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Washington State: Supporting Shipper Success


Washington State is known for more than their apple production and abundant forests; the geography and talent within the area has equipped shippers with possibilities to better service their customers. Business within the state continues to grow and their economy continues to prosper, growing two and a half times the national average in 2016.

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Washington Macy’s Workers Planning Black Friday Strike

Supply Chain Brain

400 Macy’s employees working in the state of Washington are planning strike actions Black Friday after 96% of workers voted in favor of striking back in October 2023.


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Forced Labor in Supply Chains: The Problem Persists

Talking Logistics

trade blacklist of entities Washington says are linked to human-rights abuses of the Uighur minority group in Xinjiang is entangling major brands and likely to further a reordering of supply chains that feed American consumers,” write Dan Strumpf and Liza Lin in the Wall Street Journal. “The addition of 11 Chinese companies to a U.S.

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This Week in Logistics News (August 12 – 18)

Logistics Viewpoints

The man visited Brothers Liquors on Old Fort Road in Fort Washington and bought 15 identical tickets for the same Pick 5 drawing and ended up hitting the jackpot, winning $50,000 per ticket. With the 15 identical tickets that he bought, the Accekeek man ended up winning 15 $50,000 prizes — a total of $750,000.

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Leadership in Volatile Times

Enterra Insights

He uses George Washington, who heroically carried out routine activities during the Revolutionary War very near where I live, as an example. Washington taught that makeshift band of soldiers to set up camp at the river and put the horses upstream for the night. Did you note that Washington “talked to his aide”?

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Washington DC – Cancelled Popup


Due to the evolving public health concern, Ivalua NOW Washington, D.C. If you have booked travel arrangements for Ivalua NOW Washington, D.C., The post Washington DC – Cancelled Popup appeared first on Ivalua. is going virtual! please be sure to cancel your reservations. . If you #LoveProcurement , you should be there!

DC 20
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U.S. Truckers Plan Anti-Vaccine Convoy to Washington

Supply Chain Brain

A group of American truckers are seeking to import a Canadian movement to protest against vaccine mandates, with thousands of members on social media pledging to bring the demonstration to Washington, D.C.