Three Lies and a Truth

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We are trying to understand how supply chain leaders have raised the bar at the intersection of these four sets of metrics on the supply chain effective frontier. I also believe that it is because the organization is not incented to manage cash-to-cash metrics.

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Managing a Third Party Logistics Partnership

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Chuck specializes in Supply Chain Optimization, Third Party Logistics (3PL) and International Purchasing and Importing Consulting. The post Managing a Third Party Logistics Partnership appeared first on The Logistics of Logistics. When you have chosen a 3PL partner, insure that you have an effective Service Level Agreement (SLA) with accompanying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to manage the Service Level of the 3PL.

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When Evaluating a 3PL, Check for These 8 Must Have Cultural Traits

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From my experience as both a supply chain consultant and a 3PL manager, the right type of culture means everything in the logistics business. Lack of good communication is the number one problem in the logistics business. Because logistics moves quickly, the communication process is often shortchanged. A good 3PL will facilitate good communication between all parties (clients, ultimate customer, suppliers, and other logistics companies).

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Refresh Your Supply Chain – Have a Coke and a Smile

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As part of this effort, they combined their logistics with the retail expertise of SAP software. Coca-Cola is a globally recognized brand, and the company consistently delivers its products.

Metrics and Issues to Consider in SQM (Supplier Quality Management) By 5 Big Industries


In the first post our long tme guest blogger, Chuck Intrieri of The Lean Supply Chai n, gave us 5 core metrics to evaluate supplier performance using supplier quality management and a 4 step process to execute. Review of SQM Metrics and Issues Across 5 Core Industries. #1:

Webinar: How to Measure LTL Carrier Performance and Save Money (November 21, 2012)

The Logistics of Logistics

The post Webinar: How to Measure LTL Carrier Performance and Save Money (November 21, 2012) appeared first on The Logistics of Logistics. In this free webinar, participants will learn a methodology for measuring LTL carrier performance. They will also learn specific actions for reducing LTL carrier shipping costs. Webinar topics will include: 1.) Key process indicators (KPI) for the most important aspects of LTL shipping.

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Shippers

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With this in mind, they hire the right people and find the best logistics providers. They are willing to pay a reasonable price for a good logistics provider, rather than risk a service failure with a bad logistics provider. Solid relationships with logistics providers. To get maximum impact, shippers need to develop close professional relationships with their logistics providers. Without a commitment, a shipper will not get the best from logistics providers.

Part 2: How the Cloud Impacts the Software Lifecycle

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KPIs also enable you to demonstrate the value of IT to business users and management through metrics that are meaningful to the business community. I recently wrote about how the shift to cloud computing moves the burden of installing, operating, or maintaining software from you to your vendor, and how the four phases of the software lifecycle shift as well. The new lifecycle phases are launch, perform, optimize, and continually improve.

Guest Post: Ignoring this Performance Metric is Risky


When Cisco saw news of wildfires in Colorado in 2012, it wasn’t concerned, because it had no manufacturing or suppliers in the area. Professor Yossi Sheffi is Director of the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics.

Supply Chain Management:Rapid Innovation will Differentiate the.

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Logistics and Distribution. In our March commentary, the takeaway was that these rapidly changing retailer business models imply that organizations can no longer assume the same organizational structures of accountability where marketing and supply chain teams supporting physical stores and online fulfillment reside in separate organizational entities with conflicting metrics. Posted by Bob Ferrari on August 10, 2012 1:21 PM | Permalink. December 2012. November 2012.

Supply Chain Management:Supply Chain Visibility: The need.

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Logistics and Distribution. Example: For a shipper, number of shipments at a 3PL warehouse might be a relevant metric while the 3PL provider may be more interested in the number of shipments for all serviced shippers. Posted by Naveen Polyamut on May 9, 2012 11:10 AM | Permalink. December 2012. November 2012. October 2012. September 2012. August 2012. July 2012. June 2012. May 2012. April 2012. March 2012.

Looking for Growth in Lean Times? Look North to Canada!

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On whichever metric one compares, Unemployment, GDP, Inflation or Currency, Canada has fared better during this downturn. Emerging Trends Canada e-commerce e-tail fulfillment growth opportunity retail Third Party Logistics

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Supply Chain Management:Growing interest in sustainability from.

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Logistics and Distribution. A further benefit of integration of these many systems is to allow organizations to effectively report on their sustainability metrics. Posted by Praveen Kumar Agrawal on June 29, 2012 7:13 AM | Permalink. Posted by: Rohit Choubey | July 5, 2012 4:12 PM. Posted by: Sivaraamakrishnan | August 2, 2012 6:13 AM. December 2012. November 2012. October 2012. September 2012. August 2012. July 2012.

Public Markets Reward Supply Chain Alignment

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The relationship between corporate financial performance and supply chain metrics was complex; and in my first attempts, I was unable to derive a correlation. I wanted to better understand which metrics truly mattered. The Metrics That Matter Are Different by Industry Sector.

How Shippers And Logistics Providers Can Keep The Relationship Fresh

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The relationship between a shipper and a logistics provider often starts as a transactional process. What key metrics should they be driving for as an organization? Mr. McGuigan joined Transplace during the acquisition of SCO Logistics in April 2011, where he was President and CEO.

This Week in Logistics News (July 15-19, 2013)

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XPO Logistics to Acquire 3PD, the Largest Provider of Heavy Goods, Last-Mile Logistics in North America. Tweet The post This Week in Logistics News (July 15-19, 2013) appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

The Trends Shaping Supply Chain and Logistics: Takeaways from Descartes Evolution 2017

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Drones and its future in supply chain and logistics processes. Logistics Excellence: Now & in the eFuture. million in FY 2012 to $203.8 getting buy-in from drivers and other stakeholders) and implementing appropriate metrics to measure and drive performance.).

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This Week in Logistics News (May 13-17, 2013)

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Chainalytics Creates New Metrics for Demand Planning Consortium. FTR Shippers Condition Index notes pending HOS changes could cut productivity ( Logistics Management ). Note: Descartes, HighJump Software, and LeanLogistics are Logistics Viewpoints sponsors.

Demand Planning - Practicing the Best Practices - Infosys Blogs

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Logistics and Distribution. In this blog I will focus on first couple of sub process of demand planning cycle - 1) Setting up demand planning objectives and metrics for different business units/customers/key items/locations 2) Setting up the frequency of the forecasting process (create/review/publish) with the time horizons. Hence it is not recommended as a single metric to be followed. Hence it is also not recommended as single metric to be followed. December 2012.

This Week in Logistics News (February 18-22, 2013)

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Labor and management work out deal at Port of LA/Long Beach ( Logistics Management ). Transplace delivered more than 50 customer solutions in 2012 using the CombineNet sourcing technology, in industries including consumer goods, chemicals, manufacturing, and retail.

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Managing for Daily Improvement: Bridging the Gap Across Teams and KPIs

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Due to the enhanced visibility of data and metrics across peer groups, sales leads have improved their customer service by walking prospective customers through the operations process and comfortably answering any queries on how success is measured.

How Many Slaves Are in Your Supply Chain?

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California, for example, passed the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 , which went into effect in January 2012. appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

Make Your Supply Chains Less Complex – and Less Wasteful!

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Mariotti states that you first have to measure it, and he outlines several metrics and techniques in the book, including ranking customers by annual sales, profit, and gross margin percentage. Adam Russell, former group leader and Six Sigma master black belt for Eastman Chemical Company, highlights this problem in a March 2012 article in Chemical Processing : The chemical industry boasts plenty of people with good analytical and problem-solving skills.

IMO 2020 is Here. Are You Ready?

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Later in the year 2012, it was further reduced to 3.5% million metric tons annually. Refiners must focus on relationships with suppliers and other logistics companies now to negotiate term deals for fuel. Subscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer.

Changing Mental Models

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The most common reporting relationship in the supplier organization is to a leader of supply (focus on logistics, distribution, materials sourcing and customer service). Some helpful reports include: Supply Chain Metrics That Matter: The Cash-to-Cash Cycle.

The Better Goal: More Fuel Efficient Trucks or Using Fewer Trucks?

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According to the press release : The proposed standards are expected to lower CO2 emissions by approximately 1 billion metric tons, cut fuel costs by about $170 billion, and reduce oil consumption by up to 1.8 Regardless of your point of view on truck fuel efficiency standards, the reality is that it only addresses part of the opportunity available to shippers, carriers, and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) to reduce transportation costs and carbon emissions.

Training for the Next Triathlon. Insights for You?

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At the age of 58, I buried my mother in November 2012. Abby and I are writing an e-book on Supply Chain Metrics that Matter. Likewise, in today’s supply chain environment, I find that supply chain leaders favor a single function of logistics, manufacturing or sourcing.

Demand-Driven Transformation at Shell

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Completed in 2012, the ERP project forced the company to standardize organizational design, roles, and metrics. When the price of oil dropped from $120 per barrel in 2012 to the staggering $29 per barrel in 2015, everyone in the oil and gas industry felt the impact.

50 warehouse automation stats you should know

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Among distribution centers with three or more buildings, 28% had six or more buildings in 2016, 22% had six or more buildings in 2017, and 27% had six or more buildings in 2018, according to Logistics Management. Since 2012, rents have increased by 5.6%

Consumer Demand Helping Drive 3PL Industry Growth

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As a result, many organizations are turning to third-party logistics providers (3PLs) and enhanced transportation management systems (TMS) to deliver the velocity, visibility, predictability and control they need. 3PLs are being asked by shippers to create better metrics to provide both added understanding and a deeper perspective as to what’s occurring inside their business both yesterday, in real time and tomorrow.

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Guest Commentary: P.O. Management Programs – Know Pain, Know Gain!

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Your stakeholders can: Align sourcing, purchasing, logistics, and I.T. management and related logistics objectives. Discrepancies decrease between planned and actual logistics activity. Buyers, planners, and logistics staff spend less time and money tracking order status. performance metrics to influence vendor behavior and impact sourcing choices. Logistics staff manages transportation costs through mode and carrier selection guidelines.

Kimberly-Clark: A Demand-driven Leader

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In the Supply Chain Metrics that Matter table, we can clearly see that “operating margin” and “inventory turns” matter to public financial performance. Each faces four years of deterioration on this important supply chain metric.

Top 10 Features of an Autonomous Warehouse

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Amazon is on the forefront of automation in the warehouse , currently using 45,000 Kiva Robots, after purchasing the company Kiva Systems in 2012 (they’re now renamed “Amazon robots”). Metrics: Autonomous vehicles have sensors to automatically gather data, which can be uploaded to various applications, hosted onsite or in the cloud. It’s said that an autonomous warehouse functions much like the way autonomous vehicles navigate the road.

Supply Chain Disruptions: A Survival Guide - SupplyChainOpz

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The company won the ISM 2012 Award for Excellence in Supply Management (category:process). However, the logic Cisco uses to manage the disruption is very robust and details are summarized into the infographic below, Note: metrics data is for illustrative purpose. NAVIGATE. Basics.

Red Robin, GE, and Baby Boomers: An Update on Social Networking for Business

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These examples point to a key metric that’s emerging for quantifying the value of social networking : Time-to-Resolution. Tweet The post Red Robin, GE, and Baby Boomers: An Update on Social Networking for Business appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

Will Arrogance Stunt your Growth?

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Which supply chain metrics correlate to market capitalization by Morningstar sector? In 2012, supply chain process evolution was thirty years old, and I wanted to use the book, Bricks Matter, as a litmus test to tell the story of success. Performance-based logistics in aerospace and defense changed the A&D industry forever. It happened on Thursday morning last week. It will probably happen again on Tuesday. And, again on Wednesday.

Can Supply Chains Adjust to a Circular Economy Over the Next Decade? Part 2

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”[1] Commenting on the Gartner prediction, the editorial staff at Material Handling & Logistics (MH&L) write, “Supply chain officers need to take note of the fact that both consumer and shareholders are clearly shifting toward sustainability. Marina Mattos, a Postdoctoral Associate at the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics, bluntly asks, “How will such a shift affect supply chains?”[3] ” The Green Supply Chain , 31 July 2012