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Supply Chain AI Strategy: Navigating Apparel Industry Complexities


Navigating the $5 trillion North American apparel market requires precision, especially when dealing with the intricate complexities of forecasting and inventory management. The Apparel Industry’s Forecasting Maze Mastering the art of forecasting is critical in the apparel industry.

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Supply Chain Management in Apparel Industry


Managing the flow of goods within the apparel industry requires an extensive and well-established supply chain network. Supply chain management can really be a deal-breaker for an apparel business. Stages of Operations in an Apparel Business. Design is the first step that happens in apparel manufacturing.

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The Importance of Supply Chain in the Apparel Industry!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Apparel Fulfillment – A Sneak Peek! Apparel supply chain management is a key factor in determining the success of the apparel business. Within the apparel industry, the key operations within the supply chain concern the following: Movement of Raw Materials Human Resources Logistics and Transportation. Email Address.

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Podcast | A Failing Grade on Ending Forced Labor in Apparel Supply Chains

Supply Chain Brain

A new report card on forced labor in apparel supply chains gives brands and manufacturers mostly failing grades in their efforts to put a stop to it.

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Iron Sustainability into All Tiers of Your Apparel Supply Chain


9 critical tips for increasing supply chain sustainability in the apparel industry. Building sustainability into the apparel supply chain requires working with both first-tier and lower-tier suppliers. Traceability solutions can help improve sustainability throughout the apparel supply chain. Key Takeaways.

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Next Level Apparel® Takes its Demand and Inventory Planning to the Next Level with the Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform


a leader in supply chain innovation powering the sustainable and resilient enterprise, today announced the addition of Next Level Apparel® (NLA) to its customer community. Before implementing the Logility platform in January, Next Level Apparel used a mix of Excel spreadsheets and a legacy proprietary ERP system to manage its supply chain.

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Eight Practices for Implementing Traceability in Apparel Supply Chains


The apparel industry in particular has pioneered traceability practices that can be adopted across retail sectors. Out of necessity, sophisticated technology has been developed to track and trace every touchpoint of an apparel product from inception to delivery. Compliance with these regulations is now a necessity.

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