Navistar pays $50M to settle military vehicle pricing fraud allegations

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Marines for suspension systems on armored military vehicles, clearing another issue ahead of its merger with Volkswagen AG’s TRATON Group. Related articles: Whistleblower suit alleges Navistar forged military vehicle invoices. Navistar International Corp.

FreightWaves Classics: U.S. military logistics help make it the world’s best

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military. military, and honors all those who have died in the service of our nation. The history of military logistics in the modern world does not go back very far. At the end of the 17th century, most standing armies had a wagonmaster in their military organizations.


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[PODCAST] Building a Life of Logistics Love: From the Military to Civilian Logistics


Listen to “Building a Life of Logistics Love & Preparedness: From the Military to Civilian Logistics” on Spreaker. The post [PODCAST] Building a Life of Logistics Love: From the Military to Civilian Logistics appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis.

Texas household goods trucking company, military contractor files Chapter 7

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A Texas transportation company and its affiliates that contracted with the federal government to move and store household goods for military service members and their families has ceased operations and filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Building AI to Unlearn Bias in Recruiting

data is indeed appropriate and devoid of bias-causing factors, e.g., PII and EEO data like gender, race, name, military status, etc. Building AI to Unlearn Bias in. Recruiting How to use AI and machine learning to ensure diversity in the.

Elroy Air raises $40M for specialized military logistics drone

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The Chaparral has a set of applications for national defense including dust-off operations; casualty evacuation; intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; and other military operations, which will be tested through San Francisco-based Elroy Air’s partnership with the U.S.

New military code about to board 700+ platforms

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Emerging Trends Information Technology Military Logistics New Ideas News & InfoRolling out the big M. Much development has been necessary to enable the new M-code capability on more than 700 weapon systems that require it. This article overviews M-code, the updates to antenna and receiver technology to make these varied platforms M-code ready, and perspectives from key stakeholders in the M-code community. See the full article from GPS World here.

Artificial Intelligence and Military Operations

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Editors from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists note, “Advances in artificial intelligence, deep-learning, and robotics are enabling new military capabilities that will have a disruptive impact on military strategies. ” Ethical Use of AI in Military Operations.

Military Life: My Experience with the U.K. COVID-19 Support Force


Thank you to our Blue Yonder military veterans and all those who have served. The pinnacle of my time in the military to date was my 7-month operational tour in Afghanistan from 2011 to 2012. COVID-19 Support Force as a Military Liaison Officer.

Lessons From the Military for Improving the Retail Customer Experience

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Lessons from the military can help Retailing as a business model is being challenged by e-tailers and demands for an ever-improving customer experience.

How Military Service Helped Me See Beyond Assumptions — and Embrace Differences


For several months, I had been tossing around the idea of joining the military. I wasn’t the stereotypical recruit; I had no overwhelming sense of patriotism, if anything it was the opposite, and no long and storied history of generations of my family serving in the military.

Tapping Military Talent: Shoes on the Ground

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Supply chain logistics companies view veterans as a crucial pool of potential employees, and consequently they are using a range of methods to recruit and hire former members of the military for their workforces

What Supply Chains Can Learn From Military Planners in Times of Crisis

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This three-step process used by U.S. armed forces can identify, analyze and mitigate threats to an organization

Global Supply Chain News on China Leveraging Vast Database of Global Shipping Data to Gain Commercial and Even Military Advantage

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Logink Amassing Vast Trove of Data in Industry Still Heavily Reliant on Paper Documents

Defense Department conscripts 6 airlines for Afghanistan evacuation

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Department of Defense on Sunday activated its Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF), designed to augment military airlift during national emergencies, and is compelling six airlines to help with the evacuation of U.S. military. MilitaryThe U.S.

Enhancing Military Logistics and Supply Chains with IoT Sensor Integration

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Enterprise Sensor Integration, Tapestry Solutions’ IoT software platform, has been deployed across major aerospace and defense companies resulting in substantial supply chain cost savings due to increased productivity, asset visibility, and standardization

Smart Software Senior VP/Research to present at Military Operations Research Society (MORS) Emerging Techniques Forum

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The post Smart Software Senior VP/Research to present at Military Operations Research Society (MORS) Emerging Techniques Forum appeared first on Smart Software.

Seeing your warehouse operations through military eyes


I say this because ‘COVID-19’ is without doubt the most fearsome enemy and foe we’ve faced in modern times! operations and fulfilment

Three Innovation Strategies from the Military


military is known for being rigid, rank-oriented and historically bound, the branches frequently produce incredible innovation. Companies can adopt a few tactics from military history to retarget their strategies Although the U.S. Corporate America often struggles with innovation output.

Most Popular Blog Posts of 2012

The Logistics of Logistics

Five Lessons from Military Logistics. Military folks excel in logistics because they focus on the five areas below and we would all be wise to do the same. Regardless of which branch of the military or specific job responsibilities, the military instills core values into every soldier. Please check out the most popular blog posts of 2012. Core Values / Culture.

A Coronavirus Supply Chain Success Story: Public-Private Team Effort to Get Logistics Tech to 1st Responders


Currently, Savi is the sole provider for the military’s active RFID-IV (aRFID IV) contract , which Product Lead Automated Movement and Identification Solutions (PL AMIS) manages. Portable deployment kits (PDKs) are among the key military asset-tracking products available.

Aspiring Military Freight Carriers: Don’t Miss SDDC’s Open Season


This is a chance for transportation professionals who would like to move military freight to kickstart their working relationship with the SDDC. Let’s look at the SDDC requirements for military freight carriers, and why this open season is something you can take advantage of. . Freight carriers who want to transport military cargo have two main options. The open season is an excellent opportunity to start working with the SDCC and enter military freight transportation.

Supply Chain Officers Must Face Five ‘Urgent’ Risk Areas, Gartner Says

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From nature to military operations, the ability to offset weaknesses against predators is a key survival strategy. Today’s supply chain leaders should take note

Military and Manufacturing Outsourcing: Not All Guns and Roses

Inbound Logistics

Military outsourcing is good in concept but often problematic in practice for several reasons discussed in this article. This article will discuss why military outsourcing is currently problematic and explore why the military outsources mission-essential services. A comparison of similar outsourcing incentives associated with both military and manufacturing industrial complexes is discussed, along with some advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing with these sectors.

Frost & Sullivan Celebrates Innovation and Excellence Across the Globe

The Network Effect

Supply Chain Management Technology The Network Effect awards best practices defense Frost & Sullivan government military public sector supply chainFrost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Awards is an annual award that recognizes companies for superior leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. The awards are conferred upon companies around the world and across a diverse range of industries.

Logistics Giants Halt Service in Russia, Ukraine

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and Europe’s biggest logistics firms have halted shipments to Russia, further isolating the country’s businesses and consumers after its military invaded Ukraine The U.S.

New Savi IoT Sensors Reduce Theft and Diversion of Sensitive Cargo While Supplying and Protecting Troops


It has evolved the standard for active RFID (aRFID) communications globally and has been extremely successful in enabling military logisticians to use active RFID tags, readers and software to catalog, inventory and track the DoD and allied military supply chain worldwide. As military missions change, so must the logistics systems and tools used to support the warfighter. Featured IoT & M2M military supply chains Sensors

Corporations Are Hiring Experts to Help Workers Escape Ukraine War Zone

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companies are enlisting former military and law enforcement professionals to help employees in Ukraine navigate congested roads and train stations to slip across the border to safety

Supply chain challenges in delivering the next generation of Military hardware


Competition is fierce when bidding on Military contracts One area discussed was the future of the Digital Supply Chain. The post Supply chain challenges in delivering the next generation of Military hardware appeared first on SupplyOn New technologies and current digital supply chain challenges were among the top topics at AIA The Fall AIA Supplier Management Council Meeting took place from September 24-26th at the Omni Hotel in Ft. Worth, TX.

White Paper: Famous Logistics Quotes

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Check out these excellent websites for additional logistics quotes: s , and Free Stuff Quotes About Logistics famous logistics quotes famous military quotes about logistics free logistics download Joe Lynch lessons learned from military logistics Logistics white paper military logistics “The thing about quotes on the internet is you cannot confirm their validity.”

Does Canada Need a Chief Logistics Officer?

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Emerging Trends Environment Freight & Transportation Humanitarian Logistics Information Technology Military Logistics New Ideas News & Info Procurement RFID Social SC Synergy Supply Chain Management Support Services & Industry Initiatives A few years back the Government of Canada introduced the role of Chief Technology Officer or CTO, which ultimately resulted in the formation of Shared Services Canada.

Watch: How Is Artificial Intelligence Being Applied to Logistics?

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Oliver Hedgepeth, professor of logistics at the American Military University Online, discusses the evolution of artificial intelligence, to the point where it has become omnipresent in the world of logistics management

First Ever Commercial Resupply Mission to the International Space Station

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Emerging Trends Freight & Transportation Materials Handling & Distribution Military Logistics New Ideas News & Info Space Based Logistics At 8:35 p.m. EDT on Sunday evening, the Space Exploration Corporation (SpaceX) launched its Dragon spacecraft on the first ever commercial resupply mission to the International Space Station (ISS). The launch itself relied on tried and true methods.

The Best Logistics Team You Have Never Heard Of with Matt Scherer

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Matt Scherer has been helping thousands of military professionals, college students, and other business executives create, update and improve their LinkedIn profiles. He is the author of “LinkedIn For Military” , now in its third edition. LinkedIn For Military.

Truckers Protesting Vaccine Rule Stay Put in Canada’s Capital

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Raucous protests in Canada’s capital continued Sunday over trucker vaccine mandates and other COVID-19 health restrictions, but the crowd thinned from its height a day earlier after drawing military and political rebukes for poor behavior