Inventory Management in Service Logistics Industry

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What is Inventory Management? For Manufacturing it’s about carrying zero or minimum inventory. For Logistics the focus is on high inventory turns. Inventory Management is about having a right balance of expectations from different functions of the supply chain.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Rise of Enterprise Mobility in Manufacturing


What is Mobility as it Applies to Manufacturing and Other Businesses? this exercise helps retain mobility in the damaged joints". However, we are not referencing this kind of mobility when we are talking about mobility in manufacturing and logistics.

Vendor Managed Inventory Model for Supply Chain Cost Reductions


Below I will outline how a vendor managed inventory model, in conjunction with reverse marketing, value analysis, and collaboration will achieve supply chain cost reductions. Vendor Managed Inventory Model for Supply Chain Cost Reductions. The distributor maintains the inventory plan.

Take a Lean Approach to Digital Manufacturing to Double Productivity

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Although the fundamentals have been around for a while now, Digital Manufacturing has matured through this life cycle at a pace I have never seen before. From this perspective, it is easy to see why digital manufacturing has been adopted at such a rapid pace.

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Top 10 Organizational Mistakes That Limit Your Warehouse Management (infographic)

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Just as a lack of exercise and a poor diet can cause our blood to become clogged with cholesterol and fat, inefficient warehouse management can lead to serious issues for your operation. For example, one of the most common mistakes made in these environments is having too much inventory.

10 Best Practices for Inventory Cycle Counts


They’re disruptive I know but they’re an essential part of maintaining inventory accuracy. Here, we’ll introduce inventory cycle counting and show you how it can complement your annual stock take exercise. What is an Inventory Cycle Count? Introduction.

Craft Beer Inventory Management


Craft brewers, however, face the same inventory issues as any other business with simple manufacturing and physical products that need to be shipped around. Much of the manufacturing involves chemistry and is dictated by the brewer’s style. Manage your beer inventory.

An Inventory Audit Guide for Wholesalers and Distributors


However, we shall soon see why an inventory audit is critical for businesses dealing with physical stock. You shouldn’t confuse an inventory audit with two popular means of tallying your stock: physical stock takes and cycle counting. What is an Inventory Audit.

Is it time to integrate your supply chain design with execution?

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its inventory management and where and how well it deploys inventory to optimize customer service levels and profitability. Inventory management. Likewise, operational considerations like optimized inventory management have never been more important.

Etsy Order, Purchase & Inventory Management for Creators, Makers and Doers


As a creative entrepreneur, there are various ways to get a handle on managing the orders, purchases, and inventory of your hand-made goods. Manage Inventory. Firstly, why should you consider a third-party inventory management system outside of Etsy? Introduction.

8-Step Importing Guide For First Timers


Manufacturers vs Trading Companies. Manufacturers make the product themselves and will sell the goods directly to you. Make sure that you deal directly with manufacturers and not trading companies. Exercise common sense and order a few pieces of each size, color or variant.

What If You Could Take The Guesswork Out Of Forecast Planning? Guest Post from Osgood Vogler


Persistent planning biases can tie up cash by driving excess inventory. This exercise is important because it will help supply chain leaders understand exactly where planning is necessary and how to drive exceptional performance in their supply chain operations.

What are supply chain professionals using to make network decisions? 


We had quiz takers from 23 countries and across industries – from chemicals to manufacturing, metals, telecom, cosmetics, consumer goods, t ransportation and food. Part I in our series on assessing your network design’s maturity . How does you r network design compare to others ?

Industry 4.0 getting whipped

Supply Chain Movement

Or might we be returning to old supply chain principles that vanished in the era of mass production – a ‘make-to-order’ culture marked by personal service, bespoke products and minimal inventory? They almost always lead to excess inventory and require humans to fine tune them over time.

8-Step Importing Guide For First Timers


Manufacturers vs Trading Companies. Manufacturers make the product themselves and will sell the goods directly to you. Make sure that you deal directly with manufacturers and not trading companies. Exercise common sense and order a few pieces of each size, color or variant.

The Future of Supply Chain Management is in AI


McKinsey Report : Firms will derive between $1.3 – 2 Trillion a year in economic value from using AI in supply chains and manufacturing. That said, it is not an overnight exercise or an isolated activity.

What is SCM and Why is it Important?

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It refers to the systems, processes and software packages used by organizations to manage day-to-day operating activities such as, new product development , demand, supply and sales & operations planning , procurement , logistics , order management , manufacturing and asset maintenance.

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Laying the Foundation for Advanced Supply Chain Planning Capabilities in the Food and Beverage Industry


As a former Director of Supply Chain Management for a large multi-channel food manufacturer I experienced first-hand the variety of challenging problems faced by supply chain planners in the unforgiving F&B industry.

The Avnet Tech Games IX Welcomes The Inaugural JDA Supply Chain Challenge

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This event brought teams of two to four students together to form Littlefield Technologies, a fictitious manufacturer of digital satellite system receivers. Uncategorized capacity forecasting inventory pricing

Guest Blog Part 2: Start Your eKanban Implementation with Value-stream Mapping and Engaging Your Suppliers


Through this guest blog series, my intent is to share some of my experiences implementing supplier quality and Lean manufacturing initiatives by focusing on eKanban systems. If you’re not using a manual Kanban system, map the current inventory replenishment process.) by Jim Shore.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Supply Chain Planning: 4 Essential Year End Questions to Ask Yourself


For our readers, who are in the supply chain and manufacturing space, we want to share information that helps you stay strategic. Rather concerns over truck capacity constraints earlier this year pushed manufacturers and retailers to build up higher than normal inventories.

How Resilient is Your Global Supply Chain?


Supply chain hardship will be broadly felt and effect finished goods distributors and manufacturers alike. Node visibility is essential are at the source (suppliers factories) and inventory (consolidators, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers).

The Move Toward the Middle: SCM World’s Kevin O’Marah Discusses the Impact of Omni-Channel on Supply Chain Management – Part I

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Digital demand and omni-channel shopping are radically changing supply chain practices for both retailers and manufacturers. The implications, in terms of consumer-level complexity, cause the supply chain to have to rethink how it is organized—what does a distribution network look like, what does a distribution center look like, where does the inventory live? Omni-Channel Retail Supply Chain consumers manufacturing omni-channel retail

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Next-Gen Supply Chain Management

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Then, and only then, as a category manager or merchant buyer, will a supply chain professional and his or her internal customers be able to get a comprehensive picture of the inventory of the products they are responsible for, including what’s on the shipper’s dock, at the consolidator, on the ocean vessel or stack train or truck, in the DC and on the store shelf.

Where Does Supply Chain Design End and Planning Begin? (Takeaways from LLamasoft’s SummerCon 2017 Conference)

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The first one arrived a few years ago when a growing number of companies started treating supply chain design as a continuous business process instead of a standalone project or a once-a-year exercise. When it comes to supply chain design, we’re at another inflection point in the industry.

3 Supply Chain Planning Fundamentals for the Holidays

Oracle SCM

This blog post was co-authored by Lionel Albert, Oracle's Senior Director EMEA, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Planning. While they might assume it’s magic, manufacturers and retailers know that making holiday wishes a reality isn’t that simple.

Sales and Operations Planning Time Machine


Sales & Operations Planning should be more than just a basic demand – supply matching exercise; it should mitigate and plan for events in critical business areas such as finance. One of my favorite books growing up was The Time Machine by H. Wells.

Change management and 3D printing adoption


OEMs, for example, are typically required to keep spare and repair parts in their inventory, but having excess stock results in unnecessary costs. Instead it’s “how can new manufacturing technologies help us solve an existing problem?”

Logistics KPIs Case Study: Whirlpool’s Supply Chain and Logistics Success Driven by Effective KPI Implementation


Whirlpool Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances, with annual sales over $19 billion, more than 80,000 employees and more than 60 manufacturing and technology research centers globally.

Supply Chain Risk and Climate Change, Part 2

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Fouad Egbaria ( @FEgbariaMM ) bluntly states, “When it comes to natural disasters, like hurricanes, the question is not ‘if’ but ‘when’ For manufacturers, natural disasters — whether it’s hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, or something else — pose a number of significant hurdles to supply-chain stability. As noted below, the best way to prepare response teams is to exercise the plan. Such exercises might uncover unexpected risks.

Clorox Successfully Implements a Program for Value Chain Segmentation

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As shown in Figure 1, the company now has sales of 6.1B$, manufacturers 40+ brands in 24 countries while selling products in 100 countries. In this period, Clorox was acquiring products with significantly higher margins and lower inventory turns.

Drawing the Current State of Your Supply Chain


However, mapping the supply chain can be more challenging and complicated than mapping a manufacturing process because: Considering the above challenges, the most difficult part of drawing the current state is determining where to start. Inventory levels.

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Don’t Fear Optimization (It’s Just a Word)

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You have to optimize your [transportation, inventory, manufacturing, or other business process] to maximize your costs savings and benefits,” is what industry analysts, consultants, academics, and solution providers have been preaching for decades.

Treading Water

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Only 12% of public companies are making improvement during the period of 2009-2015 in both operating margin and inventory despite spending an average of 1.7% I spent my summers as a lifeguard. To certify, I had to tread water for what seemed like an incessant period of time.

Who Loves Ya? Demand Planning or Supply Planning? (Part 3)

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It’s all about managing the Customer Forecast (Demand Planning) and the Inventory Supply (Supply Planning). For the final pieces of the puzzle, we must identify the tools available to manage Inventory Supply and deliver superior Supply Planning. Sven Aunapu.

Three Questions People are Afraid to Ask….

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Tomorrow, I get to deliver this message to a large manufacturing client. It is tough for me to see that nine out of ten companies are stuck, and not making progress, at the intersection of operating margin and inventory turns.

S&OP, a vision for the future. The expert interview series #1

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During this exercise I was hand-picked to develop and lead the Demand Planning Team for the largest of the two operating divisions. As I worked for and was involved with various enterprises over my career, some manufacturing, some service related, retail, etc. Introduction.

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