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Real Time Container Tracking with Kyle Henderson

The Logistics of Logistics

Kyle Henderson and Joe Lynch discuss real time container tracking, which is exactly what Kyle and his team do at Vizion. Kyle is Co-founder and CEO of Vizion , a groundbreaking technology company revolutionizing container tracking in the logistics industry.

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How Road Freight Technologies Are Reshaping Maritime Shipping Practices


With expertise in fleet management and transportation technology, his articles empower businesses to navigate the dynamic world of logistics with peace of mind. Maritime shipping has long been the backbone of international trade, facilitating the transport of goods across oceans and connecting distant markets.


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Container Lifecycle Management: Gnosis Freight Streamlines International Logistics with Jake Hoffman

The Logistics of Logistics

Jake Hoffman and Joe Lynch discuss the Gnosis Freight Container Lifecycle Management® Platform and how Gnosis streamlines international logistics. We begin by discussing Gnosis Freight, a company that has developed the first Container Lifecycle Management® Platform to simplify the complex process of international shipping.

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Ocean Container Tracking & Port Terminal Operations: Maritime Supply Chains and the “Visibility Paradox”


Dating back to EDI and XML, and now through solutions that employ the Internet of Things, GPS, API’s and Artificial Intelligence, there’s no limit to what people can build in their quest to facilitate global trade. With the above said, I’ve observed a “Visibility Paradox” regarding ocean container tracking that I believe requires a call-out.

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Improved Supply Chain Visibility Requires an End-to-End Solutions

Logistics Viewpoints

China accounts for about 12% of global trade. China’s stringent COVID lockdown in critical port cities has impacted global supply chains. Shippers – the companies paying Ocean, Rail, and Truck carriers to transport their goods – can do little to speed shipments snarled by port congestion. million TEUs.

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Turvo Partners with OpenTrack To Simplify Ocean Freight Visibility


Turvo, provider of the world’s leading collaboration application designed for the supply chain, recently announced a new partnership with ocean freight visibility management technology solution provider OpenTrack. Consumers expect on-time delivery, efficient transport and tracking, and more. Improved on-time delivery metrics.

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Pandemic Lessons For Supply Chain Leaders

Supply Chain Shaman

The Covid-19 pandemic tested the global supply chain. The focus of the transportation suites was on cost mitigation and price negotiation. More and more cargo shifted to ocean transport until the container imbalances resulted in issues with “rolling the freight” from ship to ship despite confirmed bookings.