Medicine's Inventory Nightmare


However, many hospitals and medical institutions struggle to provide adequate care due to inventory issues resulting from a dependence on outdated and inefficient supply chain management systems. These figures can be attributed to the fact that inventory management poses a particularly challenging task in the healthcare industry, where inventory needs constantly fluctuate, requiring meticulous tracking methods. medical supplies healthcare inventory management

Medicine's Inventory Nightmare


However, many hospitals and medical institutions struggle to provide adequate care due to inventory issues resulting from a dependence on outdated and inefficient supply chain management systems. These figures can be attributed to the fact that inventory management poses a particularly challenging task in the healthcare industry, where inventory needs constantly fluctuate, requiring meticulous tracking methods. medical supplies healthcare inventory management

Supply Chain Security: Playing It Safe

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Successful companies are concerned about inventory loss, fraud, terrorism, product tampering, diversion, counterfeiting, smuggling, the theft of proprietary information, and cybercrime. Here’s how to prevent these threats from negatively impacting your company’s bottom line and reputation

Getting Inventory Right: Hope with Hype and Recycled Software?

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In parallel, I have been hard at work on a report on multi-tier inventory optimization for the last two weeks. In the research for the inventory optimization and the S&OP reports, I find a handful of VERY experienced SAP clients doing codevelopment with the SAP IBP product.

What is Inventory Management?


What is Inventory Management? Inventory management, in a nutshell, describes your efforts to manage, assess and report on the flow of your stock of goods. You might be using pencil-and-paper, spreadsheets or sophisticated inventory management software to do this.

What is Web Based Inventory Management Software?


You run a lean business model with minimal overheads and using web-based inventory management software plays a big part in this. Web encryption standards now ensure the security and privacy of data saved at remote servers. What to Expect from Web-Based Inventory Management Software.

Blockchain can make global supply chains more efficient and secure

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Essentially, blockchain is a shared database that enables different users can append new data, authenticate user’s new data with strong cryptography, and provides incentives for other strangers to manage and secure updates. Christopher Tang.

Inventory Reduction: The Path to Supply Chain Management


Inventory Reduction: The Path to Supply Chain Management. Inventory is not only a critical part of supply chain management; too often it is the main cause of a painfully incremental progression toward effective and genuine supply chain management. This inventory builds.

Real-Time Inventory Management: 5 Ways Advanced Computer Analytics Will Transform Traditional Inventory Management


Manufacturers have always struggled to obtain the most accurate inventory levels possible. A need for real-time inventory management has arisen, but until now, we didn't have a way to make it a reality. In our predictions’ blog post from earlier this year, we noted how customization will begin to replace traditional inventory management, and essentially, customization goes back to using computer analytics to generate a more accurate, successful view of inventory management.

Your supply chain is costing you money – Reason #5 Not having a supply chain risk management process

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If your demand decreases, you have excess inventory or idle capacity. IT security: This is also often ignored when thinking about Supply Chain risk. Not a pleasant idea to think about but something that is happening every day despite the billions of dollars spent on IT security.

IBM Helps Danone to Accelerate and Secure Order Processing and B2B Interactions Through a Smarter Commerce Partner Network

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IBM today (NYSE: IBM), announced that Danone, a leading global dairy producer, is working with IBM to provide a secure trading network for that helps expedite and automate business transactions with its customers, business partners and suppliers. Emerging Trends Information Technology News & Info Professional Communications RFID RFID Information Security social media Supply Chain Management Support Services & Industry Initiatives b2b business processes control edi visibility

Get Started on Reducing Your Inventory Shrinkage


Inventory shrinkage can create major problems for businesses because it can result in a loss of sales and profits. The 2016 National Security Survey revealed that inventory shrinkage costs businesses a staggering $45.2 To help combat this expensive problem, here are five proven ways to reduce inventory shrinkage by putting some simple processes in place. Over 35 per cent of inventory shrinkage is due to employee theft. Track inventory shrinkage.

Vendor Managed Inventory? Think twice and consider the risks!

Supply Chain View from the Field

Historically, businesses have used one of two extremes for inventory management: push-based or pull-based. Push-based inventory management uses demand forecast to manage inventory and replenish from the supply base. Pull-based inventory management, on the other hand, uses consumption to replenish from the supply base and manage inventory. Inventory levels actually increased at downstream (buyer) facilities.

This Week in Logistics News (March 7 – 13)

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Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Global Trade Inventory Management Labor Logistics Technologies Omni-channel logistics Regulations Retail Statistics Supply Chain Risk Management This Week in News Trade Security Transportation The unemployment rate edged down slightly in February 2015, to 5.5%. While the unemployment rate for teenagers decreased 1.7% to 17.1%, the rate for adult men (5.2%) and women (4.9%) remained relatively unchanged.

Achieving the Integrated Global Supply Chain

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Cash Supply Chain Definitions Education Emerging Trends Freight & Transportation Information Technology Inventory New Ideas News & Info Professional Communications Security Supply Chain Management Supply Chain RiskGuest post from Ned Blinick of 3rdwave.

Contrasting Financial Results and Supply Chain Strategies: Wal-Mart and Target

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This week, two major U.S. based retailers, Target and Wal-Mart, each reported financial results that presented different perspectives on the importance of integrated brick and mortar and online merchandising strategies and strong, collaborative supplier relationships. Both of these retailer’s performance numbers point to an industry that continues to struggle with balancing investments in both online […].

Watch Your Cashflow Improve with Inventory Management


One of the primary keys to a healthy cashflow is inventory management. The following tips break down how you can improve cashflow through better inventory management techniques. By changing a few of your inefficient inventory tactics, you can free up more cash. Use an inventory management system. It’s hard to imagine doing business without one, yet so many companies are still in the dark when it comes to online inventory management systems.

The 5 P’s of Inventory Shrinkage


Inventory shrinkage is a term used to describe the loss of inventory. It is the difference between the physical count of inventory stock and the recorded quantity. Categorised as inventory waste, the four major types of inventory shrinkage are shop-lifting, theft by employees, clerical errors and supplier fraud. Shoplifting is the leading cause of shrinkage, accounting for over a third of all inventory shrinkage. Preventing inventory shrinkage.

Sorry, I’m Not Sure: Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2018

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If they actually follow through on their promise and oil prices continue to rise next year, how will transportation, inventory, and sourcing policy decisions change in response? Source: Evan, Flikr. “I

Don’t Make These 8 Horrible Inventory Management Mistakes Before Halloween


Not cleaning up the inventory skeletons in your closet can mean a difference between a ho-hum year and a bumper year. Here we’re going to cover some common inventory management mistakes that businesses make while winding up the year. Introduction.

Using Online Inventory Management to Give Your SME a Competitive Edge


As a small business competing in a large market, tracking inventory is the first step to grow into a successful company. Online inventory management for businesses of all sizes is becoming the new norm, with customer expectations of delivery times and stock availability becoming tougher for smaller businesses to meet. However, with developing technology and increasingly affordable online inventory management solutions, this advantage is now becoming available to small businesses.

Mexico Back in the Supply Chain Spotlight

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economic recession made companies decrease inventories, which increased their need for speed to market and shorter cash-to-cash cycles. Finally, I asked Troy about security, if it’s as bad as we read in the papers. Global Trade China cross-border trade Mexico NAFTA security Transplace transportation Troy Ryley It seems like we’ve come full circle with Mexico.

Mexico 164

Intelleflex Announces Cellular, GPS-equipped RFID Reader & Cloud-based ZEST™ Data Services Platform

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To achieve full efficiency, the supply chain needs secure, accurate and timely data on the inventory status and condition of its products. ZEST provides easy access to secure, authenticated reader and tag data – without the need to interface directly with the readers.

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Protect Your Bottom Line With a Smart Supply Chain Design Strategy

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Here is how these companies are using transportation optimization, inventory optimization and demand modeling as part of their supply chain design strategy to tackle the price factor head-on. Use Inventory Optimization to Secure the Right Inventory Mix.

This Week in Logistics News (June 24-28, 2013)

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It provides the key warehouse management features needed to quickly deliver ROI, including the tracking and visibility of inbound orders, directed put-away, variety of picking methods, shipping, directed replenishment and inventory control. .

Checkpoint Launches First RFID-Based EAS Solution for Apparel Retailers

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NYSE:CKP), a leading global supplier of shrink management, merchandise visibility and apparel labeling solutions for the retail industry, today announced here at NRF Loss Prevention Conference & Expo its RFID Overhead EAS Solution, delivering benefits both for loss prevention and inventory visibility at the point-of-exit. Emerging Trends Information Technology Inventory News & Info RFID RFID Information Security Supply Chain Fraud Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

3D printing as a means for supply chain optimization: learnings from NS, Eurostar and the Dutch Ground Forces


Printing parts on demand also prevents obsolesce, secures faster part availability and reduces waste. A security accessory printed through DiManEx for Eurostar coaches. The item has a security function. The Dutch Ground forces adopt 3D printing to secure vehicle parts.

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The Role of the Internet of Things in Managing Supply Chain Risk

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Perhaps the most obvious potential benefit of IoT, and more importantly going forward the IoE, is supply chain security, which could be much better managed through the use of tracked and monitored containers or packing cases, right down to individual packaging level, which alert security or the authorities if removed from where they should be.

Justifying Investments in Risk Avoidance

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This is the classic Catch-22 dilemma faced by many corporate security managers when trying to justify further investments in steeling the supply chain against disruptions. This supported an extremely lean build-to-order operation with minimal inventory. Relief and resilience.

The internet of (supply chain) things

The 21st Century Supply Chain

Inventory Tracking – Despite all the efforts manufacturers put into inventory accuracy it still happens. Imagine if your inventory itself could tell you how much there is. Note that ERP inventory accuracy no longer is a constraint on when re-ordering happens.

Picadeli to offer the freshest ingredients using RELEX’s inventory management system

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Picadeli , which has over 1,500 salad bars in Sweden, Finland and Denmark, has chosen RELEX’s supply chain management system to handle its inventory management and replenishment. Because the concept’s success rests on offering customers the freshest ingredients and a versatile range, Picadeli searched for a replenishment and inventory management solution that minimizes waste while making sure that the right products are always available in each salad bar. Read PDF.

Your supply chain is costing you money – Reason #7 Making decisions based on bad data (supply chain data accuracy)

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Reason #6 Not effectively managing inventory. Having wasted time going to that store, I’d be less inclined to use that store in the future – at least I’d be much less likely to trust their website’s inventory. If the planned lead-time is longer than actual, you get excess inventories.

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How to Fix Your MRO Inventory Squirrel Problem?

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Squirreling is one of the biggest hindrances to successful inventory management for MRO businesses, and field service technicians tend to be the biggest squirrels of all. Is your field workforce the biggest obstacle to effective MRO inventory management?

The Hot Topics at NRF: An Interview with Gartner’s Kevin Sterneckert

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Sterneckert: The topics that seem very clear to me were security and risk, and I believe that had a lot to do with the breaches that happened at a couple of retailers, and appear to be much bigger than previous instances. Inventory transparency across all channels is not a trivial delivery.

Integrated Planning: Is It Rubbish? Be Careful What You Ask For….

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While Integrated Planning sounds good, and teams can sit around the table and nod their heads with a false sense of security that the group reached agreement. On Sunday, I spent the day at the Barnes Foundation with an old friend Karen.