10 Books Logistics And Supply Chain Experts Need To Read


There are tens of thousands of books about logistics and supply chains. Amazon has 31,817 books about supply chain and 24,934 about logistics. That’s 56,751 supply chain and logistics books. But we got it down to ten logistics and supply chain books you’ll actually want to read. Why this Supply Chain & Logistics Book List Rocks. When I started in logistics, I realized that I knew nothing. The Top Ten Logistics and Supply Chain Books: 1.

Three supply chain lessons for businesses coping with COVID-19

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Despite past lessons from 2003’s SARS outbreak and 2011’s Fukushima tsunami about the hidden weaknesses in their supply chains, companies are challenged to manage logistics concerns stemming from sourcing strategies and risk management. Here are three lessons that the logistics industry can take away from the ongoing pandemic: Lesson one: Evaluate your supply chain design. Freight and Transportation Services Transportation Market Global shipping International shipping

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Two Important Questions About the Future of Freight Moves

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Adjusted for inflation, federal purchases have fallen by about 19 percent since 2003, while purchases by states and localities have fallen by about 5 percent. In recent years, the aerospace heavyweights Boeing and Northrop Grumman have developed airships; Russia, Brazil, and China have built or conceived prototypes, and Canada has designs for a few of them, including the Solar Ship, which looks like a bloated stealth bomber, with solar panels spread across the top of helium-filled wings.

Seasoned Leadership in Action™ – An Interview with Raymon Krishnan!

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This interview is with Raymon Krishnan, President of The Logistics and Supply Chain Management Society. I then spent 10 years building up my own Logistics consulting business growing it to where we had close to 70 employees. Throughout much of my career I have been involved with the Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society and currently serve as President. Supply Chain / Logistics may not be the most glamorous of professions but it is a vital function in any business.

Supplier Risk Management Considerations for the Coronavirus Outbreak


Even more concerning is that the death toll has spread outside of mainland China and ships outside of ports in Hong Kong and Japan are being quarantined. . This will impact manufacturers and retailers who rely on these products and labor, the logistics haulers expecting to transport the material, and ultimately the end consumers. . This mapping should include evaluating those key tier 2 and tier 3 suppliers as well as key logistics hubs that could be impacted. .

Early ‘Internet of Things’ Pilots Proved Supply Chain Benefits of RFID Pallets

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Two early pilots were facilitated by Supply Chain Network and carried out in 2003 and 2006 with both representing successful demonstrations of the potential supply chain benefits available through ‘Internet of Things’ implementations. Key to both of these pilots were RFID enabled pallets and the first project was the SCN Grocery Pilot which was carried out utilizing RFID at the pallet level for automated Distribution Centre (DC) receiving.

Post-pandemic Supply Chains

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Tan points out, when the SARS, or severe acute respiratory syndrome, epidemic broke out in 2002 and 2003, “China contributed 4% to the world’s GDP. Nobody could have foreseen what would happen when the world’s second-largest economy went offline and completely shut down external logistics connections. And because of supply chain tiering and the delays inherent in ocean container shipping, many companies are only now coming to grips with the depth of their dependencies.”[6].

9 Apps in 2 Days: Business App Development Acceleration


I recently had the pleasure of meeting Christian Olsen, Head of Business Development at Höegh, a leading global shipping company specializing in vehicle transportation services. I have been with Höegh for 12 years and in the shipping industry for close to 20 years. In 2003 I moved from the United States to Norway and started to work for Höegh Autoliners. We leveraged input from Gartner for companies specializing in optimization and specifically logistics and supply chain.

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Three supply chain lessons for businesses coping with COVID-19

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Despite past lessons from 2003’s SARS outbreak and 2011’s Fukushima tsunami about the hidden weaknesses in their supply chains, companies are challenged to manage logistics concerns stemming from sourcing strategies and risk management. Here are three lessons that the logistics industry can take away from the ongoing pandemic: Lesson one: Evaluate your supply chain design.

How to Stop Disruption in the Supply Chain From the Coronavirus

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One of the many reasons that Wuhan is critical to the international supply chain is due to its role in shipping and transportation. Many have compared this outbreak to the SARS emergency of 2003. Start thinking about the impact of an air travel/shipping ban from China to the U.S. (a Regardless of industry, the biggest concern for businesses is that consumers change purchasing habits due to fear of exposure, again challenging logistic networks.

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Supply Chain Disruptions Are New Opportunities – LogiSYM October/November 2020

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Unlike SARS in 2003, the Covid-19 pandemic has spawned an unprecedented Global health pandemic. It even took authorities some time to recognise the vital importance of warehouse logistics, supply chain continuity, truck drivers and other transport operators.

Will the Covid-19 Pandemic Permanently Change Consumer Grocery Shopping Behavior?

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Groceries are obviously temperature-sensitive, so they cannot sit around in warehouses and be shipped by standard, non-refrigerated Federal Express or postal service vans. ” He also notes that the 2003 SARS outbreak, which similarly caused people to stay home, “helped usher in two of today’s largest ecommerce giants, JD.com and Alibaba’s Taobao.” The novel coronavirus (aka Covid-19) outbreak has disrupted lives and businesses in countless ways.

7 Principles of Supply Chain Management Explained

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For example, in 2011 Amazon initiated a program called Amazon Prime (free 2-day shipping and discounted 1-day shipping). 2) Customize Logistics Network. When you segment a customer based on the service needs, you may have to tailor the different logistics networks to serve different segment. For example, if you were a contract manufacturer in China, you might already have different logistics networks for different customers. NAVIGATE. Basics. Case Studies.

The Top Dozen Supply Chain Innovations of All-Time

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The Kiva Robotic Picking System: The idea for the orange AGV-like robots that bring inventory to order pickers was first conceived in 2003 by CEO Mick Mountz, and with the help of some MIT professors Kiva brought the technology to market less than two-years later. Ship sites called in planned shipments, and then carriers and routings were phoned back. The LCC is now of course a standard logistics practice today. First Thoughts. By Dan Gilmore – Editor-in-Chief.

Amazon–Robots Roam the Warehouses

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At the heart of the robot rollout is Amazon’s relentless drive to compete with the immediacy of shopping at brick-and-mortar retailers by improving the efficiency of its logistics. As part of its effort to speed orders to customers, Amazon has tested its own network of shipping trucks, enlisted yellow cabs for one-hour delivery and is developing aerial drones to drop packages at customer doorsteps. Kiva was founded in 2003 by Mick Mountz, a former executive at Apple Inc.

Why Is It So Hard to Find Good Help These Days?

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She had seen reports of massive power plants being shipped in pieces from Hong Kong, which couldn’t have produced them. In the case of RFID, Walmart’s 2003 edict to its top 100 suppliers that they implement RFID technology by 2005 propelled the technology into the spotlight. WILL: Shippers using standard boxes where 50% or more of the volume is air will need to start implementing new equipment capable of making the right-sized corrugated box for the product being shipped.

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List of Top 65 Marketplaces Across the Globe in 2019


Ease of shopping, product variety, secure payments and free shipping are some of the reasons that have made online shopping a huge success. It makes it easier for sellers to store, pack and ship their products. The fulfillment service of eBay – Global Shipping Program makes your items available to over 180 million buyers worldwide. Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping program, guarantees fast and free shipping with no membership needed. In 2021, over 2.14

The Weight of Memory


And he had a special affinity with my uncle Roy, from my mother’s side of the family, a man who fought with the Regina Rifles who had freed Holland – creating forever more, a unique bond between that country and Canada that sees Holland shipping 100,000 tulip bulbs to Canada every year. In the logistics industry, we work to pick up things, transport things, and deliver things. I watched the Ken Burns documentary on the Vietnam War for the third time this past week on Netflix.