Four Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Inventory Planning and Sustainability


You can’t scan the headlines without coming across an article or advertisement about sustainability, but there is precious little information about how supply chain planning software supports green initiatives. I think it’s time we started spreading the good news: when you harness demand and inventory planning to slash unnecessary expenses and improve service to customers, you also reduce waste and support sustainability. Here are just a few of the sustainability benefits.

Manufacturing ERP Plays a Key Role for Sustainability


Sustainability has become increasingly important in recent years and is now a vital component of many organizations’ social, economic and environmental efforts. Other recent examples include Mercedes-Benz’s pilot project for using blockchain to track CO2 emissions and Perrier’s program winners for developing sustainable and circular packaging solutions. The Sustainability Movement in Business and Manufacturing. How Does an ERP System Support Sustainability?

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Improving inventory management


Factory closures, blank sailings, massive cuts to air freight, reduced warehouse capacity and more have hit business-as-usual and often turned carefully calibrated chains on their head. I believe that you're going to see sustained push to e-commerce. Inventory management, evolved.

How to Lower Your Ocean Freight Costs!

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Do You Have Hidden Freight Costs? Ocean freight article and permission to publish here provided by Katherine Barrios at Freight forwarders and shippers/BCO s are on a constant quest to have a better understanding of their ocean freight costs and ultimately have larger margins. Freight costs are considered by many forwarders and shippers to be a major part of their total shipment cost. Here are 15 tips for lowering ocean freight costs.

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Vendor Managed Inventory Model for Supply Chain Cost Reductions


As a supply chain expert and value creation supply chain consultant myself, I believe I have identified some core areas that will lead to desired supply chain cost reductions that are both sustainable and realized quickly. Below I will outline how a vendor managed inventory model, in conjunction with reverse marketing, value analysis, and collaboration will achieve supply chain cost reductions. Vendor Managed Inventory Model for Supply Chain Cost Reductions.

ScottsMiracle-Gro Improves Distribution System in Sustainability and Customer Service

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This effort reinforces our belief that we can simultaneously grow our business in a way that supports our commitment to becoming a more sustainable company,” Swihart stated. Improve inventory turns at retail by reducing fertilizer order minimums. Emerging Trends Environment Freight & Transportation News & Info Supply Chain Management green supply chain sustainability sustainable A new 100,000-sq.

Supply Chain Scope: New Study Shows Rise in US Inventories; California Estimated to Improve Freight Efficiency by 25% in 2030


A new study by the SupplyChainDigest analyzing the main components of working capital: Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), Days Inventory Outstanding (DIO), and Days Payables Outstanding (DPO) revealed an uptick in DIO. Sustainable Freight Action Plan for California is estimated to Improve Freight Efficiency by 25% in 2030. Targets for 2030 Include: Improve freight system efficiency 25 percent by 2030. California Sustainable Freight Action Plan.

White paper: Inventory Management by the “Prevailing Winds”

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How can you sustain profitable inventory levels when different departments have conflicting priorities? Inventory. Freight. When Anders Herlitz lead E3 and gave lectures at the Inventory Management Institute, his favorite part of the Executive School was when he described the business phenomenon referred to as “prevailing winds.”. The post White paper: Inventory Management by the “Prevailing Winds” appeared first on Herlitz Inventory Management.

Supply Chain And Logistics Trends That Could Be Big In 2020

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Again, this might include recycling or refurbishing items damaged in storage or transit, or placing undamaged returns back into a sales inventory. Firstly, many companies are reaching more advanced levels of maturity in sustainability and greening the supply chain. Meanwhile, more third-party agencies and organisations, including governments, are pushing the sustainability agenda. It’s time to start looking ahead again.

Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2016

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How will transportation, inventory, and sourcing policy decisions change in light of this cheap oil environment? Like oil prices, interest rates impact supply chain policies and decisions, especially with regards to inventory. Will interest rates continue to climb in 2016, and if so, what impact will it have on inventory levels? Sustainability : Will the climate change agreement reached at the COP21 meeting in Paris this past weekend change supply chains in 2016?

Transport Management System: Making your Logistics Supply Chain Successful

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Not only that, it saves time and money while providing insights on key parameters: transportation planning and its execution, freight payment, business intelligence and disaster recovery management. Better inventory management : Manage orders and shipments in real-time.

Idahoan’s Journey to Achieving Sustained Transportation Savings [Episode]

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Cameron Kelsey, Transportation & Inventory Manager at Idahoan and Mike Regan, Co-Founder and Chief of Relationship Development at TranzAct discuss the following questions and more in this timely and informative episode: Cameron, what were some of the transportation challenges or goals you wanted to achieve? Cameron, did you leverage the TMS to improve or streamline the way you audit freight bills and pay carriers?

Is Hyperloop the Next Great Supply Chain Technology?


The idea of tubes whisking freight across the land at near-supersonic speeds smacks of an old-school image of the future. The fact that the CEO of the company leading the Hyperloop charge is committed to it being a freight transportation technology first, is pretty telling in our eyes: obviously, if it can ship freight, the Hyperloop project might have tremendous implications for the Supply Chain field, which (in large part) focuses on the efficient movement of material goods.

Supply Chain Risk Management is a Cirque Du Soleil Calibre Act!

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On the other hand if customer demand fails to materialize according to forecast you can be stuck with a lot of custom inventory, unrecovered expenses and a huge cash flow problem. As a combination of Accounts Receivable, Expenditures, Accounts Payable and Inventory you can see Supply Chain’s impact. And Supply Chain manages the levels of inventory which can dramatically impact the deployment of cash. Inventory Performance. Sustainability. Subscribe Here!

The Unique Challenges Inventory Management Poses to the Restaurant Industry


Restaurants are arguably one of the most challenging businesses in which to control inventory; the fundamental nature of supply, demand and the products themselves set them up for a fickle inventory ride. They are governed inevitably by seasonal availability and subsequent pricing, trends and individual palates, health and safety compliance, the pressure to be more sustainable, and then of course, shelf lives of highly perishable items. Sustainability.

Insights from Ryder Innovate 2014

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Sustainability and Green Initiatives in Transportation and Logistics. Jason Mathers discussed the 5 Principles of Greener Freight, and provided real-world examples of those principles in action (read the Ocean Spray , Caterpillar , and Boise case studies, and also watch my conversation with Jason from earlier this year on Talking Logistics). Source: “Sustainability and Green Initiatives in Transportation & Logistics,” Jason Mathers, EDF, Ryder Innovate 2014.

IMO 2020 is Here. Are You Ready?

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This regulation will be implemented from 1st January 2020 and it is a major step towards Sustainability. Under this regime, the primary responsible party in the freight market will be the vessel owner or operator. This has been done to curb pollution and make the industry greener and world more sustainable. will also need to update freight tariffs accordingly. That represents a huge cost to the supply chain where each party tries to run lean, just-in-time inventory.

PINC and project44 partner to deliver the next generation of yard automation and predictability


At the enterprise level, the data exchange between PINC and project44 will enable shippers to improve shipment velocity, enhance sustainability, reduce accessorial charges, and manage carrier contracts and transportation budgets more effectively.

7 Important Tips to Optimize Your Freight Management


Your business is often only as strong as its freight management. Better freight management can make it possible for you to save money, improve your day-to-day operations, and increase your reputation with those you ship to. Meanwhile, poor freight management cuts dramatically into your bottom line and can vastly reduce your effectiveness. Here are a few important tips on how to improve your freight management. It's not easy to optimize freight management.

Surviving Disruptions – an opportunity for supply chains to thrive with people and technology – LogiSYM July 2020

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

As an offspring of globalisation, supply chains are focused on optimisation – cost reduction, just-in-time deliveries and tight inventory-to-sales ratios. A significant paradigm shift in procurement and inventory control is an emerging area of focus.

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10 Vital Supply Chain Lessons from the Coronavirus Pandemic!

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Mission Critical and Strategic Inventory Positioning. Inventory can often be one of the biggest assets in many companies, spanning multiple channels and tiers, and being the biggest determinant of cash flow and return on investment. As such we have had decades of philosophy associated with lean inventory management, just in time delivery, and inventory minimization. Freight and Logistics Procurement Strategy Supply Chain Management Disaster Recovery

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Handfield’s Supply Chain Analytics Predictions for 2014

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Another major source of risk is the unreliability of global logistics channels, especially the challenges associated with ocean freight lines, which are becoming increasing unreliable. These regulations render it more difficult to meet increasing customer requirements for reliable product delivery, and make it challenging to be able to plan using normal lead times, inventory requirements, and scheduling. 2013 has certainly been an interesting year!

The Disintermediation of the Supply Chain!

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Most definitions of disintermediation characterize it as the elimination of intermediaries, or “ cutting out the middleman “ Further consider that the “Wastes” associated with Lean thinking and principles include transportation, inventory, over production and motion amongst others. For every node of the supply chain this means that there is transportation, movement and handling, inventory, and production and over, or under production. Subscribe Here!

Metrics that Matter: Customer Service


Inventory accuracy and minimizing stockouts are very important to customer satisfaction, but a few other metrics also impact the ability to meet customer expectations. Unreimbursed Freight. A high level of unreimbursed freight shows that the team is taking extraordinary measures to satisfy customers. Companies can use these metrics to help ensure they are doing everything possible to satisfy their customers at a manageable and sustainable cost. Unreimbursed Freight.

Discovering the Power of Distributed Logistics

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The definition I’m running with currently is below, but this rapidly emerging concept continues to evolve literally as we speak: ‘A fully integrated and optimized network of two ore more fulfillment centers operated in unison to increase sales and customer delivery service levels, which minimizes transportation costs and maximizes inventory optimization’ ~ Jeff Ashcroft. The future of fulfillment is fast approaching and it’s now all about mastering something called Distributed Logistics!

Insight on how 3PL handles eCommerce Returns for B2B and B2C Retail Brands


It refers to any service contract that includes inventory storage and management,picking and packing, freight forwarding,shipping, distribution, customs brokerage, contract management, IT solutions, cross-docking etc. That is where the issues of warehousing, inventory, packing, shipping, and tracking, arise. Become a tool that assists the organization in meeting sustainability goals.

Top 10 Global Supply Chain Risks

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Inventory Turnover Breakthrough … Go Back To The Basics! Risks exist in land, air and ocean freight. Poor grasp of hazards in your supply chain will increase freight spend and diminish brand value. Extreme weather represents one of the most significant risks to ocean freight on the globe. Someone with malicious intent could bring down entire supply chain networks and force freight rates to skyrocket. Know the top risks in global freight management.

How Logistics, Manufacturing, and Production Operations are solving the same Supply Chain problems


As Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez highlighted during a recent interview with a Yemeni-American JFK employee, America’s supply chain for every operation that utilizes air freight was at the mercy of the government. Reducing Inventory: Inventory should never sit on a shelf or a closet. Inventory should be flying off the shelf or being consumed/showcased. However, for commodity business supply chains, this is simply not sustainable. Reduce inventory.

3PL Basics: An Introduction to 3rd Party Logistics with Roberto Cadena

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Vendor Managed Inventory. Inventory Management. Freight Payment / Claims Auditing. Sustainability. Sustainability and Green Logistics. 3PL Basics: An Introduction to 3rd Party Logistics with Roberto Cadena.

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This Week in Logistics News (July 15-19, 2013)

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Con-way Freight Raises the Bar on Mexico Service, Adds Door-to-Door Tracking, 24-Hour Customer Resource Center, Enhanced Web Tools. Con-way Freight announced this week that it has enhanced its Mexico service offering with the introduction of real-time, door-to-door online tracking, a 24-hour Customer Resource Center and new web tools for tendering and managing shipments moving to and from Mexico.

The Supply Chain Carbon Footprint Reduction Strategy

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Whether in your personal lives or your professional lives everyone has either a positive, a neutral, or negative impact on the sustainability of the planet that we share. As such we have the direct or indirect ability to take actions which can promote environmental sustainability, reduce carbon footprint impacts, and drive the creation of the Green Supply Chain. Promote clean, sustainable resource utilization. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Utilizing a 3PL to Apply Transportation Management Best Practices For E-Commerce


In the age of e-commerce, maintaining the status quo will result in failure, disgruntled customers and added expenses, but shippers that leverage 3PL resources to apply transportation management best practices for e-commerce , as listed below, can navigate the issues that arise in e-commerce and achieve sustained profitability. Increased complexity may be the result of additional shipping volume and the use of the freight consolidation and the consolidation program.

Justifying Investments in Risk Avoidance

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I gave the example of Sun Microsystems, which suffered a spate of freight thefts in Europe. Insurance companies face this issue when selling disruption insurance, or when trying to convince manufacturers to reduce both the likelihood and impact of business interruptions through measures such as increasing inventory levels and developing alternative suppliers. The strategy incurs higher costs in terms of capital expenditures, labor, and inventory, but the payoff is superior service.

Adelante SCM and PINC Launch the First Annual State of Yard Management Report


There are many factors that influence transportation costs, but there is one that many companies overlook: the link between yard management, driver detention, and freight rates.“.

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Steel Fabrication and General Manufacturing Tips and Tricks for 2015


Still in all most fabricators have seen steel sales rise and customer demands and inventory requirements increase over the past several years. By employing proper freight accounting , through freight payment, auditing, and consolidation services, within a TMS solution, a shipper can go from paying $11 per freight invoice, all the way down to only 5 to 10% of the $11, according to Inbound Logistics magazine.