5 Quality Metrics Predicting The Future Of Manufacturing


Bottom Line: Manufacturers are reaching a new level of results in 2018 because they have clearer, more actionable insights based on real-time manufacturing and quality metrics than ever before. Quality Metrics Enable Customer-Driven Manufacturing Networks. The future of manufacturing is being written today across the millions of shop floors which have chosen to excel at analytics, metrics and Manufacturing Intelligence. Quality Metrics Defining the Future of Manufacturing.

Rating Sustainability Performance: An Essential Business Metric


Read on for more details about EcoVadis ratings in this interview (first published on the ING Wholesale Banking site): Rating Sustainability Performance: An Essential Business Metric. There are no restrictions; just register, answer the online questionnaire and documentation, share results, and improve! The assessment methodology covers 21 CSR/sustainability criteria across four themes: environment, labour/social, ethics, and sustainable supply (relating to sourcing practices).

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Outsourcing Sourcing! 5 Lessons from Around the Globe!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Doing business with suppliers located overseas or in another country can be an overwhelming and daunting task even for expert Sourcing professionals. But beyond that he had no idea on where to start to source his product. Large companies can afford to have Strategic Sourcing Procurement staff around the world. There are a myriad of processes, controls, conditions and situations that need to be managed to ensure that your products are sourced consistent with your expectations.

Supply Chain Metrics: Make Sure They Are Aligned with Your Strategy!

Supply Chain View from the Field

Many people are talking about Key Performance Indicators, Metrics, Analytics, and other indicators of performance. The importance of selecting the right metrics or “measures” as I prefer to call them, is critical as we all know that metrics drive behaviors. Rather then selecting a plethora of meaningless metrics, it is always better to focus on a critical few, and select them wisely. Step 2 – Develop Metrics and Data Sources.

Made in “I Really Don’t Know”

Talking Logistics

As reported in USA Today : [In a sourcing practice nicknamed “China plus one”], big brands like Rip Curl send their specifications — what they want made and how much they’re willing to pay for it — to sourcing agents, who find factories that agree to fulfill them. Here are some recommendations: Identify and document the root causes of poor supply chain visibility. no metrics, operate in functional silos). Define and document Supply Chain Mapping business processes.

How Many Slaves Are in Your Supply Chain?

Talking Logistics

The company is also stopping production in Ecuador, Venezuela, Belarus and Pakistan by April 2014 (these countries scored low in a World Bank report that assessed countries on accountability, corruption, violence, and other metrics). The collapse of the garment factory in Bangladesh last week , which killed at least 705 workers and injured thousands of others, has put a spotlight on a problem that plagues many supply chains: the use of slave labor.

Digital Transformation of the Supply Chain


Materials and components are sourced from even more remote locations and finished products are being sold into expanding regions and channels. Start with documenting the “As-Is” process capabilities and corresponding key performance metrics.

Strategic Procurement: 4 Tactics for Economic Recovery in 2021


To stay relevant, Gartner suggests documenting all the ways procurement projects align with business priorities during recovery and beyond. This list should include the business metrics that each procurement project impacts.

SIG Webinar on Procurement Analytics and Innovative Data Leveraging

Supply Chain View from the Field

I will be leading a webinar with the Sourcing Interest Group next Nov. In particular, there is a noticeable gap between procurement executives’ explicit intentions of driving value for the business, and documented results as they pertain to improved engagement with internal business groups, ability to drive innovative analytical tools, and the resulting gap in alignment with business strategy. 12 at 2 PM, based on a study I have been working on with some folks at IBM.

SCRC Student Project Lineup Off to a Great Start…

Supply Chain View from the Field

Students will learn core processes around initial exploration and assessment of supply chain relationships, establishing metrics/expectations for the relationship, crafting and managing contracts, and sustaining continuous performance improvement in sourcing, logistics and operations. Each team will develop a written contract with selected partner(s) that documents the agreement resulting from the negotiation process.

SCM 65

Is Your Supply Chain Ready for Social Media-Fueled Demand Volatility?


Examples are: customer experience metrics, feedback on new product features and pricing, customer satisfaction and loyalty, and competitive intelligence. as part of a larger research document and should be evaluated in the context of the entire document. Other sources: 1 [link].

Beyond Spend Analytics: Supplier Life Cycle Data

Supply Chain View from the Field

In sourcing, data must be tracked over the entire life of a supplier. Then the evaluation of the supplier must be documented, and linked presumably to a category strategy (although not in all cases…). And an active supplier will also start sending you things – but are they doing it on time, and what are the metrics with the delivery of the contracted product or service.

5 Steps to Supply Chain Orchestration Success


Opening up the relationship and sharing information and metrics across all critical departments gives trading partners insight and allows them to understand where they can best improve the quality of their products and services. Can you see and manage your entire global supply network from one single source? We call it a single source of “data truth.” The successful music orchestra is a myriad of ensemble instruments working together to create beautiful music.

Control Towers: If Only There Was A Clear Definition

Supply Chain Shaman

While there are many types of visibility (see Figure 1), the most common use case is either sourcing or transportation visibility. The focus is on functional metrics, but are unable to get to overall supply chain metrics. Pictures, images, text, email, sentiment, contracts, documents are all areas of opportunity. However, to use these data sources, we must break paradigms and focus on the use of non-relational techniques. We finished dinner.

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How to Sustain a Lean Culture in Manufacturing & Supply Chain


All activities are documented by a team recorder. It typically describes how a process should consistently be executed and documents current ‘best practices.’ These metrics would, of course, be aligned and are updated every hour. The metrics are also manual as automatic metric systems cannot retrieve the information at an hourly frequency as these metrics are process inputs and not outputs. Specific metrics: process metrics and outcome metrics.

Lean 182

7 Easy Steps to Create an Inbound Vendor Routing Guide


It needs to have a fail-safe to prevent vendors from selecting incorrect shipping methods and provide a source of cross-checking between shipment selection. A defined set of rules should serve as the “checkpoint” in this part of the document, ranging from marking and labeling to back-order processing. This allows you to require vendors to sign in and acknowledge having read the document before using it.

Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of 2018

Material Handling and Logistics

Source ID. Source ID. Source ID. The retail giant plans to take out 50 million metric tons (MMT) by 2030, which is equivalent to the emissions associated with the average annual electricity consumption of 40 million Chinese households. Source ID. Source ID. Source ID. Source ID. Source ID. Source ID. Source ID. We salute the year’s top advancements in supply chain technology and processes.

Getting that “Swing” in Supply Chain Management

Talking Logistics

How do you successfully align goals, metrics, and resources across functional groups? The answer is well documented and proven: you need a strategic planning and management system, such as the balanced scorecard , that aligns “business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization, improves internal and external communications, and monitors organization performance against strategic goals.”. Which metrics are the right ones?

The Great Gap Year of 2020


Given the realities of the post-pandemic world, the pressure is mounting to redesign the supply chain, define new practices and operational metrics, and cope with the competition from new channels of doing business or doing business with. Is this multi-sourcing?

4 Strategies to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency for Manufacturing Business Owners


Manufacturers typically perform planning, sourcing (finding suppliers), making (manufacturing), delivering and returns. There are many supply chain performance measurement metrics to help do this, however, commonly used is the Perfect Order Index. This is a measure of an order that is delivered on time, complete, damage-free and with correct documentation. Whichever metrics a business uses, note it must be in synergy with the overall business strategy.

Off to another exciting year of student-industry engagement at NC State on cutting-edge supply chain projects


Duke Energy Sourcing Automation through AI: Sourcing Optimization through technology and artificial intelligence are becoming more readily available within the Supply Chain industry. This team will work to identify specific opportunities within the sourcing process at Duke Energy to advance sourcing strategies through AI technology and reduce low value sourcing efforts. MUFG Union Bank Strategic Performance Metrics.

4 Reasons to Integrate Order-to-Cash & Procure-to-Pay


For sales and operations staff alike, the inability to access current orders, inventory and production information is often a significant source of frustration and waste. For example: how much would more timely document submissions and responses (PO/POACK, ASN, Invoice, etc.) It becomes more difficult to build a partnership with suppliers because the relationship is based on a narrowed scope of performance metrics.

Partnering with Farm-Trace to monitor sustainability and impact


“66% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products but most organizations don’t know the farmers they source from, let alone their impact.” – Kahlil Baker, CEO and Founder, Farm-Trace. It’s a big, wide world out there – and there’s a lot to document and verify. . For producers, these metrics provide them with farm management analytics to make smart decisions about farm interventions, aiding productivity and creating reporting efficiencies.

Who Needs Quality Management?

Oracle SCM

With such an approach, companies are working in a sub-optimal manner, and then start to face these types of challenges: - Quality metrics are either not available or are incomplete. - Inability to view real-time metrics. In Manufacturing, the focus is on preventive actions, non-conformance reports, part inspections and as well documents control. In Supplier Relationship Management, it is all about supplier corrective actions as well as document control and supplier parts.

Driving Organizational Alignment

Supply Chain Shaman

In supply chain strategy documents, terms like alignment, agility, responsiveness, and flexibility dot the page. Over the course of the last decade, companies have moved at different rates to align source, make and deliver processes to report to common leader. Based on our research at Supply Chain Insights , today, 34% of supply chain organizations have source, make and deliver reporting through a common organization. How can we move forward if we cannot align?

The Future of Procurement Is Upon Us. Are You Ready?


Niul Burton wrote a great article in Industry Week titled “Procurement 2025: 10 Challenges that Will Transform Global Sourcing”. Embracing sustainability as a goal and metric that you scorecard suppliers on is a good place to start to get ready for this trend that will become a staple in how successful companies do business. Burton predicts that China and Brazil will become hubs for global sourcing.

Procurement Interview Questions & Answers

Supply Chain Game Changer

Further analyzing that spend can help you determine opportunities for implementing cost savings practices like supplier consolidation, strategic sourcing , and standardization. Spend analysis can be conducted using a variety of tools, from deploying the most cutting-edge source-to-pay software to using PivotTables in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. If we buy a customized product from a single source how will you know if the price is fair? Which are the key Procurement metrics?

How to prepare for a transparent supply chain in 2021


To reuse the Kraft Heinz example, something like: Procure most electricity from renewable sources by 2025 and decrease energy usage by 15 percent. Decrease water usage by 20 percent at high-risk sites and 15 percent overall by 2025 (per metric ton of product made).

Conquering the Explosion of Supply Chain Planning Data


Structured and unstructured data including that from social media, Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain sources continue to stream in but much is left untouched. Attainable Benefits: The benefits from the use of Big Data are numerous and well documented. Key Performance Metrics: The ability to identify and measure KPIs will help prioritize and measure transformation efforts.

Building the Business Case for Digital Transformation of Supply Chain Planning


Materials and components are sourced from ever-more remote locations and finished products are being sold into expanding regions and channels. Start with documenting the “As-Is” process capabilities and corresponding key performance metrics. Envision the “To-Be” process capabilities and desired performance metrics through benchmarking, group brain storming sessions, and alignment to business strategy and direction.

Green Logistics: How to deliver efficiently while minimizing carbon footprint


Source The process and involvement of logistics department in every organization have become an essential part to the economic development for a long time now. Source In logistics, transporting goods from one place to another has been a major cause of carbon footprint and environmental pollution, even though other activates of logistics also have a considerable impact on environment.

The Sensing + Intelligent + Social Supply Chain: How can you achieve it?


Adding automated integration of data from multiple sources, sites, regions and countries allows planners to accelerate decision making without having to wait. Having a supply chain management software solution that can accomplish this means one that can bring all supply chain data elements from any source into a single place for convenient, easy, instant access. It has to be integrated seamlessly from all sources.

3 Components to a Complete Lean Transportation Management System


We start with customer demand and consider overall value when sourcing carriers, instead of transportation rates alone. Any waste that exists needs to be documented, and problem solving needs to happen around the waste. In addition, they need to commit to create daily route designs, complete real-time track and trace, generate real-time metrics, and complete daily problem solving.

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[WHITE PAPER] 4 Strategic Considerations when Considering Offshoring Parts of your Supply Chain


One mistake companies often make is focusing on the lowest purchase price per item instead of considering the total landed cost of sourcing from offshore suppliers. Use key metrics and a scorecard system to understand if product is flowing as planned. Once you’ve chosen that partner, document all of your requirements regarding order volumes, product specifications, and operational details in the contract.

Supply chain risks in the spotlight: Effects of Hanjin Shipping filing bankruptcy protection


According to sources, Stevedores are demanding advance payment in cash. How long will you be able to recover your supply through alternate sources or from the impacted supplier? However, by having well-documented contingency processes, it will likely help you recover faster than your competition when impacted by a disaster. Monitoring such metrics is important and a supply chain control tower can be a key component of that strategy.