The Saga of Supply Chain Innovation

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As supply chain leaders face heightened demand uncertainty and extreme supply chain disruption, the answer is not going to come from Silcon Valley. What Does This Mean for Supply Chain Technology? What Does This Mean for Supply Chain Leaders?

Dealing With The Supply Chain Gloppy Mess

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For the first in seven years, I was not heads-down preparing for The Supply Chain Insights Global Summit. Pre-pandemic only 30% of supply chain leaders were satisfied with their supply chains, and during the pandemic, business leader satisfaction is falling precipitously.


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Supply chain ecosystems

Supply Chain Movement

The climate is also having a very direct effect on supply chains. For example, the extremely low water levels in the Rhine and Danube rivers – two key inland transport arteries – are delaying supplies of raw materials and finished products.

The Fallacy of the Self-driving Supply Chain

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”) So, I sat across from a stranger on a cold winter night, the only thing that we had in common was our experience in supply chain planning. . And won’t the supply chain follow suit?” Self-driving supply chains are an example.

Control Tower and Visibility Solution Guide

Supply chain leaders face the daunting challenge of delivering cost-effective services against stiff industry competition. Discover why a unified and converged approach will make all the difference in running an efficient and cost-effective supply chain.

Supply Chain Leaders Rearranging Deck Chairs? Yes, I Think So.

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After finishing the Supply Chains to Admire report and the Youtube series (to be released this week), this is my feeling. What Is Supply Chain Excellence? The seven years of work on the Supply Chains to Admire is part of my quest to answer Keith’s question.

Amazon’s AWS Supply Chain Joins the B2B Supply Chain Platform Race

Supply Chain Matters

Supply Chain Matters This Week in Supply Chain Tech highlights yet another Cloud based B2B supply chain control layer platform announcement, this time from Amazon’s AWS Cloud computing division. Broader Supply Chain Tech Landscape Implications.

Building a Triple A Supply Chain: Ten Tactics That Work

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At Supply Chain Insights , as we combed through over 9000 quantitative responses on supply chain management from business leaders to understand what drives supply chain excellence in preparation for the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit , in the process, we proved Hau Lee’s theorem in the Famous Harvard Business Review Article, “Triple A Supply Chains.” First, great supply chains are agile.

2022 Supply Chain Predictions

Logistics Viewpoints

ARC analysts have published predictions about supply chain technology trends at the beginning of the year in past years. Supply Chain Disruptions Will Diminish, but Remain Substantial. Inflation Will Hinder Supply Chain Resiliency, Supply Diversification Efforts.

Peloton’s Supply Chain Strategy Turnabout

Supply Chain Matters

This week, the company announced a reversal in manufacturing and supply chain strategy, as well as a major turnabout. Supply chain strategy, process, talent and enabling technologies each play important roles.

TMS+: Go Beyond Transport to Optimize Cost, Service, & Resiliency

In the aftermath of the pandemic, supply chain inadequacies have been revealed in a new light. In order to thrive, companies need to take a more synchronized approach. Learn why a holistic “TMS+” approach is integral to success in the new normal and beyond.

Supply Chain 2030: Forge a New Path

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The Supply Chain Insights Global Summit is over, but we hope the energy to define Supply Chain 2030 is just beginning. Today only 12% of supply chain teams are driving improvement, performing better than their competitors and driving value (as determined by Price to Tangible Book Value). As companies prepare for Supply Chain 2030, we think that it is time to rethink the basics. Seven Predictions for Supply Chain 2030.

Supply Chain Performance Declined In the Last Decade. The Question is Why?

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We stubbed our toe in supply chain management at the beginning of the decade. Facing The Issues of Supply Chain Performance. As I work through this year’s Supply Chains to Admire , I cannot help but shake my head. appeared first on Supply Chain Shaman.

Resilience for Supply Chain Decarbonisation

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

Resilience for Supply Chain Decarbonisation. by Dr. Shereen Nassar , Global Director of Logistics Studies and Director of MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management Suite at Heriot-Watt University Dubai. That was not the case for many other supply chains.

Megatrends Shaping Supply Chain Innovation

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

Megatrends Shaping Supply Chain Innovation. While the COVID-19 pandemic woke up supply chains around the world, the ripple effects continue to disrupt in both size and scope. How are supply chains planning for further disruption and uncertainty?

Smarter Networks for Customer Fulfillment

Speaker: Hannah Testani, COO, Intelligent Audit

You've probably noticed that shipping costs are going up. Have you ever wondered if your transportation spend is as optimized as it could be? It's 2019, and consumers are expecting shipping to be cheap and quick, but that can turn into a real headache from the shipper's side of the equation if you don't make the appropriate changes. But what changes do you even need to make? Join Hannah Testani, COO of Intelligent Audit, as she takes us through the reasons why your shipping could cost so much, and how to use big data and digital transformation to move the needle on your transportation spend.

Revitalizing the Food Supply Chain

Enterra Insights

A recent article published by the World Economic Forum ran under a headline declaring the global food supply chain dead.[1] ” His arguments beg the question: Can the global food supply chain be fixed? ” Food Supply Chain Troubles.

Food 130

Wanted: Supply Chain Architects!

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Manufacturing is the foundation of my interest in supply chain management. Supply Chain and Design. This was the beginning of my journey from manufacturing to understanding larger supply chain concepts. Warehouse Management and Transportation Management were in their infancy. Much to my chagrin, when I entered into the world of supply chain, the processes of source, make and deliver were usually not designed.

Championing Supply Chain Digitalization

Enterra Insights

We live in a digital age in which, according to Yossi Sheffi ( @YossiSheffi ), Director of the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics, big data is an organization’s most valuable asset. After all, supply chains or value chains are characterized by connectivity.

Help Supply Chain Planners Be More Successful In These Uncertain Times

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As I shopped at Best Buy for office supplies, I struggled to not think about the massive disruption of electronics supply chain. As markets shift, supply chains struggle to adjust. Supply chains operate blindly on order data.

10 FAQs on Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

TMS have evolved to include robust functionality around modes, warehouse steps, visibility, cost-to-serve, and much more. Use this FAQ sheet to discover new solution benefits, capabilities, and opportunities available to get the highest ROI on your investment.

The Supply Chain Has Synchronization Problems

Enterra Insights

Almost everyone knows global supply chains have experienced challenges over the past year. When it comes to global supply chains, there are a lot more than two activities that must take place in harmony if things are going to proceed as planned.

Understanding Supply Chain Sustainability

Logistics Viewpoints

Supply chain sustainability can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. However, supply sustainability goes well beyond these initiatives. I’ve spoken to many supply chain leaders over the last few years and sustainability has consistently come up as a top priority.

Building Supply Chain Resilience: The Right Balance of Human and Tech in Transportation


The post Building Supply Chain Resilience: The Right Balance of Human and Tech in Transportation appeared first on 3GTMS. 3PL Freight Brokers Transportation Management

6 Key 2021 Supply Chain Trends to Watch


As the logistics industry prepares for the 2021 supply chain trends, an uncertain future becomes the problem. The post 6 Key 2021 Supply Chain Trends to Watch appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis.

Trends 268

Case Study: DSV Implements a Single-Instance Control Tower with a Global Footprint

This case study illustrates how DVS implemented a Single-Instance Control Tower with a Global Footprint to deal with the challenge of connecting people, systems, and processes.

Avoiding Dead-end Streets As We Build the Future of Supply Chain Planning

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This week, I spoke at a University of Wisconsin event on responsiveness and ASCM on the future of supply chain planning. Here I want to share insights on my beliefs on the future of Supply Chain Planning. Yes, the supply chain is awash with real-time data.

The Transportation Supply Chain: Transportation’s Role in Supply Chain Management to Lower Total Costs


In order to avoid incidents of mismatch between supply and demand, establish more efficient manufacturing and lower costs, it is necessary to establish an environment of consistent supply chain visibility. Everything from sourcing raw materials, manufacturing, to the sales channels which feed supply for a finished product are essential factors. One of the often missing links, however, in supply chain visibility, is transportation management.

10 Most Effective Tips for Optimizing Your Supply Chain


Supply chains are complex ecosystems of people, tools, and strategies that are getting increasingly difficult to manage efficiently. The post 10 Most Effective Tips for Optimizing Your Supply Chain appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis.

When Will Blockchain Hype Pay-off in Supply Chain Operations?

Enterra Insights

Many articles about blockchain technology in the supply chain contain the word “potential.” ”[3] In other words, will the hype surrounding blockchain technology ever pay-off in supply chain operations? Supply Chain Transparency.

Enabling Assurance of Supply in the Global Marketplace

Speaker: Adrian Gonzalez, Tom Nightingale, and Martin Verwijmeren

Watch this insightful conversation about enabling assurance of supply in the global marketplace to better balance inventory and control costs.

Improve Supply Chain Processes During Peak Shopping Seasons


What does it take to improve supply chain processes? Increased order fulfillment, improved customer satisfaction, validating order details and contents before packaging, automating repetitive processes, and other factors can significantly improve supply chain processes.

Supply Chain Weekly Wrap-Up 06/10/2022-06/16/2022

All Things Supply Chain

Mid-Year Assessment of 2022 Supply Chain Predictions- Part One

Supply Chain Matters

The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group via its affiliated Supply Chain Matters blog shares a mid-year assessment of previously published 2022 predictions for industry supply chains published at the beginning of 2022. Global Supply Chain and Manufacturing Activity.

The World Is Rethinking Supply Chain Transportation Management

River Logic

While manufacturing also suffered, the transportation shortage was undoubtedly one of the biggest supply chain problems, in addition to the availability of stock, due to lockdown and increased demand on at-home deliveries. Even these services struggled to deliver.

How Automation in the Supply Chain Will Make Employees More Strategic & Improve the Overall Supply Chain

Speaker: Adam Robinson, Director of Marketing, Cerasis

In this educational webinar, Adam Robinson from Cerasis, a leading North American Transportation Management Solutions Company, will address how automation in the supply chain is allowing companies to empower their employees with a more strategic work flow aiding in overall collaboration with peers across departments, improved business operations, more efficient manufacturing, a healthier corporate culture, and more visibility to data and processes providing the ability to gain actionable insights that lead towards actions that impact the company’s bottom line.

The World Is Rethinking Supply Chain Transportation Management

River Logic

While manufacturing also suffered, the transportation shortage was undoubtedly one of the biggest supply chain problems, in addition to the availability of stock, due to lockdown and increased demand on at-home deliveries. Even these services struggled to deliver.

Chainalytics and Supply Chain Movement Present a Checklist for Transport Contracting


Transport keeps supply chains moving. However, the European transport market has recently suffered more disruption than ever before, resulting in many supply chains grinding to a halt.

Peak Season Supply Chain Challenges Spur Innovation


The typical peak season supply chain presents its own set of challenges yearly. The post Peak Season Supply Chain Challenges Spur Innovation appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. Peak Season Supply Chain peak season supply chain

The Age of Agility: Building Resilience in the Supply Chain

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

The Age of Agility: Building Resilience in the Supply Chain. Feature Article by Anthony Beavis, Managing Director APAC at Körber Supply Chain. The recent business and economic disruption has shed a light on the fragility of many global supply chains.

How Data Analytics Can Solve the Challenges Faced by SC Leaders in Discrete Manufacturing

Bringing data-driven intelligence to supply chain increases revenue, reduces costs, and improves the overall performance of any business, especially manufacturing companies where supply chain is the bloodline of their business. Read more!