Washington state issues emergency outdoor heat exposure rule for workers

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Washington state has rolled out an emergency rule that provides outdoor workers more protections from heat-related illnesses. Washington followed in Oregon’s footsteps. Washington is in its second heat wave in as many weeks.

Viewpoint: Q&A on infrastructure legislation in Washington

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A: The situation is extremely fluid in Washington. A: Well, one of the recent food fights in Washington is over the definition of “infrastructure.” From 2009 to 2016, he was an analyst for Capital Alpha Partners, a Washington-based research firm that studies public policy for investors.


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What’s going on in Washington?

The Supply Chain Journal

The days in Washington, DC, seem to fly by as we barrel towards the Sept. News Trucking Truckload Truckload Indexes Afghanistan Democrats FAST Act infrastructure bill Republicans social safety net bill Washington D.C.

Protesting Truckers Clog Up Washington’s Interstates

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Washington police closed streets as a convoy of truckers protesting the government’s response to COVID-19 and other grievances clogged a major interstate artery leading through the nation’s capital

U.S. Truckers Plan Anti-Vaccine Convoy to Washington

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A group of American truckers are seeking to import a Canadian movement to protest against vaccine mandates, with thousands of members on social media pledging to bring the demonstration to Washington, D.C.

FreightWaves Classics: Interstate 5 runs from Mexico to Canada (Part 2 – Oregon and Washington)

The Supply Chain Journal

This article focuses on I-5 in the states of Oregon and Washington. It generally runs parallel to the Pacific coast in the states of California, Oregon and Washington. In North Portland the interstate spans the Columbia River on the Interstate Bridge into Vancouver, Washington.

Amazon, Walmart to advise Washington on ocean freight policy

The Supply Chain Journal

Some of the largest and most powerful companies in the U.S. will now have a say in shaping transportation policy in a public forum at the Federal Maritime Commission.

Washington State: Supporting Shipper Success


Washington State is known for more than their apple production and abundant forests; the geography and talent within the area has equipped shippers with possibilities to better service their customers. Business within the state continues to grow and their economy continues to prosper, growing two and a half times the national average in 2016. Read More. Distribution Supply Chain 3pl Warehousing

Washington’s Birthday 2021

Enterra Insights

As a result of this act, three federal holidays moved permanently to a Monday — Washington’s Birthday, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. Giving Americans a few more three-day weekends might have been smart; however, where Congress showed real wisdom, was formally keeping Washington’s Birthday as the name of the holiday. They believed this because they could use both Washington’s picture and Abraham Lincoln’s picture in advertisements.

Washington 2020 – Jon Stevens


The post Washington 2020 – Jon Stevens appeared first on Ivalua Jon Stevens. President. Jon is the President of the JLL Digital Businesses. Jones Lang Lasalle is one of the largest commercial real estate and wealth management companies in the world.

Washington 2020 – Christophe & Jyotsna


The post Washington 2020 – Christophe & Jyotsna appeared first on Ivalua Customer Keynote: 05/04/2020 – 1:00-3:00pm. Learning Risk Center and NEW 360 Vision. Learn about our exciting, NEW Risk Center feature which provides one unique scorecard to give risk managers a 360 degree vision of supplier risk.

Washington DC – Cancelled Popup


Due to the evolving public health concern, Ivalua NOW Washington, D.C. If you have booked travel arrangements for Ivalua NOW Washington, D.C., The post Washington DC – Cancelled Popup appeared first on Ivalua ? Back to homepage | Visit ivalua.com. Ivalua NOW is Going Virtual! is going virtual!

Washington 2020 – DKD


The post Washington 2020 – DKD appeared first on Ivalua David Khuat-Duy Founder & Corporate CEO. David founded Ivalua more than 18 years ago and assembled an executive team to set the foundations for best-in class software design, continuous sales growth and rigorous operations management. Those efforts have allowed Ivalua to be recognized by leading analysts as one of the top global spend management software vendors growing consistently and profitably for more than 18 years.

Washington’s Birthday 2020 (aka Presidents’ Day)

Enterra Insights

That fact can be demonstrated by examining the life of America’s first president George Washington. Washington, like many politicians of his era, was an enigma — a proponent of liberty and a slave owner. When Washington was born, Americans were using the Julian calendar and his birth date was the 11th of February 1731. ”[1] The staff continues, “Americans celebrated Washington’s Birthday long before Congress declared it a federal holiday.

Washington – Nathalie Otala, Jim Demarco


The post Washington – Nathalie Otala, Jim Demarco appeared first on Ivalua Customer Keynote: 05/04/2020. To be determined. Details coming soon.

Washington – Jyotsna Loomba, Fatma Laidioui


The post Washington – Jyotsna Loomba, Fatma Laidioui appeared first on Ivalua Customer Keynote: 05/04/2020 – 3:00-5:00pm. The Do’s and Don’ts of Workflows | Jyotsna Loomba & Fatma Laidioui. Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of configuring a workflow. Specific use cases will be described such as hierarchical, parallel, integration and how to stop a workflow. Additional topics discussed include Linking workflows together, rejecting workflows and loops.

Washington – Laurence Michali, Sanket Shah


The post Washington – Laurence Michali, Sanket Shah appeared first on Ivalua Customer Keynote: 05/04/2020 – 3:00-5:00pm. Managing Tax Systems | Laurence Michali & Sanket Shah. We will focus on the various tax systems across geographical regions and how to manage them in Ivalua. You will learn how to configure the Ivalua solution to make tax management quick and easy for your user. We will also show how tax can be handled in electronic invoicing (CXML/EDI).

Washington – Nicolas Lievain, Naoto Kawabe


The post Washington – Nicolas Lievain, Naoto Kawabe appeared first on Ivalua Customer Keynote: 05/04/2020 – 1:00-3:00pm. Discovering the PBI User Experience | Nicolas Lievain & Naoto Kawabe. V162 is a major improvement for PBI and how you will create your analysis. Come discover the PBI user experience, new canvas system, report best practices, how to embed your reports in other screens, how to transport configuration, a migration perspective, and more!

Washington’s Birthday: Party Time?

Enterra Insights

Officially, however, the Federal Government still calls the holiday “Washington’s Birthday.” Although we must never forget that Washington was a slave owner, his political life reminds us that a President can serve with both dignity and honor. It was a danger Washington recognized.

Washington – Thomas Le Ponner, Shweta Akhila


The post Washington – Thomas Le Ponner, Shweta Akhila appeared first on Ivalua Customer Keynote: 05/04/2020 – 1:00-3:00pm. Building an Executive Summary | Thomas Le Ponner & Shweta Akhila. The purpose of an executive summary is to communicate the What, Why and How of a topic in a concise manner, giving an overview of the material without having to dive into details. We will demonstrate how our Customers can build their own contract executive summary.

Most dazzling fall foliage spots for truckers

The Supply Chain Journal

Last, but not least, the Olympic Peninsula in Washington provides striking fall foliage backdrops across its 3,600 square miles. Insights News Weather and Critical Events Arkansas autumn color change foliage leaves Michigan Smoky Mountains Washington

Biden sends federal motor fuels tax packing, Washington insider says

The Supply Chain Journal

Perhaps the oldest unresolved issue in official Washington has been how to pay for infrastructure improvements absent any increases in the federal fuels tax.

FreightWaves Classics: I-5 runs from Mexico to Canada (Part 1 – California)

The Supply Chain Journal

It generally runs parallel to the Pacific coast in the states of California, Oregon and Washington. Its southern origin is San Ysidro (San Diego), California, the nation’s busiest international border crossing; it ends at Blaine, Washington. Overview.

Washington – Thomas Le Ponner, Shweta Akhila – Improving UX


The post Washington – Thomas Le Ponner, Shweta Akhila – Improving UX appeared first on Ivalua Customer Keynote: 05/04/2020 – 3:00-5:00pm. Improving User Experience Through Advanced Design Mode | Thomas Le Ponner & Shweta Akhila. Our main focus will be showcasing the most commonly used advanced design properties employed during Ivalua implementation projects.

Ivalua Now Washington DC Journey to Procurement Excellence 4-6 May, 2020


The post Ivalua Now Washington DC<br> Journey to Procurement Excellence <br> 4-6 May, 2020 appeared first on Ivalua

Washington 2020 – Vincent Laperriere


The post Washington 2020 – Vincent Laperriere appeared first on Ivalua Vincent Laperriere. Manager, Supplier Processes & Tools. SESSION: DATE – HOUR. Lorem ipsum. Vincent Laperriere joined Cogeco Communication as Manager, supplier, tools & processes in 2019.

What’s Happening in Washington that’s Impacting Trade Today

BluJay Solutions

How are these issues in Washington, D.C. The post What’s Happening in Washington that’s Impacting Trade Today appeared first on BluJay Solutions. Global trade is a moving target in today’s political scene. impacting your world and supply chain? Many trade agreements with other nations are in review and things change on a daily basis.

China’s Role as Global Drug Hub Raises Alarms in Washington

Material Handling and Logistics

A Defense Health Agency official told a U.S.-China China advisory panel this year that the risks from China’s stranglehold on the pharmaceutical business “cannot be overstated

Coalition Calls for Freight Data Exchange Standard to Cut Supply Chain Emissions

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A Washington-based think tank has launched an initiative to encourage widespread adoption of standardized data-sharing in the freight sector in order to boost sustainability

Supply Chain News on After Some Tough Battles Against Each Other in Recent Years, Truck and Rail Carriers, Shippers Uniting to Change Regulatory Environment in Washington

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Carriers See Chance to Roll Back Some Rules, Require More Evidence to Push New Regulations Through

U.S. Bans New Huawei Equipment Sales over ‘Unacceptable Risk’ to National Security

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The move represents Washington’s latest crackdown on the Chinese tech giants amid fears that Beijing could use them to spy on Americans

Global Inflation May be Close to its Peak, IMF Director Says

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However, the head of the Washington-based fund warned that a fragmentation in global manufacturing supply chains could make it harder to push measured inflation rates back down

Daily Infographic: Highway tunnels that restrict hazardous materials transportation

The Supply Chain Journal

To view more FreightWaves infographics, click here.

Watch: Are We Finally Returning to the Office?

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James Bailey, professor and Stacy and Jonathan Hochberg Fellow of Leadership Development at the George Washington School of Business, discusses whether employees who have been working remotely since the pandemic are returning to the office, and how employers need to adjust to the shift

Supply Chain Graphic of the Week on Do Amazon Fulfillment Centers have More Injuries

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Washington Post Analysis Finds Serious Injuries more Common at Amazon Facilities

Will DNA based Identifiers Supplant Bar Codes, RFID

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University of Washington and Microsoft Researchers Claim Breakthrough in Technology that was too Hard Previously

Growing Distrust of China Brings $38 Billion Windfall for Taiwan

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Taiwan sits squarely in the middle of the worsening dispute between Beijing and Washington, with many of its companies operating factories in China manufacturing for American companies

Forced Labor in Supply Chains: The Problem Persists

Talking Logistics

trade blacklist of entities Washington says are linked to human-rights abuses of the Uighur minority group in Xinjiang is entangling major brands and likely to further a reordering of supply chains that feed American consumers,” write Dan Strumpf and Liza Lin in the Wall Street Journal.

Supply Chain News on Distribution Center Workers Risk Infection, Washington Post Reports

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Soaring Temp Workers Make Social Distancing in DCs almost Impossible, as Pressure to Deliver can Trump Safety

Purchasing Time for Eye Center Goes from One Day to One Hour


Washington state’s first accredited outpatient surgery center dedicated to eye care, The Physicians Eye Surgery Center, specializes in cataract surgery, LASIK and refractive surgery, and eyelid procedures.