Around the curve: 2020 automotive industry predictions


by Manda Schweitzer-Miller With the pace of change in the automotive industry as of late, making any predictions seems a bold move. In order to maintain relevant, or gain relevancy, with that share of the market, automotive leaders will continue to invest and innovate in electric vehicles.

Diversify Your Automotive Supply Chain to Adapt for the Future


Investing in the systems for new automotive now could put you as a leading supplier in the not-so-distant future. Now is the chance for automotive suppliers to begin to predict the future needs of this emerging market and secure their spot at the top of the supply chain.


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Update on the Automotive Industry

Logistics Trends and Insights

The automotive industry has undergone quite the transformation from the days of Henry Ford and the Model T. The comprehensive and rapid reorganization of the automotive sector after 2025 will have far-reaching consequences for the entire industry and its value chains. by Amy Wunderlin.

Supply chain pain points: Automotive


by Alexa Cheater 6 speed bumps on the road to automotive supply chain success. A trending move from regional to global supply chain processes is adding complexity to the automotive supply chain at an unprecedented level, driving a growing need for automation and collaboration. Here are just a few of the other challenges facing the automotive industry. Automotive supply chain pain points. These are just a few of the specific automotive supply chain pain points.

How a Fortune 500 Company Transformed its Supply Chain Using a Digital Twin-Enabled Control Tower

This Fortune 500 manufacturer needed a solution to help them understand their lack of material availability and which plants and production lines were at risk of shutting down production, so they could take corrective actions to mitigate that risk.

Automotive supply chain troubles — Transmission

The Supply Chain Journal

When you switch to AIT Worldwide Logistics for automotive shipping you’re partnering with a team of logistics professionals in Asia, Europe and North America who develop customized supply chain solutions that are just as unique as your business.

Visions of the Automotive Supply Chain Prophets


Together with Quistem Founder and President Cathy Fisher, the two of us are co-hosting “ Auto Supply Chain Prophets ,” which is the first podcast dedicated solely to global automotive supply chain issues. Have you heard about our new podcast?

Coronavirus and the Automotive and Pharmaceutical Supply Chains

Logistics Viewpoints

The post Coronavirus and the Automotive and Pharmaceutical Supply Chains appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Automotive Industry Global Trade Life Stories Pharma & Life Sciences automotive coronavirus manufacturing pharmaceuticals Transportation

Revving Up Efficiency in Automotive Labeling


The automotive industry has always relied on a vast and complex supply chain to provide an array of components. Automotive Labeling

New Developments Among Electric Vehicle Automotive Players

Supply Chain Matters

In this Supply Chain Matters posting we provide highlights of manufacturing and supply chain developments involving electric vehicle automotive producers at the 2022 mid-year point. Rivian Automotive.

How Data Analytics Can Solve the Challenges Faced by SC Leaders in Discrete Manufacturing

Bringing data-driven intelligence to supply chain increases revenue, reduces costs, and improves the overall performance of any business, especially manufacturing companies where supply chain is the bloodline of their business. Read more!

Reconfiguring the Automotive Post Pandemic Supply Chain

Logistics Trends and Insights

The year started off promising for the automotive industry however, like everything in its path, the coronavirus pandemic has dealt a cruel blow to the industry. For example, in terms of domestic sales, February was the worst month in Chinese automotive history, plummeting 80% year-over-year.

Three essential trends driving Asia Pacific e-commerce automotive aftermarket size by 2026

All Things Supply Chain

The Asia Pacific e-commerce automotive aftermarket is poised to record substantial gains owing to increasing automotive part sales in the region. Vehicle filters, brakes and light replacement parts are some… General asia Asia-Pacific automotive automotive aftermarket ecommerce

Asia 90

Digitally Transforming the Automotive Supply Chain


The post Digitally Transforming the Automotive Supply Chain appeared first on Ivalua

What “X” Industries Can Learn from the Automotive Supply Chain


A Lesson from the Automotive Supply Chain. In the US, automotive shortcomings are the poster child for supply chain issues. Terry’s focus is on automotive OEM and tier one suppliers, but the message and the content consistently resonates with the complete range of manufacturers.

Digital Transformation: Why You Can’t Afford to Wait

This playbook offers manufacturers a realistic and viable guide to balancing immediate needs with future-focused strategy.

Restarting the Automotive Supply Chain in Uncertain Times


This article was co-written by Cathy Fisher , founder and president at Quistem and global expert in automotive quality management systems. The global automotive industry has never faced an unplanned shutdown (complete or partial) like that which has stemmed from COVID-19.

Exploring the Automotive Chip Shortage Supply Chain!

Supply Chain Game Changer

As I went from dealership to dealership researching potential vehicles that I would buy, I became aware of some very unusual circumstances, precipitated by an automotive chip shortage environment. What Does the Future Hold for the Automotive Chip Shortage? Subscribe Here! Email Address.

TRADE X acquires automotive export specialist Techlantic

The Supply Chain Journal

Automotive trade platform TRADE X has acquired Techlantic, a Canadian company specializing in vehicle exports. Backed by Montreal-based holding company Aimia ( TSX:AIM ), TRADE X offers a digital business-to-business platform for international automotive trading. .

Time for the automotive industry to get smart with parts

IT Supply Chain

The post Time for the automotive industry to get smart with parts appeared first on IT Supply Chain. By Jason Zhang (pictured). VisionNav Robotics’ Head of Sales – Europe. Industry Talk

Riding smoothly over bumpy terrain: Managing tariffs in the automotive supply chain


In the automotive industry, the imposition of new tariffs can have major cost implications. Given the complexity of automotive supply chains, OEMs are dealing with thousands of parts and thousands of supplies to deliver a finished product. by Manda Schweitzer-Miller.

Knobs, Switches and the Evolution of the Automotive Supply Chain


What I thought was going to be a non-exciting “dealing with a car salesman” kind of day turned out to be a thought-provoking automotive supply chain awareness trip. Hearing that, I started thinking about the automotive industry’s supply chain management in the background – how the advent of the LCD panel and its ever-increasing processing power has enabled firmware that can control the functions of a car without knobs and switches.

Using RFID in the automotive industry — Transmission

The Supply Chain Journal

AIT’s automotive logistics professionals are the experts at developing resilient, scalable solutions for OEM and Tier 1 supply chains across Asia, Europe, and North America. However, one chip-providing company is expanding its tech into the automotive landscape to track parts like tires.

Automotive Industry Transformation and Tariffs have Long-Term Implications for Airfreight

Logistics Trends and Insights

Our Air Cargo World article contribution takes a look at the latest tariffs as well as transformation in the automotive industry. We believe that the current tariffs will hasten the industry transformation and as such, the automotive supply chain will shift in support of the changes. Air Air Cargo air freight Automotive Air freight Automotive Industry Tarrifs Transformation

How Real-Time Visibility Could Help Overcome Automotive Supply Chain Challenges


One of the world's largest in revenue, the global automotive industry is an ever-shifting landscape that experiences changing trends each day. Real-time visibility, even though relatively new, has brought a real digital transformation in supply chain in the automotive industry.

Top Automotive Mobile Barcoding Software Success Stories


The automotive industry manages complex inventories in addition to facing vast outside pressures. Many automotive companies have found long-term success with mobile barcoding software. The automotive industry is no stranger to complex inventory management. Overview.

How Important is Digitalization to the Future of Automotive Manufacturing?

DELMIA Quintiq

3DEXPERIENCE Automotive Digital Manufacturing Transportation & Mobility DELMIA technia webinar

RFID and IoT Providing Double Benefits for Automotive Manufacturers


RFID and IoT Providing Double Benefits for Automotive Manufacturers. Automotive manufacturers who have already combined these two technologies are experiencing the benefits firsthand, while those who looking in from the outside are eager to begin their own implementation. . Fields Automotive Group is using RFID technology to identify repeat customers as they arrive for regular maintenance or special service. Automotive Aftermarket Manufacturing

Global Automotive Manufacturer


The post Global Automotive Manufacturer appeared first on Solvoyo. Strategic Network Design for Aftermarket Parts & Accessories The automative manufacturer used an analytics platform to optimize the spares network using a Total Cost to Serve objective.

Not Just Another Automotive Industry Transformation


automotive industry is a key economic indicator of health and market sustainability; its conjoined relationship with supplier industries creates a profound economic and political influence. Demand for chips dramatically increased in the automotive industry between 2010 and 2019.

Let’s Talk About Automotive Jobs and Electric Vehicles


The industry needs to have that open conversation about automaker jobs – now, so says QAD’s Vice President, Automotive and Mobility, Tom Roberts in his recent article, “ An Honest Conversation, About Jobs and Chips ” in Embedded Computing Design magazine. The Automotive Labor Pool.

Simplify and Optimize Automotive Logistics with Labeling


We often get questions about the sheer complexity of the automotive supply chain with its broad range of players, including OEMs, sub-tier suppliers, warehouse and transportation managers, distributors, retailers, and end consumers. People ask "how can labeling help solve the growing challenges with automotive logistics?" Automotive Supply Chain Labeling

The Growing Need for Automotive Cybersecurity


As we advance into the new decade and the automotive industry continues to move forward with electric, autonomous and connected vehicles, we know that some doors are closing. Evolution of Automotive Technology. Tracking Automotive Security Vulnerabilities and Cyber Attacks .

Fires Challenging the Automotive Industry


supply chain risk management supply chain disruptions supply chain risk impact automotive industryDownload the full 2018 annual report here.

How Sequenced Parts Delivery Streamlines the Automotive Supply Chain

3PL Insights

When SAS Automotive came to Evans needing SPD support we were able to provide custom trailers with automated racking systems for their assembly lines. The post How Sequenced Parts Delivery Streamlines the Automotive Supply Chain appeared first on Evans Distribution Systems.

3PL 52

5 Ways Blockchain is Changing the Automotive Industry


Here are 5 ways blockchain has become a disruptor and driver of adoption in the automotive industry . The post 5 Ways Blockchain is Changing the Automotive Industry appeared first on QAD Blog.

Data – the Fifth Element of Automotive Supplier Market Disruption


Today, most organizations understand the four main areas of technology disruption impacting the automotive industry; electrification, autonomous vehicles, connectivity, and shared mobility (also known as ACES ).

[On-demand webinar] Paving the way for digital transformation in the automotive supply chain


This fundamental shift in the automotive industry, when paired with the alternative energy expectations of the modern automobile consumer, brings the industry to an inflection point not entirely unlike the one Ford ushered in with the advent of mass production. You can explore all of this and more – and find out how a single supply chain planning platform can meet these challenges – in the on-demand webinar ‘ Digital transformation for the automotive supply chain’.

Covid-19: How to manage an automotive supply chain during a crisis?

All Things Supply Chain

In recent weeks, the companies in automotive logistics I work with have experienced drastic changes in their daily work. Due to the coronavirus crisis, automobile manufacturers, port operators and car… General Logistics automotive logistics coronavirus logistics supply chain

COVID-19’s Immediate Impact on the Automotive Supplier Industry


The onset of COVID-19 arrived at a time when the global automotive industry was already in a state of tumult, with suppliers and automakers looking at a future defined by electrification, autonomy, and connectedness. Automotive Companies are Taking Action.