Hanjin, Hurricanes, Harvests May Boost Truckload Rates

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The ocean freight industry suddenly lost one of the top ten players when Hanjin Shipping Co. Hanjin's exit strands 89 ships worldwide containing some $14 billion worth of cargo, much of which was headed to the U.S. Missed schedules could keep rates high well into November, when the holiday freight season would ordinarily start to wind down. That means higher volumes, and likely higher freight rates, just when weather starts to turn ugly. Freight Rates

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Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) International Roadcheck Annual 3-Day Enforcement Event to Take Place June 2-4, 2015


CVSA is holding an event to kick off the 28th annual International Roadcheck on June 2, 2015, near the Washington-Idaho state border at 10:00 am. The kickoff event includes speakers from CVSA, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), Idaho State Police, Washington State Patrol, Florida Highway Patrol and Washington Trucking Associations. The special emphasis for International Roadcheck 2015 is cargo securement.

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Few hot spots remain for reefers

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Expect a rush of reefer demand this week in areas hit by sub-zero temperatures, as shippers attempt to prevent sensitive cargo from freezing. Rates are cooling off for refrigerated freight across most of the country, but a few hot spots still remain. Apart from Idaho, most of the seasonal action is in imports. If you don't want to drive into that slippery mess, head for someplace warm and load up on fresh produce until the storm passes.

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Asian imports turn up the heat for vans on the West Coast

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Demand for vans continues to heat up on the West Coast, boosting load-to-truck ratios in California, Oregon, Idaho, and Utah. Ships arrived late, and containers were unloaded and drayed to warehouses late, so that cargo is finally heading east and north. Contract carriers are busy with their regularly scheduled hauls, so a lot of the late-arriving freight gets tendered to brokers and 3PLs. The map depicts outbound load-to-truck ratios by state, for dry van freight.

Van and Reefer Operators Give Thanks for Rate Increases

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Christmas trees are also ready for pickup, but experienced truckers will remind you to clean your trailer thoroughly after hauling trees, especially if you plan to follow with a load of food-grade cargo. Look for loads of trees leaving Oregon, and potatoes out of Idaho or North Dakota. Twin Falls, Idaho is a great source for outbound reefer loads, prior to Thanksgiving. Thanks in part to seasonal food items, rates are finally trending back up for vans and reefers.

My Worst Load Ever: Hauling Oregon Potato Chips to Texas

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The cargo was bagged potato chips. But Hermiston is a dead zone for freight, and I had just deadheaded 200 miles to get there from Prineville, another dead zone. October 3, driving through Idaho and Wyoming - The elevation kept getting higher, and soon I passed the dreaded 6,000-foot elevation mark. The worst load of my career started off as just another day in early October, 2013. October 1, searching for a load in Prineville, Oregon - I off-loaded in the afternoon.

Shipping Hemp: Putting the “High” in Highway

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There are all kinds of fun cargo in niche markets that needs to get hauled. For example, Idaho law classifies any cannabis plant with THC as marijuana. Partnering with a freight broker like FreightCenter provides stability and peace of mind when shipping your niche products. Blog Freight Shipping Truckload ShippingOne of the joys of working in logistics is partnering with businesses across a variety of fascinating industries.

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