Omnichannel Supply Chain Metrics: What Should Supply Chain Leaders Measure?


The answer lies using these omnichannel supply chain metrics to carefully track and improve operations continuously. This is a simple key performance indicator (KPI), another name for metrics, to track. The Fill Rate is a complex metric that considers the average window of delivery, percent of on-time delivery and accuracy of delivery for all products coming into your warehouse from vendors. Other Critical OmniChannel Supply Chain Metrics to Track.

5 Quality Metrics Predicting The Future Of Manufacturing


Bottom Line: Manufacturers are reaching a new level of results in 2018 because they have clearer, more actionable insights based on real-time manufacturing and quality metrics than ever before. Quality Metrics Enable Customer-Driven Manufacturing Networks.

Metrics and Issues to Consider in SQM (Supplier Quality Management) By 5 Big Industries


In the first post our long tme guest blogger, Chuck Intrieri of The Lean Supply Chai n, gave us 5 core metrics to evaluate supplier performance using supplier quality management and a 4 step process to execute. Review of SQM Metrics and Issues Across 5 Core Industries. #1:

Rating Sustainability Performance: An Essential Business Metric


Read on for more details about EcoVadis ratings in this interview (first published on the ING Wholesale Banking site): Rating Sustainability Performance: An Essential Business Metric.

Supply Chain Metrics: Make Sure They Are Aligned with Your Strategy!

Supply Chain View from the Field

Many people are talking about Key Performance Indicators, Metrics, Analytics, and other indicators of performance. The importance of selecting the right metrics or “measures” as I prefer to call them, is critical as we all know that metrics drive behaviors. Rather then selecting a plethora of meaningless metrics, it is always better to focus on a critical few, and select them wisely. Step 2 – Develop Metrics and Data Sources.

A Critical Fulfillment Metric: The Perfect Order

Logistics Viewpoints

The perfect order metric (POM) is one of the most critical metrics in fulfillment. The Warehouse Education and Research Council’s (WERC) definition of the perfect order metric is that a perfect order is delivered: Complete; On time; Damage free; And, with the correct documentation and invoicing.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective 3PLs

The Logistics of Logistics

During the post Implementation phase, a top notch 3PL will provide communication on the following: shipment management, documentation, rolling out new initiatives, new services and ongoing training. A KPI is an indicator (a metric) that you have chosen, and agreed with your partners and or customers, that will determine whether you are meeting your critical success factors.

WMS and Cycle Counting: How to Reach Inventory Management KPIs

Veridian Solutions

A Guide to the Warehouse Metrics Supply Chain Execs Should Track. ” Skilled cycle counting refers to reducing instances of documenting discrepancies, following up on issues that led to inaccurate cycle counts, enabling process improvement, and taking corrective actions to minimize the inaccuracies in the future. As a result, Warehouse Managers may need to integrate picker performance metrics with this KPI. Metrics and KPIs Warehouse Management

KPI 40

Ensuring Workers’ Rights in Global Supply Chains

Supply Chain Brain

Too often, however, those documents fail to prevent unacceptable working conditions. Regulation and Compliance Quality & Metrics All Technology Supply Chain Visibility Sourcing/Procurement/SRMJust about every major manufacturer has a supplier code of conduct to ensure that workers are treated humanely. In a typical global supply chain, involving multiple tiers of production, the chances of failure are alarmingly high.

A.I. for Compliance: An ‘Artificial’ Answer to a Very Real Problem

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Businesses are spending millions on audits, undergoing endless testing, interviewing, document collection and system reviews, only to trip up time and again. Regulation and Compliance SC Analysis & Consulting HR & Labor Management Global Supply Chain Management Business Strategy Alignment Quality & Metrics All Technology Big Data/IOTBusinesses today are getting caught out for any number of violations relating to regulation, safety, security and immoral behavior.

The Best LTL KPI for Measuring Freight Damage

The Logistics of Logistics

Damaged packaging, small scratches, and loose pieces are all upsetting to the receiver and the end customer so they should be documented and measured, even if there isn’t a freight claim filed. White Paper: The Essential Guide to LTL Shipping Improvement: Action Plan and Metrics for Rapid Transformation. The best LTL KPI for measuring damaged shipments is simply the percentage of damage free shipments delivered.

KPI 100

LTL Carrier Scorecard with Key Process Indicators (KPIs)

The Logistics of Logistics

Key Process Indicators vs. Metrics. A metric is any standard of measurement (number of carriers, inventory turns, average shipment weight, etc.). A key process indicator (KPI) is a metric that you have chosen that will give an indication of your performance and can be used as a driver for improvement. This means that while all KPIs are metrics, not all metrics are KPIs. Only the most important metrics can grow up to become KPIs.

KPI 116

Guest Blog Part 2: Start Your eKanban Implementation with Value-stream Mapping and Engaging Your Suppliers


For an eKanban project, this would involve documenting the flow of the current, manual Kanban process. (If Next, document the process for the future state – using an eKanban system – and note the gaps. Monitor your metrics. by Jim Shore.

10 Greatest Purchasing Books Ever Written

Supply Chain Opz

Background Historically, purchasing people are considered a kind of clerical workers who are expected to perform basic tasks such as document issuance and price negotiation. After that, we collect various metrics of each purchasing book as below, - Citation counts: a basic bibliometric method showing how many times a book is cited by other publications. Of course, this metric will not be used in isolation. What are the essential purchasing books you should read?

Performance Measurement Systems in the Era of Turbulence

SCM Research

If you do not have access to the article, the accepted author manuscript can be downloaded for free at Copenhagen Business School’s Research@CBS platform (click on the document in the green box there). Our new article, titled Accounting for External Turbulence of Logistics Organizations via Performance Measurement Systems (Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, Vol. 21, No. 6), is out now.

System 110

What can the SCOR model do for my supply chain?

The Network Effect

It is a normalization based on a well-defined taxonomy where major functional areas are disaggregated and attributes related to those functions are further broken down into strategic and operating metrics.

9 Key Topics to Understand to Frame A Shipper’s Mind for Effective KPI Management with a 3PL


It can take months to negotiate a complex SLA/KPI document, as you go back and forth with your logistics provider so the document becomes a “win-win” for both parties. After the SLA/KPI is an approved document by both the customer and logistics provider, this document and its contents need to be reviewed monthly to begin with, and quarterly thereafter. All KPIS have metrics to measure.

KPI 248

How to Sustain a Lean Culture in Manufacturing & Supply Chain


All activities are documented by a team recorder. It typically describes how a process should consistently be executed and documents current ‘best practices.’ These metrics would, of course, be aligned and are updated every hour.

Lean 237

Lean Logistics


Most companies typically use metrics such as cost, quality, and delivery to track progress and assess improvements. If PDCA is in place, problems will be solved before they escalate or show up in output metrics. Why is PDCA Important in Lean Logistics?

Lean 233

4 Reasons to Integrate Order-to-Cash & Procure-to-Pay

Take Supply Chain

For example: how much would more timely document submissions and responses (PO/POACK, ASN, Invoice, etc.) It becomes more difficult to build a partnership with suppliers because the relationship is based on a narrowed scope of performance metrics.

[Infographic] Manufacturing Content Marketing Increases Over Last Year


A documented strategy gets results. This year’s study showed a 72% increase in companies’ documenting their content marketing strategy. Documenting your strategy allows you to set goals, identify benchmarks, and follow through on your objectives. Related resource : Show your bosses these 6 marketing metrics they really care about. Focus on clarity in setting goals and documenting results.

Aceelerating Productivity Needs of Supply Chain Reference Model Initiatives

Supply Chain Matters

We all know that today, industry supply chains are driven by customer requirements and service needs, and the SCOR model is a tool that helps organization’s with a single standard reference upon which to understand the processes that make-up the supply chain along with their relationships to performance metrics. The power of SCOR is that it does not document the supply chain in the lens of functions (planning, procurement, manufacturing, logistics, etc.)

7 Easy Steps to Create an Inbound Vendor Routing Guide


A defined set of rules should serve as the “checkpoint” in this part of the document, ranging from marking and labeling to back-order processing. Such rules provide an incentive for vendors to adhere, and at your discretion, consider implementing a reward system for vendors that meet reliable standards for metrics, such as on-time delivery and appropriate fill rates. This allows you to require vendors to sign in and acknowledge having read the document before using it.

7 Supply Chain Lessons from Lenovo

Supply Chain Opz

3) Clarify Corporate Culture: they believe corporate culture should be something actionable, not just a vague documentation. These high-level metrics are monitored and controlled by a cross-functional team.

Who Needs Quality Management?

Oracle SCM

With such an approach, companies are working in a sub-optimal manner, and then start to face these types of challenges: - Quality metrics are either not available or are incomplete. - Inability to view real-time metrics. Everyone knows that quality is an important topic.

Things Aren’t Always as They Appear in Today’s Supply Chain: The Direct Correlation Between the Accuracy of Your Mobile Data Inputs and Your Factory’s Outputs

Take Supply Chain

That is why it’s fair to say that what you see is not always what you get in today’s high-tech manufacturing plants and warehouses (once the final performance metrics are tallied days or months later). You need a way for workers to document transactions in real-time.

Data 195

S&OP Effectiveness: Recommendations to Make the Leap

Supply Chain Shaman

One of the suggestions which resonated with the participants was teaching new employees tips and tricks for data storage and document sharing. Lora wrote the books Supply Chain Metrics That Matter and Bricks Matter , and is working on her third book, Leadership Matters.

S&OP 368

S&OP: Five Steps to Get Started

Supply Chain Shaman

I urged him to take his corporate strategy document and set up a meeting with each profit center manager. We reviewed the orbit charts for the Supply Chains to Admire Winners and discussed the pitfalls and potholes that he was experiencing in the establishment of metrics.)

S&OP 284

Kinaxis Positioned in the Leaders Quadrant of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Sales and Operations Planning Systems of Differentiation


as part of a larger research document and should be evaluated in the context of the entire document. The Gartner document is available here. by Lori Smith. This graphic was published by Gartner, Inc.

System 205

Driving Organizational Alignment

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In supply chain strategy documents, terms like alignment, agility, responsiveness, and flexibility dot the page. When there is a common reporting strategy, progress in metrics performance at the intersection of operating margin and inventory turns is faster.

Getting the Full Value Add from 3PL Services by Avoiding Commoditization or Transactionalism


Sustainable 3PL Services Starts with the “Metrics that Matter” Another crucial element of the holistic 3PL partnership is the establishment of value and success measurements with concrete documentation of the “ metrics that matter.”

3PL 286

Training for the Next Triathlon. Insights for You?

Supply Chain Shaman

Abby and I are writing an e-book on Supply Chain Metrics that Matter. Over the last decade, the only metric that we have improved in the supply chain is revenue/employee, a measurement of productivity. Companies that are not looking holistically at metrics are stuck.

Why Reverse Logistics Systems and Transportation Management Should Be Considered Together


meaningful and accurate performance metrics. TMS software in conjunction with a reverse logistics system provides necessary metrics, including: average travel distance per item.

10 Ways You Can Save Money On FTL


This will ensure that documents like BOLs are correct every time. If you can see in a report that a carrier’s OTD percentage is low, you’ll be able to have a discussion with that carrier about the metrics.

Getting that “Swing” in Supply Chain Management

Talking Logistics

How do you successfully align goals, metrics, and resources across functional groups? Which metrics are the right ones? Rather than selecting a plethora of meaningless metrics, it is always better to focus on a critical few, and select them wisely.