How The Government Shutdown Effects Logistics


The government shutdown is now entering day 34 , about a quarter of the government remains unfunded including the Department of Homeland Security. The post How The Government Shutdown Effects Logistics appeared first on CargoBarn

The Best Way to Set Inventory Targets?


Source: Gartner, Cover Considerations—How to Optimize Retail and Consumer Product Inventory Targets, 2017. But I have to differ with the conclusions of a recent report, “ Cover Considerations — How to Optimize Retail and Consumer Product Inventory Targets.”.

Why Solid Project Governance – or Lack of It – Spells Success or Failure in Supply Chain

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Nobody will make a blockbuster movie out of this true story because project governance isn’t a particularly glamorous topic. The three main elements of project governance are basic questions to be answered: What do we want to do? But good project governance saves time and money by making sure you stay organized and focused. Without good communication and a clear governance structure in place, these turnarounds might not have been possible.

Three New Ways Retailers Can Improve Inventory Performance


By using data to stock items with higher forecasted demand, they can reallocate cash that would normally be tied up in poorly performing inventory, avoid margin erosion from markdowns and dead stock, and increase overall on-shelf availability metrics.

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Double Inventory Turnover In 9 months!

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Check out World Class Inventory Turnover Breakthrough Elements! “If we are truly a Supply Chain Services Company, then why is our Inventory Turnover only at 7?”, In that meeting I set the target … we needed to reach double digit Inventory turns within the next year.

Inventory Turnover Breakthrough … Go Back To The Basics!

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Check out World Class Inventory Turnover Breakthrough Elements! I had accepted a career changing challenge … how to change the company’s Inventory Turnover performance from being perennially worst in the Industry to being one of the best. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

S&OP: Can You Make Decisions at the Speed of Business?

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Teams continuously balance cost, customer service, asset utilization and inventory. Governance. As the supply chain becomes more automated and less dependent on spreadsheets, governance grows in importance. Yawn.

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Real-Time Inventory Management: 5 Ways Advanced Computer Analytics Will Transform Traditional Inventory Management


Manufacturers have always struggled to obtain the most accurate inventory levels possible. A need for real-time inventory management has arisen, but until now, we didn't have a way to make it a reality. In our predictions’ blog post from earlier this year, we noted how customization will begin to replace traditional inventory management, and essentially, customization goes back to using computer analytics to generate a more accurate, successful view of inventory management.

The Ins and Outs of SDE Analysis in Inventory Management


Inventory control encompasses all aspects of managing a business’ inventory stock, from purchasing, shipping, receiving, tracking, warehousing and storage, turnover, and reordering. Inventory control is such a critical function for many businesses spanning every industry. Without effective inventory control methods, the supply chain can suffer , you risk not being able to meet customer demands adequately, and your business’ bottom line will reflect this.

Lean and Agile Performance Measurement Governance (Part 1)

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At a recent industry conference, I asked my 80-plus audience to raise their hands if they were “OK” with the current status of their performance measurement governance practices – including Metrics Identification, Measuring, Tracking, and Controlling.

Inventory Turnover – A Formula For Achieving Game Changing Results!

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As we have discussed in other blog posts we have tackled Inventory Turnover several times, amongst many other challenges. Your challenge may be trying to improve Inventory performance or trying to create a transformational improvement in some other area. Governance.

When the Heavy Hand of Government is Not a Burden

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Responding to large-scale crises such as the Ebola outbreak requires government resources. I’m no fan of Big Government, but there are some cases where a system-wide view is much more efficient than a localized, distributed view.

What is Web Based Inventory Management Software?


You run a lean business model with minimal overheads and using web-based inventory management software plays a big part in this. And you expect the same standard for inventory management software. What to Expect from Web-Based Inventory Management Software. Introduction.

Is Your Company on top of its Inventory Planning Game?

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Good inventory management, like everything else, starts with good planning. But planning isn’t just the start; it’s the very foundation of effective inventory control. Inventory planning also happens to be an area that many companies fail to prioritise sufficiently.

Best Practice: Creating a Governance Mechanism for Analytical Learning in Organizations


The linkages between the enterprise and local teams are very tight, to ensure that functionally unique applications are inventoried centrally so all parties can leverage these tools. An important governance mechanism that drives analytical process is the Supply Chain Director’s Council, whose mandate is to focus on the availability and ability of the supply chain to deliver parts and core finished goods to customers.

How to Implement a Transportation Management System SAP


A transportation management system SAP is a valuable tool for consolidating logistics, shipping, and inventory information. Hospitality Healthcare Commercial Industrial Government

7 Key Factors that Underpin the Success of your Inventory Optimization Initiative

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From the most basic to the most advanced organization, Inventory Optimization is a critical goal and one which underpins the effectiveness of the supply chain operation. Inventory Optimization requires an organization to sustain and maintain the right mix of cost versus service. In this article we will examine inventory optimization processes as part of a structured sequential journey and examine seven of the key factors in delivering the optimal mix of stock.

This Week in Logistics News (October 7-11, 2013)

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Federal Government Shutdown Starts to Crimp Trade ( Wall Street Journal ). government shutdown is having an impact on global trade. There’s lots going on today, so let’s go straight to the news. Freight Shipments Rose 0.4% in August from July.

Supply Chain Graphic of the Week on A Framework for Inventory Decision Making

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Visibility, Analytics, Knowledge and Governance

Vendor Managed Inventory? Think twice and consider the risks!

Supply Chain View from the Field

Historically, businesses have used one of two extremes for inventory management: push-based or pull-based. Push-based inventory management uses demand forecast to manage inventory and replenish from the supply base. Pull-based inventory management, on the other hand, uses consumption to replenish from the supply base and manage inventory. Inventory levels actually increased at downstream (buyer) facilities.

Best Buy Increases Inventory to Meet Customer Demand Across Channels

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In this week’s Friday in 5: Best Buy increases inventory to support multiple channels; Americans say their economic prospects are brighter, despite ongoing concerns; Nordstrom bets big on high-touch technology; Parts Town takes a new approach to automation technology; and a new complication slows free trade negotiations. According to the Wall Street Journal, Best Buy reported inventories on its balance sheet at $4.96

Renegade Riposte

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After spending five tedious years on the SCOR council executive board, I know that the governance model limited the SCOR council. I get called frequently to talk to supply chain leadership teams about inventory. What CEO does not like the concept of reducing inventory?

Should You Be Using SDE Analysis to Classify Your Inventory?


Inventory levels can fluctuate with demand and keeping track of everything without the right inventory control can be a challenge. Look to implement a periodic inventory analysis to enhance your inventory control practices. Inventory analysis is a critical step that guides the decision-making process from business owners. Inventory analysis can streamline your product classification system, which will lead to smoother inventory control processes.

Trip Report on Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference 2018 Part 2

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Need for Inventory Governance and Other Breakout Session Highlights

The Journey for Excellence

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I am busy finalizing a report on the current state of the inventory optimization market, rewriting and updating a report on Sales and Operations technologies, and penning a new report on Supply Chain Centers of Excellence. (We 4) Regional Global Governance.

Achieve Breakthrough Results! Go From Worst to First!

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We launched the Global Inventory Turnover Breakthrough project on April 1st. Our challenge was to improve Inventory turnover from 6.3 Our Inventory turnover was perennially the worst in our industry. By the end of the first quarter we had improved our Inventory turns by 1.1.

Why Traceability Matters More Than Ever


The food and beverage industry faces unique challenges in tracking and storing food and ingredient inventory. Manufacturing Inventory Management TraceabilityTraceability technology may be the future of the food and beverage industry.

7 Steps To Manage Your Chemical Inventory With Software


Also, you need to comply with various government laws and regulations that include keeping a proper record of hazardous chemicals. Here, we’ll cover how you can use off-the-shelf inventory management software to manage your chemical inventory. Introduction.

Elephant in the Room: Thoughts on Metrics That Matter in Semiconductor and Hard Disk Drives


Consider that the Chinese and India governments are investing in the semiconductor industry. Understanding inventory planning will take on a new dynamic. On the downside, it appears that these industries are struggling with inventory issues. by CJ Wehlage.

Transformation Breakthrough – Creating the Culture to Break Barriers!

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Governance. Check out Inventory Turnover Breakthrough (Part 5) – From Worst to First! Inventory #Business #SupplyChain #humanresources. Change Management Human Resources Inventory Management Supply Chain Management Business HumanResources Inventory supplychain

Bottles, Barrels and the Business of Beverage Distribution

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With growing populations and rising disposable income of consumers, changes in the type and the volume of beverages to be made and delivered then affect inventory management and requirements for transportation. Multi-echelon inventory optimisation.

How Logistics, Manufacturing, and Production Operations are solving the same Supply Chain problems


While the theme is a bit untimely with the previous shutdown, “good enough for government work” is the commonplace attitude across many traditional operations. Reducing Inventory: Inventory should never sit on a shelf or a closet. Reduce inventory.

Your supply chain is costing you money – Reason #5 Not having a supply chain risk management process


Conflicts, government policy changes, regulatory changes and coups can mean that supply is suddenly turned off or that a market is no longer available. If your demand decreases, you have excess inventory or idle capacity.

8-Step Importing Guide For First Timers


Customs and Border Protection enforces hundreds of laws for 40 other government agencies! You could do it manually but why do it when smart inventory management systems , such as EMERGE App , can automatically calculate landed costs for you? Introduction.

Integrated Planning: Is It Rubbish? Be Careful What You Ask For….

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Getting good at the hand-offs in roles and governance is key. The process flows across regions and planning teams and the inherent governance of around who plans, makes decisions and provides inputs are critical to success. Are we clear on governance?

Supply Chain Predictions for 2018: Real-Time, Innovation, Cognitive, Blockchain, Industry-Academic Partnerships, and Taking a Stand!


Linton] co-authored The Living Supply Chain , which argues that “Speeding up the supply chain is at the root of everything that is good: improved revenue, reduced working capital, higher profitability, and less obsolete inventory.

Will the Internet of Things (IoT) Help Eliminate Information Latency and Deficiency in Supply Planning?


Mary Barra, GM’s CEO, announced a partnership for the development of a 125 mile long corridor of Intelligent and Connected Infrastructure in collaboration with academia, government and industry.