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Artificial Intelligence is Accelerating Business-to-Consumer Response


By Vikram Murthi, Vice President, Industry Strategy, LLamasoft I got an email recently from Amazon, that as a Prime member, I was now eligible for free grocery delivery, which previously cost $14.99/month with the AmazonFresh grocery delivery service.

Cash Flow Management, All the Way Home


If you’re in the trucking industry, controlling cash flow is likely one of your biggest challenges. While maintaining a positive cash flow is always going to be an issue in every business, trucking is especially tricky because all of your costs are paid upfront.

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Best Practices to Purchase Order Management Software

Veridian Solutions

Rejoice. It is time your organization has decided to purchase order management software and reap its benefits. Unfortunately, numerous order management system software vendors exist, and every vendor claims to have the best and biggest solution. Supply chain leaders need to understand the following points to ensure they purchase the right software on the first try. Justify the Need to Purchase Order Management Software.

Robots Will Take Your Job, Not Mine

Talking Logistics

In a recent Wall Street Journal article (“The High Cost of Impeding Automation“), Dr. Carl Benedikt Frey from Oxford University writes that “history tells us that policies aimed at restricting or slowing automation come with a steep price tag.

Point-of-Danger ICE Raids and Audits

Speaker: Max Muller, Attorney and Author

Supply chain managers should constantly be on guard against forces that could cause a significant point-of-failure in or to their supply chains. The sudden loss of a workforce is an evolving danger to those who provide raw materials, subassemblies, finished goods, and/or necessary services to supply chains; and to entities requiring those items or services. Join Max Muller for this timely, fast-paced and guidance rich webinar that will educate you on the specific steps involved in undertaking your own internal audit, as well as providing you with guidance on what your major and/or sole source suppliers should do as well.

Management with Intention

Supply Chain Nation

Erin Miller, senior solutions director, JXC & Partners, has worked at JDA the majority of her career. She shares some distinct learnings about management and how important it is to be involved in something bigger than yourself, for the greater purpose of your team’s growth and success.

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Can Digital Twins Result in Total Supply Chain Redesign and Innovation?


Today’s guest blog is written by my colleague Joseph Yacura, who co-authored the most recent Data Quality and Innovation Study. Supply chain innovation has been slow to materialize in most organizations.

The Supply Chain Detective™ and the Distribution Centre Disaster!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Subscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. The Supply Chain Detective™: The Case of the Unpaid Invoices! It was early September and I was sitting in my office preparing for a meeting.

Customer Experience and Freight: How a TMS Allows Shippers to Focus on CX


A positive guest experience can lead to repeat purchases, word-of-mouth advertising for free through social media, brand value, access to new customers, and much more. Unfortunately, statistics are not on the side of shippers. Positive experiences are great, but they do not make viral posts.

Supply Chain by the Numbers for Jan. 16, 2020

Supply Chain Digest

US Demographics Headed in the Wrong Direction, Some Would Say. Solid 2019 Holiday Sales Numberss, Werner to Pilot Full Electric Trucks. US Appears to Do Well in Trade Pact

How is Demand Forecasting changing? How do you compare to your peers?

AIMMS conducted research to assess how supply chain teams perceive the accuracy of their forecast and discover the tools and techniques they are using to upgrade the forecasting process. In this report, you will find helpful benchmarks and insights offered by your peers on the latest demand forecasting techniques, forecast granularity and periodicity, and expectations for the future.

Laerdal Medical Chooses Ivalua To Drive Efficiency and Compliance Across Its Global Organization


Redwood City, CA – January 16, 2020 – Ivalua, a leading global spend management cloud provider, and OJC Consulting, recognised software solutions implementation and consulting provider, have been chosen to transform procurement operations at Laerdal Medical – a world leading provider of training, educational and therapy products for lifesaving and emergency medical care.

Sweden 122

NRF 2020: The Rise of the Store

Logistics Viewpoints

A record crowd of 40,000 people attended the National Retail Federation (NRF) Big Show in New York City this week to see what new solutions and innovations software suppliers had in store for 2020 and beyond. The usual themes were still very present as solution providers and retailers alike were more than happy to talk about omni-channel, mobility, and machine learning, to name a few. This year, two recurring themes jumped out at me: an […].

Trends and Predictions 2020: Robotic Process Automation

Enterra Insights

Robotic process automation (RPA) sits on the doorstep of artificial intelligence (AI). Some analysts have described RPA as a gateway technology to AI.

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Denver brokerage combines digital technologies with personal service

DAT Solutions

See how Denver-based United Transportation Services has implemented time-saving technologies while still delivering hands-on, personalized service to its customers. . Broker News

5 Perceptions on Demand Forecasting and How it's Changing

Speaker: Brian Dooley, Director SC Navigator, AIMMS

It’s no secret that demand is getting more difficult to predict. Is your demand forecasting process evolving with the times? How does your process stack up against others? Are you satisfied with your level of forecast accuracy? This webinar shares research findings from a recent survey among supply chain planning professionals to help you answer these questions.

Aston Microphones: Knowing Exactly What Our Stock Is Worth


Take a look at the list of artists that use Aston Microphones and you’ll be treated to a who’s who of the music industry in the UK and beyond.

Why you should optimise your warehouse layout (and how to do this)


To make sure your warehouse runs successfully, you need a well designed warehouse layout. Find out how your warehouse layout affects your ability to effectively process orders and how you can improve this to streamline your operations. Warehouse Best Practice

Dragon Innovation at CES 2020

Dragon Innovation

Last week, our team at Dragon Innovation attended the most popular consumer electronic event in the world: CES 2020.

Aviva Deploys BluJay’s MessageBroker, Powers Data Exchange Agility

BluJay Solutions

With over 33 million customers, Aviva processes thousands of updates and changes to insurance policies and records a day, resulting in millions of data transactions.

Top 5 Barriers to Supply Chain Network Design Adoption and How to Overcome Them

Speaker: Brian Dooley, Director SC Navigator, AIMMS, and Paul van Nierop, Supply Chain Planning Specialist, AIMMS

Want to build your internal capability, reduce costs and make better decisions? It's easier than you think. This on-demand webinar shares research findings from Supply Chain Insights, including the top 5 obstacles that bog you down when trying to improve your network design efforts.

Management with Intention

Supply Chain Nation

Erin Miller, senior solutions director, JXC & Partners, has worked at JDA the majority of her career. She shares some distinct learnings about management and how important it is to be involved in something bigger than yourself, for the greater purpose of your team’s growth and success.

The Emerging Role Of Low Code In ProcureTech

HICX Solutions

An industrial cycle rarely acts like a cyclone, but rather as a continuous stream of ‘improvement ripples’ of different sizes caused by major breakthroughs in technology and energy access.

How Inventory Control Can Benefit from Artificial Intelligence


Effective inventory control centres on the fine balance of holding enough inventory to ensure the business operates effectively while avoiding the overstocking that ties up valuable cashflow and leads to waste.

FutureProof Retail and SIRL announce 'last foot' shopper targeting and analytics

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

Together, the two companies will enable retailers to deploy FutureProof's mobile self-checkout and service counter solutions fully integrated with SIRL's Indoor GPS & customer analytics platform that offers shoppers personalized recommendations in real-time through activation at the "last foot" of their physical store journey

Buyer's Guide for Supply Chain Network Design Software

Network design as a discipline is complex and too many businesses are still relying on spreadsheets to design and optimize their supply chain. As a result, most organizations struggle to answer network design questions or test hypotheses in weeks, when results are demanded in hours. This Buyer’s Guide helps you find easy-to-use technology to become more proactive and less reactive when it comes to network design and optimization.



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