Driving Supply Chain Analytics User Adoption with Cross-Departmental Metrics


The obvious danger of this is that business rules and data governance often don’t exist from department to department or user to user, leaving an overall picture into the health of the business that is foggy because KPIs and metrics do not correlate across the organization.

Needed: A National Governance Framework for Healthcare Supply Chains


We have started to put together ideas on what a national governance framework would look like, which would begin by establishing a standing governance model for national disasters. Criteria for setting the governance process in motion – what triggers it? Clear metrics (e.g.

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Supplier Quality Management: What it is, 5 Key Metrics to Know & a 4 Step Supplier Evaluation Process


The next posts in the series will break down metrics and issues to consider in SQM by industry and conclude with a case study on the application of SQM. 5 Key Metrics to Use for Scoring Supplier Quality Management (From LNS Research ). The definition of this metric is similar to the way it sounds. Quality affects many different parts of the business, so it is critical to establish a comprehensive metric that provides visibility into the most important areas of operations.

Rating Sustainability Performance: An Essential Business Metric


Read on for more details about EcoVadis ratings in this interview (first published on the ING Wholesale Banking site): Rating Sustainability Performance: An Essential Business Metric.

Elephant in the Room: Thoughts on Metrics That Matter in Semiconductor and Hard Disk Drives


Supply Chain Insights recently published a Metrics That Matter report covering both the Semiconductor and Hard Disk Drive (HDD) industries. Semiconductor is poised to consolidate, which will have huge impact on the metrics. by CJ Wehlage.

Guest Post: Ignoring this Performance Metric is Risky


Keeping an eye on changes in government policies is another important detection activity, which often falls under the umbrella of a centralized corporate function such as Legal or Compliance.

8 Master Data Governance Best Practices for Better Customer Engagement & ROI


Here, comes the role of master data management and data governance and in short master data governance. What is Master Data Governance? Master data governance can be defined as the process of leveraging data governance to improve the management of master data.

Lean and Agile Performance Measurement Governance (Part 1)

Supply Chain Nation

At a recent industry conference, I asked my 80-plus audience to raise their hands if they were “OK” with the current status of their performance measurement governance practices – including Metrics Identification, Measuring, Tracking, and Controlling. Systemized metrics tracking.

Manufacturing Labor Productivity: A Vital Metric to Spur for American Manufacturing to Compete


Unfortunately, investment in R&D by the federal government is declining. Twitter The post Manufacturing Labor Productivity: A Vital Metric to Spur for American Manufacturing to Compete appeared first on Freight Logistics Company | Cerasis.

Sustainability : Can Procurement do better than Governments?


Since the failure of the Copenhagen conference, to agree on a real regulation of carbon emissions last December, it is becoming increasingly clear that governments are struggling to reach agreements on Sustainability issues. In May the French government decided to push back by 6 months the “environmental labeling” regulation, and watered down its scope.

Best Practice: Creating a Governance Mechanism for Analytical Learning in Organizations


An important governance mechanism that drives analytical process is the Supply Chain Director’s Council, whose mandate is to focus on the availability and ability of the supply chain to deliver parts and core finished goods to customers. This is broken down into more minute analyses of what could happen with a smaller range of capital, and what could be delivered with different product health indicators including yield or other operational metrics.

New report reveals gaps in data and tools for digital transformation


In what follows, we’ll summarize key takeaways from the report, the 2nd Annual Data Governance, Data Quality and Artificial Intelligence in the Supply Chain , and why companies must take a more proactive stance when it comes to data and analytics, rather than just “wait and see.”

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Sustainable Purchasing & Supply Summit 2015

Supply Chain Movement

The first UK conference to present an holistic view of sustainable procurement and the role of the supply chain in more responsible business and government. The Latest Thinking on Metrics, Reporting & Compliance. Sustainable Purchasing & Supply Summit 2015.

7 KPIs Your Procurement Team May Be Ignoring!

Supply Chain Game Changer

For this reason, your organization should be gauging a supplier’s overall willingness to be governed. Word to the wise… standardization in your governance activities will return better results when gauging supplier base compliance as a KPI. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

The Causes Of Bad Data, And How To Fix Them

HICX Solutions

Human fallibility in particular is one of the main reasons why you need data governance measures in place, as one of the main aims of governance is to make sure there are stringent approval processes that will catch any errors early on in the data lifecycle.

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Legal Experts Need to be Front and Center in Negotiating Software Contracts

Supply Chain View from the Field

What are the key metrics that are going to determine success? Contract Management Customer Relationship Management Emerging Issues in Supply Chain Government Acquisition Supply Chain Legal Issues Supply Chain Management Supply chain RelationshipsI had the opportunity to engage in a negotiation seminar with a large insurance company last week, and had the team work on a software contract role play.

U.K. Just Now Asks Business to Map Supply Chain Ahead of Brexit

Supply Chain Brain

One of the people expressed bafflement that it’s taken so long for the government to ask for the data. The course the government decides on will determine what burden exporters face, and whether it’s still viable for them to trade with the EU and with third countries Britain now has trade agreements with as a member of the bloc. Quality & Metrics Regulation and Compliance SC Analysis & Consulting All Logistics Global Logistics Transportation & Distribution All Technology

As Cities Get ‘Smarter,’ Energy Sector Said to Be at Greatest Risk to Cyberattacks

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Respondents to a global survey by ISACA, an international professional association focused on IT governance, flag the energy sector to be the critical infrastructure system most susceptible to cyberattacks (71 percent), followed by communications (70 percent) and financial services (64 percent). Global Supply Chain Management SC Analysis & Consulting Quality & Metrics Supply Chain Security & Risk Mgmt.

Seven Keys to Scaling your Supplier Scorecarding Program


Executives know that clear performance metrics are the starting point for supplier management. These systems include essential data governance, data cleansing and reporting capabilities. A solid supplier scorecarding program can drive big cost savings in the supply chain.

Do Your Business Relationships Suffer from Strategic Drift?

Talking Logistics

It comes down to a matter of insightful governance based on a flexible framework that aligns the parties through their initial work together to set up the agreement, and maps a continuous approach to day-to-day relationship management. In the University of Tennessee’s Vested Certified Deal Architect program, we focus on how a properly architected governance structure can help prevent strategic drift. The governance structure should promote and drive transformational efforts.

A.I. for Compliance: An ‘Artificial’ Answer to a Very Real Problem

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Haddock likens the governing structure to a sandwich, with the technology layer residing between a compliance officer who sets the rules at the outset, and another who can act on the analytics performed by the A.I. Regulation and Compliance SC Analysis & Consulting HR & Labor Management Global Supply Chain Management Business Strategy Alignment Quality & Metrics All Technology Big Data/IOT

Getting Bangladesh’s Apparel Industry on the Map

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In the past, it has been cobbled together from government licensing groups and brands’ supplier rosters. Business Strategy Alignment Global Supply Chain Management HR & Labor Management Quality & Metrics Sustainability Supply Chain Security & Risk Mgmt. A series of social compliance audits had failed to uncover structural problems in the five-story Rana Plaza building, which collapsed on April 24, 2013.

The Gig Economy Is Here to Stay — But Can Workers Survive in It?

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With the government having stopped collecting relevant data back in 2005, the task has fallen to private think tanks like McKinsey Global Institute and the Brookings Institution , and freelancing platforms like Upwork Global Inc. HR & Labor Management Quality & Metrics Regulation and Compliance Global Supply Chain Management Business Strategy Alignment Education & Professional Development Home Page Latest News Home Page Slider Editors' Blog

We Need Supply Chain Immunity, not Resiliency: A Position Paper


In today’s post I am sharing insights from a position paper that my colleague Dan Finkenstadt, PhD , myself, and other academic and government officers are working on. A new governance paradigm is needed for national supply chain contingencies.

Why Do We Forget to Define Supply Chain Excellence?

Supply Chain Insights

The importance of supplier development and risk management, along with corporate social responsibility and governance are emphasized. What specific policies, processes, and metrics in the supply chain would achieve success in this strategy?

Navigating The End-to-End Journey

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Companies that have cross-functional alignment and clear governance models can make progress faster. When the leader orchestrates, the functional metrics are about reliability with all functions align against a common portfolio of metrics. Define Regional/Global Governance.

Necessity is the Mother of Innovation


At the same time, start a frank discussion about which metrics matter right now. state governments competing right now with the U.S. federal government to snap up the same limited supply of N95 masks and the near-term production capacity for more masks.

Is S&OP Excellence Slip Slidin’ Away?

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Most people, enamored with technology, find it difficult to drive governance (who should make decisions and how should decisions be made). Governance. Governance clarity is paramount in the definition of a global supply chain.

S&OP 317

The “First Five” Industrial Manufacturing Trends of 2017


Current industrial manufacturing trends show the new administration is pushing for reshoring among the nation’s biggest manufacturers, and new technologies are revolutionizing how companies respond to growing skepticism and scrutiny by the public and government oversight as well. This will lead to the creation of more metrics and business-intelligence tools to help improve manufacturing operations. Actionable Metrics Will Enhance Operations, Reducing Costs.

Quick Start Guide to Using Machine Learning for Demand Planning


Without baseline metrics on what you want to improve on and why, how can you be confident your strategy is working? Data Quality It’s a good idea to implement regimented data governance programs to clean, filter and maintain information quality through that data’s lifecycle.

BASF: A Story of a Supply Chain Leader

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Over the period of 2009-2015 only 88% of companies made improvement on the “Supply Chain Metrics That Matter.” (The The Supply Chain Metrics That Matter are a portfolio of metrics which correlate to higher market capitalization. One of our first focus areas was global governance.

How Supply Chain Will be Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Material Handling & Logistics

The Institute for Supply Management conducted a special survey that asked members to assess how Harvey might impact six key business metrics and whether they may be impacted by shortages of input materials due to Harvey. "Our Most Impacted Metrics. Moderately Impacted Metrics.

L’Oréal: A Case Study in Supply Chain Excellence

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The award, based on beating the industry peer group on rate of improvement on the key metrics of growth, operating margin, inventory turns, and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) while outperforming their peer group, is tough to achieve.

Gartner’s Five-Stage Maturity Model for Supply Chain Analytics


Here are the five stages: In Stage 1 the goal is to use data to measure a single metric within a particular function , focused on after-the-fact performance. Companies focus on data harmonization and good data governance so the analytics can leverage end-to-end process data.

[PODCAST] Shippers Who Excel at Recruiting Talent Improve Innovation, Culture, & Service


The Ultimate Guide to Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation, & Freight Metrics & KPIs. Hello and welcome back to another episode of “The Freight Project Podcast!” On today’s The Freight Project Podcast episode Cerasis welcomes Teresa Obinger, the Cerasis Human Resources Manager. Teresa spends a bulk of her time recruiting the top talent in the transportation technology & solutions world, and as you’ll hear, a whole lot more.