Vinculum at IRCE 2019, Chicago: Enabling Seamless Shopping Across Channels


Vinculum is coming to IRCE 2019, Chicago to help brands, 3PLs, e-tailers, and brand distributors scale up their business and sell anywhere, faster through: Automated catalog listing on marketplaces. Order and inventory management. Venue: McCormick Place South, Chicago. IRCE 2019 is an eCommerce conference in Chicago where e-tailers and technology vendors will network and discuss growth opportunities and strategies for success. Order and Inventory Management.

[Event Recap] Insights and learnings from IRCE 2019, Chicago


Vinculum participated at Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE), one of the biggest eCommerce conferences in Chicago. Venue: McCormick Place South, Chicago. Sell and manage orders, inventory, and fulfillment across multiple sales channels. Modules to orchestrate real-time view of inventory and enable omnichannel for brands and retailers. Robots and artificial intelligence (AI) in warehouses to manage inventory.

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Five Reasons Why Are We Not Making Progress on Inventory Management

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Today, I am cruising major freeways traveling from Chicago to my new home in Pennsylvania. At the session, we discussed why companies have not made more progress on inventory management. In the case of Apparel and Automotive industries there are slight improvements, but they have shifted inventories to suppliers. Days of Inventory Pre and Post-Recession. IT View of the Current State of Inventory. Gaps in Inventory Strategies. 90, then 80, followed by 76.

Using RFID Two Bin Kanban at the University of Chicago Medical Center: Healthcare Analytics Innovation!

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When Jon Stegner walked in to his first week at the University of Chicago Medical Center, one of the first places he visited was the Emergency Room, and the nearby supply room. Next, the team examined the average usage of parts, and established the reorder quantity for each part, as well as the average inventory that should be in each bin, with the objective of keeping no more than four days’ worth of supply in each bin, and a one day resupply level.

Aberdeen’s Supply Chain Summit Returns to Chicago with Over 200 Registrants

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Please join Bryan Ball, Vice President and Principal Analyst and myself as Lead Research Analyst at Aberdeen’s 7th Annual Supply Chain Management (SCM) Summit , taking place April 9-10 in Chicago. Day 2: April 10th | 10:50 am. ** The ROI Benefits of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) : Barilla’s Growth Initiative. Growth at Barilla has been accelerated through an innovative Vendor Managed Inventory Program.

Stack It High and Watch It Fly: Is Vertical Inventory Storage Always the Answer?

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And this made sense when warehouses were truly pass-through for inventory. It used to be that you would source, manufacture, store, send to a store and then the consumer would access that inventory. Inventory now has to be much more nimble and therefore supply chain nodes can no longer resemble their static nature of old. In response, supply chain professionals have to consider the importance of the velocity of their inventory when designing and operating their supply chain.

Drones and Robots in the Warehouse


The event happened in Chicago between June 20th and June 22nd. digital disruption innovation warehouse inventory cycle counting dronesThe 3PL Summit and Chief Supply Chain Officer forum brought together supply chain executives and industry experts to discuss the latest trends in the industry.

3 Benefits of Donating Your Unsellable Inventory to giveNkind


In October 2018, ShipBob announced its partnership with giveNkind , a Chicago-based nonprofit organization that matches unwanted inventory with nonprofits. This partnership has allowed ShipBob merchants an opportunity to easily donate returned, canceled, or surplus inventory for those in need. As of today, brands who store inventory with ShipBob have donated a total of $790,743.96 3 benefits of donating unsellable inventory to giveNkind.


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It comes in many flavors–increase in inventory, changes in sales policies, new product lines– all add to the complexity. The only industry that has made progress in inventory management is consumer electronics. Today, I spoke at the Chief Supply Chain Officer conference in Chicago at the Eye for Transport event on the results of the research. Market-Driven Supply Chain Supply chain excellence inventory market driven profitability supply chain performance

Supply Chain Is at Its Best When You Can’t See It


Although it was a hockey game that started my thought process for writing this article, it was my four hour delay at the Chicago airport that gave me ample opportunity to write this post and reflect. Supply chain management Demand planning Inventory management jonathan matthews Kinaxis retail SCM Supply chainby Jonathan Matthews Playing hockey the other night, there was a particularly boisterous individual on my bench.

De-segregating the supply chain: Lessons learned in the air


My original plan had been to leave XNA in the afternoon, connect in Chicago, and arrive back at DCA in the late evening. There have been modular solutions to solve for demand planning , supply planning , master production scheduling , inventory optimization , and sales and operations planning. by Tom Gregorchik I remember while traveling last fall getting that dreaded alert we all hate see on our iPhones. Flight Delayed” is how the first few words of the text message read.

Supply Chain Diagnostic: A Four-Step Process

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In Figure 1, we show the aggregate trend of the chemical industry in an orbit chart format showing year-over-year results at the intersection of two metrics operating margin and inventory turns. In the period of 2010-2018, within the chemical industry, margins fluctuated, largely driven by the price of crude, but inventory turns plummeted. inventory turns. for inventory turns define best-in-class performance? Analyze Inventory: Muda Versus Buffers.

Four Strategies To Deploy As Supply Chain Hits Main Street

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There is no logical connection between inventory strategy and logistics optimization or the multiplicity of rules—allocation, ATP, inventory matching, routing—and planning engines. Second Step: Understand the Role of Inventory. Companies are unsure if inventory is a bad or a good thing. Inventory is the most important buffer in times of volatility: however, with the current levels of understanding of inventory strategies, most are holding the wrong inventory.

Announcing the Supply Chains to Admire for 2019

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It is not as simple as trading-off inventory, cost, and customer service. In the Supply Chains to Admire analysis, the focus is to understand the relative performance of a company within a peer group of growth, operating margin, inventory turns, and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC). (We Supply Chain Insights Global Summit , September 3rd-6th, 2019, at UI Labs, Chicago, IL. I watch the news channels on mute. The reason? I hate political pundit debates.

Tackling Item Complexity

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Stuck, the company struggled with customer service levels and high inventory write-offs. The process helped World Kitchen manage inventories through bankruptcy filing in 2002. Selling well-known brands including Bakers Secret, Chicago Cutlery, CorningWare, Corelle, EKco, Pyrex, and Revere, the company sold products to mass retailers and specialty stores in the United States and Canada with extreme demand volatility. Personalization. Market microsegmentation.

2020 Requires Big Wings and Feet

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Granular data by volume is a must to be able to manage replenishment, network design, and inventory targets. Companies that directly connect financial data to supply chain data without creating a feasible plan at an item/location level rate themselves significantly lower on S&OP effectiveness creating higher costs, levels of inventory and order short shipments. A simplistic view is that supply chain excellence is the trade-off of cost, inventory and customer service.

Supply chain risks: The knowable unknowns that can hurt your supply chain!


An extreme example of this is a ride from Chicago to Colesburg, Tennessee taking 18 days, 13 hours, and 57 minutes! This has led to increased costs, not to mention all the inventory stuck in-transit. If the supplier performance degrades gradually and on average the supplier is now taking 10 days to deliver, you get into a constant firefighting mode with inventories running low, regardless of how good your planning algorithms are.

Little-known Christmas Story


Their job is now to help these contract manufacturers maintain the correct inventory levels throughout the complex distribution network. Additionally, they are responsible for redistribution of inventory between the distribution centers when it becomes apparent that they will need more Barbies in Chicago and more Legos in Ft. by Jennifer Bell As pointed out by Alexa , Santa does operate one of the most complex supply chains ever imagined.

The March of the Lemmings.

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A supply chain team improved forecast accuracy by 22%, but did not improve inventory or customer service. The focus is to understand which companies are able to drive better performance, while accelerating improvement, than peer group on a balanced scorecard of growth, operating margin, inventory turns and Return on Investment Capital (ROIC). Supply Chain Insights Global Summit , September 3rd-6th, 2019, to be held at UI Labs, Chicago, IL. Lemmings are misunderstood.

S&OP: Can You Make Decisions at the Speed of Business?

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Teams continuously balance cost, customer service, asset utilization and inventory. Supply Chain Insights Global Summit , September 3rd-6th, 2019, to be held at UI Labs, Chicago, IL. We will host our first public events in Antwerp at the Antwerp Management School on November 26th-27th and at UI Labs in Chicago on December 3rd-5th. Yawn. I spent time this week completing reference calls on the use of S&OP technologies.

S&OP 187

This Week in Logistics News (June 22-26, 2015)

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Deliv Acquires WeDeliver in Chicago. According to Reuters , “Wal-Mart Stores will begin charging fees to almost all vendors for stocking their items in new stores and for warehousing inventory, raising pressure on suppliers as the world’s largest retailer battles higher costs from wage hikes.” 52: the temperature of the ocean my wife swam in earlier this week in preparation for this Sunday’s Cohasset Triathlon.

This Week in Logistics News (October 6-10, 2014)

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Next week, I’ll be speaking at the Ryder Innovate Forum in Chicago and the Elemica reveal 2014 conference in Frankfurt. across from the Empire State Building in Midtown [and on the same busy street as Macy’s flagship store], would function as a mini warehouse, with limited inventory for same-day delivery within New York, product returns and exchanges, and pickups of online orders. This includes nine unstaffed lockers in Chicago…UPS said its 4,400 U.S.

Combating the Digital Supply Chain Talent Gap

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I discussed how even though the business processes of demand planning, supply planning and inventory planning remain the same, what has changed in this new digital world is an exponential increase in the volume, frequency and speed of data. She mentioned that from the Greater Chicago area – which has a population of approximately 3.6 For the past eight years, I have been delivering lectures on supply chain management at the University of Texas at Dallas.

For Every Tom, Dick, and Harry

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Each also has a very different meaning of the role of inventory. My role was to start-up Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) processes for Clorox to replenish Wal-Mart more effectively. For example, I recently worked with a company CEO that dictated 100% order compliance with no inventory. Supply Chain Insights Global Summit , September 3rd-6th, 2019, at UI Labs, Chicago, IL. I help business leaders transform supply chains.

UPS Executive Shares Insights on Total Cost of Ownership in the Electronics Supply Chain

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Particularly on new product introductions, we needed to be very careful on being able to deploy a product roll-out simultaneously across the entire country, in California, New York Chicago, etc. BRIC Supply Chain Global Distribution Global Supply Chain Inventory Management Retail Logistics Strategic Cost Management Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Strategy Supply Chain Systems

Combating the Digital Supply Chain Talent Gap

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I discussed how even though the business processes of demand planning, supply planning and inventory planning remain the same, what has changed in this new digital world is an exponential increase in the volume, frequency and speed of data. She mentioned that from the Greater Chicago area – which has a population of approximately 3.6 Manufacturing Supply Chain demand planning digital supply chain intelligent manufacturing inventory planning supply planning talent gap

Getting Serious About Outside-in Processes

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This is despite the fact that the use of retail channel data is a significantly better demand signal for inventory management, on-shelf reliability, and forecast/demand planning accuracy. To make this point, I am conducting a face-to-face networking session at the Microsoft office in Chicago. Within a supply chain organization there is turmoil.

Reflections on Hard Hats and Safety Shoes…

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As I work with teams to envision the new tomorrow, I find fewer people know the basic concepts of manufacturing planning–cycle inventories, freeze duration, slush period, bottlenecks and constraints. And, the service supply chain can be redesigned to have less inventory and more uptime. I like the thought of having a bearing printed in Boone, WV instead of being stocked in Chicago and then flown into Charleston, WV to then be driven to the coal mining site.

Reshoring Or Not, What is Manufacturing? 4 Questions to Ponder with Real American Manufacturers


I’m fortunate to have been employed at some “World Class” manufacturing and assembly companies: • Schwinn Bicycle Company : Chicago, IL: Schwinn manufactured their frames, forks, and small parts for their bicycles, but was mainly an assembly operation. Question number three : Inventory on hand, both finished goods and individual parts, and Inventory Records Accuracy. Obviously accuracy of the BOM and Inventory are critical, and the goal should be 100% daily.

Throwing Down the Gauntlet

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Tonight, I am stranded in a hotel in Chicago. The Chicago airport is closed for the night. In Figure 1, I share a composite orbit chart of progress of Cisco Systems, Intel, Samsung and Flextronics on the Effective Frontier at the intersection of inventory turns and operating margin for 2006-2012. However, no company in this chart is on a linear path towards improving both margin and inventory turns.

California Freight Heats Up, Spurred By Hanjin Collapse

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Even if they didn’t have cargo on Hanjin ships, big retailers are starting to shift inventory from West Coast distribution centers to other DCs farther east. appears to be edging out Chicago for first place. On the down side, there were fewer loads moving out of Columbus and Chicago last week, but outbound rates remain strong in the Midwest. Spot market activity often ramps up in the West during the fall season, but there's added pressure this month.

The CFO and the Supply Chain


In speaking with many CFOs, one of the greatest risk to their businesses is inventory. This April I have the pleasure of joining Jean Nelson, CFO of Haggar Clothing, on stage at SCOPE Spring in Chicago to discuss this topic. Jean will share how Haggar Clothing synchronizes its inventory investments with customer service goals to find the sweet spot that maximizes revenue and minimizes inventory risk.

Not the Jetsons: 10 Use Cases for Cognitive Learning in Supply Chain

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For example, moving rail through Chicago in the winter is not the same as the summer. The dynamic nature of inventory to order matching is difficult. Remember the Jetsons? While the Flintstones chronicled a stone age family with work powered by birds and dinosaurs, the Jetsons symbolized the future. The show aired with catchy music during the period of 1962 to 1987.

Editor’s Pick: Profiles in Yard Management Excellence – Batory Foods

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A national food ingredient distributor, Chicago-based Batory Foods had recently opened a 700,000sf flagship DC in Wilmington, Ill., That meant we had to manage the container locations, maintain accurate inventory, and then share that information with our partners.”.

Food 65

How Can I Move Forward if I Cannot Align?

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Focus the organization on understanding the “probability and patterns of demand” and how to design push/pull decoupling points, supplier networks and inventory buffers to improve agility (focusing on form and function of inventory in the supply chain). This morning I am in Chicago helping a client to become market-driven. For years, as an industry analyst, I have written the statement that “IT and line-of-business teams need to be aligned.”