Why Procure-to-Pay Software is Critical Today


This month Gartner published its eagerly awaited Magic Quadrant for Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Suites , ranking the top 14 vendors based on ability to execute and completeness of vision. 1.Investing in Procure-to-Pay solutions is seeing the bigger picture. Procure to Pay Uncategorized

Establishing Procurement as a Competitive Advantage


In my previous posts, I looked at how to successfully launch a digital transformation and progress to best-in-class Procurement. Procurement was tasked with supporting a board level initiative to accelerate innovation and increase margins. Leaders need to be more ambitious if they are to truly establish Procurement as a source of strategic value. The same applies to Procurement. The post Establishing Procurement as a Competitive Advantage appeared first on Ivalua.


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Procure to Pay (P2P) Demo


The post Procure to Pay (P2P) Demo appeared first on Ivalua

What Makes a Superior TMS Solution Product Demo?

Supply Chain Collaborator

Do you know why everyone hates technology solution product demos? The Collaborator recently asked members of the UltraShipTMS product demo delivery team about how they’ve driven successful product demos for their Transportation Management System and related logistics software solutions. “So So many demos fail because presenters focus strictly on their product and fail to listen to the voice of the customer” said Manny Martinez, a member of the demo delivery team. “We

Objectives of Procurement Management

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Objectives of Procurement Management. The objectives of procurement management can range from the most general, such as “buying goods and services,” to the more complex, such as “supporting organizational goals within the team.” What Is Procurement Management?

What to Look for in Procurement Software Solutions

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Procurement software covers a lot of bases, and there are many facets to procurement management that could potentially be streamlined and automated if you haven’t done so already. Procurement Software Solutions: What Is Procurement Software? Blog Procurement

Methods for Managing Procurement Risks

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Methods for Managing Procurement Risks. There is always some level of risk when it comes to contract management in procurement. There are many risks in all stages of the supply chain, of which procurement is only a portion. Identifying these risks before they become a problem can help you seamlessly work your way through the procurement process more safely. What Is Contract Management in Procurement? . M ethods for Managing Procurement Risks: Evaluating Risk.

Sourcing and Procurement in Supply Chain Management

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Sourcing and Procurement in Supply Chain Management. The terms “ sourcing” and “procurement” in supply chain management are often used interchangeably, although they are not quite the same. Procurement is a process and one link in the chain of the supply chain. Procurement is one step in that process. Procurement involves finding the suppliers, signing contracts, placing purchase orders, receiving the goods, and evaluating the experience after receiving the goods.

What Are the Goals of Procurement Management?

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What Are the Goals of Procurement Management? The goals of procurement management are generally to acquire goods and services with the highest quality at the lowest cost to create an end product. Globally, most purchasing departments have moved on from a paper trail and have decided to make their procurement processes digital, which means that they now must be able to navigate E-procurement software and eSourcing software with some intermediate ability.

The Importance of Using Supply Chain Management Software in Procurement

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When you’re trying to control the entire procurement process within the supply chain, you want to make sure that you have the best software for your needs at your side so that everyone—you, vendors, and suppliers, are getting their needs met within the supply chain. Procure-to-pay operations.

How to Build a Digital Procurement Ecosystem in 8 Minutes!

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In this post, I’d like to suggest a mapping of a digital procurement ecosystem, dive into the necessity for these functionalities, and draw some conclusions as to how these focus areas can drive performance in an overall procurement organization. When building a digital procurement and sourcing ecosystem, it’s important to dig into your existing procurement process. The Digital Procurement Ecosystem. Building your own Digital Procurement Ecosystem.

Evaluating Procurement Tools – Are Demos a Waste of Time?

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Should you invest time in a demo if you are considering a new procurement tool or platform? What are the pros and cons of demos? Typically, a minimal investment of time Most providers can schedule one within a week Quickly determine if the functionality is intuitive or cumbersome Answers you hear to your questions should provide a good indication of the competence of the demonstrator and their understanding of procurement.

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Procurement & Supply Chain Experts lined up for Ivalua NOW Virtual 2020 on May 5th!


Like every industry Procurement & Supply Chain software vendors are having to find new approaches in the pandemic world, and firms are coming up with ways of holding events virtually, some of which work better than others. Next month, on May 5 th and 6 th , I’m looking forward to what looks like an interesting and worthwhile virtual Procurement conference – Ivalua NOW 2020 Virtual Edition. . Do you remember the days when we used to attend these things called “conferences”?

Creating a Sourcing and Procurement Process Plan


What are the key elements of a sourcing and procurement process plan? Creating a sourcing and procurement plan. Three essential steps to creating a sourcing and procurement plan. The typical sourcing and procurement process plan involves a series of steps. In this step, the user (internal customer) identifies the need and communicates the service or product requirements to the procurement services function.

Procurement Analytics Conferences Feature Emerging of Cognitive Procurement Technologies


I had the opportunity to attend a number of exciting events on procurement analytics in the last month. First, I attended a CAPS Research event in RTP on Procurement Analytics, held right down the road at IBM headquarters. I sat in on a number of demos, and saw the capabilities emerging in a number of IBM systems for procurement that are briefly described here.

Ivalua Awarded Best P2P Solutions Specialist Provider at World Procurement Awards 2020


2nd consecutive year award given to Ivalua P2P Solutions, continuing widespread recognition of Ivalua Procurement technology by industry leaders and analysts. The awards were announced on November 5 at a virtual ceremony hosted by Procurement Leaders.

Your Guide to Procurement and Sourcing Software

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At one time, all of the procurement process steps were essentially an “analog” process—in other words, everything was done on typewriters or by hand and filed in cabinets. Read on to take a look at procurement management software and how it can work best for you. .

Top 5 Reasons You Need Procurement Tracking Software

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Once upon a time, companies had to manage purchasing departments and procurement management as though it was the Dark Ages. Procurement Tracking Software and Management Software: What Is Procurement Software? Procurement Tracking Softwar e: What Does Tracking Do?

Ethics in Procurement Management

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Ethics in Procurement Management. Ethics in procurement management is important, particularly because of your relationship with suppliers and vendors, typically to finish a job or a project. There can be many ethical issues in procurement management that arise, but one of them is always dealing with your vendors and suppliers fairly and honestly, and never giving one preference over the other or treating them in a biased fashion. . Unethical Situations in Procurement.

How to Choose the Best Procurement Software

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At one time, all of the steps for procurement management were completed by hand. When a procurement software platform was available, it was just a spreadsheet as part of an overall word processing package. Today, there are many types of procurement software, and in order to find the best procurement software for your company, you’ll have to find the area (or areas) you need help in the most. . The Best Procurement Software : What Is Procurement Software?

What Is Procurement Management?

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What Is Procurement Management? If you’ve asked yourself, “ what is procurement management ?” What Is Procurement Management? Before the age of the Internet or competent computer software that could streamline the process, the entire process of procurement management was all done on paper, in person, and with filing cabinets. Then spreadsheets came along, which was the beginning of procurement software. . What Is Procurement Management: The Steps.

Market Beat. Four Thumbs Down and One Thumb Up.

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The solution demos are weak, and the leadership vision is lacking. Coupa is well funded and performed well in the indirect procurement software market. Technology innovation in indirect procurement is not relevant to direct. Today, supply chain excellence matters more than ever.

Procurement Manager Responsibilities and Tasks

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Procurement Manager Responsibilities and Tasks. A procurement manager is also known as a purchasing manager and even the head of the purchasing department. If it’s a company that is responsible for making a product or good, the procurement manager must make sure that the company has on hand all of the raw materials, goods, and services that they need—at a cost-effective price—to make the good on time and with high quality. . Methods for Managing Procurement Risks.

Upcoming Webinar: All You Need to Know about Oracle Procurement Cloud (2/25)

Oracle SCM

Interested in Oracle Procurement Cloud? Oracle Procurement Cloud can reduce costs through better negotiations, bid analysis and award recommendations. Interested in Oracle Procurement Cloud? Oracle Procurement Cloud can reduce costs through better negotiations, bid analysis and award recommendations. Join Inspirage for an educational webinar on Thursday, 2/25 and discover how to reduce costs, manage risk and improve decisions. Register here !

Procurement: Waterfall Methodology vs. Agile Methodology


Learn the differences, and how to speed up the success of your procurement processes through agile implementation in our Get Smart webinar. As work is completed, it can be reviewed and evaluated by the project team and customer, through daily builds and end-of-sprint demos. With this in mind, JAGGAER has come up with a unique solution to bring all the benefits of agile to procurement without these risks. Direct Solutions Indirect Solutions Procurement Resources

Bristlecone AribaRDS is Certified as an SAP-Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution for SAP Ariba


With Bristlecone AribaRDS (Rapid Deployment Solution), mid-market businesses can transform global sourcing, gain visibility, reduce cycle times and start achieving procurement savings with SAP Ariba Sourcing in as little as six weeks with minimal downtime. Interested in a demo? Blog Datasheet sap ariba SAP-QPPS Supply Chain Procurement supply chain transformationTransform Global Sourcing in Just Six Weeks with Bristlecone AribaRDS.

The Keys to Successful Digital Transformation – You Must Spot the Differences


As procurement faces an ever-growing list of objectives, digital transformation becomes ever more critical. No surprise then that there is hardly a procurement organization out there that has not started or is now contemplating digital transformation. The first is a drastically exaggerated sense of progress among procurement leaders. Others demo well with nice demos showing integrated workflow. Alex Saric, CMO, Ivalua.

Why Real-Time Visibility Should be Core to Your Supply Chain Strategy

CH Robinson Logistics

If you’re in the market for a real-time visibility tool, download a complimentary copy of Gartner’s 2020 Market Guide for Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms to learn more about available solutions, vendors, and trends and let us give you a demo of Navisphere Vision today! Request a demo here or email info@mytmc.com. Logistics Managed Procurement Services (MPS) Supply Chain Technology TMS Gartner Gartner Visability Manage TMS Supply Chain Visibility

A tale of three AIs, chapter 2: don’t be basic – the current state of AI in procurement


When it comes to AI in procurement, it can help by automating manual tasks, but there’s very little “real AI,” as Spend Matters states. In procurement, AI has the potential to solve a lot of real problems. If you’re only using AI at the basic level for your procurement needs, you’re missing out on all the valuable benefits that a solution with advanced AI can deliver. One example of basic-level AI in procurement is chatbots. Procurement The Tech

Adoption, Collaboration and Transformation of Procurement

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In addition, almost every procurement executive listed adoption and collaboration as important challenges. Transformation can only happen with collaboration and adoption between business units and procurement. Here is a list of some of the challenges facing procurement teams in their transformation journey. Historical data exists only if procurement keeps the records because there is no common data set. Procurement took the lead to find a nimbler solution.

Avoid Hidden Charges on International Shipments


Shipsy’s rate procurement software comes powered with intelligence around local charges, intelligent reference rates and multiple dashboards around cost saving and vendor participation. Help us with your details “here” and get a demo of our system now!

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5 things you need to automate procurement


Claritum Article - Procurement Blog. Procurement automation should speed up processes and free employees from repetitive time-consuming administration. In procurement a high percentage of jobs and processes are repetitive which makes them ideal for automation. So how can you automate procurement effectively? Get started by defining your procurement process. Solutions designed to automate the Procurement function only will not suffice. BOOK A DEMO.

Container Tracking live into your ERP through APIs


Help us with your details “here” and get a demo of our system now! Logistic Post Uncategorized Container Tracking software Freight procurement softwareShipsy TRACK solution is designed to automate the day to day tracking of container movements. Our integrations with 40+ shipping lines enables you to get 35+ status updates in real time across all shipments. The platform is now enabled to add shipments and send updates through APIs!

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How to ride the Source to Pay Wave? 4 Lessons you can learn from Forrester


While some still argue the point and there is some commentary in the S2C Wave about niche solutions being pulled in when non-procurement stakeholders are involved, the overall message is clear – suites have prevailed. Procurement leaders today see the value of suites and the market has responded. As a result, procurement leaders naturally consider integration capabilities when selecting their providers. Alex Saric, CMO, Ivalua.

Finding the Right Business Process Management Solutions

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For those in procurement management, this may refer to several different types of tools and software, especially those that help with price compression like eAuction software procurement or those that streamline processes and compress timelines like eSourcing software. .