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Commodity price spikes slow logistics warehousing activity but don’t stop it

The Supply Chain Journal

The cost of construction materials has soared along with other inputs as ultra-tight inventory levels meet strong demand in the industrial and residential sectors. NYSE:PLD), the world’s largest logistics warehouse developer, owner and operator.

50 expert warehouse optimization tips and techniques

6 River Systems

Optimizing your warehouse means examining every corner of your infrastructure and every facet of your workflows and processes to identify and correct inefficiencies. Design a floor plan that meets your needs now and also allows for growth. Upgrade your warehouse equipment.


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Fed up with cargo congestion, freight forwarders flee O’Hare airport

The Supply Chain Journal

There is so much cargo piling up at O’Hare that airline-handling agents for the first time in memory are actually renting warehouses in surrounding townships to hold the overflow until it can be sorted for customer pickup, local trucking and logistics professionals say.

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What’s the Difference Between Freight Management and Logistics Management?

Supply Chain Game Changer

In business it is not uncommon to hear the words “Logistics Management” and “Freight Management” thrown around interchangeably. “Logistics” and “Freight” both conjure up imagery associated with the movement and transportation of goods whether by truck, car, rail, ocean liner or any other form of transportation. What is Freight Management? But what activities are thus considered to be a part of Freight Management?

Supply Chain Risk Management is a Cirque Du Soleil Calibre Act!

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Every part of your Supply Chain from suppliers, to logistics carriers to Distribution Centres, Manufacturers and Marketing channels must all have sufficient capacity to meet your needs. supplychainmanagement #riskmanagement #procurement #logisticsmanagement. Subscribe Here!

Drop Shipping Teddy Bears!

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As such the Category Managers were going wild with ideas on how to expand their product assortments and procuring new and interesting products to sell. the difference between the intended resale price and the cost of procuring the item from the vendor). Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Streamline your Entire Distribution Centre or Warehouse at One Time!

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We had to meet, and exceed, all customer expectations. Selected as one of the Top 75 Supply Chain blogs, and one of the Top 25 Procurement blogs, on the Internet. The post Streamline your Entire Distribution Centre or Warehouse at One Time! Business Process Optimization Freight and Logistics Lean Process Improvement Supply Chain Management Distribution Lean Logistics ProcessExcellence SCM supplychainSubscribe Here! Email Address.

Do You Know When it’s Time for a Freight Review?

Logistics Bureau

Choosing freight carriers is not the easiest of tasks, so it’s understandable why companies often overlook the need for a freight review , even when such an undertaking is long overdue. Read and Heed the Signs that Freight Review is Due. But how do you know when it’s the right time to conduct a freight review? You’ve lost touch with (or have never really explored) developments in the freight service market. Changes in freight-rate structure.

IMO 2020 is Here. Are You Ready?

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During the 17th session of MEPC (Marine Environment Protection Committee) meeting at London on 28th Oct. Under this regime, the primary responsible party in the freight market will be the vessel owner or operator. will also need to update freight tariffs accordingly.

Overcome Foodservice Disruptions: Focus on Technology, Service Networks, and Transportation

CH Robinson Transportfolio

With the majority of the transportation market comprised of small and mid-sized carriers, juggling the number of relationships necessary to meet your capacity needs can be daunting, if not impossible. Accordingly, carriers are selective about freight.

How a 3PL Empowers Shippers With LTL Transportation Stability


the past 13 months of sustained rising freight demand and widespread shortage of labor up-and-down supply chains has brought the LTL trucking sector, and the shippers that depend on it to move palletized shipments, to a turning point.”. freight and delivery needs.

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28 supply chain professionals share the biggest challenges of supply chain management

6 River Systems

Meet Our Panel of Supply Chain Professionals: Sebastian Jungels Calloway Cook John Moss Emily Murphy Michael Gravier Rishit Shah Jessica Thiele Charlie Wilgus Debbie Lentz Tom Kieley Bobby Neundorfer Juli Lassow Lu Siqi Eunji Lim Ph.D. Our supply chain involves a contract manufacturer, a third-party testing facility, warehouses to store inventory and a freighting company. Freight capacity — how long will equilibrium last? Warehouse Operations

Ultimate Guide To Technologies That Are Transforming Supply Chains

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

A variety of other technologies, such as robots and advanced warehouse management systems, leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for data-driven decision-making. Robotics enabled with AI and ML augment the work of humans in warehouses and distribution centers.

21 logistics experts share the most important ingredients in developing an effective logistics strategy

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Statista found that 73 percent of buyers and users of freight transportation and logistics services say the COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on their logistics and supply chain operations. The number and locations of required warehouses, distributors, etc. Warehouse Operations

How to Get a Job in the Supply Chain Sector

Logistics Bureau

It touches many departments, from production, procurement, shipping, accounting, and finance to marketing, warehousing, research and development, and sales. Look out for industry-type events in your area, as these provide an opportunity for you to meet lots of people.

Imagining the Supply Chain of the Future!

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This will include every step and process within the manufacturing line, warehouse or distribution centre of your company or that of one of your suppliers. Planning, Procurement, Manufacturing, Logistics, Inventory Management and more are most often activities assigned to some internal organization. Actually wherever these leaders are they will be able to access their control tower, whether from an office, a meeting room, a plane, a hotel room, or anywhere possible.

The Supply Chain Game Changer Job Board!

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It includes functional areas such as Procurement, Purchasing, Freight, Logistics, Planning, Material Handling, Inventory Management, Cash Flow Management, Quality Management, Diversity, Customer Support, Systems Design and Deployment, Business Process Engineering, and Business Management. The Hottest Jobs in Supply Chain and Procurement! SCM #SupplyChain #supplychainmanagement #logistics #freight #transportation #distribution #procurement. Subscribe Here!

The Logistics of Customer Experience with Scott Perry

The Logistics of Logistics

Scott is an astute leader with more than 30 years’ logistics experience, including international freight forwarding, domestic transportation and freight management, warehousing, distribution and fulfilment, as well as more complex domestic and global supply chain management.

50 expert tips on logistics planning and strategy

6 River Systems

While it’s certainly important for each stakeholder to ensure they’re meeting deadlines and turning in quality performance, silos along the supply chain make it difficult to address inefficiencies in any meaningful way. Implement supply chain actions, including with internal procurement teams, with suppliers and through broader collaboration, and develop measurable targets for these efforts. The increase in sales is great but only if you are able to meet customer demand.

How Supply Chain Inefficiencies Can Lead to Poor Customer Experience


To thrive in this new environment, businesses must adapt and make changes to quickly meet their customers’ wants and needs and avoid poor customer experience and loss of ROI and profits. Poor Transparency and Inefficient Procurement Results in Longer Transit and Higher Fuel Surcharges.

36 innovative companies re-inventing and rethinking supply chain and logistics

6 River Systems

With how quickly new technology, tips and warehouse management techniques are emerging, wouldn’t it be nice to take a page from someone else’s book? Bed Bath & Beyond @BedBathBeyond Bed Bath & Beyond has discovered a way to save millions of dollars on freight over the next few years, thanks to a new 755,000 square-foot distribution facility slated to open in the fall of 2019. In 2018, Wayfair expanded its warehouse and logistics investments in the U.S.

5 Retail Supply Chain Insights to Improve Performance

CH Robinson Logistics

Accordingly, in 2020 we saw an overwhelming breakdown of route guides and more shippers reviewing where and how their freight flows. The right technology makes this agile approach to transportation procurement easy. Like many industries, retail has been evolving for some time.

5 ways ERP improves inventory visibility in your supply chain


Whether it is about inventory in transit, in a warehouse or in distribution centers, visibility is a must. When stock is optimized in the right manner, routine inventory audits are done on time, inbound, outbound, warehousing, and in-transit movements are tracked meticulously. Inventory visibility ensures that your capital is not sitting on warehouse shelves instead of being used in your operations. Materials are ordered and received to meet production requirement s.

Searching for Sustainability: Balancing Economics and Environmental Objectives in Logistics

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

A new study by the Center for Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chains (CSLS) at Kühne Logistics University, in cooperation with the European Freight & Logistics Leaders’ Forum, clearly shows that environmental and economic objectives are not in conflict and often well aligned.

6 More Logistics Technology Trends Enabling Success in 2018


However, logistics focuses expressly on the movement and storage of products, while the supply chain goes into deeper detail, including manufacturing processes, procurement, and the flow of goods. The decision by Amazon will result in increased development of robots for use in logistics and other functions in warehouses such as packing and picking. Freight sharing apps are one of the major app categories that will see a significant boost throughout 2018.

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5 Ways to Prepare Your Supply Chain for an Efficient Holiday Rush


Whether it be Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving pumpkins, or holiday lights, customers increase their buying during the holidays and therefore it’s a hectic time for suppliers trying to meet their demand. Businesses need to be prepared for demand spikes, so what can efficient directors of warehouse supply chains and warehouse managers do to get ready for the holiday rush? Each shipper only pays for the weight of the freight and the space it takes up versus the full load.

Using Digital Supply Chain Planning to Respond to Market-Changing Disruptions like COVID-19


Macro events like the Coronavirus crisis trigger demand volatility that affects every link in your global supply chain—from the raw materials you procure to setting safety stock levels to planning logistics and promotions.

50 expert tips on supply chain management

6 River Systems

Warehouse managers face numerous challenges, as well, such as the need to keep goods flowing in and out of the facility while enabling associates to practice social distancing measures. They also help production teams pivot nimbly to meet changing market demand, a significant competitive edge.

The Transportation Supply Chain: Transportation’s Role in Supply Chain Management to Lower Total Costs


This requires a new broad look at the business of transportation supply chain, including supply chain management, logistics, & procurement. Freight transportation costs in the United States amount to about 6% of the GDP, which means that a large portion of a company’s supply chain costs come from transportation. Managers should consider an appropriate combination of company-owned & outsourced transportation to meet their needs.

QAD Supplier Portal: An Introduction


Manufacturers are realizing the benefits of tightening relationships with suppliers to better manage the procurement of goods and lower supply costs. Or, as one QAD customer stated , “The QAD Supplier Portal improves our productivity, saves us money and ensures we consistently meet our customers’ needs.”. Excessive premium freight charges to meet customer delivery expectations. Inefficient procurement workflow and processing causing unproductive supplier relationships.

The History of Supply Chain Management! (Infographic)

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pallets and pallet lifts) to improve the very labor intensive processes of material handling and how to take better advantage of space using racking and better warehouse design and layout. Although the terms “warehousing” and “materials handling” were used to describe many of these efforts, this work could be viewed as fundamental applications of industrial engineering rather than as a discipline of it own. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

5 More Transformative Supply Chain Technologies Supply Chains Will Focus on in 2018 to Move to the Next Level


2018 will be the year in which more companies choose to leverage the power of 3PL-based technologies, including transportation management systems (TMS) but also other transformative supply chain technologies like a Warehouse Management System, a Yard Management System, a Labor Management System, all integrated together via APIs connected to the cloud with added extensions to handle automated cycle-counting or network optimization.

Carriers bet on Capacity-as-a-Service

The Supply Chain Journal

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) has targeted shippers across the globe, promising an easier way to handle in-house procurement and transportation workflows, and offer a layer of resilience when unforeseen hurdles arise.

An Easy Guide to Purchase Order Terms and Conditions


Your procurement department or the person in charge of placing purchase orders issues a purchase order form or PO letter to a supplier or vendor to authorise a purchase. This resource is meant for low-value procurement and simplifies the legal language to make it more approachable for SMEs.

13 Amazing Logistics & Supply Chain Mobile Applications


These apps help companies achieve every business process from tracking inventory and shipments to booking meetings with clients to tracking tasks and projects. EazyStock in a cloud-based inventory optimization tool that systematically reduces excess and obsolete stock levels (bad inventory) from your warehouse locations to reduce costs while increasing the availability of your faster turning more profitable items (healthy inventory). Veeqo – Warehouse Management System.