Retail Apocalypse Predicted to Continue

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Back in 2017, Bloomberg journalists Matt Townsend ( @matt_townsend ), Jenny Surane ( @jennysurane ), Emma Orr ( @emmajorr ), and Christopher Cannon ( @homiedonttweet ), predicted the retail apocalypse was just beginning.[3] Howland reports, “[UBS] analysts’ best case estimate is for 75,000 stores to collectively shutter by 2026, if e-commerce penetration rises from today’s 16% to 25%.” 5] Staff, “ Retail Services Spotlight ,” Select USA, 2017. [6]

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The Future Is Now for Logistics

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We saw that starting to turn around in 2016 and continued to accelerate into 2017," he notes. trillion in 2017, up 6.2% Parcel delivery volumes jumped 7% to $99 billion in 2017. Previously, taking inventory in that facility took two weeks; using drones, that shrunk to two hours.