ToolsGroup Acquires Mi9 Retail’s Demand Management Business


Mi9 Retail’s Demand Management business was formerly known as JustEnough Software. BOSTON (Nov 8, 2021) – ToolsGroup , a global leader in supply chain planning and optimization software, today announced its acquisition of Mi9 Retail’s Demand Management business.

Demand Management’s Partner in Crime – Central Planning


Arguably the two most important core components of managing the supply chain or demand-supply network are demand management (DM) and Central Planning (CP). Demand Management’s Partner in Crime – Central Planning was first posted on May 12, 2020 at 8:05 am. ©2017


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Demand Management Best Practices


Is demand management illusively complex? Here's a look at some best practices in demand management and characterization. Demand Management Best Practices was first posted on May 24, 2018 at 8:02 am. ©2017 ©2017 " Supply Chain Link Blog - Arkieva " Use of this feed is for personal non-commercial use only. If you are not reading this article in your feed reader, then the site is guilty of copyright infringement.

Who Should Own the Demand Management Process?


Who should take ownership of the demand management process within the organization? Who Should Own the Demand Management Process? Demand Planning Memoirs of a Black Belt bmc itil demand management demand management examples demand management process flow chart it demand management framework itil capacity management itil demand management ppt itil processes types of activity in demand management

Getting the Most from Demand Management: The Ultimate Collection of Demand Management Best Practices

Supply Chain Brain

Presenting a collection of articles to help you assess the value of your Demand Management best practices and determine how well it’s delivering results.

Xilinx Outsources their Demand Management Process

Logistics Viewpoints

Outsourcing is very common in supply chain management. But one thing very few companies outsource is demand management. In fact, until I talked to Lori Pouquette, the vice president of global customer operations at Xilinx, I had never heard of a company outsourcing demand management processes. High Tech & Electronics Industry Avnet Demand Management outsourcing Xilinx

Forecast Accuracy: Keep Your Demand Management Process Honest


by Alexa Cheater Our partner Celestica recently published the following article, ‘ Are you keeping your demand management process honest? ’ Lange, Director of Demand Planning and S&OP Services at Celestica, examines forecast accuracy and the main components of a demand management measurement tool and process. You also need measurement and accuracy reports to determine the effectiveness of the entire demand management process. Data Management.

Logility, Demand Management, and NGC Software Unite Resources, Introduce Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform


Demand Management, Inc., Accelerating the digital sustainable supply chain, Logility helps companies seize new opportunities, sense and respond to changing market dynamics and more profitably manage their complex global businesses.

How Demand Management Enables Supply Chain and Financial Resiliency

Supply Chain Brain

In a period of extended disruption, many companies are treading water, and it might seem unwise to make bold moves toward adoption of a new supply chain model

Making the Case: The ROI of Demand Management

Supply Chain Brain

This paper shows how to evaluate and communicate the value of improving the credibility of the demand plan

How Demand Management Enables Supply Chain Resiliency

Vanguard Software

In the new normal of supply chain disruptions, it has never been more important for planners to strategically manage disruptive events, which create dramatic spikes or dips in demand, shortages in parts or supplies, and unexpected changes in shipping schedules.

My Take: Let’s Admit Seven Demand Management Mistakes of the Last Decade

Supply Chain Shaman

Within an organization, the words “Demand Planning” stir emotions. Seldom do we find a team excited about demand planning. After two decades of process and technology refinement, excellence in demand management still eludes supply chain teams. They want to improve demand planning, but they remain skeptical that they can ever be successful in improving the process. Supply Chain Management (SCM) concepts are now thirty-years old.

How Demand Management Enables Supply Chain and Financial Resiliency

Supply Chain Brain

The shock-resistant, resilient supply chain — demand management enables supply chain and financial resilience. In this white paper, you’ll receive insights into: How command centers enable active demand management and prescriptive decision-making. “Black swan” events highlight the need to transform traditional supply chain methods.

Finn-Tack implements inventory and demand management solution

Supply Chain Movement

Finn-Tack, with an international customer base with growing global demand, has two production plants in China, and the Ukraine, manufacturing riding equipment and clothing. Finn-Tack invited Barloworld Supply Chain Software (SCS) to evaluate the future requirements of the company with a view of implementing a robust inventory and demand management solution capable of delivering significant inventory reductions across all of its warehouses.

Time Series Forecasting Basics


In this blog we briefly cover some key insights for successful time series forecasting: (a) Profiling the Shape of the Curve is the first stage, and the first step is assessing if the time series is stationary. (b)

Ann Grackin: Is the Crisis in Demand Management Being Exacerbated by Spreadsheet Dependency?


Demand management has always been at the top of supply chain professionals’ list of challenges. All these moves have added complexity to the demand planning challenge. Against this backdrop, it is interesting that many companies still depend on spreadsheets for demand planning and S&OP , as noted in the recent survey by APICS ( see Are Spreadsheets the Answer , SC Digest, September 2013 ).

Inflation in 2022: Is the Bullwhip Effect to Blame for Retail Inventory Glut

Logistics Viewpoints

Michael Burry ( @michaeljburry ) is most well-known as the hedge fund manager portrayed by Christian Bale in the movie “ The Big Short.” It appears to mostly be “whiplash” from a drastic and sudden change in demand patterns. So let’s call it “demand whiplash”.

Can Improving Forecast Accuracy Address Our Demand Planning Woes?

Logistics Viewpoints

If “the forecast is always wrong,” is improving forecast accuracy even the solution to our demand planning woes? AI/ML can be applied to supply problems but the biggest interest is in demand. The post Can Improving Forecast Accuracy Address Our Demand Planning Woes?

Using AI & ML in Retail Supply Chain Planning

Logistics Viewpoints

Companies like Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba, and Zara are leading the path in the use of technology and advanced analytics in managing supply chains. Business Intelligence Demand Management Replenishment Artificial Intelligence forecasting Machine Learning replenishment

Retail 152

Demand Forecasting in an Inflationary, Supply-Constrained, Semi-Post-Pandemic Environment

Logistics Viewpoints

It occurred to me that many of you are also responsible for navigating this dynamic environment of post-pandemic demand shifts, inflationary pressures, supply shortages, rising interest rates, and a potential economic downturn. Demand Management Statistics demand planning forecasting

Is Your Demand Management Process Keeping Up with Innovation?


Companies must constantly innovate to keep up with and satisfy fast-changing consumer demand. Is your demand management process adequately supporting this innovation requirement? Demand management as a discipline has been around for a long time, as have computer systems used to forecast demand. They were originally designed to keep factories humming, pumping out those products most in demand. Demand Management Featured S&OP

The Future of Demand Planning Systems Move From Forecast Entry to AI-Powered Integrated Demand Management — Key for S&OP Success

o9 Solutions

Accurate demand forecasting is vital to an agile and efficient supply chain capable of responding to today’s rapidly changing markets. […]. The post The Future of Demand Planning Systems <br><h4>Move From Forecast Entry to AI-Powered Integrated Demand Management — Key for S&OP Success</h4> appeared first on o9 Solutions.

Supply Chain Planning – Graduating From Demand Forecasting 101

Logistics Viewpoints

The study divides the SCP market into four application functionality areas, one of which is demand management. Demand management applications offer a comprehensive set of functionality. They are used to organize, structure, manage and perform analysis on a large amount of data that is typically too unwieldy for spreadsheets. Statistics Supply Chain Planning demand forecasting Demand Management statistics

Two Penny Model and COVID-19 Breakthrough Cases – Avoiding Data Driven Disaster


Learn how a simple binomial model can help anticipate the future including COVID-19 breakthrough cases just as models help a firm estimate it's future. Two Penny Model and COVID-19 Breakthrough Cases – Avoiding Data Driven Disaster was first posted on August 2, 2021 at 11:19 am. ©2017

Data 131

Key to S&OP Success: Move from Forecasting to Integrated Demand Management

Supply Chain 24/7

Sales organizations are on the front end of the supply chain, they see risks and opportunities emerging in the market place earlier than the rest of the organization, in order to respond rapidly, it is critical for a supply chain organizations and the S&OP process to get these inputs

Apparel and footwear: At what point is missed sales better than excess inventory?


In adidas’s recent earnings call, CEO Kasper Rorsted warned that adidas would miss its 2019 growth target because its supply chain was unable to meet the huge demand for its mid-priced apparel, especially in North America. Shouldn’t it be ok to build inventory in anticipation of demand surges, and then apply promotions to work through the excess? General News Supply chain management consumer demand Demand forecasting Demand management Supply chain inventory management

Three Logistics Imperatives for Managing Uncertainty in 2022

Logistics Viewpoints

By that, I mean that extreme uncertainty on both the demand and the supply sides will continue for the foreseeable future. Managing Labor Shortages Means Working Smarter, Not Harder. Demand Management Labor Logistics Trends Supply Chain Visibility labor management logistics visibility

What About Them Apples?

Supply Chain Shaman

In offices across the United Sates, demand planners are scratching their heads. Shifting demand and rising prices for cotton and orange juice. Surprising demand in automotive for car replacement. History is not a good predictor of current demand. Sensing of markets and the translation of channel demand into an accurate demand signal for the company is the foundational principle of market-driven processes. Today’s demand processes are inside-out.

Classical Supply Chain Management Confronts its Quantum Revolution – the Path to Rapid Intelligent Response (RIR)


COVID-19 direct and ancillary events have made clear that uncertainty is an inherent part of the demand-supply network structure. This has placed risk management and rapid intelligent response (RIR) front and center in SCM discussions.

SCM 124

Asian Paints Supply Chain: Adaptive and Resilient

Logistics Viewpoints

An adaptive supply chain is one that is able to respond quickly to changes and disruption, and the ensuing changes to demand. After lockdown, demand opened up in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and resulted in a huge recovery.

Editor’s Choice: The TikTok Effect on Demand Planning

Logistics Viewpoints

Or, why you need demand planning for going viral on social media. Reports of demand spikes and shortages followed each of these instances, and it’s not just affecting food and beverage supply chains. How do you plan for a social media-driven demand spike?

Achieving Significant Transportation Savings through Improved Demand Forecasting

Logistics Viewpoints

When companies implement a demand management or replenishment system, the goal is usually to improve customer satisfaction while holding less inventory. The company hired a demand forecaster who had a background in forecasting. Demand Management

What If You Could Take The Guesswork Out Of Forecast Planning? Guest Post from Osgood Vogler


The author, Osgood Vogler, Director, Analytics, Celestica Supply Chain Managed Services, describes an insight-based demand management process: So, how do you take the guesswork out of forecast planning? Demand planning has a big impact on business performance. In fact, it is common for supply chain management executives to cite “planning errors” as the greatest obstacle they face to achieving their goals and objectives. How predictable is the demand?

Invest in Supply Chain Management Technology: Efficiency Assessment


When and how to invest in supply chain management technology is a critical question for all firms that is not a one-time question, but ongoing. Invest in Supply Chain Management Technology: Efficiency Assessment was first posted on September 18, 2020 at 11:49 am. ©2017

Insight from Applied Statisticians for Forecasting: Is It Worth the Effort and the Mirage of Random Variation


In this blog, we will illustrate through an example of these potential pitfalls (unanchored, random variation, and narrow metrics) and potential negative impact on a firm.

Do You Want to Sell on Their Cyber Bots Demand Strong Fulfillment Performance

Logistics Viewpoints

CommerceIQ also can detect when competitor’s raise the price of an item, which can cause their demand to soar. Retailer’s ecommerce forecasting is based on “trailing demand and seasonality.” You need to understand the true demand,” Mr. Hariharan said, to make a better forecast.

Demand Planning Breaks Down During Recessions

Logistics Viewpoints

Demand planning is difficult in these circumstances. The post Demand Planning Breaks Down During Recessions appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Demand Management demand planningBonds had a yield curve inversion on August 14th. This often often signals a recession within about 14 months. This article discusses how supply chain teams can do better in these circumstances.

Top 15 Supply Chains to Admire from the Supply Chain Insights Conference


We believe it is the supply chain leader’s role to build and manage supply chain performance to drive year-over-year improvements which are balanced, strong and resilient. I’ve always believed it’s too unfair to compare a life science supply chain (whose primary goal is to save lives) against a consumer electronic supply chain (whose primary goal are to manage profitability across the drug lifecycle). . Demand and supply volatility makes the supply chain “tough”.

A River Runs Through It…

Supply Chain Shaman

It is the river of “demand.” While most companies attempt to shape demand–through promotions, new product launch, pricing, sales incentives and marketing–they confuse demand shaping with demand shifting. Shifting demand increases cost and complexity while shaping demand increases market share or baseline forecast demand for the product. Demand for products/services is not unlimited. A Focus on Demand Flows.

Accenture – 10 Years After: How Close Are We to True Demand-Driven Supply Chains? SupplyChainBrain & Kinaxis Video Series


It’s been about a decade since companies began talking about the dream of a truly “ demand-driven ” supply chain. It’s been 10 years since companies began striving to create “demand-driven” supply chains. Today, companies are “realizing that perhaps it’s not quite as short a journey as we thought it would be,” says Roddy Martin, managing director of Accenture Supply Chain Strategies. The push for demand-driven supply chains has to come from the top.