The Most Important Distribution Center Metrics to Track and Understand


Throughout the supply chain, the use of metrics to track and understand processes provides an invaluable resource for ensuring increased production and customer satisfaction. What Distribution Center Metrics Need Tracking?

[e-Book] The Ultimate Guide to Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation, & Freight Metrics & KPIs


Take a look at how a business can use technology, metrics, and services to improve transportation processes, which range from supplier shipping to route optimization. We hope you enjoy this comprehensive look into data, business intelligence, metrics, and the CORE KPIs every shipper and manufacturing or supply chain professional should know in order to continually improve business practices and reduce overall costs.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Optimize Manufacturing Operations with these 5 Golden Manufacturing Metrics


Editor's Note: As a third party logistics company with a focus on better Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) freight management, we have several shippers who are in the manufacturing industry. The 5 "Golden Metrics" to Know in order to Drastically Improve Manufacturing Operations.

50 Most Read Articles of All Time in Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation, & Freight


Since today is the last day of the year before we all get ramped up towards a productive 2016 and after finishing out top 10 most read articles in each of our five main categories ( Manufacturing , Supply Chain , Logistics , Transportation , & Freight ) we wanted to give you all a treat and list the top 50 most read articles of all time from the Cerasis blog. We have also now published an e-book , put out several white papers , and held several webinars. Happy New Year!

Webinar: Using LTL Key Process Indicators (February 27, 2013)

The Logistics of Logistics

In this free webinar, participants will learn a methodology for using LTL key process indicators (KPIs). The webinar will also cover ways to improve the number or on time shipments and improving customer service. Webinar topics will include: 1.) The methodologies that will be described in the webinar will be simple and proven. The post Webinar: Using LTL Key Process Indicators (February 27, 2013) appeared first on The Logistics of Logistics.

KPI 100

Wanted: Supply Chain Architects!

Supply Chain Shaman

This work is typically periodic to accompany a freight bid or an end-to-end project. This week, I will host our monthly webinar on S&OP: Why is it So Hard? Forty years ago as a chemical engineering student, I learned the tedious craft of chemical plant design.

Do People Skills Matter in the World of Logistics?

The Logistics of Logistics

Even as the industry is becoming more data driven than ever before and cutting-edge software is increasingly used to manage freight from start to finish, the development of your sales team is still important. Sales Tips Technology Webinars

9 KPIs to Track for Proper Freight Management


However, if you know what critical freight management KPIs or key performance indicators to track, you can know exactly how to change processes to decrease costs, which will result in savings for the end user. Federal Power Over Freight Management KPIs.

7 Freight Costs Considerations That Will Have Shippers Rethinking In-House Transportation Management


Freight costs are eminently controllable, however, efficiently managing this major budget item requires expertise. For the company determined to try, it is critical to maintaining constant guard on cost controls at every turn in every transaction, a daunting proposition for most companies whose competencies are not developed with optimal freight costs control as a core area of focus. The freight manager attempting to operate without this authority cannot be ideally effective.

Inbound Parcel Freight: What Are the Top Considerations for a Shipper?


Managing inbound parcel freight has increased in complexity with the global rise of e-commerce. Amazon has mastered inbound parcel freight management as part of its third-party marketplace, and small and mid-sized shippers are struggling to keep up. While part of the larger scheme for global economic growth, inbound parcel freight has become a top priority for shippers. What’s Causing Problems With Inbound Parcel Freight Management?

[e-Book] The Ultimate Guide to Last Mile & White Glove Logistics


Last mile e-commerce, last mile technology, last mile metrics and white glove services make standard shipping conversations seem like child’s play, and the new focus on the last mile is anything but. Leveraging Metrics, Shippers Find Better Ways to Excel at Customer Service and Last Mile Services. Freight Last Mile Logistics Transportation Management last mile and white gloveIt can be hard to wrap your mind around how encompassing last mile Logistics can be.

Multi Carrier Shipping: 8 Ways to Avoid the Shortsightedness Of Chasing The Least Cost Carrier


When you are looking to choose a carrier when it is time to ship your freight, it might seem obvious to go with the carrier that provides you with the lowest “sticker price.” You have to think about several factors beyond just the freight rate.

4 Long Term Ways to Save with Less Than Truckload Freight Shipping


So, your organization has decided to explore the benefits and perks of less than truckload freight shipping. The dedicated TMS can further eliminate the frustrations that occur with typical full-truckload (FT) shipments and small package freight by combining all KPIs and available options into a single, comprehensive tool. Overall Costs of Less Than Truckload Freight Shipping. Few shipping processes can be more complicated than managing Less than truckload freight shipping.

The Top 10 Supply Chain Blog Posts from 2017


Today, is day two of our annual year-end series highlighting the top blog posts in each of our 5 main categories: Manufacturing , Supply Chain , Logistics , Transportation Management , Freight. Omnichannel Supply Chain Metrics: What Should Supply Chain Leaders Measure?

Top 15 Logistics Blog Posts of 2014


However, though, with the expectations of an easy return experience from the B2C side of business, the industrial (read bigger freight shipments than small package) side and B2B side of business are now expected to have an efficient, focused, an costly reverse logistics program.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Using Historical Truck Carrier Rates Data and What Data to Use to Evaluate a Carrier


Shippers know truck carrier rates are the amount charged for transporting freight in a particular lane. First off, shippers should only use historical truck carrier rates for budgetary purposes such as planning transportation costs for certain freight.

Data 294

Getting the Full Value Add from 3PL Services by Avoiding Commoditization or Transactionalism


Since its inception, the 3PL industry has offered its services as single commodities or transactions rather than developing a holistic methodology that optimizes its services through aggregated capabilities such as freight rate negotiation and economies of scale.

3PL 276

Digitized Trucking: Turning The Logistics Value Chain Upside Down


Imagine that you own a truck and you receive an order from a soft drink manufacturer in Missouri to transport around 5000 kilograms of freight. Freight Technology Transportation

Reducing Costs in Shipping with a Focus on Inbound Logistics Strategy


Metrics and Auditing Prevent Overbilling and Overpayment to Vendors for Shipping Costs. Through modern technology, the inbound logistics strategy can be executed easier than believed, and real-time order tracking and metrics prevent overbilling and overpayment. Metrics can also go further than auditing by giving your company a means to measure the performance of your vendors, boosting compliance with the rules and stipulations within your inbound logistics guide.

The Top Logistics Blogs of 2016 …So Far


We continue our series on the top 5 blogs in our 4 main categories ( Freight , Manufacturing , Logistics , and Supply Chain ). Our first post covered the Top 5 Freight Management blogs of 2016. It was also evident that many folks wanted more information around KPIs and Metrics, as our top 5 included two posts from this sub-category. e-Book] The Ultimate Guide to Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation, & Freight Metrics & KPIs.

The 5 Most Popular Logistics Blog Posts for 2015….So Far


We will feature our 5 main categories all week: Logistics, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Transportation, and Freight. Our goal is and will always be with the Cerasis blog to provide as much value through informative and education blog posts in several categories that are pertinent to those in the manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, and freight industries. The Most Important Distribution Center Metrics to Track and Understand.

The Most Popular 16 Transportation Blog Posts from 2014


Transportation Metrics That Matter Most to Track and Improve Performance : How do you measure logistics efficiency and transportation metrics performance indicators when you are already doing the best job possible?

The Top 10 Manufacturing Blog Posts from 2014


Today, we kick off our annual year end series highlighting the top blog posts in each of our 7 main categories: Manufacturing , Supply Chain , Logistics , 3PL , Business , Transportation , Freight. Finally, the top 10 list was rounded out safety and metrics.

10 Ways Effective Transportation Management Drives Competitive Advantage


Transportation management is no longer a tactical approach to simply moving freight and doing it at the lowest possible cost. Working with carriers and all the freight you manage to create continuous movement strategies is a win-win approach. The ability to analyze the freight spend down to a single customer, at an order or even at a product level, can be a key input to developing competitive product pricing and identifying opportunities for change.

Why Reverse Logistics Systems and Transportation Management Should Be Considered Together


meaningful and accurate performance metrics. In such cases, it’s advisable to look to experts in freight management, logistics, and reverse logistics systems implementation to optimize customer service and maximize potential profit.

10 Tips Shippers Can Use to Reduce Costs in LTL Procurement with Better Request for Pricing Bidding


BONUS : Download the Guide To LTL Freight Mangement White Paper. P re-bid supply chain and customer analysis helps LTL shippers define strategic bid objectives, such as reducing costs or number of carriers, delivering goods to market more quickly, and addressing freight challenges within certain geographic areas. Routing guides optimize freight lanes and remove excess shipping costs.

Last Mile eCommerce: Why eCommerce Logistics Now Requires Expertise in Last Mile & White Glove Logistics Services


It can include assembly and installation, furniture repair, pickups, and exchanges, reports Brian Straight of Freight Waves. Leveraging Metrics, Shippers Find Better Ways to Excel at Customer Service and Last Mile Services.

Lean Manufacturing: Is it Really Worth It? 16 Big Benefits Say, “Yes.”


Insufficient metrics employed by many business leaders often reflect only on areas like production labor efficiency and equipment usages—focusing inordinate amounts of emphasis on improvement in these isolated areas and failing to identify performance issues throughout the company. In addition, establishing a well-rounded set of metrics, set up self-monitoring metrics that hold individuals accountable for tracking their own levels of participation in the lean program.

Lean 263

7 Incredible Benefits of Cloud-Based Logistics Management


The cloud-based supply chain software can be customized to suit your industry, your transportation , freight-forwarding and warehousing specialty, import-export regulations. The cloud-based logistics has lots of metric tools.

Where have all the Truckers Gone? 10 Strategies for Shippers to Fight the Capacity and Trucker Shortage


Preferred shippers maintain complete, detailed communications about each freight load with carriers. Implement a Transportation Management System (TMS) to comprehensively manage logistics surrounding and including the shipping function as well as related performance metrics.

The 5 Benefits of Hybrid SaaS TMS


To be clear, at Cerasis, our TMS, the Cerasis Rater , is not a pure SaaS TMS offering, only due to the fact that we also offer services that happen outside of the TMS such as carrier relations & rate negotiations, freight accounting services, freight claims, and other services.

7 Easy Steps to Create an Inbound Vendor Routing Guide


It manages inbound freight, not unlike the incoming blood supply from the lungs, and pumps it out to the remainder of your supply chain. For each weakness or issue, provide instructions on how to avoid delays and ensure adherence to appropriate carrier selection and freight classification. This includes accounting for variances in freight classification and cost due to increasing use of dimensional (DIM) pricing models.

TMS Systems: The 3 Core Areas & 9 Main Features to Expect Upon Evaluation


Well designed TMS systems contribute in all these stages and helps to take a business global through effective management of freight flows and increased efficiency throughout the distribution network.

System 305

Sustainable Logistics: Quantifying Sustainability Measures of Your Logistics

Cerasis cites data from The Network for Transit and the Environment that shows that measured by grams/kg/km air freight as the largest carbon footprint impact and steamships as the lowest. According to the American Trucking Association, in the USA trucks move 11 billion tons of freight each year; deliver 100 percent of all consumer products and 70 percent of all freight tonnage; and deliver to the 80 percent of U.S.

What is the FMSCA’s Unified Registration System (URS) And What is the Impact on Transportation & Logistics Management?


All freight forwarders, freight brokers, motor carriers, which includes private and for-hire motor carriers of passengers and freight, IEPs , and cargo tank manufacturing and repair facilities under the jurisdiction of the FMCSA are going to be required to register with this platform.

System 210