’s Cosco Shipping Hit by Cyberattack in U.S. The hackers are back at it again, this time targeting Cosco Shipping Holdings. Cyberattack and hacker threats.

Applying Blockchain in Logistics & Supply Chain Management: 5 Reasons Why Supply Chain Execs Need to Know More


Although it may seem counterintuitive for a third-party logistics provider (3PL), like Cerasis, to trumpet such prospects, the resounding impact will drive greater efficiencies in supply chains. Applying blockchain in logistics and supply chain management is about doing more with less, a common concept in business, and shippers need to know a few things about how it could add value to the shipping ecosystem. Blockchain Logistics Supply Chain