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Different Sectors of the Chemical Industry!

Supply Chain Game Changer

According to the latest published Chemical Sector Profile, there are mainly five sectors that embody the chemical industry: Agricultural Chemicals, Basic Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals, Consumer Products, and Pharmaceuticals. Agricultural Chemicals and the Environment. One of these chemicals is Nitrate.

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What to Keep in Mind When Managing a Chemical Supply Chain


The chemical industry faces a unique set of challenges regarding safety in their logistics operations. The transportation of chemicals requires next-level care and expertise as it deals with sensitive and potentially dangerous materials. Errors in shipping chemicals that are hazardous can have serious consequences.


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The Chemical Supply Chain: Challenges, Opportunities and Trends

John Galt

In this interview with Matt Hoffman, VP Customer Success at John Galt Solutions, we talk about challenges chemical supply chains face today and the future trends shaping SCP strategies in the industry.

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Why chemical companies need prescriptive analytics for S&OP


The chemical industry is facing some powerful changes that are directly impacting revenues and margins. This means chemical companies need to be adept at managing costs and profitability. There’s a lot of flux in the chemical industry. It’s also highly competitive. Everyone is trying to dominate their niche.

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Electrofuels Are the Future: The Driving Force to Decarbonizing Heavy Transport

Speaker: Ayesha Choudhury - Senior Vice President, Head of Capital Markets at Infinium

Not only that, but eFuels can also replace petroleum as a key component in the creation of chemicals and plastic solvents. Electrofuels (aka eFuels) are the next generation of solutions to help the hardest-to-abate sectors pivot from their reliance on fossil fuels.

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Transforming the GCC Chemical Industry with Supply Chain Integration – LogiSYM September 2020

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

The GCC chemical industry is second largest manufacturing industry in value add, after refining. 2017 Facts and Figures report by Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA), the chemical industry accounts for 3.1 Following COVID-19 the global chemical supply chain market reported a severe decline in output.

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Supply Chain Issues Have Hurt the U.S. Chemical Manufacturing Sector

Supply Chain Brain

A staggering 93% of chemical companies claim freight transportation and supply chain disruptions have affected them negatively.

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Digital Transformation: Why You Can’t Afford to Wait

Even global manufacturers –– companies across industrial, automotive, chemical, and energy industries –– are scrambling to mitigate the impacts of labor, material and energy shortages, delays, inflation, and unexpected events. It’s not just small and medium-size businesses that are caught off guard.