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Boeing Appoints New Senior Executive for Commercial Aircraft Group

Supply Chain Matters

Boeing made a senior management change this week, recruiting a General Electric Aviation Services executive to be the new head of the Commercial Aircraft division. This executive move, which is effective immediately, likely has manufacturing, supply chain and services management implications from two perspectives. Kevin McAllister previously served as the head of GE’s Aviation Services […].

Should My Organization Have a Demand Planning Group?

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Having a group that is well organized and well positioned will increase the accuracy of the demand plan, as well as build trust that your company can successfully run with that plan. This 4-part series is both for those contemplating creating a demand planning organization, and for those who are questioning whether their current group is positioned to make its greatest contribution. We will first discuss whether a company should even have a standalone demand planning group.

Group Purchasing Organizations: More Than a Healthcare Opportunity


Historically, group purchasing organizations (GPOs) have been primarily utilized within the healthcare industry. A GPO is a group of businesses or organizations that come together to use their collective purchasing power to receive discounts from vendors.

Supply Chain Agenda of Pierre Mille, VP Group Planning & Customer Service Excellence at Carlsberg Group

Supply Chain Movement

Pierre Mille, VP Group Planning & Customer Service Excellence, Carlsberg Group. For Pierre Mille, VP Group Planning & Customer Service Excellence, this was an opportunity to unleash its untapped value. “We are evolving towards a more customer centric supply chain”.

Smartbox Group implements RELEX’s supply chain optimization solution to maximize sales and increase operational efficiency internationally

RELEX Solutions

RELEX Solutions to help Smartbox Group transform its supply chain management, with POS demand planning, replenishment, promotions, and inventory optimization. Read PDF.

Smartbox Group implements RELEX's Supply Chain Optimisation solution to maximise sales and increase operational efficiency internationally

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

Smartbox Group, a global leader of the experience gift concept with shares in Europe, has selected RELEX Solutions' supply chain software to implement optimised supply chain processes for its rapidly growing global operation

Special Interest Groups: So Where’s the Value?

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As the president of the JDA Users Group, I’d like to talk a bit about the value gained by participating in a JDA Special Interest Group (SIG). Under “Community”, click “Join a Group”. Featured Special Interest Groups As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Time is money.”

Operational Excellence: Streamlining the Warehouse Layout Process

Talking Logistics

Mistakes are common because people communicate from their own perspectives and experiences, and it is very easy for two groups of people to use the same terms for different objects or actions.

Supply Chain Agenda of Alessandro de Luca, SVP at Merck Group

Supply Chain Movement

Alessandro de Luca, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Supply Network Operations at Merck Group. I am responsible for the end-to-end global supply chain for Merck Serono, the group’s pharmaceutical division. ‘Real-time communication in order to be able to react fast is key’.

Supply Chain Visibility: An Important Piece of the Logistics Puzzle

Talking Logistics

Steve Hitchings, Senior Vice President of IT at Kenco Group. 3PL Guest Commentary Guest Commentary - Kenco Group Supply Chain Technology Trends business intelligence collaboration Kenco Group supply chain visibility WMS YMS

Structuring Your Demand Planning Group to Make its Greatest Contribution

Supply Chain Nation

Whether you are contemplating creating a demand planning group within your company, or questioning whether your current demand planning is as functional as possible, Part 2 of this 4-part series is aimed to help you navigate the hurdles of structuring your organization and its supported processes, so as to ensure your demand planning group is established and organized for its greatest chance of success.

Industry Group Reports Record North America Rail Freight Traffic in 2014

Supply Chain Matters

Throughout 2014, Supply Chain Matters featured commentaries related to the North America railroad industry, specifically capacity, safety and specialty car backhaul operational challenges that impacted multiple industry supply chains. General business and supply chain media noted incidents of severe congestion, marginal service and other operational issues effecting rail traffic last year.

Implications of the Effects of Omni-Channel Commerce- Walmart Merges IT Groups

Supply Chain Matters

In our Supply Chain Matters commentaries focused on Retail industry and B2C commerce, we have for the past two years consistently urged industry players to view the needs of physical brick and mortar store retail and online customer fulfillment as a singular strategy focus. That included the management of merchandising, inventory and logistics fulfillment. The […].

Why Use Augmented Reality in Your Warehouse or DC?

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Guest Commentary Guest Commentary - Kenco Group Supply Chain Technology Trends Warehouse Management augmented reality Google Glass Keno Group Kristi Montgomery Microsoft HoloLens virtual reality warehouse management

DC 75

Embrace Lean Warehousing Practices in 2017

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Joel Holt is Director of Continuous Improvement at Kenco Group. Guest Commentary Guest Commentary - Kenco Group Warehouse Management 3PL Kenco Group Lean logistics warehousingEven the most determined business optimist would be hard-pressed not to find a warehousing cost that isn’t creeping skyward.

UltraShipTMS adds Castellini Group of Companies to “Blossoming” List of Food Shipping Customers

Supply Chain Collaborator

December 15, 2016 – Fair Lawn, NJ – UltraShipTMS proudly announces the latest addition to its bumper crop of food shipping customers – Castellini Group of Companies.

Pool Distribution: The Speed of Parcel at the Cost of LTL/Truckload

Talking Logistics

So, I would describe less sophisticated pool distribution as ‘Hey, send me your goods, I’ll group them with other shippers, and I’ll tell you when they show up.’

The Next Great Disruption Coming to Supply Chains

The 21st Century Supply Chain

I watched a TED Talk video by Philip Evans, from Boston Consulting Group and shuddered to think that all our traditional fulfillment and inventory models can be drastically transformed by the “consumer”.

The Convergence of Logistics and Commerce (and Social Networking Too)

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3PL Supply Chain & Logistics Trends Supply Chain Technology Trends Descartes Systems Group e-commerce JDA Software logistics Symphony Commerce

The New Value Equation in Contract Logistics

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That was the main question I addressed with Greg Boring, VP of Sales at Kenco Group , in a recent episode of Talking Logistics. 3PL Episode Highlights e-commerce Kenco Group logistics outsourcing procurement supply chain visibility

HS 2017 Reform Is Here: Are You Prepared?

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It also comprises 5,387 separate groups of goods compared to 5,205 in 2012. For example, a new group code has been created for monopods, bipods and tripods (9620.00). Preston Barton is Vice President, Sales, Content Business at Descartes Systems Group. Global Trade Management Guest Commentary Guest Commentary - Descartes Regulations Descartes Systems Group global trade management Harmonized System HS 2017 tariffs World Customs Organization

Alibaba Group Partners with SEKO Logistics in Hong Kong and Taiwan for Cross-Border Ecommerce

Supply Chain 24/7

Which Supply Chain Metrics Matter the Most?

Talking Logistics

Usually, there are three things that companies do wrong when trying to measure the performance of their organization,” said Jason Minghini, VP Best Practices at Kenco Group in a recent episode of Talking Logistics.

Built for Yesterday’s Consumer: The Demise of Malls and Traditional Distribution Networks

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According to CoStar Group, a provider of commercial real estate information, the number of malls with vacancy rates greater than 40 percent — which generally means the mall is in “a death spiral” — has increased from less than 0.5

This Week in Logistics News (April 3-7, 2017)

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The integration between MercuryGate’s TMS platform and Banyan’s live carrier connectivity leverages Banyan’s existing connections to a large and diverse group of carriers and 3PLs.”. My garage door is crumpled. How did it happen? Rapid temperature cycling due to crazy Boston weather.

Ohio 38

This Week in Logistics News (November 28 – December 2, 2016)

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This week The Mahindra Group, one of the largest diversified multinational group of companies based in India, and IBM announced the development of a blockchain solution that has the potential “to reinvent supply chain finance across India by enhancing security, transparency and operational processes.”

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This Week in Logistics News (February 20-24, 2017)

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3PL Regulations Robots This Week in News Amazon drones enVista gasoline taxes Kenco Group Trade Facilitation Agreement UPS WTO XPO LogisticsThe kids had off from school this week, so we snuck off for a few days of skiing in VT. How was the skiing?

This Week in Logistics News (March 6-10, 2017)

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CX North America Integrates Its Freight Collaboration Platform With Active Aero Group’s Technology. The project is part of a collaboration between UC Berkeley Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology and Volvo Group of North America, sponsored by Caltrans and the U.S.

Editor’s Pick: Just How Valuable are Supply Chain Metrics?

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Today’s post is by Joel Holt at Kenco Group , where he discusses several ways that supply chain metrics bring value to your organization. Editor's Pick Kenco Group logistics supply chain metricsNote: Today’s post is part of our “Editor’s Pick” series where we highlight recent posts published by our sponsors that provide practical knowledge and advice on timely and important supply chain and logistics topics.

Making Internet of Things (IoT) Work in Supply Chain

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Supply Chain Technology Trends Upcoming Episodes Internet of Things IoT Kenco Group Kristi Montgomery return on investment ROILive Episode: Thursday, May 26, 2016 at 12:00 pm ET. Is anything as over-hyped as the Internet of Things (IoT) right now?

HCL Tech signs global alliance agreement with JDA Software Group

Supply Chain Network

From IIFL: “HCL Technologies, a leading global IT services provider, announced today that it has signed a global alliance agreement with the JDA Software Group, Inc, leader in supply chain management. This announcement expands HCL’s existing relationship with JDA thereby extending HCL’s offerings in professional services for industries such as retail, manufacturing, CPG and life sciences for the Americas and the Europe.

This Week in Logistics News (December 5-9, 2016)

Talking Logistics

Finally, in technology news, Descartes Systems Group and MyWebGrocer (MWG) announced that they have launched “a combined solution that helps grocery retailers support the customer ecommerce experience from online purchase through home delivery.”

This Week in Logistics News (September 19-23, 2016)

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PTV Group acquires DPS International Ltd. Mergers/Acquisitions Regulations Supply Chain Technology Trends Transportation Management 3D printing CTSI-Global DPS International driverless cars drones FAA FedEx PTV Group UPS

The Panama Canal Expansion: The Impact on Logistics Strategies and Operations

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According to research conducted by The Boston Consulting Group and C.H. Robinson, and Jennifer Bratton, partner and managing director in the Minneapolis office of The Boston Consulting Group — will address those questions and more in this timely and important episode you don’t want to miss! Robinson East Coast ports Panama Canal The Boston Consulting Group West Coast portsLive Episode: June 30, 2015 at 12:00 ET.