Doing Business in Belgium


The Kingdom of Belgium achieved its independence from the Netherlands in 1830, and has become an admired modern country, well-known as the home of international organizations such as NATO and the EU. Since most Western European capitals are within 1,000 km of Brussels, Belgium’s capital, it is an ideal location for international groups. Belgium is very cosmopolitan, with three official languages — Dutch, French and German. Manufacturing in Belgium.

Nike’s Global E-Commerce Distribution Center in Leuven Belgium


I had the opportunity to accompany a group of executives from Anheuser Busch Inbev on a tour of Nike’s global distribution facility in Leuven Belgium this week. Shipments arrive from Nike’s network of global manufacturers in Asia, and includes footwear, apparel and equipment. The choice of Leuven, Belgium as the site for Nike’s DC may seem like an odd one.

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Manufacturing Pulse Report 2016

Supply Chain Movement

The manufacturing sector is in the midst of a period of great change. JDA’s Manufacturing Pulse report examining consumer industries has revealed that in the last 12 months, more than two-fifths (42%) of European adults have bought goods directly from a manufacturer. This shift to direct selling is making itself felt on manufacturers’ supply chains and their profitability. As omni-channel comes to the manufacturing sector, disruption will inevitably follow.

Practical Approaches to Temperature Controlled Pharmaceutical Logistics and Storage

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Brussels, Belgium. The seminar is complimentary (no fee) attendance to pharmaceutical manufacturers. Instead bringing together the best minds from pharmaceutical manufacturers and supply chain partners to resolve very real, specific challenges. In May 2015, the first seminar in New Jersey, USA brought 65 professionals together, most pharmaceutical manufacturers. Register now >> Events Belgium Brussels ELPRO fuels GDPs hotel bloom! versus Amazon

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This became clearer than ever to me in October, when I was asked to give a short presentation about the e-fulfilment strategies of leading companies during’s webinar for its most important sales partners in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Doing Business in Germany


km and borders the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and other countries including the Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Manufacturing in Germany. Typical manufacturing products made in Germany include machinery, vehicles, machine tools, electronics, food and beverages, textiles and shipbuilding. The manufacturing sector invested 53.4 Supply Chain Infrastructure for Manufacturing.

Doing Business in Italy


Manufacturing in Italy. Italy is the second largest manufacturing country in Europe, behind Germany. Manufacturing accounts for 24% of the country’s GDP, and industrial production is growing at 2.1% Supply Chain Infrastructure for Manufacturing.

Italy 59

Participation request for interesting Supply Chain surveys

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Digital Manufacturing: Where are companies on the path towards using digital manufacturing with the use of digital images, 3-D printing, internet of things and mobility to redefine manufacturing processes: [link]. 1 open survey by Vlerick Business School (Belgium): Management control design in supply chain networks: More complete understanding of coordination and control practices between partner companies, and its performance implications in the supply chain network.

Pfizer steams ahead with vaccine supply chain plans


The company has another facility in Puurs, Belgium, as well as distribution centres in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, and in the German town of Karslruhe. New York-based pharmaceutical company Pfizer is making plans for its Covid-19 supply chain.

Mindmap for the Fashion & Luxury Goods Market

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Belgium. In this fast-paced world, where there is also increasing pressure to reduce the carbon footprint, global fashion and luxury goods manufacturers have to redesign their go-to-market strategy to meet demand in a cost-efficient and sustainable way: Plan. Fashion and luxury goods manufacturers are defining their own seasons, which is making the planning of campaigns more complex.

Top 5 press brakes cnc/nc manufacturers

Exapro Hub

In recent years, some manufacturers have built their reputation and have become leaders. As we did for other categories such as machines centers manufacturers or injection moulding machines , we’ve analyzed more than 4,000 press brakes cnc/nc ever listed on our website among 70 brands to determine the top 5 press brakes cnc/nc manufacturers. We will reveal to you the part that manufacturers represent among our catalog.

“We want people in the supply chain to be multi-skilled” – Henri-Xavier Benoist

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The mission for the Tokyo-based company and the world’s largest tyre manufacturer is to achieve Dan-Totsu – to be an absolute and undisputed leader – in all aspects of business. Since joining the company three years ago, the vice president Logistics & Supply Chain, has been transforming process and organisation to establish the supply chain as the backbone that cost-efficiently connects upstream manufacturing with downstream sales, customers and end users.

New download: SCM Map Europe 2014-2015

Supply Chain Movement

In The Netherlands, cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris is closing its factory in Bergen op Zoom and AkzoNobel has decided to phase out its production of organic peroxides in Deventer by the end of 2016. In Belgium, the Ford factory in Genk will soon close for good, as will the Heinz manufacturing facility in Turnhout. Logistically speaking the location of this manufacturing facility, which produces the Peugeot 508 and the Citroën C5, makes little sense.”

China’s Silk Road Initiative to Benefit from Trade War

Logistics Trends and Insights

Examples include Chinese state-owned Cosco investing in port operations in Spain, Greece, Italy and Belgium. Meanwhile US-based Tesla plans to build a facility in Shanghai, its first factory outside the US and would double the size of the electric car maker’s global manufacturing. China’s Silk Road initiative, better known as One Belt One Road ( OBOR ), received a big boost as the US implemented additional tariffs on Chinese goods with threats of even more.

China 81

Is it time to take your supply chain glocal?


Their regional menus offer things like the Chicken Maharaja Mac in India, the Croque McDo in Belgium and the KiwiBurger in New Zealand. Automotive manufacturers are another great example, although many of the differences between European and North American car models are due to specific regulations, with the most obvious being which side the steering wheel is on and whether the speedometers show miles per hour of kilometers per hour. by Alexa Cheater Nope, that’s not a typo.

Customer-Centric Supply Chain Planning: The Difference is in the Details


I was fortunate to join the Arkieva team in strategy sessions with our Belgium team and European partner – Solventure. Since this was my first time visiting Belgium, I couldn’t help but notice the picturesque sceneries, the architecture, and how beautifully meals were presented. Perhaps if I moved to Belgium, with time the details that I noticed during my trip would be minuscule because they would be the norm.

Most desirable logistics location of Europe in 2018

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The Netherlands secured first place based on the results from the large-scale survey among logistics decision-makers within manufacturing and retail companies in Germany. Belgium. The Netherlands is the best region for a logistics base according to the ‘VerkehrsRundschau Markenstudie ImageRanking’.

E2open to Acquire INTTRA, Adding the World’s Leading Ocean Shipping Network and Software Provider, Creating an Integrated Global Supply Chain and Logistics Operating Network


E2open and INTTRA will join efforts to strengthen the connections and streamline the information flow between manufacturers, suppliers, shipping service providers, ocean carriers and all the participants in global trade. More than 70,000 partner companies and 200,000 users, many of the biggest brands and manufacturers across a range of industries, use the E2open network and platform to orchestrate their supply chains, creating efficiencies measured in the billions.

Rethinking your optimum

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The benefits of the Self-Learning Supply Chain in manufacturing. Belgium. Rethink your optimum: Prepare your supply chain for the challenges of 2017 and beyond. Advanced analytics and optimization technology is the game-changing advantage that will push you past the competition – giving your business more agility, higher accuracy and sharper insights to maximize your revenue.

Keith B. Carter on The Path to Actionable Intelligence


He has managed teams across continents – from the United States to Belgium and Singapore. A major manufacturing company with excellence in supply chain was facing the same challenge. Big data, analytics, BI…Everyone in business today has heard these terms at some point, and yet the path to analytics-driven business improvement remains somewhat elusive. We spoke with Keith B.

Barry Callebaut integrates S&OP into the daily process

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“Involvement of the C-level is an important step in successfully integrating sales & operations planning into day-to-day business processes,” says Tom Declercq, supply chain director of Western Europe at Barry Callebaut, during his presentation at the Supply Chain Innovations event in Lint, Belgium, on 27 March.

S&OP 84

Minerva on track with Slim4

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The assortment of the Belgian bicycle manufacturer and wholesaler Minerva is growing considerably. From the brand new warehouse in Paal-Beringen, Belgium, Minerva supplies around 850 stores across the whole of the Benelux on a daily basis. To actively manage growing inventories, the bicycle manufacturer and wholesaler knew that they required assistance with inventory and supply chain optimisation and as a result turned to Slimstock’s supply chain software Slim4.

Evergreen Garden Care Chooses BluJay’s MessageBroker for Fully Managed Enterprise Integration as a Service (IaaS) Solution

BluJay Solutions

Evergreen Garden Care operates in the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Poland, the Nordics, Australia, and New Zealand. BluJay Solutions delivers supply chain software and services to the world’s most progressive retailers, distributors, freight forwarders, manufacturers, and logistics service providers. Garden care supplier gains seamless information-sharing with global partners.

The Great Maersk Shift


At the time of publishing, this service was still fairly limited in geographic scope, being offered to customers in Spain, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Netherland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

Cargo 256

Mindmap High-Tech Supply Chain 4.0

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These developments impact Original Equipment Manufacturers, both at strategic level and at operational level within their supply chains. Belgium. And Manufacturing needs to be agile to keep up with rapid changes in the market. A technology revolution is rapidly changing the way we work, providing threats and opportunities along the way.

SCM Map Europe: European location decisions remain complex

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The logos illustrate the manufacturers’ choices about whether or not to produce close to their sales markets. The Netherlands ranks second in this global list, closely followed by Belgium. Belgium. Supply chains in Europe are facing a wide variety of changes. To arrive at optimal European supply chains it is crucial to consider shifts in economic growth, currency fluctuations and tax reductions in addition to production and distribution costs.

Is Google the most innovative supply chain company in the world?


Marketplaces such as Alibaba’s Tmall, caters to suppliers and manufacturers. Technology Trend 2: 3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing. The service was originally launched in the Netherlands and Belgium in early 2013 and called “Staples Easy 3D.” According to Ti’s white paper on the topic, some goods manufactured in Asia-Pacific could be near-sourced to the US or Europe.

Talent development essential for supply chain leaders

Supply Chain Movement

In addition to being responsible for manufacturing and logistics, a CSCO also has to ensure alignment with internal departments such as Sales and Marketing, and with external partners such as customers and suppliers. Belgium. Recruiting raw talent is ‘extremely challenging’. Supply chain leaders have gained an ever-stronger position in the world of business over recent years.

The things we’ve seen, in 2019

DELMIA Quintiq

Fifteen new startups from Belgium, China, France, India, South Africa and the U.S. Through the acquisition of IQMS , we extended the 3D EXPERIENCE platform to small and midsized manufacturing companies seeking to digitally transform their business operations. We also hosted a webinar for those who couldn’t join us in Shanghai: Sustainable Manufacturing in the Age of Experience addressed how global manufacturers are using the virtual world to reinvent their business.

Supply chain software demands continual attention

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The food and drinks manufacturer and owner of brands including Lay’s, Duyvis and Quaker has been using that ERP system since 1 November 2013. We’ve grown strongly over the past ten years, particularly in France and Belgium, and that’s one of the reasons for us to make that investment now. The ten SAP modules the food and drinks manufacturer has implemented do not include the supply chain planning one (SAP APO). “We’re IT supports quest for differentiation and innovation.

Supply Chain Experiencing High Rate of Terrorist Attacks

Material Handling & Logistics

Over three years of data, terrorist attacks against the agriculture and food and beverage sectors more than tripled, attacks on the industrial and manufacturing materials and pharmaceuticals sectors more than doubled, and attacks against the metals industry nearly doubled. For example, following the Paris attack in November 2015 France imposed stricter controls along the borders with Belgium and Luxembourg, costing companies an additional $59 per delayed vehicle.

Strategic moves among logistics providers

Supply Chain Movement

Manufacturers and retailers welcome the ongoing consolidation in the fragmented logistics industry. Belgium. Manufacturers and retailers had a generally positive outlook on the prospect of consolidation. Effectively, shippers (manufacturers and retailers that have products in need of transport) either don’t value innovation from their LSPs or don’t see innovation from them. Fourth release of 3PL Subway Map Europe.

Updated IT Subway Map: Major acquisitions in SC software

Supply Chain Movement

Belgium. Because companies are increasingly outsourcing their manufacturing and logistics activities around the world, they are also more exposed to disruptions in the supply chain. The supply chain software industry is in a considerable state of flux. Three large, international take-overs are changing the face of the market. as the advance of e-commerce continues, companies with an omnichannel approach are increasingly implementing specific order management systems.

GrandVision: “We are changing completely as we become demand driven”

Supply Chain Movement

In the last three years we’ve developed our strategy, centralised procurement, purchasing and manufacturing aligned our portfolios across all categories globally and developed our exclusive brands portfolio. My role includes purchasing, product development, product management, category management, supply chain and manufacturing. Grandvision has grand plans.

Seeing is Believing: Debunking the Myths of 3D Printing at Materialise


I spent a fascinating day visiting the Materialize 3D Printing headquarters in Leuven, Belgium yesterday. The terms rapid prototyping, 3D printing, and and additive manufacturing are all terms for the same process. They sell to 3D printing parters that manufacture components and engineering. If you need the part in a day, it is not suitable, as it is a slow manufacturing technique.