Procurement Technology: An Update from Spend Matters in Baltimore


Today I travelled to Baltimore to attend the ISM/Spend matters Global Procurement Tech Summit. I will be speaking on procurement analytics tomorrow, but got to attend a set of great sessions over the first half of the day. The first speaker was Anne Rung, Administrator from the Office of Federal Procurement Policy. Next up was Dan Carrell, Vice President of Global Procurement at IBM. Finally, he spoke about the financial supply chain.

Taming the Supply Chain. Will It Ever Be Social?

Supply Chain Shaman

The supply chain is knotted. Yesterday, @DamarqueViews asked me a question on twitter: “What do you think are the greatest barriers in the adoption of social technology in the supply chain?” I find the evolution of social technologies, and the promise of social, exciting for the supply chain. It is why I bought a license for Jive and built the Supply Chain Insights Community. It was earlier than even supply chain innovators.

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What are Block Chains? – Jason Busch on the Future of Money, Trust and Transparency


Jason Busch provided a great view on Block Chains, and their impact on the future of funds in the supply chain, at the Global Procurement Tech Summit in Baltimore. Because we are having more and morecomplexity in our supply chain trading systems, keeping track of all our transactions is becoming increasingly difficult. And procurement systems are complex – 70% of payments require manual intervention. ” What is a Block Chain?

Bait and Switch

Supply Chain Shaman

Or will companies stumble on the path by mistakenly implementing supply-centric processes and calling them demand-driven initiatives? As a writer of research on demand-driven supply chains for over eight years, I find many amusing. Supply chain leaders feel stuck.

Do No Harm…

Supply Chain Shaman

Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1943. _. Today, nine out of ten supply chains are stuck. Despite two decades of advancement in supply chain technologies, companies are struggling to gain balance at the intersection of operating margin, inventory turns and case fulfillment.

When the Heavy Hand of Government is Not a Burden

Supply Chain @ MIT

An example in the supply chain space is US maritime policy. What is to stop individuals from using other gateways in the region such as Baltimore or Washington DC to enter the country? Two international organizations took the early lead in matching PPE supply and demand.