Hans Willems, Boston Scientific: “We’ve now evolved into a solutions provider”

Supply Chain Movement

A Boston Scientific medical device is used somewhere in the world every two seconds, but the company is much more than a medical device manufacturer. A decade of internal costsaving measures at Boston Scientific has led to creative, state-of-the-art solutions such as a genetic algorithm that calculates the optimum packaging size to minimise the amount of empty space being shipped. Europe accounts for 21 percent of Boston Scientific’s total revenue.

A Q&A with Stanley Black & Decker and Boston University on Inventory Optimization


associate professor of operations management, Boston University, on the role of a company’s inventory in developing a sustainable competitive advantage. Q: Wouldn't the focus with a pull-based manufacturing process be on finished goods and with a push-based process on raw materials? Inventory optimization (IO) has become an increasingly important topic of late as companies try to balance inventory (amount, location, etc.) with erratic demand and supply variability.

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31 Motivations for Reshoring Manufacturing & Updated Reshoring Stats


Many off-shore manufacturers have returned to the U.S., And, according to a Boston Consulting Group (BCG) study, 54% of companies with above one billion in revenues are now considering reshoring. Those changes, along with high costs of transporting materials and finished goods to and from overseas locations, make the value of reshoring likely to become a compelling financial reality for many manufacturers. Engineering isn’t disconnected from manufacturing.

10 Ways Machine Learning Can Improve Manufacturing Today


to $2T in supply-chain management and manufacturing. By 2021, 20% of leading manufacturers will rely on embedded intelligence, using AI, IoT, and blockchain applications to automate processes and increase execution times by up to 25% according to IDC. Machine learning improves product quality up to 35% in discrete manufacturing industries, according to Deloitte. to $2 in supply-chain management and manufacturing. 7T value to manufacturers.

Data and Digitization in Manufacturing

Enterra Insights

Manufacturing has been the lifeblood of the global economy for hundreds of years. Because manufacturers have historically moved factories to regions featuring cheap labor and few regulatory restrictions (sometimes referred to as outsourcing or offshoring), a misconception has arisen about the importance manufacturing to national economies. ”[1] Manufacturing becomes even more relevant to advanced economies thanks to data and digitization.

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The Next Great Disruption Coming to Supply Chains


I watched a TED Talk video by Philip Evans, from Boston Consulting Group and shuddered to think that all our traditional fulfillment and inventory models can be drastically transformed by the “consumer”. 3PL’s, Contract Manufacturing, Suppliers, Logistics providers…. Demand management General News Supply chain management Supply chain risk management Amazon Apple Boston Consulting Group Brand Google Internet of Things Supply chain Zero Moment of Truth ZMOT

Avaya’s Four-Year Journey to a Best-in-Class Supply Chain – SupplyChainBrain & Kinaxis Video Series


One involves a continuing trend toward specialization: companies focusing their efforts on research and development, while outsourcing manufacturing. Manufacturing is 100-percent outsourced. General News Sales and operations planning (S&OP) Supply chain management Aid effectiveness Asia Best practice Boston BT Group Business administration Customer service Depreciation Supply chain

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America’s Manufacturing Future: Hope or Hype?

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In the United States, growing nationalist and protectionist sentiment rests on the hope manufacturing (and associated jobs) will return from overseas. He writes, “In building a case for an American manufacturing renaissance, economists cite increasing productivity, cheap natural gas, and rising value-added figures to show that manufacturing is in good shape and will get better. manufacturing jobs since 2010 are evidence of a big turnaround in manufacturing.

Top Talking Logistics Posts & Episodes (Q1 2016)

Talking Logistics

It’s hard to believe that we’re more than a quarter of the way through 2016 already — and that it’s snowing here in Boston today, the first Monday in April. The Boston Globe: A Home Delivery and Outsourcing Failure. The Omni-channel Effect on Manufacturers: Strategies for Success (2,689 views).

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2017 Manufacturing Outlook Report: Despite Barriers, Manufacturers Expect Growth


According to a recent survey conducted by KLR one of the largest accounting firms in New England, manufacturers are largely positive about where their industry is heading.  KLR discovered that more than half of New England manufacturing executives expect continued revenue growth in 2017. Their survey revealed that manufacturers expect growth in both existing markets and in new innovative products and services. . How are manufacturers coping with these challenges?

Supply Chain Movement 20 – Trends & Consulting

Supply Chain Movement

12 | Profile Hans Willems, Vice President Supply Chain Europe, Boston Scientific. A Boston Scientific medical device is used somewhere in the world every two seconds, but the company is much more than a medical device manufacturer. A decade of internal costsaving measures at Boston Scientific has led to creative, state-of-the-art solutions such as a genetic algorithm that calculates the optimum packaging size to minimise the amount of empty space being shipped.

This Week in Logistics News (April 15-19, 2013)

Talking Logistics

As I write this, the greater Boston area (including where I live) is in lockdown as the police hunt for the second suspect of the Boston Marathon bombings (the first suspect was killed overnight). The Nulogy user experience design and engineering teams have been working continuously to bring a new generation of technology to our contract packaging and manufacturing customers,” said Jason Yuen, Nulogy’s Chief Technology Officer.

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Supply Chain News on New Study from Boston Consulting Group Show Modest Increase in Reshoring Interest, but Picture Remains Unclear

Supply Chain Digest

US Likely to Gain Share as Percent of Total Manufacturing Footprint for Average Company

Is Mexico the World's Next Manufacturing Hub?


Mexico may become the global manufacturing nerve center if the country plays its cards right. According to Deloitte’s 2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index, Mexico ranks number eight out of 40 countries including Canada, Sweden, and Vietnam. Deloitte has also highlighted the country as a major manufacturer of electronics parts , machinery, and appliances, among others. Challenges or not, manufacturers of another key industry, plastics, are betting on Mexico.

Manufacturing and Machine Learning

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Manufacturing remains an important part of any national economy — even as the service sector plays an increasingly important role in advanced economies. The loss of manufacturing jobs is part of the phenomenon that spurred the rise of political populism; however, there is near unanimity among analysts that manufacturing has changed forever. People longing for the return of blue collar, factory floor manufacturing jobs will ultimately be disappointed.

How Have Robotics & Automation Changed the Manufacturing Employment Landscape?


a provider of integrated material handling and storage systems for industrial operations, is the first post in which we will have a few blog posts on robotics, jobs, and how millennials figure into the future of manufacturing. Robotics & Automation in the Manufacturing Employment Landscape. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), manufacturing employment has changed very little in recent months. But what does this mean for manufacturing employment?

Take a Lean Approach to Digital Manufacturing to Double Productivity

DELMIA Quintiq

Although the fundamentals have been around for a while now, Digital Manufacturing has matured through this life cycle at a pace I have never seen before. If this describes your scenario, then I would suggest you consider applying a Lean approach to your Digital Manufacturing strategy – you might be surprised at the results you can achieve! . From this perspective, it is easy to see why digital manufacturing has been adopted at such a rapid pace.

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Investing in Manufacturing Innovation & Competitiveness: Will the next Silicon Valley be located in the United States?


Editor's Note : In this guest blog post from Adams Nager, of ITIF (Information Technology & Innovation Foundation) , he stresses the importance of fostering innovation and spurring competitiveness of American Manufacturing by focusing on more R&D from both the public and private sectors. This post is a reminder to all manufacturers, that in order to help yourselves, and help the economy, we cannot keep our eye of the long-term or investing for it. .

Supply Chain Graphic of the Week on What will be the Impact of Robots on Manufacturing Employment

Supply Chain Digest

Many are Worried Robots will Just Eliminate all the Jobs, Boston Consulting Group Believes the Advances will Actually Increase Total Employment

10 Ideas for More Efficient & Productive Warehouse Operations


Boston Consulting Group research shows 1.2 million robots are expected to be deployed across manufacturing facilities in the U.S. Not only can robotic automation help manufacturers achieve greater warehouse productivity, but it can also drive significant cost savings as compared to employing workers. Implement Lean Manufacturing. Manufacturing Warehouse warehouse operations According to the U.S.

Reshoring in America: The Future Outlook, Current Hindrances & Issues, and Ways to Stimulate Reshoring


To reiterate that reshoring is more than just hype and a very important topic for us to consider the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) study found that 54% of companies with above one billion in revenues are now considering reshoring. manufacturing is not experiencing a “renaissance” Industry experts conservatively acknowledge that off-shoring has slowed, and perhaps “stabilized” Although around 80,000 manufacturing jobs have come back to the U.S.

4 Infographics Showing How Technology Is Transforming Global Manufacturing & Supply Chain


This year looks like it's going to be one of the most innovative years for manufacturing technology. Purchasing and supply executives predict that the global manufacturing industry will continue to expand. and Chinese manufacturers. 4 Technologies Changing Global Manufacturing, As Told in 4 Infographics. manufacturers. Analytics tools help global manufacturing engineers optimize use of machinery. from overseas, says Boston Consulting Group.

DiManEx contributes to World Economic Forum report on Data Excellence


As a member, we contribute by sharing our knowledge and expertise in the area of supply chain optimization and additive manufacturing. The study discusses 3 key ways manufacturing companies are unlocking value from data, listing examples from Airbus, Johnson & Johnson, and others.

10 Ways IoT Can Improve Supply Chains


By 2020, Discrete Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics and Utilities industries are projected to spend $40B each on IoT platforms, systems, and services. Blockchain and IoT are defining the future of supply chains based on the initial success of Proof of Concept (POC) pilots focused on the logistics, storage and track-and-trace areas of supply chains across manufacturing. The graphic below illustrates how digital twins streamline additive manufacturing.

The Supply Chain Can?t Stop: A story from the front lines at Ken?s Foods


When their salads and dressings became more famous than their steaks, they transitioned into a food manufacturer that has grown to a $1B+ business. inventory management manufacturingIt was Wednesday, March 11th and Ken’s Foods had a dilemma.

Five signs its time for supply chain transformation


Leaders from Bose, Boston Scientific and ON Semiconductor shared key lessons from their supply chain transformations, including what led them to consider change. Planners can’t work with contract manufacturers. Watch the full Gartner panel to get further tips and insights from leaders at Bose, Boston Scientific, ON Semiconductor and Kinaxis. by Sarah Harkins In spring, the flowers bloom. In fall, the leaves change.

Consumer Demand Variability Biggest Supply Chain Disruption, Execs say

USC Consulting Group

Manufacturers experience supply chain disruption. April proved to be a particularly harsh stretch for manufacturers, a month many would point to as the height of the crisis.

Competing in a Changing Marketplace


QAD Chief Marketing Officer Carter Lloyds recently sat down with Dave Vellante, host of theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s studio in Boston. When we think of the manufacturing industry today, the fast fish is enabled by agile systems. Manufacturers seek the ability to easily upgrade an existing system, extend their current functionality and incorporate a low-code, no-code environment to keep pace with evolving business requirements.

Guest Blog: Real-world Advice for Getting Started on eKanban


Through this guest blog series, I’d like to share some of my experiences implementing supplier quality and Lean manufacturing initiatives by focusing on eKanban systems. This first entry offers advice for planning an eKanban rollout – suggestions that can also be applied across any Lean manufacturing project. On an eKanban project I led for a materials testing and extrusion-control instrumentation manufacturer, the rollout of the new software involved multiple sites.

The White House Shines a Light on Supply Chains

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When it became apparent that COVID-19 was going to become the largest health crisis in over a century, what also became apparent was America’s reliance on manufacturing in China. Tom Derry, CEO of the Institute for Supply Management, observes, “There’s almost no industry sector — and when I say that, I mean manufacturing and nonmanufacturing — that isn’t reliant on China in the United States. …

[INFOGRAPHIC] 9 Progressive Information Technology Movements Moving Manufacturing into Industry 4.0


This is a summary post of the 9 pillars of technological advance report from Boston Consulting Group. You will also find a great infographic underneath that shows what manufacturing CEOs have on their mind this year when it comes to bringing all of these pillars together to use in manufacturing processes. 9 Progressive Information Technology Movements Moving Manufacturing into Industry 4.0. Additive Manufacturing. and how it will change manufacturing?

Marketing Supply Chain Solutions Post-COVID: Q&A with ToolsGroup CMO Caroline Proctor


Global supply chains are fundamentally rearranging and there’s a lot of reflection on how the urge to optimize efficiency (whether it was offshoring manufacturing to keep labor costs down, or making supply chains very lean to cut inventory costs) made supply chains more fragile.

ToolsGroup Promotes Mauro Adorno to Managing Director of Europe


BOSTON (July 30, 2019) – ToolsGroup, a global leader in service-driven supply chain planning software, has promoted Mauro Adorno to managing director of Europe. Adorno brings more than 15 years of experience in consumer-focused businesses, internet retailing, automotive manufacturing, telecommunications and finance. Adorno will oversee all European operations including sales, professional services, customer success and administration.

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Will Globalization Bounce Back? Part One of Two

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Hans-Paul Bürkner, Chairman of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and his colleague, and Arindam Bhattacharya, write, “We are living in a confusing, polarizing world of dizzying complexity and puzzling contradictions. As Tom Derry, CEO of the Institute for Supply Management, “There’s almost no industry sector — and when I say that, I mean manufacturing and nonmanufacturing — that isn’t reliant on China in the United States. …

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Study Shows Two-Thirds of Companies Yet to Execute Digital Transformation in Supply Chain Planning


BOSTON, Mass. A North American-based survey of nearly 200 supply chain professionals from top CPG, distribution/wholesale, food and beverage, manufacturing, and retail companies found that 58% of respondents are still in the exploring or evaluating phases of digital transformation. Founded in 2002, Spinnaker has offices in Boston, Columbus, Denver, Houston, Memphis, Pittsburgh, London, and Singapore. PRESS RELEASE.

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