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How Will Recession Affect Supply Chains?


Supply Chain Leaders Can’t Afford to Guess About the Future. Executive Summary In Part One of this blog series we ’ re going to discuss the phenomenon that seems to be at the center of every economic advisor’s latest report: recession.

Regain Control of Your Product Portfolio

Enchange Supply Chain Consultancy

Through product rationalization, regain control of your product portfolio and become more profitable & competitive. SKU Inventory Management & Stock Control Ratib Ratib


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Improving your purchase order management process | Taulia


We explain what exactly purchase order management is, how the process works, and what steps businesses can take in order to make the process more efficient and effective

Inflation in 2022: Is the Bullwhip Effect to Blame for Retail Inventory Glut

Logistics Viewpoints

Last week I saw a news headline from the Washington Post stating Michael Burry’s ‘Bullwhip’ Tweet Deserves Serious Attention. Michael Burry ( @michaeljburry ) is most well-known as the hedge fund manager portrayed by Christian Bale in the movie “ The Big Short.”

2022 Peak Season Shipping Checklist

Guarantee success with this free Peak Season Checklist—a guide for parcel shippers to navigate the chaos of Q4. This checklist will help you efficiently manage your supply chain to prepare for holiday spikes in volume and demand.

Filling the Whitespace Between AI and Cognitive Computing

Enterra Insights

Experts continue to debate whether artificial intelligence (AI) is a real thing or simply a marketing term. And, knowing that many people draw their perceptions of AI from science fiction books and films, IBM looked for some other term to better explain its AI-related offering.

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The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation with Lisa Morales-Hellebo

The Logistics of Logistics

Lisa Morales-Hellebo and Joe Lynch discuss The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation. Lisa is the Co-Founder and GP at REFASHIOND Ventures , an emerging venture capital fund manager that invests in early stage supply chain technology. About Lisa Morales-Hellebo.

There is No Planet B: Can Supply Chains Save the World?

Logistics Viewpoints

Climate change. Resource scarcity. Population growth. Urbanization. Air and water pollution. When it comes to sustainability , many business leaders are feeling the pressure to act. Customers, investors, and regulatory agencies are demanding that companies actively address the climate crisis.

Above the Fold: Supply Chain Logistics News (July 8, 2022)

Talking Logistics

It’s time to unplug and get off the grid. No email, no social media, no television. Just music and books and the great outdoors.

Formula for Disaster – How the U.S. Formula Shortage Was Shocking  But Not Surprising 


Lack of effective supply chain planning in food & beverage can have life-or-death implications.

Best Practices to Model Carbon Costs in Supply Chain Network Design

How to model carbon costs in your supply chain design? Make conscious choices by comparing scenarios indicating at which points in the supply chain carbon emissions occur and achieve the right balance between sustainability and cost.

Digital Supply Chain Transformation: Your Go-To Guide | Chainalytics

Raghvendra Awasthi

If information on digital supply chain transformation is widely available, why don’t 53% of these efforts achieve their objectives

What Does it Cost to Implement a Transportation Management System? How Long Do the Projects Take?

Logistics Viewpoints

ARC has recently completed a study on the transportation management system integration market. We have previously done a study of transportation management system (TMS) market and transportation execution and visibility system markets , and interviewed TMS vendors.

Yet another breach of the Marriot Hotel chain

IT Supply Chain

By Mark Warren (pictured). Product Specialist, Osirium. The post Yet another breach of the Marriot Hotel chain appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

The Rewards for Accelerating and Improving Your Supply Chain  Decision-Making 


Reach corporate social responsibility goals while improving your economic sustainability.

Easily Build an Optimization App and Empower Your Data

Speaker: Gertjan de Lange

Solving complex business problems requires optimization modeling techniques and data to compare scenarios and make the best decisions. With AIMMS you can rapidly build an optimization app on top of your data and deploy it to the end-user in just a few clicks.

Top Ways 3PL Warehouses Can Survive a Period of Inflation and Financial Downturn

All Things Supply Chain

Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock, you’re aware that our world has been hit with a few years of unprecedented challenges – from a global pandemic to supply chain… Inventory management Logistics 3pL inflation inventory recession warehouses warehousing

3PL 83

Rules-based Approach to Supply Planning: Matching Assets with Demand


In any supply chain, matching the supply assets to the demand in a consistent, reliable, and profitable manner is a key requirement. This blog discusses how to create supply plans based on a sequence of rules that makes the decision-making process fast, effective, and intuitive.

Retailers don’t have to be a recipe for disaster amid soaring customer service complaints

IT Supply Chain

By Brian Atkinson (pictured). Vice President & General Manager EMEA, Five9. The post Retailers don’t have to be a recipe for disaster amid soaring customer service complaints appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

[Video] Enabling Assurance Of Supply In The Global Marketplace

Talking Logistics

For a long time, companies had been redesigning their supply chain networks and practices to become more demand driven.

Video 78

New Research: The State of Supply Chain Network Design in 2022

This report explores how the state of supply chain network design has changed – including how the tools, maturity models, and market demands are transforming the network design practice.

Why the Supply Chain Talent Shortage Isn’t Letting Up

Supply Chain Brain

As we appear to be emerging from our worst healthcare crisis in a century, many experts have assumed that people would eagerly return to work. But that is simply not happening.

Supply Chain Weekly Wrap-Up 07/01/2022-07/07/2022

All Things Supply Chain

China 71

US & Israel new joint cybersecurity programme

IT Supply Chain

By Ronan David (pictured). Chief of Strategy, EfficientIP. The post US & Israel new joint cybersecurity programme appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

How the fabricated metals industry can benefit from a Cloud ERP system


How could a manufacturing business that bends, cuts and welds metal benefit from Cloud ERP? With ongoing supply chain disruptions continuing to affect all industries, that’s a question that the fabricated metals industry is beginning to ask.

The Essential Supply Chain Network Design Tooling Checklist

Dedicated supply chain network design software is fuelled by intuitive scenario analysis capabilities and powerful mathematical optimization. Answer 10 relevant questions to see if advanced network design & scenario modeling technology can help you.

Supreme Court Ruling May Take 70,000 Truckers Off Road, Spur Jams

Supply Chain Brain

A U.S. Supreme Court decision that could force California’s 70,000 truck owner-operators to stop driving is set to create another choke point in already-stressed West Coast logistics networks

FedEx Consolidation Plan Was Long Overdue

Multichannel Merchant

Plans for FedEx to consolidate its operations, announced last week to analysts and investors, are long overdue and should yield the efficiency benefits executives are expecting, especially given a fairly conservative five-year timeline, most experts agreed.

The unexpected opportunity to accelerate a green commerce revolution

IT Supply Chain

By Alex MacPherson (pictured). Director of Solution Consultancy & Account Management, Manhattan Associates. The post The unexpected opportunity to accelerate a green commerce revolution appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

2022 Trends & Innovations in Warehouse Automation

Locus Robotics

By Jason Walker. The COVID-19 pandemic made a major impact on supply chain operations, from manufacturing and shipping to distribution and warehousing. When the world shut down, warehouses were faced with a seemingly unsolvable question: How do we continue operating while keeping people home safe?

Common Use Cases for Mathematical Optimization

What is mathematical optimization and what are some of the most common use cases for across industries? How can this type of prescriptive analytics be applied to lower costs, reduce carbon emissions, and build more resilient supply chains? Find out in this guide.

Innovators Continue to Shape the Last Mile. What’s Next?

Supply Chain Brain

A look at the technologies that logistics startups have developed to transform the last mile, as well as a peek into the future of the sector

The 19 Biggest Spirits Industry Trends in 2022


The spirits industry is evolving at speed as consumer tastes, habits – and demands – change. And as the peak of the pandemic fades, these trends are becoming more prominent. So how are these trends changing the industry, and what can we expect in 2022 and beyond?

‘Business as usual’ is no longer an option for long-term sustainability success

IT Supply Chain

By Rob Fisher (pictured). IMHX 2022 Event Director. The post ‘Business as usual’ is no longer an option for long-term sustainability success appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk Uncategorized