Chicago: The Central Distribution Hub

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Home to more than just the Bears, deep dish pizza, and historic route 66, Chicago offers its residents and businesses a diverse environment. Its diverse economy and environment have contributed in making Chicago a successful logistics location for.


GE Jet Engine Component Involved in Chicago Explosion Incident Had Manufacturing Flaw

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For highly engineered performance products, product design along with sourcing and procurement teams are always attuned to component quality and performance trending or abnormal incidents. Late last week, General Electric Aircraft and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued a joint investigative update regarding an uncontrolled fiery and explosive failure of a GE CF6-80 engine […].


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A small town called ProMat


It's literally a small town that will emerge and leave Chicago during a week. As we gear up for ProMat , we were asking ouselves about what kind of logistics challenges MHI and the event organizers will face with ProMat 2017? It's not your regular trade show. It's massive.


Supply Chain Summit: Chicago


Channels: Supply Chain Event Date: Wed, 2017-06-14 to Fri, 2017-06-16 Event URL: [link] Event Location: Chicago Number of attendees: 400 Event Organiser: Danielle Horsnell Event Organiser E-mail: Précis: Where the decision-makers in Supply Chain and Logistics meet to discuss the industry's future.


Key Takeaways from the 3PL Value Creation Summit 2016 hosted by Armstrong & Associates, Inc.


On October 18-20, Armstrong & Associates and Infocast held the fourth annual 3PL Value Creation Summit in Chicago, Illinois. The summit featured dynamic panel discussions from 3PL, investment, and technology industry leaders. Below are some of the key takeaways captured from the discussions. technology transportation supply chain logistics 3PL


2 Signs That the Freight Recession Really Is Over

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Chicago to Buffalo also rose 18¢ to $2.33/mile. Cleveland to Chicago also paid 15¢ better at $1.75/mile. Last week, the national load-to-truck ratio for vans was the highest it's been since March 2014.


Getting Serious About Outside-in Processes

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To make this point, I am conducting a face-to-face networking session at the Microsoft office in Chicago. Within a supply chain organization there is turmoil.


Mobile is beginning to Dominate the Digital Path to Purchase

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A year ago Paul Marobella (@marobella), President of Havas Worldwide Chicago Group, wrote, “Six years after Apple’s first-generation iPhone kicked … Continued The post Mobile is beginning to Dominate the Digital Path to Purchase appeared first on Enterra Solutions.


3 Cheers for the Spring Freight Season!

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There are lots of van loads in Chicago , but even more trucks are competing for them, so rates dropped. TriHaul: Chicago - Atlanta - Decatur - Chicago. There’s plenty of freight from Chicago to Atlanta, but the rates aren’t great, and the return trip is worse.


An Innovator’s Journey to a Segmented Supply Chain

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Kehat Shahar, the Vice President of Supply Chain Planning at SanDisk, spoke on the journey that SanDisk has taken to improve their supply chain operations at the eft conference on June 18th in Chicago. While most of the content for this article came from the speech at eft, some information came from the company’s 10-K, […]. High Tech & Electronics Industry Supply Chain Planning JDA SanDisk segmentation


New Developments and Potential Added Risks for Chinese Branded Subway Cars in the U.S.

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China Supply Chain Strategy Industrial and diversified industry supply chain Manufacturing Strategies Procurement and Sourcing Service-centered Supply Chains Chicago Transit Authority subway car replacement China's CNR Corp. In October of 2014 we alerted Supply Chain Matters readers to a noteworthy milestone development, namely Chinese designed and branded railway cars appearing in a U.S. subway system.


7 Factors of Solid Supply Chain Network Design

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Moreover, rate for " Boston to Chicago " may not be the same as " Chicago to Boston " 5) Warehousing Costs : fixed cost is relatively easy to find but variable costs such as labor cost can be tricky because it is not static.


Winning Supply Chain Strategies Turn Brand Protection into Opportunities for Augmentation

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A Chicago man took home $276,000 this spring after he won the lottery three times in three weeks. In each case, it all boiled down to being in the right place at the right time. This mans good fortune was pure luck.


Seeing the Bigger Picture: How a Global Trade Network Can Create More Accurate KPIs

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Here’s a possible scenario to explore in a GTN: Envision that a recent decline in tender acceptance was discovered in the Chicago area. Deviating from the routing plan means the carriers being used are not the primary carriers selected for the Chicago lanes, thus resulting in higher costs and lower on-time delivery percentages due to lower levels of carrier commitment on those lanes.


The Ultimate List of Top Logistics Startups – Blog


Chicago only. cities, eg Chicago. Logistics is the prime example of a changing industry – colossal, ripe for disruption and utterly opaque. And it’s about to get hit by a freight train of innovation. How much do we love freight innovation?


Not the Jetsons: 10 Use Cases for Cognitive Learning in Supply Chain

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For example, moving rail through Chicago in the winter is not the same as the summer. Remember the Jetsons? While the Flintstones chronicled a stone age family with work powered by birds and dinosaurs, the Jetsons symbolized the future.


Supply Chain News on BNSF About Three Bridges Away from Completing Parallel Track from Los Angeles to Chicago

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Goal to is Take More Market Share from Trucks in Face of Sharp Declines in Coal Shipments. Other Carriers in Midst of Similar Projects


Supply Chain and Logistics Conferences to Attend in 2017

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LeanLogistics : LeanLogistics ClientConnect , May 1-3, Chicago, IL. eft 15th 3PL Summit , June 14-15, Chicago, IL. Editor’s Note: This is one of the most popular posts we publish every year: our list of supply chain and logistics events to attend in the coming year.


Spot Market Gets a Strong Start to May

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Historically, Houston to Chicago is a low-paying backhaul lane, so it’s rare to see the price jump up 13¢, especially when rates and volumes are also up out of Chicago. Early May brought higher spot market rates for each trailer type.


Supply Chain and Logistics Conferences to Attend in 2016

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LeanLogistics : LeanLogistics ClientConnect , April 18-20, Chicago, IL. Eyefortransport 14th 3PL Summit , June 20-22, Chicago, IL. Take a look at your budget for 2016, which is probably finalized by now. Does it contain a line item for supply chain talent and leadership development?


Using RFID Two Bin Kanban at the University of Chicago Medical Center: Healthcare Analytics Innovation!

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When Jon Stegner walked in to his first week at the University of Chicago Medical Center, one of the first places he visited was the Emergency Room, and the nearby supply room. What he saw there, was in his words, “chaos”. Medical supplies were in boxes strewn in random piles. Many of the boxes contained medical supplies that were out of date or expired. The bins had dust bunnies and “guck” in the bottom of them.


Helping You Build Supply Chain Talent.

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We have scheduled three public training sessions in: Chicago, IL; Dallas TX; and Princeton, NJ. “It used to be easy to hire a supply chain planner. Today, the positions are open 9-10 months, and. they are tough to fill.


7 Ways to Strategically Elevate Freight Procurement

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For instance, rather than bid on two separate lanes from Chicago to New York City and Chicago to Boston, a carrier might suggest bidding on a consolidated lane from Chicago to an intermediate pooling point in and split the shipments to the final destinations. In the last decade, many companies, especially those with manufacturing operations, have evolved direct materials sourcing from an administrative function to a strategic procurement process.


Van Rates Hit Highest Mark in 2 Years

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Chicago volumes continued to improve, and rates on the lane to Buffalo rose 15¢ to 2.48/mile. Brokers and shippers had a harder time finding trucks last week, so they paid a premium in most major markets and lanes.


Aberdeen’s Supply Chain Summit Returns to Chicago with Over 200 Registrants

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Please join Bryan Ball, Vice President and Principal Analyst and myself as Lead Research Analyst at Aberdeen’s 7th Annual Supply Chain Management (SCM) Summit , taking place April 9-10 in Chicago.


Highlights of Supply Chain Matters Briefing with Fieldglass, an SAP Company

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The technology provider has grown its global workforce by just over 30 percent and relocated its corporate headquarters to another part of Chicago. In March of 2014, SAP acquired cloud-based procurement contingent labor and vendor management system technology provider Fieldglass.


Supply Chain Is at Its Best When You Can’t See It

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Although it was a hockey game that started my thought process for writing this article, it was my four hour delay at the Chicago airport that gave me ample opportunity to write this post and reflect.


September Van and Reefer Trends Stay Strong After Labor Day

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Prices in Chicago, Columbus, Seattle, and Philadelphia are all higher than they were a month ago. Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis, and Joliet, IL , were all in the top 10 for load posts on DAT Load Boards last week. Minneapolis to Chicago rates were up to $2.01/mile.


[INFOGRAPHIC] Manufacturing Innovation Hubs Revitalize American Manufacturing


Location: Chicago, IL. Sources: Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office (AMNPO); LIFT, Detroit, MI; DMDII, Chicago, IL; PowerAmerica, Raleigh, NC; Department of Energy; America Makes, Youngstown, OH. The great recession underscored some inherent weaknesses in the U.S.


Reefer Rates Add 1¢, as Apples Start Rolling Out

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Carriers also enjoyed rate increases in Sacramento, Chicago and Philadelphia. Reefer rates rose in both directions between Chicago and Atlanta last week, but the northbound backhaul is still paying only $1.65 Get another load from Decatur back to Chicago.


This Week in Logistics News (June 22-26, 2015)

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Deliv Acquires WeDeliver in Chicago. 52: the temperature of the ocean my wife swam in earlier this week in preparation for this Sunday’s Cohasset Triathlon.


Major Freight Markets Saw Biggest Rate Surge of the Year

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The lane from Houston to Chicago was up 17¢ to $1.94/mile. There were also modest increases in rates out of Chicago and Dallas , with a strong uptick in volumes out of Dallas. Fresno to Chicago was up 35¢ to $2.16/mile.


Demand Heats Up for Vans and Reefers

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TriHaul of the Week, for Reefers: Atlanta-Chicago-Evansville-Atlanta. Atlanta to Chicago is a great roundtrip, 1,430 miles at an average of $2.03 Here's the math: Take a load of dry or refrigerated freight from Chicago to Evansville , IN, for example.


This Week in Logistics News (October 12-16, 2015)

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UberRUSH – Now Open for Business in Chicago, NYC, and SF. Moving on to disruptive technologies and services, Uber announced this week that UberRUSH, its same-day/same-hour delivery service, is now open for business in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco.


Why Should Manufacturers Move to the Cloud?

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The North American Manufacturing Excellence Summit took place this week in Chicago. Normal. false. false. false. EN-US. X-NONE. X-NONE. MicrosoftInternetExplorer4.


6 Important Tips For Effective Logistics Management


About the author: Robert Everett- is a well-known blogger and writer at UK EduBirdie , in Chicago. Editor's Note: Today's blog is from our friend Robert Everett who gives us some fantastic tips for effective logistics management.


Van Rates Showing Signs of Recovery

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Vans were paid 13¢ more per mile on the lane from Memphis to Chicago, up to $1.62/mile. We’re still waiting for a recovery in Chicago. The average rate on the lane from Chicago to Allentown lost 14¢ to $1.89/mile.


Spring Came Early in These Freight Markets

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There were a lot more van loads available out of Chicago and Los Angeles. Chicago to Buffalo rates were up 15¢ to an average of $2.17/mile. Memphis to Chicago was also up 12¢ at $1.76/mile. The lane from Chicago to L.A.


Kewill & LeanLogistics Customer Conference to Unveil a Revolutionary Global Trade Management Model


The conference, scheduled May 1-3, 2017, at the Lowes Hotel in Chicago, Illinois, is designed to engage customers and provide valuable information to transform their supply chain economics. Customers and partners will also enjoy an evening of entertainment at Chicago’s famed Navy Pier, starring the talented Jon Dorenbos, two-time NFL Pro Bowler and America’s Got Talent finalist, who is also known as the NFL’s “Magic Man.”.


NASCES 2016: End-to-End Supply Chain Management Transformations

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Trevor Miles I was at the North American Supply Chain Executive Summit in Chicago earlier this week. I’m a pretty jaded conference goer, so it is difficult to please me, but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the keynotes and sessions I attended.