What is the True Cost of Sustainable Apparel from Bangladesh? Insights from Harvard “Sustainable Models for the Apparel Industry” Conference


Rejaul is from Bangladesh, and is working on his PhD in the College of Textiles at NC State University, and is passionate on the subject of sustainable apparel from his home country. This week he provided a great set of summaries from the Harvard Conference on “Sustainable Models for the Apparel Industry” held on September 24 at the Harvard Law School. What are the major facts inhibiting the Bangladesh apparel industry in being safe and sustainable?

Audit Safe?

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262 workers died in Pakistan in September 2012 in a factory fire. In a recent study , completed by Supply Chain Insights in cooperation with GreenBiz Group, we see that sustainability leaders and supply chain teams are not aligned on the effectiveness of supplier audits.

So Your Supply Chain is Banning Bangladesh….and Going to Cambodia?: “The Ugliest Race to the Bottom”

Supply Chain View from the Field

Sanjiv Pandita, executive director of the Asia Monitor, called it “the ugliest race to the bottom, because the financial crisis in America and Europe means that people are scared of buying expensive things” But as any buying agent who has visited these countries knows, things aren’t much better when you visit factories in other parts of Asia, including Myanmar, Pakistan, China, Indonesia, or India.

The transparent gift guide: 8 purchases with a purpose


From the sustainability to human rights and everything in between – there are great businesses out there making quality products with stories that matter to you. Ensuring it is made in an ethical and sustainable way makes it much more meaningful and distinctive.’”

Uganda 101

How Many Slaves Are in Your Supply Chain?

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The company is also stopping production in Ecuador, Venezuela, Belarus and Pakistan by April 2014 (these countries scored low in a World Bank report that assessed countries on accountability, corruption, violence, and other metrics).

China’s Historic Silk Road is Resurrected from the Rubble


In 2013, President Xi Jin Ping introduced an initiative to construct a modern-day equivalent of the Silk Road as part of the country’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Among one of the biggest projects is the $62 billion China-Pakistan Corridor, which will facilitate increased trade with one of China’s biggest allies in the region. Sustainability and Interconnected Economic Growth.

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Mindmap for Global Logistics Integration

Supply Chain Movement

Pakistan. In a world with an increasing number of political disturbances and mounting pressure to create sustainability, companies in a global market have to design their logistics strategy to meet demand in a cost efficient, optimal way: Plan.